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Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Conditioner

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    3 Reviews
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      19.08.2012 18:01
      Very helpful



      A beautifully scented hair conditioner that works

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      A few weeks ago I purchased quite a few products when I popped into my local Superdrug store and found they had several lines in a half price sale. The majority of products I bought were all priced well under the £1 mark and I took full advantage of this sale by stocking up on bathroom beauty staples such as shower gels, liquid hand soap, and shampoo and conditioner, amongst a few other bits and pieces. The shampoo and conditioner I purchased were by Schwarzkopf and part of their Gliss range, and having recently reviewed the shampoo this review will focus on my experience and usage of the matching conditioner.

      The product's full name is 'Liquid Silk Conditioner by Gliss for Brittle and Dull hair'.

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      Gliss products are quite widely available ranging from chemists to large supermarkets, pound shops to Ebay with prices varying depending on where you choose to buy from. The average RRP mark up seems to be around the £1 region, making this a very affordable hair product considering it comes in a reasonable 200ml size.

      Packaging wise this is as equally attractive as the shampoo and comes housed in an almost identical looking bottle in a soft pink colour with a pear esque` appearance. The only differing feature is whilst the shampoo veers out towards the neck and with the lid placed on top the conditioner looks the same expect as though it has been turned upside down with the wider part and lid being at the base. Both products together look very aesthetically pleasing and perched on the ledge of my bath are definitely a focal point due to the iridescent packaging which sparkles in the light.

      As mentioned this product can be picked up from as little as £1 depending on where you shop and the RRP in Superdrug is £1.88 meaning this was a bargain at just 94p being included in the half price sale. I'm not opposed to buying shop's own brands (as long as they work) but this was 5p cheaper than Superdrug's own range and larger in quantity too so a real bargain as far as I'm concerned.

      **What Gliss have to say**
      ""The Gliss formula with elements of liquid silk and a gloss enhancer transforms dull, brittle hair into ultra glossy hair with breathtaking shine. Liquid Silk nourishes hair, without weighing it down, leaving hair silky smooth and more supple."

      **Directions for use**
      Massage into wet hair gently after shampooing then rinse thoroughly.

      **My experience of using Gliss Liquid Silk Conditioner**
      As I previously stated in my Gliss shampoo review, this is not my first dalliance with the Gliss range having used it fairly frequently in the past. My only reasoning (that I can think of) for not using it for a good few years is I became a fan of the then newly launched Aussie range and started using it almost exclusively (having no children and 2 jobs meant I could afford such luxuries back then on a regular basis!).

      When I saw this conditioner was also less than £1 in the sale, along with several other products, I purchased it along with the co-ordinating shampoo and the Shine Tonic (see separate reviews) and have since used up an entire bottle so I feel my review can fully justify it's use.

      To access the conditioner there is a flip open lid at the bottom of the bottle, which as mentioned acts as a base for the conditioner to stand on and despite the bottle being tall and wide at the front and very slim line from the side view, it is quite sturdy and doesn't fall over too easily. The lid opens and closes quite easily and when closing it gives a satisfying 'click', and because this is at the base I find it important that lids close securely to avoid any potential leaks which I'm pleased to say has never occurred when storing this product.

      A gentle squeeze of the bottle helps the conditioner to emit, and despite it's quite thick consistency it eases out of the packaging quite quickly and has a shiny and grease like texture with a white opaque appearance which reminds me of Pantene. The fragrance is identical to the shampoo and has a floral (rose?) element mixed with a fresh soapy aroma and basically smells delicious.

      I have quite short hair these days which is just above shoulder length having had it cut into an inverted bob at the beginning of the year. My hair is also coloured these days as my once natural blond hair turned a boring mousey colour over the years so nowadays I give it a little help with Nice n Easy. Because of this my hair can become overly dry if not looked after properly so a good shampoo and conditioner is essential, and as this promises to leave hair smooth and silky then it's appeal was highly anticipated.

      After rinsing the matching shampoo from my hair I applied a small 5p coin sized blob of this and smoothened it from root to tip making sure it covered all of my hair. I found that the conditioner dispersed well and covered all of my hair with the one application from the small blob and despite there being no time indication given on the packaging I left it on my hair for around 3/4 minutes.

      The conditioner rinsed away fairly quickly given it's 'greasy' texture and I could already feel the softness on my still wet hair at this point. My hair felt smooth even after towel drying and on drying and styling in the usual way it felt even softer. Once my hair was fully dry it felt soft and tangle free which is always a plus as some hair products make promises that they simply don't keep but Gliss does exactly what it says and delivers each time.

      My hair always has a slight sheen after using this conditioner and though I've used it with the matching shampoo on countless times I've also used it with other branded shampoos on several occasions and each time it has given very satisfactory results. I've read some slightly negative reviews about both the shampoo and conditioner by people saying it doesn't clean (the shampoo) or condition very well but I have not found this at all and can't fault either product but there again there are certain hair products that simply don't agree with my hair that others rave about so it's all down to personal preference and hair compatibility I suppose. I have been lucky to find all of the products in the Gliss range that I have tried to luckily suit my hair thankfully.

      My hair is very easy to style and manage after using this and isn't too flyaway despite it leaving it *very* soft and also the beautiful aroma lingers in my hair until the following day which is a bonus.

