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Saks Hair Salons

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9 Reviews

Brand: Hair Shampoo / Type: Hair Salon

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    9 Reviews
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      06.09.2012 02:25
      Not Helpful
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      Dont go there - reductions mean nothing you just loose less money but they still gain some!

      We both took advantage of the 70% reduction for Brazilean blowdry. We had to pay up front at point of booking - £89 each. The process was long but the staff pleasant and friendly. 3 days later and over £100 worse off each. WE had to buy aftercare products! Our hair went back to being curly and frizzy. We complained and Jason asked if we wanted a re -treatment or products. We refused.
      1. Because we were both off on holiday for 3 weeks and
      2. We live over 30 miles away from SAX Birmingham and by now lost faith.
      When we returned from holidays we asked for a full refund but were refused. The francaisee Michelle became quite 'email agressive' using caps font in the end once we informed her we would be pursuing a legal claim through small claims court. I suggest you do this too. For £25 to process SAX will be charged full costs and have to refund plus compensate, ... plus we intend to push bad reviews about them and their lack of customer care or even caring full stop! To be fair Jason remained polite whereas Michelle not only became agressive but kept repeating the same thing. Quite annoying. "Why didnt you return earlier so we could see your hair"? We keep tellingher because we went on holiday but did complain within a week of the treatment. By now she tells us" Your hair may well be out of date to make a complaint" .... hum yeah not a very bright response. Just dont be drawn in by their reductions - dont go there. Thats our advice.


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        28.01.2011 10:32
        Very helpful




        I'm not sure if any of you are as fussy or as unlucky as me, but it seems like every time I go to the hairdresser I end up leaving in tears. I always hear about people who have a stylist that they love, but I've never been able to find someone who has been able to do my hair the way I ask them to. It doesn't matter how many photos or descriptions I give them, most of them seem to think it's okay to add their own little twist onto the style. No. That is not okay. It's my hair, I know what I want and when I'm paying in the hundreds for it it better look the way I want it to. This all changed yesterday, I had the most incredible experience whilst getting my hair done and figured that my stylist needs a bit of praise!

        The salon I'll be reviewing is Saks at David Lloyds in Aberdeen. I've been in a mad rush to find someone to do my hair before this coming Wednesday - my roots were coming in terribly and I've kind of been abusing my hair without taking very good care of it. I phoned the salon on Wednesday and managed to get an appointment for the very next day (yesterday)! It's not very often that you can phone a salon and get an appointment for the next day.

        When I arrived at the salon (20 minutes early, oops! I was keen!) I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who took my jacket and promptly complimented me on my outfit. It's always nice to be complimented! She showed me to the seating area where I would wait until my stylist was ready and within minutes I was given mounds of magazines and a lovely coffee. Luckily, these were all new magazines - I think we've all been to a hairdresser that still has magazines from 1990!

        At 12.30pm - the exact time of my appointment - my stylist came to greet me and took me over to the chair. She seemed like the friendliest person I'd ever met and I was already feeling optimistic about the appointment, something I've never felt about a hair appointment before. After preparing me for the appointment with towels and cloaks around my shoulders, she started the consultation. We spent 20 minutes looking at the photos I'd taken in and working out what it was exactly that I wanted done. She showed me an array of swatches and explained everything perfectly, ensuring me that I wouldn't be having another hair disaster this time. She then promised that if I didn't like the outcome then she would fix it free of charge.

        She spent the next 40 minutes applying colour to my hair whilst showering me with compliments. I'm not sure if they're told to compliment their clients or not, but either way it was a huge boost to my confidence! It took 40 minutes to apply the colour to my hair due to the fact my hair hits my hipbones at the longest part. The salon wasn't very busy which meant I got to talk to a lot of the staff and most of them couldn't believe that my hair was all natural. After checking that the colour was applied evenly, she showed me through to the heat room. This is where I would sit under the heated covers so that the subtle highlights she'd mixed through my hair would develop a little quicker. After 15 minutes of sitting chatting with one of the assistant about anything and everything, my stylist returned to switch the heat off and let my hair cool down.
        They both made sure that the heat wasn't uncomfortable and I really did feel like they genuinely cared about me instead of just getting their job done.

