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Schwarzkopf Seah Hairspa Fango Mud Smooth & Detox Mask

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Mask / What it does: Smoothes, Detoxes,

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2012 10:54
      Very helpful



      A hair treatment for greasy hair

      Every so often my hair needs a really good conditioning treatment and out there on the high street there is no end to lotions and potions that you can buy to 'treat' your hair. Gone are the days when I could nip into Boots or Superdrug and buy some VO5 hot oil for your hair boil the kettle and bung it all in a mug to warm it up before slapping it on my head because it simply doesn't work anymore.

      I do swap and change which beauty products I try on my hair because once I feel that my hair isn't looking as nice as it has done using the product before, I don't like using it any longer though I will always finish off the bottle of whatever it is I have started. Many of the products I use on my hair come via a recommendation from my hairdresser and I usually buy specialist products directly from them.

      My hair is quite fine, but I have a lot of it on my head and I tend to have dry ends and greasy roots which can be a total nightmare, how I survived without dry shampoo I will never know along with GHDs, both items are quite possibly the best things ever invented. However given my hair is quite fine, dry and greasy, I don't really use a lot of conditioners because they make my hair much worse and I have to wash my hair more frequently, so every week I like to make time to use a hair mask or some sort of conditioning treatment for both my hair and my scalp.

      Seah Hairspa Fango Mud by Schwarzkopf is something that I have been using for a few months now, I bought it on my last trip to the hairdressers and they used it on my hair then as a treatment and in doing so they also show you how to use it and how to get the best results from the product. This product is described as being multifunctional because you use it before shampooing your hair and it also it is a detox mask for your hair and scalp and it is designed for people like me who have greasy hair essentially.

      This product is sold in a tub and it contains 150ml of hair product and for that you can be expected to pay in the region of £14, well that is what I paid in my hairdressers and I am sure there are differing prices online wherever you look. The tub itself is made of glass and has a silver screw on and off lid. The only thing about this tub is that there looks like there is a further tub inside the glass tub (see picture) and that is a quite curvaceous silver colour, upon which the details of the product are found. It's selling blurb "SEAH HAIRSPA Fango Mud is a multifunctional, pre-shampoo, smooth & detox mask that gently absorbs excess oil, grease and unwanted particles from the hair and scalp without stripping the hair, whilst smoothing it and eliminating the need for a conditioner. SEAH HAIRSPA Fango Mud is suitable for greasy, fine or porous hair", is why my hairdresser thought it would be suitable to try on my hair and I like the sound of it absorbing excess oil and grease as well as pollution particles, a definite must of like me you live in London and it also removes product build up, should that also be a problem.

      When it comes to using this mud, I was told it is best used on wet hair, though you can also use on dry hair. So once your hair is wet through and then patted dry to remove excess drips, you apply the mud to your hair and scalp, now it is up to you whether you cover your entire hair depending on its length or just your scalp. The very first time of using this in the salon, my entire hair was coated and then left for five minutes to work its magic. The first thing I noticed about this mud, other than it looking like mud is how thick it is. I have used other mud products in the past and they have been more like a paste, in-fact many no thicker than toothpaste when squeezed out of a tube, but this is a much thicker consistency and you actually don't need that much of it to cover your whole head of hair. Once you have liberally applied it and massage it into your scalp slightly, after those 5 minutes are up you simply wash the mud from your hair until the water runs clear again and then run your fingers through your hair a final time followed by lukewarm water and if it runs clear, the mud has been removed from your head in its entirety and the reason I was told to do that is because of the thick consistency of the treatment.

      Within this mud are two main ingredients that are worth a mention, the rest are detailed on the back of the tub should you need to find them.. However firstly there is Fando mud which is not only used in this treatment, but is also used in mud wrap treatments and other beauty treatments. In this instance it really cleanses your hair and scalp to absorb excess grease, oil, product build up and pollution particles from your hair and scalp and holds onto them until your hair is rinsed through. Secondly there is Amaranth Oil which replenishes your hair and scalp without leaving it feeling greasy and in need of a further wash which you might expect from having an oil as an ingredient, but instead it soothes and revitalises your hair and those two ingredients should leave your hair feeling soft, clean and more importantly for people like me, without the need to use a conditioner.

      As I said I have been using this mask for two months now and I use it once a week and it is brilliant. I love how easy it is to use, wash out and the feel of my hair after using. It does exactly what I want it to do and my hair and scalp do feel much better since using this treatment and it only needs at the most 7-8minutes of your time per week to use. The only I do miss is a nice smell, there isn't anything that I can say to describe the fragrance of this mud, I wouldn't go as far as saying there isn't one because there is, but it isn't perfumed enough to be able to describe it, but as you shampoo your hair as normal after using this treatment, the fragrance would probably be wasted anyway.

      So if like me you have oily roots and want a treatment to sort it out for you, then I do recommend trying this product. You can buy it on-line and I have just had a quite look and it costs anywhere from £10-£25 so definitely worth shopping around. I intend to purchase another tub of this mud when I go back to the hairdressers next week because I like it so much.


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    • Product Details

      Detox Pre Shampoo Treatment / A thick mud-like consistency that helps to absorb excess oil, grease, product build-up and pollution particles, leaving your hair and scalp smooth and detoxified /

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