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Schwarzkopf Colour Shine Styling Liquid

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Styling Colour / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2008 22:56
      Very helpful



      It's an ok product but doesn't fullfill any of it's promises

      When it comes to purchasing hair care products I'm a bit of a demon. I'm fussy about my hair and I'm always buying new products in the vain attempt to get my barnet looking nice. It's achievable for me but it takes alot of time and alot of money plus 220c heat at the very least with hair appliances whether it be hair tongs, rollers or hair straighteners.

      At the moment my hair is in quite a mess. Just below shoulder length, dyed far to often raven black (according the box lol) it's hair that begs to be wavy naturally with a few scruffy curls but sadly even with perseverance and a hell of a lot of products my hair is far too frizzy, fine (at the same time as being frizzy!), straggly and dry at the ends and all too prone to be greasy after a couple of hours at the roots. I tend to straighten my hair as it's more straightforward but sadly even after achieving a style that I'm happy to be seen with less than three hours later frizz pings back with broken hairs at the root and split ends putting in an appearance and a huge cows lick to the front of my head! It's just not a glamourous sight!

      So the other day I went out shopping armed with a wallet full of money deciding that all I was going to buy was hair products and buy them I did hence all the reviews that are about to follow because I bought bags full of stuff to try! My boyfriend came into my bedroom the other day to grab my overnight bag for me as I was staying at his and he almost fainted when confronted with the all the pots and bottles out on display with him proclaiming and I have issues! He was going on about me moving in with him before seeing the stuff but he hasn't mentioned it to me since lol

      Now firstly I couldn't find a proper link for this product online. I bought mine in Boots but I don't think it's stocked in all stores and particularly the smaller ones. I have seen it on sale in independent chemists and on my local market but it isn't widely available and it's one that if your interested in buying either look it up online and probably get yourself a bargain or keep your eyes peeled for it when in shops. I bought two Schwarzkopf products for £5.00 or I could have purchased one for £3.00, as I said I stocked up so I took the first option!

      The Packaging....

      I'm going to give you as much information as I can on this so you know what to look for if interested in getting this! It's a 150ml tall, slim bottle with a light grey pump action dispenser and over that there is a clear plastic push on/off safety lid. On the front of the bottle there is a metallic silver box and on that at the top is a small head shape in black and under that I'm told it's Schwarzkopf (professional quality). Then under that the words Pro Styling are written and under that in small letters I'm told 'long lasting hold in all weather conditions'. To the bottom of the bottle I'm told it has a tri-active system and then I'm told it's 'Colour Shine Styling Liquid' which adds brilliant shine, protects coloured hair and provides lasting control and hold. Finally I'm told it's strong hold. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product, about the tri-active system, told a bit about the liquid itself, how to use it, warnings, contact details for
      Schwarzkopf, ingredients, size is listed (as I've stated already) and finally there is a white bar-code on there. Finally I can see the oily looking liquid within the see through bottle and at the bottom (less than 1/3) is clear looking oil and on the top of that a rich red colour oil is sat on the top (shake well to mix).

      About The Product....

      Schwarzkopf the professional haircare experts have developed Pro.Styling a range of premium products to combat the effects of damp weather, wind and sun guaranteeing perfect hold, all day long.

      About Tri-Active....

      Exclusive: The Tri-Active System is a special formula combining ultra performing fixing agents, pro-vitamin B5 and a UV filter to give long lasting hold and ultimate protection ensuring your hairstyle stays perfect - whatever you do, wherever you are.

      Professional styling for perfect hold all day long in all weather conditions..

      About The Liquid....

      Colour shine styling liquid is specially designed for maximising the shine of coloured hair. It's strong hold formulation will ensure your hairstyle remains perfect all day long whilst a complex of UV-filters and antioxidants that work to protect the structure of coloured hair.

      To Use....

      Shake the bottle well and spray onto towel dried hair. Comb through and style as preferred. Maximises colour and shine, protects your hair whilst providing control and hold for demanding styles.

      Using It... My Experience....

      Well I bought this because I do have coloured hair as I mentioned earlier. Looking a bit oily in the bottle I felt that it would hydrate my hair as again earlier I mentioned my hair can be very frizzy and I do get dry split ends so putting some moisture into my hair seemed like a good idea. Also humidity really upsets my hair and when I go out I tend to pub crawl and go from warm to cold and back again and it all upsets my hair greatly. So that's the reason I purchased it!

      So I do as recommended. I wash my hair thoroughly and then dry with a towel and then give it a good comb through so I have no knots or tangles and a decent base to start styling with. My hair goes curly and frizz is apparent before I even start to style it!

      So for ease of use I spray through about six sprays of this from arms length and then I comb through with a paddle brush to evenly distribute it. As I spray it (after shaking it thoroughly to mix the two liquids) I was surprised that it really wasn't greasy at all so appearances can be deceptive.

      When drying my hair with a hairdryer (on a cool heat) I gently brush through with my paddle brush to try and help tease my hair straight and calm down my follicles. My brush'or wide toothed comb struggles with this product in the hair big time. Hair tugs through and my hair gets kind of knottier as I go on for some reason and afterwards I have to empty my brush or comb out of hair.

      When hair is dry I brush through once again to get rid of any tangles I have created and move on to hair straighteners as this isn't a hair straightening product although hair does appear smoother and straighter, slightly.


      Well it isn't a rubbish product but at the same time it doesn't really do very much to be honest although doesn't make my hair misbehave, dry it out or go greasy.

      On the positive side it's easy to spray and to spread and as I said isn't greasy at all. Smell wise it smells a bit chemically but that fades away when hair is dried. Although my hair becomes a bit knotty when brushing it through when finished with blow drying it does seem relatively soft without giving my hair a fluffy feel. Hair has life in it and isn't weighed down at all by the product. Hair does feel a little controlled in the way that if you shake your head side to side hair falls together rather than looking flyaway though I don't agree with it being billed as having alot of control in it however the hold it gives, for me is enough and it gives it in an unsticky way and feels very natural to be fair.

      However... frizz isn't banished after using this. Either after blow drying and/or using hair straighteners. I can of course use other products as well as this such as hairspray or wax to polish off the look and get a very acceptable result but for me this on it's own doesn't do enough for me at all. As for the shine factor? None. In fact I felt my hair was duller after using this product. Yes my hair still had a natural shine (as it always does) but my colour didn't look renewed or vibrant at all.


      Would I buy it again? Not really no and not because it's rubbish it really isn't but I can't see the point in me spending my pennies and wasting my time with it. It doesn't particularly help with styling hair either curly or straight and certainly defines nothing for me. It's not meant for that in particular (meaning it doesn't promise to give fabulous straight or curly hair) and I'm not sure what it's really for apart that it's for coloured hair and to help with humidity, which for me it doesn't because I can't get hair acceptable to go out with just this product to test that claim out. I did use it with some hairspray when clubbing all night and it never went into a frizz ball but then I never used this on it's own and I did still have some frizz and certainly developed waves and curls as time went on which I was trying to avoid. So I'm not overly impressed with it to be honest.

      If you fancy trying it I can't see it will harm your hair in any way shape or form but I wouldn't expect much from it at all and you won't be disappointed! Do test it out before going out and relying on it is my biggest tip!


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