        After 5 minutes of cooling down, I was taken to the sink to get my complimentary head massage and the conditioning treatment I'd asked for. The assistant did a temperature test with the water before they shampooed my hair twice (I had two people doing it as my hair is so long and thick) and then applied toner to ensure that I would get the result I was after. After toning my hair, they applied the conditioning treatment whilst massaging my scalp. Throughout the shampooing, toning and conditioning I was asked multiple times if the temperature was okay. Some people would probably think this is slightly annoying, but this just added to the positive experience. The head massage and conditioning lasted for roughly 10 minutes and was one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had. The conditioning treatment was then rinsed out and it was time to be blow dried and cut!

        I didn't really want much cut off the ends as I like to wear my hair in long flowing waves, so we agreed to remove 3 inches off of the ends and each layer whilst thinning my hair out to remove the bulk of it. After snipping away with her scissors (think Edward Scissorhands - in the nicest way possible!), she blow dried and straightened my hair before going through it all and trimming up any other scraggly ends. You could tell that she'd really thought about what I'd asked for and did her best to get the result I wanted, with complete success. I really couldn't have been happier with the result and for the first time in my life, I didn't leave the salon in tears!

        I'd also like to add that she was very chatty and we got on really well. We spent the whole appointment talking and giggling which I absolutely loved. I'm not someone who likes a silent stylist! Aside from the chatting and gossip we had with one another, she continually explained exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. She also told me that the shampoo & conditioner I use at home were essentially like using washing up liquid on my hair and recommended I stick to Loreal, Kerastase (a Loreal brand) and Aussie because they are the best brands for your hair.

        I did end up paying £146 which is a bloody ridiculous price, but I can say with confidence that it was 100% worth it. This was for a full head tint, woven highlights, a conditioning treatment and a cut and finish. Add in the 3 coffees and 2 glasses of water I had, plus the giggles and laughter I had with the staff and the fact that I didn't cry upon leaving and I can safely say that I had a 5 star experience!

        If you're looking for a stylist in the Aberdeen area and wouldn't grudge the price, then I highly recommend Deborah at Saks David Lloyd's. She is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to go back so we can fill each other in on the second parts of our gossip!

        Thanks for reading!


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          14.07.2010 09:28



          I would avoid, not going again.

          Went to Saks Birmingham on Temple Row last week (July 2010). After quite a lengthy chat with the hairdresser telling her that I wanted a good trim and showed where I would like my hair taking to.

          She was very enthusastic and appeared to know what she was talking about. Into the haircut she didn't seem to be taking much off (I have a bob and like it short and choppy). She was sat on a stool behind so I couldn't see. Then she started cutting sides so I was watching in the mirror and she hardly was taking anthing off. Anyway she styled it really nice and after all of the products that she put on it felt lighter, so thought I was being fussy. However get home and have a proper look and I can't tell any difference. It took longer to wash than it did to cut!


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          11.04.2010 11:11
          Very helpful



          nice welcoming salon

          At the moment I have short hair but I tend to grow it long and then cut it short, I do love long hair but I am now finding it a little hard to manage at the moment. I love to buy lots of products for my hair and I love using hair curling tongs and straighteners to experiment with my hair to have different styles, even if short it can still be done.

          A couple of years ago, I thought I would treat myself to a good hair cut since it was long and I wanted a shorter style once again, I thought I would pay a little bit more to have a restyle and I found this salon not far from where I live and made an appointment.

          It is a very nice salon and the one I went to was inside a gym fitness centre, and it was immaculately clean and fresh inside and very modern and stylish.

          The staff were very welcoming and made me feel at ease as I just for some reason dislike having my hair touched by other people lol.

          This chain of hairdressers have salons located around the country and they do most beauty treatments too such as laser treatment, electrolysis, nail extensions etc all at reasonable prices.

