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Schwarzkopf Got2b Sparkling Shine Hairspray

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2 Reviews
  • Smells nice
  • Lasts forever
  • No real extra shine
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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2015 22:21
      Very helpful


      • "Lasts forever"
      • "Pink can"
      • "Smells nice"
      • "Excellent hold"


      • "No real extra shine"

      got2b this one!

      I've recently discovered the got2b range of hair sprays after deciding to grow my fringe out and being left with a disaster-zone head of hair, absolutely the only way I can smarten it up is to style it into a quiff-type thing at the front (secured with about a million hair grips and irritatingly adding another ten minutes onto the thirty seconds I usually give my hair in the morning).

      This has resulting in me buying the first can of hairspray I've EVER bought for personal use, of course I've used it on occasion in the past but until this ridiculous quiff business I've had to buy some as my teenage daughters are starting to get possessive over theirs!

      It smells really nice for hairspray, it'll never make a perfume but compared to the Tresemme I had previously it's a delightful aroma!

      It does give a nice shine but more importantly offers a fantastic level of hold (necessary to get my shapeless, fine hair standing upright for the quiff) without looking too much like cement. Of course it makes my hair look unnatural but it's doing an unnatural job so I can't really complain, nothing I use really looks completely natural anyway and to be honest it's better than having my hair flop around my face so I'm certainly not complaining. My eighteen year old used it on her backcombed-to-hell hair and it held the (ridiculous) fluffiness on a night out that I REALLY don't want to know about and said she didn't particularly notice any difference in shine, but then she's not exactly strict about hair hygiene (ahem) so isn't a wonderful judge of that! Personally I think the level of shine added to my hair is middling, nothing I'd write home about but my hair under the style looks healthy and clean (which is all I ask for really).

      When I shower and wash my hair the next morning no residue is left and amazingly my quiff is still in place, I have been known to drop my daughter at the school gate with last nights unbrushed hair in and thankfully this will hold my style (to a point) to enable me to rush out without a hair wash or brush in the morning as long as I don't have to get out of the car.

      £4 a can, excellent value as you only need a little spray for a very good hold - super value in my opinion. Comes in a pink can too - bonus!


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      21.10.2011 19:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A fair hairspray for a fair price.

      Having been let down by the Got 2 B range before, I had my reservations about this hairspray. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised!

      Personally, I think that smelling good is one of the most important features of a hair product. Don't get me wrong - you do want a hairspray that is going to keep your hair in place - but what's the use if it leaves you walking around smelling like an advert for Ronseal? The beauty of this product is that it really does smell delicious. Schwarzkopf advertise their Sparkling Shine Hairspray by saying "sparkling shine hairspray - dress up and astonish with dazzling shine and luxurious hold - that will make heads turn. Simply style and fix your hair with this fabulous spray for a luminous look that lasts. It will be hard to ignore your captivating shine - just indulge yourself!" So is this hairspray really a hair indulgence or just a hair let down?

      *About Got2b (Schwarzkopf)
      Schwarzkopf first began 111 years ago and was unusually founded by a chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf who ran a small drugstore in Berlin. Today Schwarzkopf boasts an impressive catalogue of products as it is a brand which runs under the operation of Henkel. Schwarzkopf has a range of products and specialises in hair coloring, care and styling. As well as its common retails products Schwarzkopf also provide professional products to stylists. Henkel describe the Got2B range as " Inspired by street styles. Designed by stylists. got2b is the cult styling brand that lets you express your attitude!" They launched their Got2B range in the USA in 2000, it is now an international success and is sold in over 20 countries throughout the world. The Got2B motto is "got2b - attitude for hair. It's got to be got2b!" They pride themselves in innovative products with attitude - with Henkel holding patents for over 7,600 products. Got2B products boats colourful graffiti-like packaging which are eye-catching and stand out amongst others.

      *What attracted me
      I initially bought this product due to its low price. I was looking for a hairspray that smelt good and when looking in Bodycare, I noted that this product fitted the bill (£1.89). At the bottle was pink and sparkly this provided another attraction towards this product for me. However the selection was relatively small so my friend and I decided to go check out Superdrug and see if we could find ourselves and better bargains. The prices there seemed quite expensive as there were few deals on and I noted that the hair spray was £4.05 in Superdrug. So I dragged her back to Bodycare where I then purchased both this product and Got 2 B's collagen affect hairspray and decided to give them a try.

