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Remington D4444 Shine Therapy Dryer

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9 Reviews

Brand: Remington / Type: Dryer / What it does: moisturizes

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    9 Reviews
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      15.10.2012 20:40



      A good hairdryer, but may not be suitable for everyone

      I've been using this hairdryer for around 3 years now and compared to others I have used it is definitely the best I have tried. There are three heat settings (cool, hot and hotter) and two fan speeds.

      The feature that really stands out, however, is the shine serum that the hairdryer can spray onto your hair while drying. In the box comes two refills of this and you can purchase extra when you need them. Through moderate use of this hairdryer, I am still using the first refill, although I don't know how long they would last with regular use. After drying with the shine spray, the hair feels smoother and looks significantly shinier than before.

      There are two main issues with this hairdryer though. The first one is that the cable is very short and therefore doesn't reach very far from the plug. This could be an issue for you if you have plugs in areas that would make it hard for you to use this hairdryer (whilst looking in a mirror for example).

      Another problem is the weight of the dryer. If your hair is thick or long, it may take you around 15 minutes to fully dry your hair with this dryer, and I find my hand and arm gets quickly tired when holding the dryer above my head.

      Overall, it is a good hairdryer and I would recommend it, but the short cable and weight may make the dryer unusable and unsuitable for some people.


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      06.06.2012 02:35



      Everything a hairdryer almost shouldn't be!

      I got attracted by the half price deal going on at Boots and got myself this hairdryer as it looked kind of funky and new with its integrated 'shine therapy' technology. Sounded quite interesting!

      First thoughts when I started using it. This is one chunky hairdryer and quite heavy compared to a lot others out there! Would not recommend for people with arm/hand/joint problems or those who are generally weak.
      Next the cord is not very long either. I've had many a hairdryers with long cords so I can literally walk about my room with the hairdryer still attached to the socket but not with this one.

      The cartridge slots into the compartment with ease and I was looking forward to something amazing to happen when I pressed the button to release the mist. Apparently it contains Avocado Oil and Vitamins A, D & E.
      Well it would've been great if I could see the product. When I pressed the button, nothing seems to come out! I even tested it on a blank sheet of paper and nothing! Not even a droplet.

      When I read the description on the cartridge box it says its suppose to be a really light mist so as to not weigh your hair down but come on... it was literally invisible!
      I felt no results with this extra feature and was utterly disappointed.

      The only good things I can say about this hairdryer is that it dries my hair pretty fast compared to my last hairdryer. On the highest heat and speed setting it dries my thick hair in 2 minutes, although I generally just use it on the middle heat setting because the high heat can burn my hair!

      Overall, I would not recommend this hairdryer for anybody. If you want something that can help add shine and nourish your hair whilst you blow-dry it then just get a regular lightweight, smaller dryer and use a blow-dry treatment/serum. I'm sure you will get much better results and less of an arm-ache!


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      13.12.2011 18:38



      Would not recommend to people with thin hair!

      I have owned a Remmington Shine Therapy Hair Dryer for about two years now and have been quite happy with it. The hair dryer was the first of its kind as it had an added section on the bottom of the hair dryed that allowed you too attach a vitamin package that blasted vitamins at your hair. I was very impressed by this technology and bought the hair dryer and the vitamin packages to go with it.

      My hair is reasonably thin and this seemed to be my downfall with the product. The vitamins that are blasted at the hair when drying makes the hot air moist and this therefore setlled on my hair and made it look quite greasy rather than shiny. I tried it a couple of times more and found it was not making my hair look anything else but greasy and therefore stopped using the vitamin packages.

      The hairdryer is still a really strong powerful hairdryer however so I continued to use it as a normal hair dryer. This is a bit dissapointing as I have clearly spent the money for the added features, however as a hairdryer by itself it's pretty impressive. It has three power settings and three heat settings and has your hair dry in minutes. It's great for styling!

      After having the hair dryer for nearly two years I have found recently the heat has melted away a bit of the plastic and now the nozzel of the dryer doesnt stay on properly. I would not recommend this product to a friend unless they had hair that was thicker and could take such products better.


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      04.05.2011 13:29
      Very helpful



      Technology at its best

      I received the Remington Shine Therapy hair dryer as a Christmas gift after my last hair dryer died. My old hair dryer was a bog standard black one with two heat settings so I was very much looking forward to using this.

