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Schwarzkopf Anti Frizz Cream

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Styling Cream / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2008 23:51
      Very helpful



      Not awful just not all that great

      One of the biggest fights I have with my hair is about frizz. I don't know why I get it so badly as looking at my families hair it isn't anything like mine and it's quite simply a nightmare to control my barnet!

      My hair really is naturally frizzy and achieving either wavy/curly locks or sleek poker straight ones is a real hard task but it is achievable.... with work! It's fair to say life has improved in this respect due to some beautiful pink ghds coming into my life and I also treated myself to some Babyliss ceramic heated curlers whilst I was at it to try and style my hair a bit better but purchases still need a little help with styling products of course!

      I love hair care products (ok I'm obsessed) and you'll know that about me if you read my reviews regular (loads more are on there way!). I can't resist buying my hair stuff but it's all very hit and miss and one day my hair will like something and be grateful for it and then suddenly it falls out with it without any notice and gives me jip over it.

      My hair has such a mixture of problems that buying hair products that suit my hair in general terms is really hard work. I have greasy roots (if not greasy when washed give them an hour!), and these roots look overly shiny and limp and always manages to show up the fact that my hair needs dying yet again! My mid-section looks like it has split ends and a bit of frizz. According to my hairdresser it's not frizz it's actually new hair regenerating itself. It doesn't look good and looks like I'm sprouting split ends so I feel the need to calm that lot down. The ends of my hair never look as thick as the mid section and always seems straggly and very dry indeed and therefore frizzy as hell. Overall my hair is flyaway, thin and full of too much bounce and the only thing any good about it is that it does have a natural shine as long as I don't use cheap crap on my hair cos I can easily kill the shine without meaning to and my hair isn't strong I shed absolutely loads!

      My hair can't decide if it's curly or straight or how the hell it wants to be. As soon as I step out of the shower I have ringlets then they drop out immediately giving way to a frizzy mess. I can't straighten my hair naturally as it goes wavy so it's up to me to decide what to do with it and this takes products. My feeling is that my hair would like to be curly but sadly it's too thin to hold it so I prefer to whack straighteners on my hair and murder it quite frankly. The worst thing that can happen is it going a bit kinky but I'm too scared to put curls in because I know they will drop out and ruin an evening giving me a buzz-bee appearance! So I curl my hair when staying in and pampering myself and one day I know I will find the perfect product that will be amazing and give me the most wonderful curls that I will be willing to share with the world... ok a gal can dream eh? ....

      Meanwhile on planet earth I was in town shopping and went into Poundland for a nosey and there this was product was. The words 'Anti-Frizz Cream' instantly attracted me because at the time my hair was unstyled and tied back looking a terrible mess. At a quid a tube I thought it had to be worth a go and here it is in my life now lol

      The Packaging.....

      Silver foil, 100ml tube. Quite big this is actually. There is a screw on/off black plastic lid and that covers the small hole that the product comes out of when you squeeze the tube situated at the bottom. On the front I'm told it's Schwarzkopf, Pro Styling, Long Lasting Hold In All Conditions. Then there is a black silver photograph of a rather attractive lady with nice textured looking hair and then I'm told it's Gloss & Glam, Anti-Frizz Cream, Strong Hold.

      On the back of the tube I'm told a bit about the product, what it is meant to do, how to use it, contact details for Schwarzkopf, ingredients are listed, size is stated as I have stated already, the recycle symbol is on there and finally there is a black and white bar-code on there. Nice packaging, quite modern, full of information and I like the foil tube because you can really make sure you get all of the product out by folding the top of it down eventually like you do toothpaste when running out! So this is economical eh?!

      About The Product....

      Schwarzkopfs Professional Haircare experts have developed Pro.Styling, a complete range of styling products putting professional creativity at your fingertips. Every product is designed to give you the perfect hold in all conditions.

      The exclusive Schwarzkopf professional formula guarantees perfect hold for up to 24 hours in all conditions. Its specially developed none-sticky formula makes hair manageable and easy to style. It leaves your hair free from residues.

      The Promise....

      For dazzling shine and strong hold
      Provides a moisture injection to instantly tame frizz
      Non-sticky formula- easy to wash out

      To Use....

      To add the ultimate shine to your hairstyle, rub a small amount of cream into the palm of your hands and apply it evenly on dry hair. Highlight individual strands as desired.

      Me Using It....

      Well it makes a fair few promises for sure but what's it's like to use? Well I wash and style my hair as usual and this is the last product I usually use but if going going out I will use hairspray/fixing spray lightly over the top to set my 'do' but how you use this is up to you and your hair because after-all we are all different. I just find the more the merrier when it comes to using hair products as a rule though don't get me wrong with stroppy hair such as mine I do have to be very careful lol!

      The cream itself is a light feeling pearly white coloured liquid that has a slight feel of greasiness to it. It isn't runny but comes out the tube very easily but you do have to give the tube a slight squeeze because it doesn't ooze out by itself. The smell is lovely and it's lightly fruity. I been sniffing at it for ages now and I think I can smell passion fruit! It's just a really nice sweet aroma that doesn't interfere with other product smells you may have on your head and it's very light and would suit male and female users. I love the smell of 'clean' and 'fresh' this gives me.

      So as I said I apply this to a clean and finished style. I have just below shoulder length locks and I need a very small amount but with this product it really is individual to a persons need depending on length and thickness of hair or whether you just doing sections of hair etc and I only need a tiniest blob to cover all my hair.

      I find the lotion to be very sticky indeed. Not in application, it coats the hair evenly and providing your sensible and rub it through palms first and try to gently stroke the hair to coat it isn't sticky on the hair whatsoever. It is however sticky on the hands and you need to wash them when finished styling.

      It's simple to apply on the hair but....

      Does It Live Up To It's Claims?....

      Well it claims it will give shine. Sure I think it does a little but then I do have very dark hair so I'm not sure how it work on lighter hair colours than mine but yes I do think I get a bit of extra shine but not loads. However the shine it gives me is onto where I suffer grease patches and yes you guessed it my roots get hit big time so roots look instantly greasy after using this, the rest of the hair a tiny bit shinier.

      The drier areas of my hair do feel a little hydrated but because I'm using a wet product on hair that is dying to go wavy or curly my hair loses it's calm and tries to do it's own thing. My frizz isn't helped because after styling I have none anyway but does it stop any frizz reappearing? Not really no. I say not really because there is no evidence to say that I would have got anyway anyway after styling it to go out but I certainly wouldn't take this out with me to use in an emergency and not just because the tube is massive but because the liquid would curl my hair too much if I wasn't careful.


      Not my favourite ever product and I feel it offers me no more than alot of finishing products. This is more fussy and more hassle to use than a common and garden hairspray say and I don't feel I benefit from using this. It washes out easily and when you do wash the hair you can actually feel it rinsing out like a conditioner and it doesn't as promised leave any residue or tell tale signs of ever being on your head. I'm just not all that impressed.

      Can be found in chemists, supermarkets and do look out for it in Pound type shops as it's normally priced at about £4.99 a tube.


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