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Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumising Style Powder

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5 Reviews
  • Instant uplift through the night
  • Instant backcomb effect
  • Can get messy
  • Leaves hair feeling dry
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    5 Reviews
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      30.07.2015 17:43
      Very helpful


      • "Easy wash out"
      • "Doesn't have a funny smell"
      • "Instant uplift through the night"
      • "Instant backcomb effect"


      • "Can get messy"
      • "Leaves hair feeling dry"

      1# Resurrection Dust for me!

      I had a rock hair style and always wanted the back comb, crazy effect that comes with it. My hairdresser recommended what she called "resurrection dust" to make this happen without the need to backcomb my hair (back combing puts strain on the hair and can make it dry and damaged).
      I came across Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumising StylePowder and wow is it good.

      > The Bottle <

      It comes in a small 10g bottle but you won't be needing to take this out with you to re-apply.

      > Use <

      Depending on how matted you want your hair you can use it one of two ways (how I do it):

      1. Separate the roots you want matted and put the powder on your fingers (you won't need a lot). Put your fingers under your roots and move them up and down, this will give you a small matted look that you can easily style. Style hair accordingly.

      2. Put the powder directly on the roots you want matted, once applied push your fingers up and down. This give you an extreme matted effect.

      I have done both and me personally the extreme matted look was a little too much for me.

      What I like about Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumising StylePowder is that if the hair falls down, which happens a lot especially if you are out clubbing, all you need to do is push the hair up again and you have the same style that you left the house with. Its amazing!

      > Powder <

      The problem with resurrection dust is that it can get messy. If you get a little on your palms and then work your hair it can get the ends matted (as it mattes on instant touch of hair) which can be a nuisance if your trying to get ready to go out. Be careful when applying and once finished using the powder carefully brush your hair (NOT THE ROOTS) to make it smooth (if that's the look your going for).

      It doesn't leave you with a funny smell which means you wont have to spray your hair with tones of perfume, which is great because no one really wants to do that anyway.

      Obviously putting anything on your hair can make your hair dry and I found with Schwarzkopf resurrection dust that if I haven't washed my hair, the morning after my hair is dry and unmanageable but it is easily washed out.

      > Value <

      Good value for money. It can be picked up at any good retailers like Boots for less than £5.

      > Conclusion <

      I haven't tried any other resurrection dust because I have never needed to. Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumising StylePowder has done the job well so far.


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      08.02.2015 18:03
      Very helpful


      • "Would recommend"
      • "Stays put though-out the day"
      • "Gives volume "


      • "Hair feels horrible and dirty though it doesn't look it"

      I've a matted rat in my hair but boy does it look good

      Sitting in the hairdressers waiting on my colour taking to my hair, I was surprised to see more guys coming in to get their hair cut for weekend than what I saw women. In the four hours that I was in the salon, another lady and myself were the only ones in there. My friend who owns the shop was cutting this guys hair, it wasn't long before a little tub caught my attention. Once my mate cut the guys hair, she put some product on her hands, rubbed them together, then applied to the guys hair just like she would do if it was gel. I was so surprised to see that his hair was styled with no traces of thick, sticky looking gel like most guys have. His hair never moved when he patted it down, it also looked thicker, and his hair looked clean as if no product was used in his nicely cut hair. I asked my friend what it was, she explained to me that you get two different kinds for men and women, the one she used in the guys hair was woman's strangely enough. She told me that it provided volume and thickness to your hair as well as acting like a hair spray in keeping it put. I asked her to order me a pot when she was next at the hair dressing suppliers, to be fair I was expecting it to cost a small fortune but was surprised when she admitted that she got it in a local shop across the road for £2.99.

      My hair had always been very thick from when I was a child, but experiences in later life has caused me a lot of stress causing alopecia. For those of you that perhaps never heard for alopecia before it is a hair loss disease if you haven't guessed already causes you to loose your hair. There are three different kinds of alopecia that you can get and it can affect you at any time of your life. Alopecia is the partial or complete loss of hair, especially on the scalp, either in patches known as alopecia areata. Or on the entire head known as alopecia totalis, or over the entire body known as alopecia universalis. I have alopecia totalis where my hair tends to just fall out bit by bit which is linked to stress. To be honest I'm not rocking the look and it is also a little embarrassing. I am 25 years old, I have bald patches and thinness to my hair, so after seeing and hearing about this miracle in a little pot I had to go straight from the hairdressers to try it.

