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Sainsburys Tea Tree & Mint Shampoo

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2003 19:53
      Very helpful



      Here we go with a pretty basic opinion on shampoo - no, I'm not talking champagne or booze - I'm really going to write about SHAMPOO! Those of you familiar with my buying habits and opinions will already know that I am on a limited budget and like to look out for either special offers or cheapies so I was never going to buy a "designer" shampoo or pay more than I really had to. So, I was in Sainsbury's just stocking up on life's necessities and remembered I had nearly used up all my shampoo so I went in search of a cheap one. The branch I use locally isn't very large so the choice was very limited. Looking along the only two shelves of shampoo and conditioner I skimmed along the price labels in search of one that would not set me back more than one golden pound coin. I settled upon their own brand Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo which was priced at 89p for a 300ml bottle. It was cheap and it looked cheap! A straight, clear plastic unremarkable bottle with minimal labelling and information - this was definitely "no frills" stuff! I took a quick sniff before buying it just to check it wasn't completely foul as I hadn't used anything tea tree and mint before. Well, the aroma that darted out of the bottle struck deep at the back of the nostrils - there was definitely mint in there! It has a vaguely clinical, herbal undertone which I took to be the tea tree extract as I am unfamiliar with that. It wasn't unpleasant so I decided to go for it. The label states that this shampoo is meant for all hair types and will "stimulate the hair and scalp". Hmmm, I've always been a little cynical of a product meant "for all hair types" seeing as how greasy, natural hair is completely different compared to dry or dyed/treated hair! I suppose my own hair can best be described as "combination" - it's about two inches long, prone to getting greasy at the roots
      quickly but has also been bleached and coloured a lot (currently bright purple!) so the very ends can be quite dry and delicate. So I was intrigued to see what its reaction to this shampoo would be. Not a great reaction, as it turns out. This is supposed to "leave your hair feeling healthier, softer and full of vitality". I used the average amount (a blob in the palm of my hand) and worked it into my wet hair. The shampoo itself is quite thick and a gentle mid-green colour, not much is needed each time so it is an economical buy. It does not actually lather very well but lather is not usually a good indication of effectiveness. The smell wasn't as potent in use as it smelt directly from the bottle either although it was still very distinctive. It certainly stripped a lot of colour out of my hair and, before using conditioner, it felt rough and tangled after I had rinsed out the shampoo. I really DO NOT think this is truly suitable for "all hair types"! As a result I can say quite confidently that my hair most definitely was NOT softer and healthier after using this! As for being full of vitality, well, it's just hair, innit?! It felt OK after I had conditioned it as normal but using the shampoo alone would have left it in a bit of a sorry state, I think. I'd say this was all right as a store cupboard standby for emergency use but I wouldn't use it regularly unless I already had strong, healthy untreated hair. So if your hair is "normal" or greasy you'd probably be more successful than I was but I wouldn't bother buying it again.


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