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Sainsbury's 2 In 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Hair Shampoo / Type: Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 18:23
      Very helpful



      A reasonable cruelty-free Shampoo

      Wash and done

      I have limited time to get to the gym, work out, wash and get back to work. My standard workout involves twenty minutes of cardio, twenty minutes of weights and ten minute stretching as a warm down. That leaves me around ten minutes to wash and shampoo.

      One of the bad things about having thick, full hair is how often I need to get it cut. The other thing is needing a thorough wash if I've not had it cut for awhile. I'm looking for a shampoo with conditioner that I can use with a minimum of fuss. Furthermore, I'm looking to use one made by a company that is against animal testing.

      Cards on the table. I eat meat. I wear leather. But these come from animals that are well fed and cared for (Only farm assured, free range or line caught) and are slaughtered in line with strict UK standards. Not only would the majority of these animals either not exist otherwise, their deaths are generally quicker and more humane than those of their wild brethren. Who die by comparison as they always have. Slow starvation. Infection. Being eaten alive.

      Animal testing, particularly in the name of cosmetics is a different topic altogether. It is often the very definition of unnecessary suffering. It is now banned in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Most cosmetic companies simply user testing laboratories in other places like France, then sell the finished product in the UK backed by plenty of advertising. France, home to L'oreal, the biggest cosmetic company on the planet is currently trying to stop a proposed ban Europe wide. Because they're worth it?


      Finding a shampoo with ingredients that have never been tested on animals is virtually impossible. The next best thing is to go for a shampoo that has not as a finished product, been tested on animals. Virtually all the big brand names seem to carry out extensive animal testing still. You can check them online to find out, but be prepared to make some unpleasant discoveries concerning your go-to products.

      I'm hoping that this review isn't coming across as overly preachy, that's not my intent. I'm simply giving my own reasons as a consumer for the product I am reviewing. I'm responsible for my own actions, no-one else's.

      Supermarkets get a lot of bad press. But many of them are very progressive when it comes to animal testing. It can be argued that this has been forced on many of them. Once the first Supermarket went that route, others had to. But any way you cut it (pun unintended), this is a good thing.

      The Co-op seem to have been trailblazers in this regard. Sainsbury are next up (1988) while M&S and Waitrose are recent converts (2006). The one supermarket that comes off worst in the list I've seen is - unsurprisingly for me - Tesco. (Source: http://nottested.co.uk/Household.html)

      Rampant Rabbit

      Having made that decision, I opted for the anti-dandruff version of Sainsbury's 2 in 1 shampoo. The formulation seems to have changed recently (look for a white bottle with a cap that opens length wise). It has less of a chemical aroma or greasy feel and foams more readily.

      Price is excellent, generally a single quid. At this price, it doubles for me as soap. It states on the reverse Sainsbury's unambiguous policy on animal testing and proudly displays the leaping bunny logo indicating "The Leaping Bunny Logo is the only internationally recognized logo guaranteeing consumers that no animal tests were used in the development/production of any product carrying the Logo as of a fixed cut-off date. "

      So that's a big check in that particular box. In terms of effectiveness, it is ok. If you do have a bad dandruff problem, you are better off using their tea tree version instead. Most women will not be happy with the basic nature of this shampoo. But for me, for the price, this is a suitable cruelty-free product that I can use regularly with no ill effect. It is an adequate shampoo at best. But that's all I need.


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        10.06.2012 15:30
        Very helpful



        An o.k. product for the money!

        One thing I do like having is clean hair. Over the years I have tried all sorts of shampoo's quality well known brands. I was recently in my local sainsburys store and was trying to save a few punds where I could and spotted this for under a pound.

        The bootle of shampoo~

        Comes in a lime green coloured bottle it tells me that it is Sainsburys 2 in 1 shampoo for frequent use. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types. The contents contains 300ml of shampoo. The plastic is recyclable however please check with your local aurthority if you can recycle the plastic cap as it is made from different material as the bottle.

        Myself using it~

        The shampoo is light green in colour and smells of apples. Rather pleasent and the smell lingers for a hour or two after washing. It is gentle and does not irritate my sensitive scalp either.
        I have strange hair depending of the time of year or the time of month. It seems to be greasy one minute dry the next or greasy at the roots and dry every where else. I currently have dyed blonde hair. I'm natural a red/brown colour some would say strawberry blonde. I have used this over the past few days in the shower. Simply wet your hair and use about a size of a ten pence piece and massage into your scalp do this twice and rinse until the water runs clear. I simply dry with a hair dryer or leave to dry natural. It is a o.k. product however I have to wash my hair daily while using this as it becomes limp.


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        26.04.2010 22:46
        Very helpful



        Rubbish...simply rubbish!

        Of late I have been rather pressed for time. I have been getting up early mornings due to early starts at carboots at 6am and not getting up till 5am cos of being busy clearing out my mates house (who I am staying with at the moment) ready for said carboot and not going bed till early hours. Still though I may only be going to a carboot and standing around in dirty old fields in all sorts of weather but I refuse not to have a shower before I go which is why I purchased a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner in the first place...I thought it would save me precious seconds when I need them the most. I spotted this in Sainsbury's costing 71p a bottle and it seemed like it offered a lot of product for the money so I snapped it up!

        The Packaging:

        300ml light green plastic oblongish bottle with a flip-top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle I am told that it is Sainsbury's 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 'For frequent use'. On the back of the bottle information listed includes being told a bit about the product, directions for use and warnings are given, ingredients and the size of the product are also stated and contact details for Sainsbury's are also given. In appearance it looks value for money, is plain in style and reminds me of Vidal Sassoon's 2 in 1 really, which I guess it's meant to lol.

        A Bit About The Product According To The information Stated On The Back Of The Bottle:

        Sainsbury's 2in1 shampoo & conditioner conditions your hair as it cleanses - in one easy step! Leaves your hair soft, healthy and manageable. Suitable for frequent use.

        Me Using It:

        Well all you do with this of course is wet hair massage some of this in and rinse and use no conditioner afterwards as this is meant to contain some. Well that's what is said on the back of the bottle anyway!

        I simply and as directed wet hair and then take a small blob of the light green and rather pearly looking shampoo/conditioner and spread it through my hair, which it does with ease and lathers up very well then when I've massaged my hair thoroughly I rinse it out. It has a lovely light and slightly sweet but rather unisex sort of soapy aroma to it really. It really is a nice and fresh smell though.

        But thats where the compliments end..... it's simple to use and smells nice and to be fair that smell does linger on the hair a while after it has been used.

        However it's simply rubbish stuff! Even when you know you have properly rinsed it out it feels like you have a greasy residue left in the hair. Even though you can feel a somewhat greasy sort of residue combing/brushing through hair after using this is really hard work and I find my hair to feel really dried out and knotty and it feels really out of sorts.

        When you do manage to pull a comb/brush through your mop your once again left with a weird greasy feeling!

        Once my hair is dry my hair feels dry and like I have soap left in it and I can feel I have used no conditioner. I used it once on my hair and thought maybe next time I would wash, rinse and repeat and then rinse once again (defeating the object of time saving lol) to see if it faired any better but no I didn't.

        My friend who I am staying with actually asked me the other day if I had reviewed this because she had used it. When I replied no she requested I wrote this review and basically said to tell you don't use it! She pointed at her hair which at the time looked like Worzel Gummage and informed me she had used this lol. She was really unimpressed however that will teach her to not go using my stuff without asking in the future lol.

        It seems to strip the natural oils out of your hair and makes my hair the very opposite of manageable (as promised on the bottle) and both me and my buddy hate this and certainly won't be purchasing it again!

        Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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