      This got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder has been specially designed by Schwarzkopf. It comes in a small but more than enough purple 10g plastic pot with a screw cap. Schwarzkopf designed this weightless formula to use of dry hair to great volume at the roots. It is packaged in a cardboard box that has been designed and also had written information on the back giving you instructions. Got2be powder'ful, textured each strand of hair to create maximum volume to your hair. Once you unscrew the silver cap lid off the styling powder, you will see another silver lid which has the shape of an X where holes have been placed in the plastic to allow the powder to be able to escape from the pot. The holes are just the correct size allowing the right amount to come out that you are able to put straight onto your hair to create maximum results or a little in your hand that you pat dry then apply to your hair. The tube is only 10g it is small and light enough to fit into your handbag. There is no smell that comes from the powder which surprised me as Schwarzkopf products that I have used in the past has always had a long lasting pleasant smell, never the less this wasn't an issue to me, if anything it was a plus point as the smell from my hair wouldn't clash with the smell of my perfume. If it wasn't for me being the hairdressers that day, I would never of known about the got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder. I have never seen in advertised on the television, nor have I seen it in any of the shops before. After doing some research on the net I found out that it first became available to purchase last year in 2011.

      The information states on the little pot as well as the back of the packaging, that there are two different ways to use the powder. The powder is only to be used on dry hair not wet hair. For the purpose of this review, I have tried both ways to applying the powder to give you the opportunity of reading a more useful review. The way that I tend to use the got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder, is by directly putting it onto my roots straight from the pot. I have found that it provides me with a much better volume and thickness to my locks, although I must warn you, you only need the smallest amount of the powder as it can leave your hair feeling a bit grubby even through it doesn't look like it. After you have applied some to your roots, using your fingers tips, rub in the powder and fan out from the middle to the ends of your roots. I have found that it creates more volume to my hair and also lifts my roots that stay put. When I apply this to my hair in the morning, by the end of the night my hair is still in the same position that it was styled in when I left the house. I was worried when I first used it that it would hurt my hair and scalp when it came to brushing it out my hair, but to be completely honest it never hurt at all, there was no discomfort. I have noticed that once brushed out but not washed out the next day I have no need to apply any more product. I just brush my hair as usual, part it into sections then rub and lift it still provides me with the same volume as it did the day before. My hair at the moment is a dark red/brown, I was half expecting to see my hair looking grey from the powder, but was surprised to see that there was no traces of the powder, you can feel it when you touch your hair, it feels like hair spray that is in it but when you look at it looks like a natural lift. After I have rubbed in the got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder into my hair, I noticed that my fingers felt very sticky, as a small child I hated having sticky fingers, so after using the powder I straight away go to wash my hands. In theory applying the powder to clean hair will make your hair dirty but I advising getting two days out of it as washing you hair every day is not good for you and leads to greasy hair as you are washing all the natural oils off you scalp. I like the fact that I get what I want with this product, not only does my hair look thick and sits perfect, I always have no baldy bits showing from my alopecia.

      The second way you can use the styling powder is to shake a small amount into your palms of you hands and rub it till it disappears. Although you wont be able to see the powder, you will be able to feel the stickyness on your hands. I would suggest that if you have medium to long hair that you apply the product desire onto your hair. But if you have short hair, shoulder length and above then this is the best way to use it for you. My hair is shoulder length with layers through it, so when I ran my finger tips though my hair I still expected an instant boost to my hair. While the results were still good, I didn't appreciate them as much as I did with the other method of applying the product. I found that the volume just wasn't enough for me even though the way in which I styled my hair still lasted all day. I noticed that when i felt the roots of my hair, I could feel a slight residue on my roots, no where near as much as before.

      After using the product and seeing the results I am so glad that I was in the hairdresser that day. Now that I have tried got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder I have no idea where I would be without it. Don't get me wrong, I don't use it every day as there is no need to as product is still left in my hair from the day before and it provides me with enough volume and thickness for the next day. I like the fact that I can wear my hair down or I can wear my hair in an updo stye and the product still provides me with enough volume for the style that I require. I also like that fact that it can be used in any type of hair, length, colour, thickness, or greasy, dry, or dandruff scalp. My hair can normally get quite oily and I was pleased to see that the powder soaked it up and left my hair feeling fresher and looking as it is just washed. When the product is in my hair it doesn't feel all that nice to touch but to be fair once your hair is styled how often in a day do you touch your hair? I can put up with it as the results are worth a little bit of stickyess in my hair. I am very pleased with how it looks and the fact that it lasts all day. I am also surprised that my hair looks very natural, it looks as if no product has been used in my hair. I cannot recommend this product enough, I would recommend it to those who like big hair (mainly young girls these days), to people that suffer like me with alopecia, to those who even have thinning of the hair perhaps due to getting older. The got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder, is my little miracle in a pot, it has really changed my life leaving me feeling like a woman again and giving me the confidence that the alopecia took away from me.

