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Sanctuary Daily Spa Escape Moisture Shine Hair Treatment

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Brand: Sanctuary Spa / Butter / Type: Hair Treatment / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2013 09:39
      Very helpful



      Not sure that I would buy it again..

      I really like using products from the well-known "Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden" range, and have tried out most of them, I think, over the years. It was whilst I was stocking up on a few items from the range a while back that I noticed a couple of assorted 'Hair Care' sachets available that I had not seen before. I purchased a couple of the sachets to try out, with this review outlining my experiences of using the "Sanctuary Intensive Shine Hair Butter."

      I believe that the product is only available to buy in a sachet form, as I have never seen it available in a larger tub or bottle. The sachet contains 20ml of product, and the normal purchase price for this is £2. You can buy the Hair Butter from the Sanctuary range within larger branches of Boots, or you can purchase online at www.boots.com, where postage costs apply.

      The packaging looks exactly like that shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here, comprising of an oblong-shaped sachet coloured in a bright orange shade. The sachet is foil-lined, which is common practice for products such as this one, I have found. To open, I simply snipped off the top of the sachet with a pair of scissors, although there are little 'indents' at the top should you prefer to rip it open.

      The purchase price of such a small item did strike me as being slightly excessive, particularly as my previous two 'Hair Butter' or 'Hair Mask' products from alternative brands have been supplied in a large tub, from which I was able to obtain several uses and cost the same amount as this small sachet. I did wonder if I would be able to obtain more than one or two uses from the Sanctuary Sachet, but decided to purchase it anyway for a try out.

      To use, I am advised on the reverse of the sachet: "Massage this Butter Mask into clean wet hair and leave for 5 minutes." Sounds easy enough, but I wasn't sure whether I should apply my usual conditioner first, or apply the Hair Butter directly after shampooing my hair. I decided to apply it straight after shampooing, which is what I was advised to do with my previous Hair Mask product. I presumed the Sanctuary product was rather similar to these other offerings I have been using lately, so followed my usual routine of shampooing, rinsing, applying the Butter/Mask product, waiting for the advised time.... And then rinsing off.

      Alas, it seems the Sanctuary Intensive Shine Hair Butter is perhaps not as 'conditioning' as I had first thought; after rinsing off, I noticed that my hair still felt rather 'tangled' and was without the usual 'sleek' feel - and look - that is usually present after shampooing and conditioning my hair. As I am able to achieve this effect from even the most budget of conditioner products, its fair to say I felt rather let down by the Sanctuary Butter the first time I used it.

      Thankfully, only a small amount of the product is required to 'coat' my shoulder-length hair thoroughly, so I was able to obtain three separate uses from the small sachet, which put my initial grumbles about the economical 'value' of the product to rest. Whilst I still feel that this product is not the best value, I do feel that those consumers with shorter hair than my own may be able to obtain more use from the sachet than I did.

      So, the second time I used the Hair Butter, I decided to apply a small amount of my usual 'colour care' conditioner to the lengths of my hair after shampooing. After rinsing this off in the usual manner, I applied the Sanctuary Hair Butter and after massaging through the hair to the ends, I let it 'settle' on the hair for the suggested five minutes.

      During this time, I was able to experience the lovely 'Sanctuary' scent that is usually present in many of the ranges' beautiful products. I found the presence of this scent to be a bit of a surprise on this occasion however, as it has quite a spicy 'core' which does feel more suited to bath/body care products, rather than those for our hair. Nevertheless, I found its amber-like, warm, aroma was a welcome surprise, and it occurred to me that this aroma gave the Sanctuary Hair Butter a little more of a 'special' or 'pampering' feel than many other Hair Butter/Mask products that I have tried recently.

      I found too that the white-coloured Hair Butter didn't 'drip' from my hair whilst it rested. This didn't surprise me, as I had found it quite thick during the time I was applying it to my hair. I'm not sure the Sanctuary Butter is best described as being a Butter as it's texture is not as thick as I had expected, and is certainly not as thick as your average Body Butter product. It is thick, but not as thick as some other Butter products that I own. This is an observation on my part, rather than being something of a criticism, and I didn't really notice anything negative about the product in terms of its ease of application, its appearance or its texture. It felt easy and quick to apply, and once on my hair, it stayed put, without feeling heavy or uncomfortable as I waited for it to work.

      After the recommended 5 minutes had passed, I rinsed the product from my hair, and during this time I noticed my hair felt quite softened, with all traces of tangles and knots being completely removed. I liked too, the texture of my hair, with it feeling soft and with a definite 'silkiness' to its length.

      After drying and styling in the normal manner, I WAS able to witness a sort of 'shine' to the lengths of my hair that is usually present after washing and conditioning my hair with most 'mainstream' or 'average' hair care products. This discovery did feel like something of a slight let-down, if I am being honest, as I think I had rather been expecting to achieve something a little 'more' from the Sanctuary product, given these products are slightly more 'premium' than many other ranges available. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the purchase price of the product is slightly higher than most other products like this that I have purchased in recent times. Taking all of this into account, it is fair to say that the rather 'average' results felt slightly disappointing to me.

      On the plus side, my hair was noticeably soft and conditioned, but with no 'extra' shine or softness being experienced, than that obtained from my more 'everyday' hair care products. Other consumers may find a further 'conditioning' experience being achieved from the Sanctuary Hair Butter, but for me, it felt distinctly 'average' and it is for this reason that I would not repurchase the product again.

      As with all products in the Sanctuary range that I have tried out before, I noticed nothing in the way of irritation or aggravation to my sensitive skin/scalp during the use of the Hair Butter, so I do recommend it as being suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin.

      All in all, I really feel that only 3 stars out of 5 in the Dooyoo rating score are appropriate on this occasion, and I can't say that I would go out of my way to repurchase the product again in the future.


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