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Schwarzkopf Got2b Rockin It Dry Shampoo

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: dry hair / Product line: Schwarzkopf Got2b

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2013 20:43
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      An dry shampoo that only works as a very short term fix for me but smells great

      I have found dry shampoos a God send since I first discovered them. I used to think they began and ended with Batiste, but I have since tried about a dozen different brand. I always hope one will do more than refresh my hair, and make it feel just as good as it does when you use traditional shampoos. I have a scalp that gets greasy quickly so usually I am just happy for a dry shampoo to save me washing my hair everyday, especially as I usually let it dry naturally and my hairs long so as you can imagine it isn't a quick job. When I saw Scwarzkopf Got2b Rockin It Dry Shampoo for sale in Poundland, I decided to see what it was like. It cost me £1 for 200ml. According to Poundland's website the rrp for the product is £4.07, and Sainsbury's sell it for a few pence less than that. It doesn't quite live up to my favourite products though, both of which have lower RRP's..


      Schwarzkopf say that their dry shampoo will refresh your hair without your washing it so your style stay's "rockin fresh" one more day. I am not sure I would ever call my hair rockin fresh but I know what they mean. Dry shampoo's are used without water and come in a powder or spray form which you apply to dry hair, and then brush out (usually). I like the fact the makers are honest about this being a fix that just buys you another day worth of nice looking hair - some brands say seem to imply that using their product is the completely the same is washing your hair but it isn't in my experience. So your hair looks like it needs washing again as soon as the shampoo wears off, which is sometimes before the end of the day, depending on the brand. Got2b comes in the spray format.


      Most dry shampoos are based around a starch or something similar so they can leave a temporary white looking residue on your hair. Some are much worse than others at this. The worst offenders are not really a quick fix if you have to spend ages getting the white out after using it. I was pleased to see that Got2b have printed careful instructions on the spray can which tell you to shake the can very well before use, spray in short bursts and at about 20cm form your head. If all products had given those tips when I first used them I would have save myself a lot of mess. If you do all of that, there is very little white powder left on your hair when using Got2b, which impressed me. It does claim to be invisible but a little asterisk specifies that this is only applies after you have brushed your hair. It makes the hair feel a bit damp but it also dries very quickly so it is handy to use in a rush. There's no point looking as though you have washed your hair but have had no time to dry it! One you have sprayed the shampoo on, you are required to massage it in. I never used to like doing this with other products but I do think the ones that don't require this step are usually less effective. Got2b doesn't make my hair or fingers sticky so it isn't unpleasant really and it is easy to then brush the shampoo out. I would suggest checking your hair in a mirror before going out even if you aren't as vain as me and don't always - just in case there is any stray white patch you have missed.

      The scent of this shampoo is what sets it apart or me. It's described as fruity and I did worry it would smell very artificial and like fruit squash. However it has a beautiful scent - natural and specifically of citrus fruit to me. It is quite strong so wouldn't appeal to those who don't like that. However, having tried an unscented dry shampoo in the past, I know they can smell dire when all you can small is the main ingredients. So I do appreciate this fresh scent. It actually smells like real shampoo as well, and lingers on the hair until the next day.


      Yes, but not for long for me. Straight after using the spray, my hair looks definitely fresher and less "flat". I would happily go out after using this and nothing else. My hair is easy to style afterwards and I don't feel as though I need to just keep it tied up and back as I usually do when I want to skip a hair wash. However, I don't think my hair has as much volume to it as when I have used some rival brands, and there is also a lack of shine. Got2b doesn't claim to offer shine to be fair, it is just a benefit I get from washing my hair with normal shampoo and a reason why I couldn't use dry shampoos all the time. I also feel my hair is started to look lifeless and in need of a freshener by the end of the day. By the next morning my hair somehow looks much worse than it does if I haven't used the dry shampoo or washed my hair normally. I tried spraying the Got2b again then to see how it would work on truly greasy hair and the answer is not very well. It only made the slightest of difference except for adding a delicious smell. I wasn't disappointed as I just want it as a single day fix. Bear in mind as well that my hair really does get greasy very quickly so you may get the results to last longer than me.

      The can's spray top works well, even at an angle but not upside down. The packaging
      has instructions on what to do if it clogs (run under hot water) but I have not needed to do this.


      It works ok, but no better than ones with a cheaper full price. For the pound I paid, I am happy enough. I would have been disappointed if I had paid over £4 for something that didn't keep my hair fresh for as long as the Wilkinson own brand dry shampoo which also adds more volume and always cost £1 for a slightly smaller can. The Hot Tin Roof brand is also often available for a pound and performs better than Got2b - and Batiste for that matter, on my hair. I do love the scent of the Got2b version, and the fact it produces less white powder on my hair than many others, so for those two reasons I would recommend the product if you can get from Poundland and are happy with a result that may not last into the evening. If you have hair that gets oily as quickly as mine, I don't think this offers the best result, and it definitely isn't for those hoping for added shine as well.

      Available in Boots, Sainsbury's, Amazon etc, and of course Poundland.


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