      I have still only found this product in one shop, afraid that it may run out one day I bought all of them off the shelves, and just as well I did as there has never been any more in the store. I had bought them from B&M Bargains for £2.99. While I think that is a very small price to pay and well worth it, I couldn't help but wonder when they run out where I would be able to get them from. I had a look online and noticed that ebay sells them, very overpriced coming in at just under £6 including postage for one 10g pot of got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder. Then I check amazon where I found a bundle pack of three 10g pots all in original packaging for £4.99 with free delivery Surprise, surprise, I ended up buying quite a few so I don't run out for a while. If you are looking for the got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Style Powder, I recommend you save some pennies with ordering it from Amazon. website as follows: www.amazon.co.uk
      After reading the other two reviews on here not giving the powder such a good review, I honestly cant understand why. It leaves me wondering if they actually used the product because I swear by this volumizing product and give it full marks of 5 out of 5. I hope that my review has been of some use to you in helping you decide if this volumizing powder is for you or not. I am sure that once you try it you will be as happy as I am with the product.

      Extra Information.
      Item Weight: 127g
      Boxed-product Weight: 18 g
      Item model number: 1475389
      ASIN: B004S9WHUU


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      19.12.2013 03:50



      Very nice product that I shall purchase again

      The last time I went for my hair cut, the hair dresser used this on my hair afterwards instead of wax because she wanted to try it out on a male hair cut. From this first use I really liked the product so I purchased a tub and have used it since, though it was fairly expensive I thought it was worth it.

      It is easy to apply just shaking a small amount of it on your hand rubbing your hands together then apply it to your roots and its done, that simple. It does give your hair much more volume and texture and I really like this however I do have to add hairspray to keep it that way so it does not last for a long period of time. It does leave a slight residue on your hands however which can be quiet annoying but it isn't too bad.

      In my opinion this was definitely a worthwhile purchase and I will be purchasing this again when I run out, which I do not see happening for a while as not much powder is actually required.


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      12.02.2012 21:17
      Very helpful



      It works, but leaves hair very greasy

      Schwarzkopf Got 2 be powderful is a light dusting powder that promises to give you mega volume for that bed head look. I have fine, dry hair and so rely on volumising products to give my,roots a boost. My hairdresser used to dust powder into my hair for volume and I loved the results it would give. The brand that she used was very expensive and I couldn't justify paying that price. When Got 2 be powderful came out I was over the moon and rushed out to buy one.

      The product cost me £3.50 from boots, which was very reasonably priced. The product comes in a card packaging with a cut out so the bottle can be seen. The bottle is small, but I wasn't worried as I knew not much product is required for each use. The bottle is cylindrical with a twist lid with holes. It basically works like a salt or pepper shaker.

      The product promises to texturise the hair and give an instant root lift in ten seconds. The powder is lightweight and of a white colour. If you shake a little into your palm it dissolves very quickly. The powder can be used in two ways. You can shake a little into your palm, and then work into the roots. Or shake directly onto hair and use your hands to lift your hair at the crown. For a real mega volume, tip head,upside down and shake powder onto hair. I prefer to shake directly onto hair, as shaking the powder onto my palms, means most of the product stays on my palms. But this is a good technique if you want full control of the amount and placement of volume.

      This product does give volume and the more you apply the greater the volume. However, and this is a BIG however. My hair felt very greasy after use. The product claims to be lightweight, it looks lightweight, but once applied to hair it becomes heavy. As soon as the powder dissolves in hair it becomes sticky. This is an ok-ish product for a night out and you only need volume for a few hours. I would also not recommend brushing hair after applying as my hair just looks limp. It a good product if you want that messy bedhead and 'i haven't washed my hair in a few days' look...a.k.a russel brand, noel fielding, alexa chung. Then it works quite well. This product will give you big volume as long as you use it strategically. Its not something I could use everyday as it does damage hair. My hair was more prone to breakage once i'd put it on my hair. I had stray hairs coming out if I ran my fingers through my hair. Hair also needs a very thorough wash to completely remove the product.

      I wish I had paid a little(actually a lot) more for the salon brand powder as it was lightweight and worked. If you are on a budget then this is the best on the market.


