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Schwarzkopf Color Mask

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6 Reviews
  • Great conditioner
  • Nice colour
  • Fades fairly quickly
  • Smell
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    6 Reviews
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      22.09.2015 13:45
      Very helpful



      Schwarzkopf Color Mask Permanent Long Lasting Colour 910 Pearl Blonde

      The Schwarzkopf Color Mask Permanent Long Lasting Colour 910 Pearl Blonde is available for GBP 6.49.

      The colour is described as follows. "Schwarzkopf Color Mask Permanent Long Lasting Colour 910 Pearl Blonde has a unique and luxurious hair mask texture. Once applied, it leaves hair with long-lasting colour and perfect grey coverage as well as healthy and glossy shine. Due to the rich and creamy texture of Color Mask, it is easy to apply using 2-3 fingers."

      First you have to mix the coloration. Dazub simply pressing the tube with the Color Creme in the bottle with the developer, and then finally the Liquid Silk to. The whole is then sealed and shaken well. Then you can start already. Colors are the first time, you have to apply the coloration on the entire hair and then leave for 45 minutes at this nuance. The first time, I've got two packs consumed, now I have only every four weeks to re-dyeing approach. To this are then two-thirds of the bottle on the approach allows the color to act for about 20 minutes and gives the rest then to the entire hair. After another 10 minutes you can rinse the hair then. It itches nothing on the head, it is only a little warm. I use after rinsing always the balm. This I will then sit for a few minutes and rinse it off. After that, the hair really can very well comb again. Then you have to blow dry the hair either, or allow to dry. I leave after the coloring always air dry, because I think the hair was already strained enough. The result is really great. The hair is in a nice, not too bright blond. It looks very natural and the color is very uniform, which is f'ür me always particularly important. I'm always very happy with the result and the Blonde is really perfect for me. So I want to also use any other hair color longer. From me gets the Coloration all 5 stars and a very strong buy recommendation. I have tried many different hair color, but this one is the very clear winner!


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      10.06.2015 20:31



      Schwarzkopf Color Mask Permanent Long Lasting Colour

      Schwarzkopf Color Mask Permanent Long Lasting Colour


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      27.01.2015 18:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Great conditioner"
      • "Nice colour"
      • "Easy to use"


      • "Fades fairly quickly "
      • Smell

      An easy to use hair colourant

      I normally go to the hairdresser for highlights but sometimes when I am trying to save money, I colour my hair myself. This is one that I have used a few times now and really rated it for ease of use and also results.

      About the colourants

      This is designed to be an easy to use colourant and you apply in the same way as a hair mask. It also doesn't drip once applied to your hair. It has an amino-active protein in the colourant to strengthen hair and the conditioner has shea butter in it to nourish hair.

      In Use

      This is very easy to use.

      Firstly you remove the inlay from the jar and add the tube of colour creme to the jar then shake the tub forty times to mix the ingredients together. Then start to apply the colour using your fingers to dry hair. As it a crème formula, it doesn't drip and I find it very easy to apply.

      One thing that I should mention that did freak me out when I first used this colourant was the bright blue colour creme and it remains blue while it develops.

      After waiting for around 45 minutes, I went to rinse out the colourant. I found that it was very easy to wash out and within around two minutes, the water was running clear, which meant that I had washed out all of the colourant.

      I then use the nicely scented rich conditioner and leave it for around two to three minutes before rinsing. As the conditioner contains shea, it has a nice slightly nutty scent although sadly it doesn't really last very long on my hair after use.


      The first time that I used this, I only left it on around 25 minutes and I was left with hair that had a slight pearl blonde shimmer and I was very happy with the results. The second time, I left it on longer and while I wasn't as happy with the colour, it was even so I can't complain too much. It isn't quite the colour on the front of the box but it is a quite light blonde.

      I also found that for a few washes after using this colourant, my hair still feels quite soft and the condition is noticeably better.

      I did find that the first time I used this colourant, the colour did fade quite quickly but I did get around six weeks of decent colour from the box before it started to fade - similar to some other colourants I have used in the past.

      Price and Availability

      I bought mine from Savers where it cost me £3.99. It is available for a similar price in most chemists, pharmacies and I have even seen some colours in Home Bargains for the same price.


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        07.10.2013 15:17
        Very helpful



        Overall an average dye - I don't think I would buy it again but I do like their other dyes.

        Schwarzkopf Color Mask Permanent Long Lasting Colour (400 Dark Brown)

        I have tried quite a lot of home and salon hair dyes, this brand is one that I used a lot when I was dying my hair red during college (about three/four years ago) and I loved it then. This is a new mask for Schwarzkopf and in general - it is a hair mask like hair dye...