      The hair dryer is widely available, with prices varying hugely. At time of writing Amazon are selling the product for £23.49, whilst Comet are selling the exact same hair dryer for £40, so it is definitely worth shopping around.

      Replacement cartridges are available in stores such as Boots and Tesco priced at around £6 a pack.

      About the product
      Remington's Shine Therapy hair dryer promises to improve shine and reduce frizz through the use of the conditioning shine spray. The shine spray comes in the form of a small cartridge, two of which are included with the hair dryer. The conditioner contains avocado oil with vitamins A, E and D which Remington say are all great for improving hair moisture levels. According to the packaging, each cartridge lasts up to 40 uses.

      2000 watts
      Ionic conditioning
      3 heat/2 speed switch settings
      Tourmaline & ceramic grille
      Easy clean removable rear grille
      3m cord

      The first thing that struck me about the hair dryer was how it looks. It is very different to any hair dry I have had before. It is quite a modern looking product, and is green and brown in colour. I initially thought I would not get on with the hair dryer, purely based on its size, which was use in comparison to my last one. However when you look at it more closely you realise it is only the cartridge compartment which makes the hair dryer look bigger than the standard hair dryer. The cartridge fits in the hair dryer in a compartment just under the 'blower' section.

      The packaging of the hair dryer is informative and nicely presented, in my opinion making it look like a more expensive product, and an ideal gift.

      My Experience
      I have been using the hair dryer for just over four months now and I love it.

      The shine therapy is a great addition. I was initially concerned it may leave my hair greasy, or flat, ruining the volume I spend so long creating with the hair dryer, but this is not the case. It leaves my hair looking shiny and feeling really soft and smooth. Previously my hair would sometimes appear frazzled around the ends, but this really conditions the hair as I dry it so I no longer have this problem. It also smells fresh as I use it, and also leaves a light scent on the hair. My hair hangs just below my shoulders, and I was my hair very regularly. Despite this, I am still on the first cartridge, so they are long lasting.

      I do use the hair dryer without the shine cartridge, and I still believe my hair is shinier and less frizzy than it was after using my previous hair dryer. I believe this is down to the ionic conditioning.

      I have found this has reduced the time it takes to dry my hair, especially when using the shine spray. The hair dryer has three heat settings, which I prefer as sometimes, especially if I am styling my hair in a way which can take a long time, the highest heat does start to get a little too much.

      The hair dryer has a 3 metre cord which is really handy as it means you are able to get to the back of your head without any problems, and can also move about when drying the hair, which may be particularly useful if you are drying children's hair.

      My only negative thought about the hair dryer is how bulky it is. I can be a little difficult to style the back of the hair because of its size. It is also quite heavy, so if you are trying to do a proper blow dry on your hair you can end up with a bit of a dead arm by the time you have finished.

      This is a great hair dryer and I have been very impressed with it so far. The conditioning treatment is a great time saving addition, as it means you can repair hair whilst drying. I would definitely recommend this product, particularly if you style your hair regularly as this can really prevent damage from occurring.


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        19.02.2011 12:12
        Very helpful



        Does what it promises to do for a budget price.

        Just about a month before Christmas, my darling sister stole my one and only, old, small, handy hairdryer that I had for years. At the time, it just gave me the perfect gift idea (and opportunity to retrieve my Mini) for her. After some shopping around, and finding today's haridryers are so much different from what I used to buy years ago, I had to study for a while to find out what is a good investment and what is tried and tested. Consindering what features I'm after, I was looking at about £25-£35 price labels. What a surprise it was when I bumped into a Remington Shine Therapy in Argos for "better than half price" - £13.49 (correct in December, at the moment it is half price - £9.99, God knows what the original price really was).
        As my sissy was really happy with the purchase, and I was after learning how much better items there are on the market, I got a Remington Shine Therapy for myself, too.