          I do think the hair cuts are a little expensive, I paid around £60 for a restyle and blow dry etc but since I was treating myself I expected to pay this amount but for a trim it would have been priced around £25 and so I could not possibly go back continually every 6 weeks or so for my trims as my hair does tend to grow quite quickly, although every persons hair is supposed to grow half an inch each month, that is what most hairdressers have told me.

          My salon has late night opening hours but some others may vary, but that is good for if you want to go after work or have a family and need to go a little bit later in the day.

          They have special offers sometimes and after I had my hair cut, they now send me the details of these offers through the post.

          They have a range of beauty products to purchase and some of them are well known ones from QVC the shopping channel in my salon and some of them are in gift packs.

          Some salons may vary in what the sell but these are a few I saw on my visit to the hairdressers.

          The stylists are very experienced and you can have a junior to cut your hair and it can be a little cheaper but I would not say it was that much difference between the two I was given prices for at the time.

          I do recommend this salon for if you are thinking of treating yourself if you are a man or woman as it is caters for both sexes.

          It was founded 35 years ago and it has around 140 salons to date around the country.


          If you are feeling a little low and want to treat yourself, I think this is a good salon to use as the expert staff do cut hair very good, and if I can afford it again in the future I will treat myself again.

          I give it a 5 star.

          Thank you for reading my review.


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            18.03.2010 09:24
            Very helpful



            A great cut

            I found a coupon in the times for a free cut and finish at Saks hair salon and as I hadn't had a haircut since before Christmas I decided I would definitely like to give it a try.

            Saks is a national company with over 140 salons around the country with nationwide salon group of the year. The closest Salon to my home is the market place in Derby so my review is based on this salon.

            I phoned and mentioned the voucher at the time of calling but the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very pleasant and helpful and gave me an appointment that fitted in with my son's nursery times.

            I received an automated text the day before the appointment and nearly hung up before listening to the message but at the end of the message was asked to press on to confirm or two to cancel. I am unsure if I would have lost my appointment if I hadn't listened.

            I arrived at 9am. The salon looked clean and bright and airy although quite a small salon. I was greeted by my hairdresser, Darren, on reception and he took my coat and tied me into my gown before sitting down to talk about my hair.

            He sat next to me on another client chair which made me feel he was friendly and approachable. He asked me to tell him about my hair so I proceeded to tell him all the problems with my hair and how I treated it. I do have long, thick hair that is wavy, that if the layers are cut to short won't straighten and if it gets wet turns into a frizz ball.

            He asked if I had applied a colour to my hair and yet for a top salon made me feel at ease when I said I bought one from Home bargains and said it was surprising how many people did buy dye at that store. He even knew the price.

            He discussed how thick my hair was, what products I used and actually said he couldn't wait to get his hands on my hair and thin it out. He took me over to the sinks and proceeded to wash my hair. In many salons I have visited it has not been the stylists that have washed my hair but this made it feel more connected to my hairdresser than passed onto someone who isn't capable of cutting my hair. I lay back in the sink and drifted off. I do remember my hair been washed but this itself is a representation of how relaxing the experience was.

            After the hair wash I was offered a drink and was given a cup of tea in a silver thermos but stylish cup which meant my tea didn't go cold while my hair was been dried.
            The main cut, as Darren Described it, was much quicker then I am used to and then he told me that he would dry my hair before softening the layers. He showed me a product that he was using that would be brilliant for me as it had an anti humidity product in it but when I told him I had a similar product he told me to use it rather than try to sell me his own product. I was very impressed with his drying skills and he managed to get my hair straighter than I do when I use my straighter. He spent some sorting out my layers and then sprayed with hairspray

            I am really happy with the results and he showed me my hair and told me it looked beautiful and even suggested that I run my fingers through so that I could feel how much hair had been removed.

