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Sainsbury's Anti Dandruff 2in1

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Shampoo / Subcategory: Anti-Dandruff / Helps against: Anti-Dandruff / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2013 20:13
      Very helpful



      Budget anti-dandruff shampoo

      Isn't buying shampoo just one of the most annoying things ever? Low shine, high shine, straightening, curling and on it goes.
      Well trying being a man! They just decide whether they have a bit of dandruff or not and go choose accordingly. Well, my partner is a bit of a cheap shot so was quite content that not only was it a 2-1 shampoo and conditioner, that's buy 1, get 1 free as far as he's concerned, it was also a Sainsburys one and mere pence to buy.

      Now I've been bad and have been swimming twice without washing my hair out twice so it definitely needed a good scrub. To do this job I didn't want to use any of my daughter slightly expensive products (I never buy my own!), and I was looking for something easy to use as I find washing my hair extremely boring.

      It's a boring bottle, it certainly doesn't stand out on the shelf, and it just says Sainsburys 2-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner in a blatant rip-off of the Head & Shoulders logo. So according to the instructions, which is all it really says on the bottle, no gumpf about making your hair shine like the dew on jungle leaves anyway, you have to wash, rinse, repeat if necessary.

      It's a blue, slightly runny mixture with a quite chalky smell and feel to it, apply to wet hair and massage deep into the hair giving the scalp a good rub. I was most astonished to find just how much of a good lather I got with this shampoo, certainly more than I get with most other brands, including the ones specifically for my hair or the ones that boast of their lathering abilities. I rinsed, once again amazed at anti-dandruff shampoos ability to strip hair dye from my hair, then added a bit more to the ends, scrubbed and rinsed again. Thats my little tip of the day as well, if you want to start getting hair dye out of your hair start by using an anti-dandruff shampoo, its amazing!

      It did feel thoroughly clean and for once not full of knots, my scalp also felt like it had had a good tingly scrub, no sign of a scabby scalp anyway (Not that I had one in the first place!) It actually felt quite soft and straight.

      I decided to give my hair a break from the heat of the hairdryer and let it dry naturally, usually this results in a mass of curls, which is preferable to the mass of frizz I get with the hairdryer. This time though it seemed quite soft and straight, I did end up running the straightners over it and was again impressed with nice straight hair. I didn't need the straightening hair serum either. As you may have guessed I am blighted with curls and the odd bit of frizz!

      It's 2 days later and I'm looking at the hair again, whilst its not perfect, but then I'm also getting used to it becoming very thin, its not like it used to be whereby most of it had become greasy but the ends were frizzy, it is still quite smooth and nice.

      I'm actually quite wowed by this product, compared to some of the stuff I have tried the value for money is enormous. I've tried some bottles of shampoo for £5 which has had less effect on my hair whilst this cost me 89p. Not only that I haven't had to use bottles of expensive anti-frizz serum. I think this little bottle may be a bit of a hidden arsenal for many people, for the price and for what it apparently is amazing. A bit like one of those own brand face creams in Lidls that everyone decided was the best thing ever. I don't have dandruff so cant say exactly the effects it would have on it but blimey I bet it's good!


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