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      23.01.2012 14:59
      Very helpful



      Volumise your hair with powder!

      * ~ * THE STYLING POWDER * ~ *
      The styling powder is made by Schwarzkopf and is for use on dry hair to create volume at lift at the roots. The weightless formula texturises each hair strand to create maximum volume. The styling powder comes in a small purple tube which then comes in cardboard packaging. The tube has a silver lid which unscrews and you can see another silver lid which has a large X in holes where the powder comes out. There isn't much smell to the powder. If you look through the holes you can see that the styling powder is white and looks very fine. The tube itself feels very light, but this is due to the light weight of the powder in the tube. This product is fairly new from Schwarzkopf, and I first saw it advertise on television a few weeks ago and thought it looked good so would give it try. On the back of the tube there is information on how to use the product and also contact information and a list of ingredients.

      * ~ * PRICE/AVALIABILITY * ~ *
      I can't seem to find this product on either Boots or Superdrug website. How-ever I did purchased this from boots and it cost me approximately £4.61.

      * ~ * USING THE POWDER * ~ *
      According to the information on the back of the tube there is 2 different ways to use the powder (both on dry hair), so I have tried both way's and have decided to write about each one. The first way you can use the powder for bigger volume is to shake a little into the roots of your hair and then rub in using your finger-tips, this helps to create the volume and lift at the roots. I have blonde hair which is quite flat and am always looking for some kind of root boost. I shook a little of the powder in the parting of my hair into the roots. It's best doing this in front of the mirror so you can see how much of the powder you are applying. I could see the light dusting of powder in my hair and using my finger-tips I rubbed this into my roots a little, ensuring the powder disappeared. (The last thing I wanted was to go out with grey/white looking roots!). After I had worked the powder into my roots my hair did have some extra lift at the roots, but nothing amazing. I rubbed my finger-tips together and could feel a slight residue from the powder so felt as though I needed to wash and dry my hands. After doing this I rubbed my hair a little more to get more lift in my hair. Where I had applied and rubbed in the powder my roots felt a little sticky, and stiff which I didn't like. I could feel a residue from the powder in my hair when feeling it with my finger-tips. This was obviously from using the styling powder. I felt as though this made my hair slightly dirty again due to the way my hair felt when touching it. The styling powder isn't really long lasting, and only gave me lift and volume in my hair for a few hours, before it started to fall a little flat again. I felt as though the residue weighted my hair down slightly, rather than give it a root boost.

      The second way you can use the styling powder is to shake a small amount into your palms and rub your hands together. The powder disappears but you can still feel it on your hands. Distribute into dry hair focusing on the roots for instant root boost and volume. I shook a little of the powder into my palms as the instructions say. I didn't shake too much out as I didn't want to waste any. I then rubbed my hands together and sure enough the powder disappeared, I could feel the powder still in my palms though. I them rubbed my hands through my hair, using my finger-tips to help distribute the powder into my roots. I shook out a little more powder and then again using my fingertips distributed it through my hair. I stood back and looked in the mirror. My hair had a little more volume then before and it was more textured, rather than just flat and straight. I couldn't feel the product in my hair and it couldn't feel a residue like I could when I shook the powder directly into the hair. I liked the way it gave texture to my hair and some volume at the roots. I didn't apply any hair-spray otherwise that would be cheating a little and I wouldn't really be able to comment on how good or bad the product is. The volume to my hair lasted a few hours, and then it soon started looking a little flat again. I was really disappointed by this. I still had a little texture in my hair but not as much as I did when I first left the house.

      * ~ * OVERALL OPINION * ~ *
      When I saw this product advertise I thought it looked really good and couldn't wait to try it out, how-ever I was a little disappointed. I wouldn't recommend shaking the powder directly into the roots, as I hated the residue it left and the way it made by hair feel. I prefer using this product the second way where you shake the powder into your hands. I thought this gave more texture to my hair and I feel as though I could distribute the powder more into my hair and into the roots. I found it easier tipping some powder onto my finger-tips rather then into my palms. The product is quite compact so it does fit into a small bag so you could take it out with you if you need to re-apply the product. In terms of value, I think the product is a little over-priced and I don't think I would pay that much money for this product again. Of course maybe the product might last longer if you use a little hair-spray to help hold the style into place. There are other similar products available to buy; how-ever these are all the same kind of price range, unless the products are on special offers. I give this product 3 out of 5 stars for the neat and compact packaging, and the fact that it did give my hair some root lift and a little texture.

      (review also on ciao)


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