            I was taken to the till and paid using my voucher which while I felt a little embarrass paying nothing he greeted with a professional happy response. He also gave me three £10 off vouchers to use between now and the end of May, which I can either use myself or give to friends. My visit lasted approximately an hour

            While this is only one experience I did feel that my hair was cut and styled by someone who did understand my hair and would recommend it to all.

            A cut and blow dry at this salon usually costs £30. For more information and to find your local salon go to www.saks.co.uk.


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              28.01.2010 16:33
              Very helpful



              Its true you get what you pay for and Some things really ARE worth the money,

              Ok so after a long time of flitting between different types of cheap, student, mobile and expensive hairdressers trying to find someone to really understand my hair and do what I want not what They want, my solution was to splash out and give Saks Temple Row in Birmingham a go.

              I made my appointment over the phone after seeing an advert for 30% off your first appointment and when i turned up I was a little nervous but I was quickly made to feel very welcome by a smart good looking gentleman in a suit. He directed me to Ashleigh my hairdresser who promptly introduced herself and asked if she could take my coat for me.

              I was seated and asked immediately if i would like a drink and a young boy went off to make it.

              I was very impressed with my consultation with Ashleigh, I told her my concerns about previous hairdressers not getting my colour right by my roots and doing what they wanted and she got a book out and showed me exactly what she wanted to do and reassured me i was in good hands. About this time she went to go and mix up my colour and the young boy tunred up with my cup of tea and got me some up to date magazines (which saved me a few bob buying them myself!)

              and Kevan came over, Kevan would be cutting my hair and he asked me what I would like to have done and he had a feel of my hair and discussed a few ideas.

              Then Ashleigh came back and started my colour, she had a very good technique and was so easy to speak to I felt i'd known her for years!

              Throughout my appointment refreshments were constantly topped up by the smiley staff there, there was chart music playing softly in the background and when i popped to the toilet quickly even that room was stylish!

              So after a colour check by Ashleigh, it was time for my colour to be washed off. I was greeted by another young man (whos name i can't remember-sorry!) who gave me the most wonderful 10 minute head massage with my conditioning treatment.

              I would have paid full price just for that, let alone my hair colour and cut!

              Kevan who was the hairdresser cutting my hair not only gave me a beautiful soft cut, which is something other hairdressers have ignored when i ask for it, he also gave me some wonderful hair advice and recommended some great products for my hair.

              My Colour was beautiful, My Cut was wonderful and When it came to that time to pay I felt great about booking in my next appointment.

              Ashleigh had asked me about myself and so knew I was a student and went and fetched a student booklet for me with a 20% discount card to be used monday to friday which i was very grateful for. The nice man at reception Paid my hair a compliment and told me my hair looked great (which it really did) and then gave me a Loyalty card which is comething they introduced recently and gave me a stamp for every £20 spent in the salon, which helps to pay for future hair colours and cuts.

              My Full Head colour and Conditioning treatment, cut and blow dry might not seem cheap to alot of people, at around £78, especially with that being 30% off But I will be going back to Saks again and again because they know hair so well and they have that special ability to make you feel great about yourself, theres not a fake smile in the place!

              I dont want to just write the price list out here so as a basic guide
              Cuts start at around £35 for a cut and blow dry depending on who your stylist is, and Colours are from around £40. There are also all manner of complimentary services such as deep conditioning treatments and hair extensions available but best to call a salon and consult with them for a price.

              Some Saks, usually he ones in Health Clubs such as David Lloyd offer Beauty services too.

              If you would like to find out where your nearest Salon is Saks have a website: http://www.saks.co.uk

              Thanks for reading and Happy Hair Days!


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              27.07.2009 16:48
              Very helpful



              Not a bad way to spend an hour or so.

              I would like to start by saying that this is a review of the Norwich salon only.

              I believe that the relationship you have with your hairdresser is very important - your hairdresser needs to know, not only what you want in terms of a hairstyle, but what you need out of the whole experience. For example....... Do you see having your hair cut as a wonderful experience that makes you feel good, or as a bit of a necessary evil? Do you like to chat about where you are going on your hols, or do you just want to be allowed an hour of time to yourself where you don't have to answer to anyone?