        - Product description (from Superdrug online)

        "Color Mask is the first hair mask colourant that has been developed to combine a permanent hair colour formula with an intensive, deep conditioning hair mask treatment. For long-lasting colour and 100% grey coverage with an even, natural-looking finish."

        - About the product

        The kit comes with the colourant, developer, gloves, instructions and a hair mask. The hair mask is the conditioner that you use at the end of the rinse and it is in a sachet which is a bit disappointing. The shade I bought was 400 dark brown as I just wanted my hair to be a little bit darker than it is now and to make the colour more ashy - my hair always has a lot of red in it so I dye it every few months to keep it as ashy as possible. I LOVE red hair but I personally prefer my hair now to be a dark ashy brown.

        - Prep

        I did the skin test with this dye, I don't always do the test if I have used the brand/same colourant before as I have never had any kind of negative reaction to any dye. I only did a test with this one because it is a completely new formula of hair dye than I was used to and I haven't used this brand in a couple of years (or longer). I only waited for 24 hours after the skin test to use it as there was no reaction but you should leave it for 48 hours. Before I colour my hair I brush it through, read the instructions fully and I get all of the things I will need together in the bathroom such as towel, hair bobble, the dye kit and I always keep the windows and doors open as they can be really horrible in terms of the scent and scent strength.

        - Using the dye

        The first thing you do is put on the gloves and as always the gloves do not fit well on me - all of the gloves in practically every hair dye kit I have used have been far to big and if they do not fit well then they slide around on your hands and it just makes the whole process messier which isn't great - so a little bit of a disappointing start. This dye is really different to the others I have used because instead of the dye being a runny lotion or a foam it is a hair mask...kind of! The developer is in a pink plastic tub like a hair mask and you squeeze the colourant tube into the developer tub - the tube is metal and it can be a bit difficult to get all of the product out, especially because it can be a little bit painful squeezing the tube becasue it is metal and it gets a bit pointy when squeezed! Anyway, you put the lid on the tub once all of the colourant has been dispensed and then you shake the tub carefully (the instructions say about 40 times!). I just shook the colour for 30 seconds to make sure it was all fully mixed.

        Once mixed, the dye is a creamy beige colour and it has a really thick consistency - like a hair mask. The dye has a smooth texture and it is easy to scoop out with fingers. I find that because this dye is not in a bottle is a a bit messier than other dyes I have used as you keep reaching into the small tub to scoop out the dye and the tub tips over, it isn't that easy to get the dye out with one hand and it some of the dye is wasted on the outside of the tub and surrounding area. So overall, it is a bit messy and it does have a thick consistency in the tube but when applied it is like a body lotion consistency so it can flick off the gloves/hair and I do find it a little messy to apply. I started applying the dye at my roots, going in sections around my head just using my fingers to part my hair. The dye applies well and you can kind of see where you have applied it and it is not that worst smelling dye I have used. The scent initially is fairly sweet and a bit floral which is nice but it doesn't stay like that, the longer I used it the more chemical and strong the scent became but compared to some hair dyes, it did smell ok. Although at one point my eye did start to water very slightly because of the scent. About half way through applying this dye to my hair I was running low on dye to use which is really unusual for me because even when my hair was super long (down to my hips) I only ever used one box of hair dye and I had a bit left over but with this dye I used every single drop and it was only just enough - even though my hair is mid length now - so if you have long hair I would definitely recommend two boxes!

        Once applied everywhere I smoothed my hair down and twisted it into a bun and tied it with a bobble just so it does not drip anywhere. You leave the dye on for 30 minutes for a full head colour which is what I did. While on my hair, I cleaned up the excess dye on my hair which did get on my hair line, ears and neck. I used my trusty Bioderma Sebium makeup remover (it is amazing and you can buy it from escentual.com). Usually hair dye on me takes a while to remove from the skin, even with bioderma and or milk, but this dye was really easy to remove from the skin which is great - it just makes clean up so quick/easy. It is easy to clean off the sink and mirror!