      I paid £1.89 in Bodycare for a 300ml bottle, however it is not always available there and appeared to be a one off. Superdrug and Amazon have it placed more around the £4 mark. As I said you are best hunting about as I did find it for much cheaper in Bodycare, but their stock is ever changing! I would have been less happy with the product had I paid the RRP for it, but with it costing under £2 I was pretty pleased with the results. I guess as a branded product that would place it in the low-mid price range so it could be justified as an everyday product. It is available from most high street retailers including Boots, Superdrug and Bodycare. Always keep an eye out in discount retailers such as Savers because you may manage to find yourself a bargain.

      I love this bottle because it is particularly girly - the main colour being pink as well as silver. The bottle looks slightly different as it is bottom heavy as opposed to most hairspray bottles which are evenly proportioned and this causes it to stand out when placed amongst other products. This prevents accidents which is perfect for me as I once managed to spray furniture polish onto my hair instead of hairspray so a bottle that is a little different helps me greatly. There is a darker pink dispenser at the top which works well and only needs pressed lightly - however this can prove a problem as you do need to be careful when using it that you don't use too much. Although the can is pink and glittery it is in sleek, subtle way and it really does look like a little accessory for my dresser.

      I would say that the smell of this hairspray is definitely its greatest asset. It resembles that of candyfloss, and has a very sweet scent which masks that awful trademark smell that most hairsprays seem to posses. I do love the smell, however I can see how some may feel it is slightly sickly upon first application. However the great thing is that this product leaves your hair smelling great for quite some time - without being too overpowering. It definitely ranks above the likes of Insette and Silvikrin which I can't stand the smell of and really puts me off using those products respectively.

      The important issue is whether a product does deliver on the claims that it makes. The hairspray is distributed quite from the bottle however at times I do feel if you press down fully then the stream of hairspray is slightly too generous and therefore it can cause your hair to go slightly sticky. It is vital that you spray the product at about 30cm away from your hair to insure that you don't spray the hairspray onto your hair too directed and cause it to matte. . For a straight, natural style I find that it is very effective to spray hairspray onto a round brush and brush this through my hair, pushing it inwards. This prevents hair from flicking out and means that you can give your straight style a longer lease of life and you will have a shine through all your hair instead of just giving the top layer shine which can result in hair looking unclean. The hairspray provides itself on giving hair a healthy looking shine without looking oily or glittery. I have to say this was where my biggest reservations lay. I don't find myself much of a fan of shine sprays as I do feel that they can sometimes leave your hair looking greasy as opposed to shiny, however this product did pleasantly surprise me. Hairspray can often leave your hair looking brittle and dry but with that added shine, though it may not be "sparkling" as claimed - it does seem to give your hair a healthy little glow. The can is slightly heavier than most that I would use and this does sometimes cause problems because it affects the ease for which you can manoeuvre the bottle around your head and may cause an uneven distribution of the hairspray in places. As long as you are careful then you can make good use of the hairspray and you will be able to give a lasting finish on a natural hairstyle.

      I think that as this does not claim to be an extreme hold hairspray, it does its job particularly well. It does not leave your hair looking unnatural and glued into position, but instead provides your hair with a tight hold yet the flexibility that is needed to keep your hair from looking too stiff. I am a huge fan of backcombing so I find that this is perfectly suited to keep a back-combed quiff in position throughout the day without any need for re-application. This probably wouldn't be my chosen product for a more extreme style as it only lasts a couple of hours without gradually collapsing and therefore I would use a freeze-hold hairspray instead.

      It may not work miracles, however I think that this product does deliver in the areas that it claims to. It provides lovely shiny hair, with nice bounce-ability and smells gorgeous (as far as hairspray can). I would recommend this product to anyone who likes girly fun items that deliver what they promise. It is a cute, vivacious product which I am happy to say holds a spot amongst my vast array of hair products. However my recommendation would be to find it when it is on offer as I don't think that the product that is provided is entirely worth £4 and there are better products on offer around that price.

      Love Colleen


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      Shine,dazzle,extra hold for a luminous look and captivating shine, New got2b sparkling shine hairspray not only makes you dazzle but also provides luxurious hold for styles that last /

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