              When you find a hairdresser that you get on with, and who makes you feel a million dollars, you do your best to hold on to them. This is how I felt for several years - comfortable with my stylist, and happy to pay the slightly inflated price for knowing that I wouldn't have to answer mindless questions about the weather, whether I have got my Christmas shopping yet, or my next trip away.

              Then my stylist left, and for the last 4 years or so I have "drifted". The lack of a "comfort zone" combined with a lack of funds, meant that I put off going to a salon, any salon, unless it was absolutely necessary. As a result of going to some rather cheap and cheerful place, plus one rather expensive place that was recommended to me by a friend, but that I came out of almost in tears (see, it really is a personal thing, this hair malarky!), coupled with lack of time, confidence, and money, my hair has become neglected and unloved, and I became less and less confident about going into another new salon.

              Then I got a voucher for a free haircut at our local Saks salon. On the basis that I needed desperately to get my hair cut, and that the worst that would happen would be that I would spend a bad hour talking about my holiday, and end up coming out in tears, but wouldn't have actually spent anything, I decided it was a risk worth taking.

              I made the appointment by telephone and was given a choice of dates to suit me. The salon does not seem over busy, and I would guess judging by the other salons around the city that this is not specific to Saks, but is more a general "state of the economy" thing.

              So, to the day of my appointment. I was a few minutes early, so was offered a choice of coffees. This was a good sign indeed - especially as they knew I was paying by "voucher".

              I was then taken upstairs and my stylist asked me what I was looking to achieve - at this point I admitted my lack of confidence with hairdressers and he completely took me under his wing, explaining what he felt he should do, and why......talking about face shape, age, drawing attention to my eyes etc. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable - and allowed my stylist to do his thing.

              Throughout the whole process, washing, cutting, and styling, he explained what he was doing and why - not in a patronising way, or a "text book/automated" manner, but as a "I want you to feel comfortable with everything" way.

              I was even given a second coffee......remember, I wasn't even paying for this appointment!

              An hour after I arrived, I was ready to leave, revived, less frumpy, and wanting to book another appointment for a few weeks' time this time, happy to part with my £35 for a cut and blow dry.

              I know that some will say £35 is expensive for a haircut, but I would compare it with any other beauty therapy treatment (for example, a 45 minute back massage) and would say that for time and effort spent, this is actually a very reasonable amount. I have been to a couple of those £10 turn up and wait salons, where the clock is ticking as soon as your bum hits the chair and it feels more like being on a conveyorbelt than being in a salon!

              Saks are a franchise operation with 140 salons across the country. It goes without saying, therefore, that some will be better than others - some stylists better than others, but a lot of it will come down to your personal preference.

              All I can say is, based on my personal experience, I would happily recommend the Norwich salon, and if I found myself in another town or city and needed a haircut, I would chance it at another branch of Saks.

              You can go online to find your nearest salon and their contact details on www.saks.co.uk


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                08.06.2009 22:15
                Very helpful



                An expensive but reputable hairdressing chain

                ~*~ Saks Hair Salons ~*~

                Being a struggling student, I can't afford to get my hair cut and highlighted as often as I would like. However, when I do get it done, I like to make sure it is done properly, and don't want to risk having my hair done at a cheaper salon to save a couple of quid only to end up with a dodgy hair cut and orange hair in the place of sun kissed highlights. After much searching for discount coupons, half price offers and, well, in short, cheaper alternatives, I realised I wasn't going to be able to find a bargain and decided to splash out on getting my hair done at Saks.

                ~*~ They say.... ~*~

                "Saks salons offer award-winning hair services that you would expect from the Nationwide Salon Group of the Year. Cut, colour, hair-up, extensions, whatever your needs, Saks can deliver."