      I can't recommend this highly enough as it's such an affordable luxury, and plus the fact it has lasted me for nearly 4 weeks of constant usage of at least 3/4 times per week means it's an extremely economical product at that.

      Top marks from me.


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        25.01.2012 08:15
        Very helpful




        So i've recently reviewed the Shampoo from this brand and since I like to use matching products then I just had to buy the matching Conditioner. It was getting sold at a good price so although it may not have been that good for my Hair, I thought it was worth a go.

        This comes in a 250ml bottle and I got this out of my local Poundshop for £1 surprisingly. I see this brand popping up in my local Asda now and again but it isn't quite as good value as £1.

        The bottle for this looks alright. Although it is quite a simple looking bottle it looks nice and shiny and a bit more expensive looking than a basic looking bottle.

        The Conditioner is a medium thickness and a decent sized blob of this is plenty to work through your hair. I know they usually advise to use say a 10p sized blob and I never pay attention to the recommendations as I don't measure it out, but I would say that that size it a good enough amount. I do have long thick Hair so perhaps use a little more.

        The scent of this Conditioner is nice. It is a rich Creamy kind of scent and smells a nice Moisturising Cream smell. You can smell this after your Hair has been washed and dried and although it is a lot fainter, it can still be smelt.

        After using this Conditioner along with the matching Shampoo I find that my Hair seems to be nice and Soft. I find that my Hair is easy to brush out and has a nice sheen on it as well. My Hair seems to be nice and smooth too so it seems to work well enough on my Hair.

        As I stated after using the Shampoo of this brand I did find that my Hair seemed to be a little bit dry after using this brand for quite a few washes in a row, so I have dropped my use back to using this now and again.

        A good enough Conditioner. I don't see my buying this again as there is other products that work better on my Hair, but this is a good enough product for a good price.


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        15.11.2011 20:45
        Very helpful



        Not quite bliss, but nice enough!

        ~~~~~~ Gliss Liquid Silk ~~~~~~

        When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, I am not totally loyal to any brand, and I actually really like to try new things. When picking up shampoo etc at the supermarket, I generally buy the fruity Alberto Balsam, but I often pick some up in Poundland which is where I got the Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk hair repair conditioner.

        ~~~~~~ First impressions ~~~~~~

        The packaging of this is really nice I think. The 200ml bottle is pale pink plastic, and the label is metallic, showing pinks, purples, yellows and even greens. I think this ties in really well with the 'liquid silk' name, as it does look glossy. This conditioner is aimed at brittle, dull hair which to be honest, mine is not. It is dry and very prone to damage though so I do like to use supposed intensive moisturising/repairing conditioners where possible. And liquid silk sounds fab, right?

        So what does this conditioner promise to do? Well, it says it will give you "perfect combability" and leave your hair feeling silky and supple with a "breathtaking shine". It claims to target damaged areas on the hair surface and, using the "elements of liquid silk" and added gloss enhancer, repair them.

        The conditioner itself is white and creamy and smells really pleasant and clean, though I can't put my finger on what is within the fragrance. It is sweet but not sickly, clean and fresh without being clinical or chemical. It is dispensed by simply squeezing the bottle; the opening is small which makes controlling how much you use simple. It is a very nice, good to use consistency, staying put on my hands well instead of running off over the sides and even when I spread it through my hair it goes where I want it. I love this, there's nothing more annoying than a runny conditioner that you struggle to get on your hair!

        ~~~~~~ Using & results ~~~~~~

        The first thing I notice when I open the bottle is the lovely smell. Followed by the fact it spreads through my hair nicely and I didn't need to use more than usual (I do have a lot of hair so usually need a lot of any conditioner). The scent did stick around on my hair for the whole day, and I could still smell it the next day but it is worth noting that I generally do not use any products on my hair unless I am going out and will be styling it. Most hair-washing days I just let it dry and that's that.

        It rinses out my hair easily, and once it was all gone my hair did not feel too squeaky - rather it felt smooth and moisturised. I was able to comb it pretty effortlessly too, though I get this effect with all but the cheapest of the cheap conditioners I have used.

        So when my hair had dried, was it smoother, more supple, did it have that breathtaking shine? Well no, not really. It didn't look any shinier or feel smoother or more supple than when using any other conditioner. I did not notice any real difference after using the whole bottle either. Don't get me wrong, this is a really nice conditioner but it has not made a marked difference to my own barnet. Perhaps it would work better on dull and brittle hair, but I figured my hair gave it less work and I was mainly looking for improved gloss and shine which I did not get.

        I only apply conditioner from about ear-level down, so any conditioner is not likely to add greasiness to my hair and this one was no exception. I do not wash my hair daily and this did not make me feel the need to change this routine. I only brush my hair out before washing (it's curly naturally) and I must say that even on the third day after using this, when I brushed my hair before washing it it was still quite tangle free but I did not notice any reduction in breakage and my brush still had the usual amount of hairs caught in it.

        ~~~~~ Recommend? ~~~~~~

        I would recommend this purely as it's a nice regular conditioner. I did not see all of the promised benefits but it did leave my hair looking, smelling and feeling nice, though not particularly better than any other conditioner that doesn't claim to give me breathtaking shine and supple gloss! So for that reason, I am awarding a middle of the road 3 stars. I would not buy this for any more than £1 as I can get equally good conditioners for this price, or less when there's an offer on (which I do usually take advantage of!)


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