        - Wash out, conditioner/hair mask

        The instructions say to rinse out all of the dye until the water runs clear and for 99% of the hair dyes I have used, this rinse out process only takes about 5 minutes usually no more than that but this dye...it took about 10 minutes at least for the dye to be washed out and for the water to run clear. I even used some shampoo in my roots to try and wash away the excess dye from my hair but it still took ages to rinse out. And when I did think I rinsed it all out and I tied my hair up in a towel - there was some excess dye on the towel! The rinsing process took so long, longer than any other dye but then I used the conditioner that was provided - well they call it a hair mask. It is only a sachet for one use which is disappointing but the conditioner did smell fairly nice and it worked very well, in my opinion. It detangled my hair so so well and it left my hair feeling soft. But I find that after I rinsed out my hair, my hair felt quite dry and no other hair dye has really done that before - hair dyes (even before the conditioner) have always made my hair feel smooth, nourished and hydrated even though I just used a hair dye - not this one. It made my hair feel smooth and soft but also quite dry feeling and not very clean feeling. Overall, it took forever to wash out which is really disappointing but the conditioner was nice - when my hair was damp and then it did feel quite dry and not that clean. However when my hair was dry it felt a bit better.

        - Results

        I terms of colour, I am happy with the result - the colour is a bit darker than I thought it would be but I like it. In some lightings it looks like a dark brown with red undertones and in others it looks black. The dye covered everything and the colour is pretty even. I think it is a nice shade for autumn/winter, it looks glossy and shiny but not in a greasy way. Although my hair does feel a bit drier since using this dye. I haven't washed it since I dyed it a day or two ago so I don't know if any more excess dye will wash out but I hope it doesn't.

        - Conclusions


        *Fairly cheap and hair dyes are always on offer - widely available
        *Good brand, new concept, good colour range
        *Doesn't smell bad like most hair dyes
        *Nice colour, great coverage, true end result to the image on the box
        *Fairly good conditioner but it was a single use sachet
        *No negative effects in terms of irritation eg: itching


        *Messy application because gloves were too big, the tub was small and it has a body lotion consistency
        *Rinsing the conditioner out took at least ten minutes and it still wasn't enough as it transferred some colour to my hair towel
        *After using this product and rinsing it out my hair felt a bit unclean and dried out!

        Thank you for reading my review


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          13.09.2013 22:43
          Very helpful



          good if its on offer,but live xxl lasts longer

          I have been dying my hair for many years when I decided to take the plunge and go from my natural mid brown hair to platinum blonde (crazy I know!). Luckily i have chin length hair which I'm growing out so I don't have nice long hair to wreck! Before using this dye I had gradually lightened my hair to a light honey blonde and needed to use an overall colour to make it less brassy. After trying toners for a bit, I decided to try the Schwarzkopf Colour Mask in Pearl Blonde.

          First things first...what you get in the box...
          Gloves...softer easier to wear for smaller hands, but nothing special.
          Instructions with product details, and how to use the products.
          A pot a bit like a moisturiser tub with a screw cap containing the initial colour cream.
          Colour Sachet, you add this to the pot and shake.
          A moisture conditioner for afterwards.

          Once you mix the two first parts together, when you open the pot, you notice it is a pastel blue/violet colour. It is a nice thick texture and smells like parma voilets (mmm) You apply it with your fingers, and with my hair length it was easy to apply and felt so nice! It also makes your hair look blue...ignore this!

          I will say, if you have dry ends on your hair, or your hair is very light, there is a chance you will end up with a very silver coloured hair. The dryer tips of my hair looked a silvery violet colour compared to the steely blonde of the rest. The colour doesnt last as long as other dyes, and I find, after a few washes, the silvery cour fades out, but it was quite a nice colour.

          It only takes between 30-40 minutes to do, and the after conditioner is nice and thick.

          Give it a go if its on offer, but don't pay full price. It does make your hair feel very soft and shiny, and has great highlights.


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          18.08.2013 16:57
          Very helpful



          Great product to use, just wish the colour lasted a little longer before fading.

          I have been colouring my hair ever since I was a teenager and the only thing that has changed over the years is which products I use and how often I colour my hair.
          Because I now have the dreaded grey coming through, I find I need to colour my hair every 5 weeks or so whereas I could leave it a lot longer than this when I was younger of course. Sometimes, I find I only need to colour the roots because of how often I colour my hair and so I alternate this with full head colouring, to try and protect my hair a little from the damage regular colouring and heat can cause.

          I think I have tried most of the hair colouring products that have appeared on the shelves over the years, although I do have one or two favourites. However, as hair dyes can often be found on promotional offers in both supermarkets and other stores such as Boots etc, I am often tempted away from my favourites when they are not on promotion and I will choose one that is. Which is what lead me to purchase Schwarzkopf Color Mask recently.

          Schwarzkopf is a brand I have had a fair amount of experience of over the years, as I used to regularly purchase their 'Country Colours' range a few years back and more recently I have purchased their 'LIVE Color XXL' when it has been on offer and found it also to be a decent product.
          Therefore when I spotted this new 'Color Mask' range from Schwarzkopf on the shelves at my local Morrisons supermarket at a promotional price of £3.50, I decided I would give it a try, quite confident based on my past experiences using Schwarzkopf hair colours that I was buying another decent product.