                I have had my hair done at Saks before. It is one of the higher-priced salons out there, about on par with Toni and Guy. They work in a pretty similar way and have a pretty similar standard of hairdressers and layout of salons. The salons in themselves are always squeaky clean, classy and uncluttered. Drinks and magazines are offered to you on arrival and you are looked after for the duration of your visit, which is expected considering the amount you are paying.

                ~*~ The prices ~*~

                I can't remember off of the top of my head the prices for all services, but at the time I visited the store was doing a promotion of a cut and blow dry for £25 instead of the usual £30-45 (the prices go up depending on who cuts your hair - the more experienced the more expensive). For half a head of highlights, the price is £70 (for medium to long hair, cheaper for shorter hair). Expect to pay around the £100 mark for a standard priced cut and highlights.

                Unfortunately the website doesn't have a price list, but you can usually pick one of these up in store.

                ~*~ The experience ~*~

                I have previously only had good experiences with Saks before, but hadn't visited them for a long time due to the number of offers Toni & Guy have recently had on. I was expecting great things when I went for my highlights, and although I couldn't really afford it knew I would leave feeling a million dollars, making paying all of that money worthwhile.

                I was wrong.

                After waiting a massive 35 minutes just to get started, I discovered that whilst having my hair highlighted by the only hairdresser in the salon, she would also be working on another customer, who was having a full cut and blow dry. This had been booked in with the staff knowing I would be being tended to at the same time. This resulted in my foils being left on far longer than they ever have before - thankfully my hair survived! After rinsing out the dye, I was then left by the sink for another 25 minutes while the hairdresser finished serving the other customer. To top it all off, the £60 price I had been quoted on the phone for the highlights ended up costing me £80 - even though I had clearly stated when I entered the salon I only had £60 on me. I had to pay the full price.

                I ended up being in the salon for 2 hours longer than the standard hour and a half (and the amount of time I was assured I would be in the salon for on the booking). No apologies were given, I was purely expected to pay and leave.

                The colour was applied well, but wasn't spectacular, and definitely not worth the £80 and 3.5 hour wait. I was very disappointed, and after a similar experience with their cut and blow dry offer that I tried before hand, I have lost faith in the salon.

                ~*~ The verdict ~*~

                Hairdressers are always going to vary from location to location, and depending on the staff. I've had a bad experience with my local Saks, but this doesn't mean you will. My advice is, find a good hairdresser you can trust and keep hold of them!

                Saks are a good, reputable chain but they have definitely lost my custom after such an experience. I just feel that 2 bad experiences in such a short space of time amounts to truly poor customer service and I can't afford the time or the money for this these days.


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                  20.07.2007 14:46
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  The best haircut I've had in years. However I wouldn't normally pay £44 for one!

                  The salon I will talk about in this review is that of Saks Birmingham Temple Row and my experience as a first time customer there. I am a Saks virgin and have no idea what the others are like. It has no reflection on the company as a whole.

                  ~Why Saks? ~

                  It was my sister's graduation today and I wanted to look my best. My hair hasn't been cut in 2 months and was getting out of condition. I was thinking about salons to go and for some reason this one popped into my head. I think it was the fact I had a discount voucher for this store and £20 worth of leisure vouchers which could be used at this outlet that persuaded me to give it a whirl.

                  ~Booking the appointment~

                  This was relatively straightforward. I found their contact details via their official website. I called them up initially to ask about their rates. I had a fast response in terms of waiting for someone to pick up the call. The guy on the phone introduced himself and the salon name and sounded very polite and friendly. When he told me the cheapest he could offer was £36 for a wash cut and blow-dry I was abit hesitant as it was little over my budget (less than £25). Then he asked me if it was my first time. As I said yes he immediately offered me a discount of between £25 - £34. This was abit over my budget but with the vouchers I'd only be paying less than £15.

                  ~Availability of last minute bookings~

                  Most top hairdressers you have to give them a few days notice. Not this time which I was really surprised about. When I asked if I could have an appointment today he replied we have had some cancellations and so was able to squeeze me in. Didn't ask me which stylist I wanted which didn't really matter because I'd never been to the salon before. Instead he told me I'd be having it with Jordan and that it had all been sorted.