        Well, I was more after the features than a design of hairdryer, to be honest if it works well I don't care how it looks like at all. But Remington Shine Therapy is really fun to look at - it has, what I would call, a futuristic design, especially created by a Shine Therapy cartridge compartment at the front. Plastic pieces are grey, light blue and silver colour and seem to be quite sturdy (I only dropped it once, no breakage).
        Black cord is long enough to have hairdryer plugged in a low-level socket, stamd up and hold it above your head comfortably. The plug is continental (2-pin), however a very handy adapter is included for UK (3-pin) sockets. (It is actually so great I use it for other continental items as well, much better than what you can get in travel-shops).
        It is a bit heavy, but not uncomfortable (if I compare to some I have held while looking for one as present, it wasn't too bad at all) and once you find the grip, it is really easy to use. Buttons are a bit hard to operate, which I appreciate - as they are on the front side of "handle", I would probably switch them by mistake while in use if too loose.

        Wattage and number of settings:
        As for wattage - the higher, the stronger blow. For my sisters thick, hip-long hair - the higher, the better (she used to complain after she stole my Mini that it takes her ages to dry her hair). The range is generally from 1200W to 2500W, most of hairdryers I looked at were 2000W. Remington Shine Therapy, as well, comes with 2000W - ok for my sister and for my semi-long, fine hair that means they're completely dry within 5 minutes (with my old one it was closer to 15).
        It also has 3 heat and 2 speed settings, which is more than you need, however I would appreciate colder air on the lowest setting (and now, please don't laugh - I use my hairdryer for blowing an airbed when my sissy comes to visit, and Remington is still a bit warm to do that).

        I was used to getting usual two attachments with a hair dryer - concentrator and diffuser. I was a bit bemused as this Remington only came with concentrator (that I don't use). However, I tried it and it can be attached/detached easily and doesn't fall off.

        Features new to me:
        First of all, a ceramic grill that ensures even heat and ionic conditioning (my mum was always buying those air-ionising gadgets and was always saying how great ionised air is) which is supposed to get rid of frizz and add more shine. With Remington Shine Therapy it is certainly working, although I'm not sure is it the ionic conditioning or the actual Shine Therapy formula.
        Also a great thing to have - removable rear grill, can be cleaned easily. My hair used to get stuck to the rear grill before - I would say it cannot happen with this Remington, but just in case it does, it can be easily removed.

        One that makes Remington Shine Therapy special:
        As you probably guessed, that it the actual Shine Therapy. It comes as a formula in small cartridges that are insered into a compartment at the front of the hairdryer. The hairdryer has a button, that you hold down for a few seconds to blow some into your hair. When in use, Shine Therapy is an invisible vapour and if you want to try whether it works, you need to spray some on a mirror.
        Shine Therapy is a blend of shine-enhancing conditioners and avocado oil rich in Vitamins A, E and D. The formula is heat-activated (info from booklet).

        Does it work?
        Yes, it really does. My hair has more shine and less frizz, that's for sure. It takes a few uses for everyone to determine how much of Shine Therapy to use (don't use too much - it makes your hair look greasy).

        The actual hairdryer comes with two cartridges, each lasts for about 40 uses (I only use a bit so it lasts longer for me). Of course, the dryer can be used with or without them. When you run out, they can be purchased from Tesco or many online stores, currently at £6.10 from Tesco or £8 from Amazon.
        I'm a bit worried how long will we be able to purchase them, as price of the Hairdryer decreased in last three months and new Argos catalogue no longer includes the replacement cartridges (they used to sell 4-pack for better value than Tesco). I'll probably stock up for a good while, just in case...

        Great value for money and fantastic result on my hair - I'm really happy with this purchase. I have already recommended to a friend who bought one immediately (and is happy as well) and would recomment to others, too.


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        31.10.2010 00:53



        Wow I can't believe the difference to my hair. Im delighted its soft and really shiny, I didnt even need straighteners. Got it half price at Argos and so pleased with it I got one for a christmas present too. I would highly recomend it.


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        08.02.2010 23:29
        Very helpful



        would buy this make again but would prefer a lighter dryer.

        we already had the straighteners,so decided to buy the dryer too.
        my daughter as springy curls which when dried with a dryer, always turned out frizzy. however, with this remington dryer her hair is easier to dry and then straighten. we use the nozzle attatchment that you get with the dryer.
        they can be abit heavy to hold after a while if you are drying shoulder length or longer hair.
        it does leave hair sleek though and comes with 2 oil replacements. you attatch 1 to the dryer and you can spray as you dry. i find the oil can be a bit heavy on the hair though. i also think the dryer gets too hot on the second heat setting. you can use the lowest one though,just takes a little longer to dry.it is a great price but i do not think i would buy it again. too heavy for me.