          Schwarzkopf state their Color Mask gives you a unique colour experience. It is easy to use - just like a hair mask - and offers natural looking colours with perfect grey coverage. They are the first company to introduce this type of hair colour and it was launched earlier this year.

          I chose the dark brown shade as my hair is naturally dark brown, but with increasing grey strands appearing. I often choose dark red shades too but as I was trying a new product I stuck with dark brown on this occasion.
          Apart from wanting to cover the dreaded grey, I do like the added vibrancy I get when colouring my hair too and it usually looks and feel soft and shiny after colouring.

          The preparation was different to other dyes I have used and this is where the 'color mask' comes in. The first thing I noticed was that instead of the usual bottle you use to apply the colour to your hair, there is a tub with a screw on lid instead. You simply squeeze the tube of colouring creme into the tub, screw the lid back on and give it a good shake before unscrewing the lid and dipping your fingers in to scoop out the product and apply to your hair with your fingers.

          Full instructions are provided, as well as information about carrying a strand test first, not only to test the colour but also to test if you are allergic to the product. The gloves were just the flimsy thin type which don't fit your hands snugly, but I didn't find this too much of a problem.
          I prefer hair colourants which you apply to dry hair, as I personally find them so much easier and less messy to apply as well as being far less time consuming too, so I was pleased to discover that this dye is to be applied to dry, unwashed hair, just like the other Schwarzkopf products I have used.

          I am used to applying hair colour from a plastic bottle which you squeeze on to your hair via the applicator nozzle so using this tub was a little different but just as easy I found.
          Even when using a bottle with the nozzle tip, you still need to use your fingers to evenly cover your hair with the product and so scooping this colourant from a tub wasn't really a lot different at all. It has a nice thick creamy consistency and as I scooped it out and applied it to my hair I found it did not run at all, nor was it messy.
          I started at the roots, applying with my fingers, smoothing the creme through my hair. I applied a generous amount from the tub to my roots and then the rest I applied to the lengths of my hair which is quite long. At no time did I find it messy to apply at all, indeed the consistency is just perfect and I found it was almost the same as applying an intense conditioning mask. I then piled my hair on top of my head and left it for 30 minutes as directed.
          Apart from being really pleased with the consistency, the other thing I noticed right away which really pleased me, was that this hair dye actually has a nice fragrance, unlike some of the strong peroxide-smelling hair colourants you can buy.

          I rinsed it all out using the shower after 30 minutes, which was easy enough and then all that is left to do is to apply the sachet of conditioner which is also included in the box, to your hair. This I found was the trickiest bit of all, as I found the sachet really difficult to tear open using my fingers. There is a small 'v' cut out on the side which you are meant to tear it open from, but this proved to be really difficult.
          I was standing under the shower and my hands were wet, so I tried drying my hands (and the sachet) and pulled at it again, but could only manage to open it a tiny bit and then struggled to sqeeze out the conditioner from the small opening. Therefore I recommend you take a moment to cut the sachet open with scissors so it is ready to use, before you begin rinsing the dye from your hair.
          I left the conditioner on my hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off and was pleased with the feel of my hair after this. My fingers glided through my hair easily and the fragrance was quite nice too.
          I dried and styled my hair as usual and I was quite happy with the results. My hair was a shiny dark brown and all grey was completely covered.

          My hair felt soft and silky smooth and I was happy with the results, but after a couple of weeks I was disappointed to notice that the colour had faded slightly. This was something which did not happen when I used Schwarzkopf LIVE XXL dye, but unfortunately had also happened when I used their LIVE Salon Style product and so some Schwarzkopf hair colourants are definitely better than others when it comes to the colour's staying power.
          Another ten days or so down the line and I had noticed it had faded quite a bit more and so although I was initially pleased with this product, I was slightly disappointed with the colour's staying power overall. I do have to wash my hair most days but have used permanent hair dyes which hold the colour well. This isn't the worst I have ever used in terms fading colour, but there are longer-lasting colurants out there and I do think their LIVE XXL range is better than this Color Mask range in terms of longer-lasting colour. Because I colour my hair every few weeks, this wasn't a huge disappointment to me, but it you are lucky enough not to have any grey and colour your hair less often, then you may be disappointed with the staying power of this colour.
          Because of this, I doubt I would be happy to pay full price for this product but would be happy to use again when available at a cheaper price as part of a promotional offer.


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