                  ~First impressions~

                  As I walked into the building the place was spotlessly clean. No hair on the floor or towels lying about which is always a good sign. I was greeted by a man in a clean suit. He was well spoken and well groomed and offered me a drink whilst I waited for the stylist to turn up. He then offered me a seat.

                  ~The Stylist~

                  Jordan turned up and was rearing to go with so much enthusiasm. In fact he started the consultation dead on the time of my scheduled appointment. I was well impressed.

                  ~The Consultation~

                  This is the first stage of my haircut which is often missed out by many hair stylists. You can go to Supercuts and they will tell you your hair is damaged and just slam any product onto your hair with no consideration that everyone is different. Here they actually went through strands of my hair and test its durability by picking out at random from all areas of your scalp. Afterwards he looked at my scalp itself and told me that it was dry. Once this was complete, Jordon told me exactly he would be using in my hair. He then recommended me some products relevant to my bad hair condition and explained to my why and how I would benefit from using them. I have had my hair cut in Supercuts, reflections pee-wees and never have I had the same service as here. Or I would be given a consultation but not in so much depth as this one. This was a pleasant surpise compared to my past experiences at other salons.

                  ~The Cut~

                  The cut itself was very quick which isn't normal for any hair salon. At pervious ones I could be in there for hours and come out feeling dissatisfied with the end result. In fact once I paid £20 for a hair cut in Supercuts and had to go back because to my horror the lady had cut it out of shape and I looked a mess. Here I was in and out within 20 minutes. Despite being quick he paid attention to detail and even kept asking me if it was ok and whether I wanted more of or to leave it as it was. Whilst he washed my hair he did the full head massage which was very relaxing and soothing and somehow managed to get the water temperature just right. I can go to Supercuts or pee wees and sometimes the water can be too hot or too cold even after adjustments are made.

                  ~The Price~

                  This is when it hit me home. I went to the till point and got a shock when the guy who served me said it would cost me £44. I then had to explain to him about the telephone conversation I had earlier then managed to negioatate for a 30% discount which brought the price down to £30.80. With my vouchers this came down to £10.80.

                  ~The Embarrassment~

                  When I was happy with the price and it came down to paying for some reason the machines were not accepting my card. I thought at this point the guy would get angry with me but he kept his cool. He even suggested going to the cash point and or even the bank. I apologised to them about it and he seemed quite content. He even gave me instructions on how to get there. During this embarrassing time, he never lost his temper which would have probably happened by now in other places. This was very re-assuring for me. It's never happened before and I'm hoping it won't again.

                  Eventually I managed to get it sorted. I think we were both relived.


                  From my experience today I would definitely recommend this salon to others. Why? Well for the simple reasons I felt they understood my needs. They managed to find and use products in my hair to cope with the dry scalp and fine damaged hair. Friendly staff sympathetic to your needs and I personally felt they had your interests at heart.

                  The only downside is the price and no loyalty card scheme which other places such as Supercuts and Pee -wees seem to offer. I did ask the receptionist before I left and he mentioned that it might be something they will look into. Saks are a new and upcoming Hair and Beauty salon company and haven't been around for long so who knows what would happen in the future.

                  Personally, if I didn't have vouchers to part pay for it, I don't think I would have paid £44 for a haircut, despite the excellent service. However if they offer incentives such as loyalty card schemes, where you earn every time you spend to contribute to future visits I may reconsider.

                  ~Additional Information~

                  There is only one branch in Birmingham city centre which is the one I visited on this particuliar occasion. It can be found on Temple row within the Great Western Arcade next to Natwest and opposite the House of Fraser. It is about a 5 minute walk by foot from Snow Hill station and roughly 10 minutes from New Street Station. There are 2 other branches in Birmingham situated on the outskirts in Sutton Coldfield and Solihull respectively.

                  If you want to know more about Saks for opening times or where your nearest one is go to www.saks.co.uk.

                  Thanks for reading!!


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