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        03.01.2010 16:15
        Very helpful



        Ideal hairdryer for smooth, frizz-free hair.

        This Shine Therapy Hairdryer was given as a present, but in all honesty would probably have been one I would have considered if choosing one myself.
        Since discovering Ionic hairdryer's a few years ago I have never used anything else, as the results after drying your hair are much improved in my experience. I am left with smooth, soft hair instead of the often dry and frizzy feel I would end up with if using any other dryer.
        It is these results that have seen me preferring to take my own hairdryer with me whenever I go away, rather than use hotel or travel hairdryers. As handy and convenient as they are, the results after using them to dry my hair are disappointing.
        Therefore, I was pleased to see this hairdryer has Ionic conditioning as well as vitamin conditioning in a separate cartridge. Something I have not came across before.

        About the Remington Shine Therapy D444 Hairdryer :-

        This hairdryer was purchased from Boots, but is also available from many other Remington stockists and also Amazon, where it is an absolute bargain price at the moment at only £22.99, saving you £27 on the RRP!
        It is an expensive hairdryer at the normal price and Boots are selling it priced at £48.75, but the price does seem to vary from retailer to retailer so it pays to shop around.

        The unique thing about this hairdryer is the 'shine therapy' treatment it provides. This comes in the form of a cartridge you attach to the hairdryer. Two cartridges are provided with the hairdryer and each promise to last around 40 uses. Replacements are available from Remington stockists. Boots stock them priced at £5.89 each.

        Attaching and removing the cartridge is quite simple. Follow the instructions and diagram provided to click the cartridge into place just under the nozzle part of the dryer.
        The cartridge holds a liquid conditioner which turns into sheer vapour when heat activated and is evenly blow-dried onto your hair whenever you choose, by pressing the shine therapy button on the dryer.
        The conditioning treatment contains avocado oil, rich in Vitamins A, E & D.

        There are also 3 heat and 2 speed switch settings. The grille is easily removed for cleaning.
        The hairdryer itself is quite attractive and as my daughter commented, it compliments the brown and teal colour scheme in her bedroom perfectly! The dryer is a very dark brown colour with turquoise and a silver trim.
        I have to add though, that the hairdryer is possibly the heaviest or one of the heaviest I have ever used. Although the handle is quite light, the top part of the hairdryer does feel quite heavy, which you notice more as you are using it.

        Although the hairdryer is one of the heaviest I have used, a bonus is that it is also one of the quietest!

        Using the Hairdryer :-

        The hairdryer can be used with or without the conditioning cartridges. If not using the cartridges then you are still provided with Ionic conditioning which is all I require from a hairdryer, so the condtioning therapy is what I consider to be a bonus.

        I have fairly long hair and set about drying my hair as usual. It is recommended that whilst drying your hair, you press the Shine Therapy button which is located on the handle along with the heat and speed settings, to release the conditioners onto your hair.
        The amount of conditioners you use really depends on your hair type, length and individual requirements. You are advised in the instruction booklet to activate 1-2 second bursts rather than hold the Shine Therapy button down continuously.

        The booklet states as a general guide that for fine, shorter to mid length hair, you use fewer shorter bursts. If your hair is thicker, coarser or longer then use short bursts more freqently. It also advises you to practice using this general rule and you will soon determine what is best for your hair.

        As I was drying my hair, I pressed the Shine Therapy button for 1-2 second bursts as recommended. I did not use it very much, only once for each section of hair I was drying.
        I didn't know what to expect when pressing the button. I thought maybe a blast of some solution would shoot out onto my hair! So I was quite cautious when I first pressed, but nothing actually happened and I was wondering if it was working, though my hair felt soft and smooth, this could be down to the ionic conditioning.
        I paused drying my hair, and consulted the instruction booklet where I discovered a troubleshooting question - " I don't see any vapour - is the unit working?" It then explains that the vapour is delicate to avoid weighing the hair down and this makes it difficult to see. You are advised to direct the dryer and spray onto a mirror or blank piece of paper to check the amount of vapour being released. You can also use this test to check if the cartridge is empty.
        I have to say I did do this and the unit was indeed working!

        I continued drying my hair and when finished I was very pleased with the results. My hair felt very soft and smooth. It felt even softer than when I used only my Ionic dryer, so I put this down to the added conditioning treatment. My hair was smooth and no frizz meant I did not have to use my straighteners.

        Summary :-

        I love this hairdryer and would definitely recommend it to everyone. It doesn't take long to get the hang of how often to use the shine therapy conditioner. After using it a couple of times you will realise what works best for your hair. I find I don't have to use it much to achieve the results I am satisfied with.
        Whilst it is an expensive hairdryer, I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for and the results from using this hairdryer in my opinion jusitfy the purchase price. Of course if you bought it at the price available on Amazon right now it is an amazing bargain!
        Yes you have to buy the cartridges when they run out, but two are provided with the hairdryer and last around 40 uses each. The £5.89 approx price of replacements I will look upon as the price of buying a decent conditioner for my hair anyway!
        Also you do not have to use the conditioning cartridges as the Ionic conditioning provided gives you smooth results which I am more than happy with. The conditioner is just an added bonus.
        The only downside is that it does feel a little on the heavy side, but it wasn't really a problem for me, but worth pointing out incase a lightweight hairdryer is a requirement for some.

        The Remington Shine Therapy D4444 Hairdryer gets 5 stars from me as the results it provides on my hair are fantastic!


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          13.11.2009 12:45
          Very helpful



          Probably a fair product, but it's Amazing Unique Selling Point is not worth the price tag

          The problem with a lot of these 'novelty' hair styling products is that the premium they whack on the price tag, for whatever feature it boasts will make your life better, is simply not reflective of its real value.

          I'm sorry to say that in the case of 'Shine Therapy', my general rule holds true. It simply does not justify the >£30 price tag.

          The product comes in a glamorous and shiny looking box - are we sensing a theme? - containing not only the dryer but a couple of 'shine capsules' as well; I concede that Remington get brownie points for selling a product with the magic beans, as all too often that miracle beauty bargain comes with batteries not included.

          The dryer itself is pretty bulky, making it awkward to take anywhere. Whilst it is not marketed as a travel hairdryer, given the nature of the product as a 'going out' accessory it would have been an excellent idea to make it a bit easier to cart around to whatever function you needed the shiny hair for in the first place.

          As for the shine capsules, these are reasonably easy to put in - if a little fiddly, and certainly not idiot proof. And aside from following their recommendation to 'test it on a mirror' - excellent, some cleaning up for me to do - there is no way of checking if it's working, or if there is any left without dismantling it.

          And to the actual event itself: this hairdryer is gutless. My usual dryer is a super-powered little travel device that sounds like a powerdrill but gets the job done in five minutes. Perhaps this has impeded my patience and raised my expectations. However, I imagine the sort of person who chooses this hairdryer has a greater desire to spend time styling their hair than I do - so on to the shine itself...

          Sorry, but the effect achieved is just no different to spending a few pounds on an standard 'shine spray'. There seems to be nothing gained from shining and drying at the same time, apart from showing off your multi-tasking skills. The effect is administered by pressing a button under the capsule to release a 'mist' of shine, which you do in bursts rather than continuously. Hardly an arduous task, but I was left wondering what the point of it was.

          Basically, I found that this wasn't what I need from a haridryer. I prefer something that dries a bit more quickly, or perhaps with the possibility of a diffuser attachment. I know you can't have everything from a hairdryer, but Remington could have bumped up the attractiveness (and profitability) of the product by flogging a few accessories to go with it. The soft, shiny feel that is promised is nothing you couldn't achieve in a less round-about way - not to mention the fact that we all know that heated appliances aren't good for our hair, so any apparent healthy shine is pretty much a fraud!

          I would recommend that you save your pennies, go for a less flashy hairdryer that does the job and invest in a nice shine spray. Then you can achieve the desired effect quicker and more cheaply!

          As this is the first review, have some facts and figures which I stole from Remington's website:

          - 2000w power
          - 2.5m cord
          - Easy-clean removable rear grill
          - 3 heat switch setting
          - 2 speed switch setting
          - Nozzle
          - 3 year guarantee



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      • Product Details

        Includes 2 Shine Therapy cartridges which consist of a light blend of shine enhancing moisturisers with avocado oil, rich in vitamins A, E and D

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