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Schwarzkopf Live Unlimited Gloss

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3 Reviews

Brand: Schwarzkopf / Colour / Type: Hair Gloss

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    3 Reviews
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      09.09.2010 22:52
      Very helpful



      A great home colourant.

      I very very rarely go to a hair salon to hair my hair done, I prefer to do it home.

      I particulaly like the Schwarzkopf Live Unlimited Gloss colours. They seem more gentle on the hair than some other brands and the colours I have used in this range stay very pale instead of going a dark colour when you first apply it, which makes it a lot easier to rinse out.

      It's simple to mix and apply, you just squeeze the tube into the bottle and shake to mix, use the nozzle lid and apply it to your hair.
      Leave it for the required development time and rinse untill the water runs clear, apply the conditioner and rinse again.

      There's a few colours in the range to choose from so you should find one to suit you and they can usually be bought for under £5.

      I like the way how my hair feels so silky soft after using it, it's hard to believe that I have just used a permanant colour on it.


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      04.07.2010 15:02
      Very helpful



      Unlimited Gloss Hair Dye

      As you may recall if you are a regular reader of my reviews a few months ago I had a major hair disaster when using a hair stripping kit from Superdrug. It left me with bright orange hair that looked and felt awful and I needed to get rid of it straight away - I tell you going into Birmingham town looking like that was probably one of the most embarrassing days I have ever had! Now usually I dye my hair bright red with another colour from this Schwarzkopf range but on this occasion I knew I had to have a really dark dye to take over the ginger mess that was now my hair so I settled on "Tempting Chocolate Unlimited Gloss" as my hair is that sort of colour naturally and I thought it would definitely cover up that hair disaster. I only planned on using it to cover the orange and then dye my hair back to its original red but that was a few months ago now and Ive been buying this dye ever since!

      A box of this dye should set you back around £6 from amazon but Bodycare sell this for around £3 so my advice is check there before going elsewhere as you may get it slightly cheaper. In each box you should get: 1 tube of colour cream, 1 bottle of developing solution, 1 tube of colour shine conditioner, a pair of gloves & an instruction leaflet. So for £3 you get everything you could possibly need to dye your hair. As I mentioned I personally use the "Tempting Chocolate" shade of this dye so my review will obviously concentrate on that on but this dye is available in a range of other shades which might be worth checking out.

      Now seconds before you apply all you do is simply squeeze the tube of colour cream into the bottle of developing solution and shake really well dont do this to long beforehand as once the colour starts to develop it has to be on your hair. I definitely recommend using the gloves and also applying Vaseline round you forehead, neck and ears first as this can stain and as it is a dark colour it shows up on your skin and is near enough impossible to remove! Also if you have quite long hair like I do I recommend buying two packs of this dye to ensure all your hair is covered evenly and ends up the same colour in the end - after that you will only have to buy one bottle to touch up your roots every now and again.

      Then you simply coat every bit of your hair in this dye - I tend to concentrate on the roots mainly and once you've made sure everywhere is covered leave it for half an hour before you start to wash it out.

      *One thing I will say it that if you have never used this before it may be a good idea to do a skin test 24 hours before you plan on dying your hair to prevent any allergic reactions. Just put a small amount on your wrist or behind your ear first and if nothing happens then your good to go!*

      Getting It Off:
      This part is very simple if a little bit messy. You simply get into the shower and put your hair under the water until it starts to run clear. Then apply their special conditioner that you get in the pack which is meant to have enough for 2-3 applications but I can barely get one out of it - I guess it all depends on your hair length and thickness. It doesn't take to long for the water to become clear around 2-3 minutes and then you simply dry and style as normal to check out your newly coloured locks.

      My Overall Opinion:
      Even though I do usually get my mom to dye my hair for me I have attempted it myself on several occasions and Ive found it really easy to and Ive managed to cover my whole hair without leaving any part dry. The only thing that annoys me is that at first this colour goes VERY dark almost black and that really does not suit my colouring but I find that washing it a few times over the next few days strips the colour a tiny bit and leaves me with the sleek, glossy brown shade I wanted - for a quick colour strip use and overnight conditioning treatment. After that initial moan though I really do love this colour on my hair as it looks really natural, glossy and I believe the brown shade lasts a lot longer than others Ive tried so you aren't worrying about your roots coming through all the time even if you don't use a special colour conditioner.

      The conditioner that comes with this isn't anything special and I barely get one use out of it but it does add extra gloss and shine to your hair in the first place I think but a my hair always looked extra glossy and fabulous when Ive dyed it with this and I fully recommend it to everyone who dyes their hair. This has become my new colour as its a bit more natural but always make my hair look amazing. Oh and it did manage to cover up any scraps of orange hair LOL!!

      Highly recommended.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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      10.05.2010 20:36
      Very helpful



      Hair dye that has great results :o)

      As I've always been a fan of colouring my hair, over the years I've had basically all the colours out there! My favourite being Flamingo pink with a deep blue fringe, (parents wasn't so keen mind you) however now I'm older and working within a school environment my colour nowadays is very tame!

      Schwarzkopf has always been one of my first choices and until early this year I have been using their XXL colours. From February I switched to their permanent Live Unlimited Gloss collection and I LOVE it!

      The colour I've been using is 'Midnight Red' I have to say I've never been the same colour for so long, the colour turns out fantastic, and the feel of my hair after is silky and soft!

      The Unlimited Gloss Kit Contents:
      1 x 60ml Tube of colour cream
      1 x 60ml Bottle of developer lotion
      1 x 22.5ml Tube of shine colour conditioner
      1 x Pair of gloves
      1 x Instruction leaflet

      For the length of my hair to begin with I needed three bottles to colour the whole of my hair, now I just need one bottle to dye my roots once every four to six weeks.

      As with most hair colours mixing and applying are very simple, just squeeze the colour cream into the bottle of developer lotion and shake well. Apply to dry and unwashed hair if using this for the first time for a full head application is recommended that you leave the colour on your hair to develop for 30 minutes before washing off. If applying this to cover your root re-growth, the recommended time is 20 minutes before washing off.

      After your cream has been on for the time length needed, it's time to wash it of (this I find to be the messy part). Rinse thoroughly until the water is running clear, then massage in the colour shine conditioner. Leave this on your hair for a few minutes and wash out, and then you can style your hair as normal.

      This colour I always purchase from Body Care stores as it's only £3.99 but else where I've seen it for as much as £6.99!

      My experience:
      This product for me is incredible, I find it easy to apply and even easier when I can get someone else to do it for me. Cost for this colour is cheap but that doesn't mean it gives me a poor quality colour, as I find it gives me excellent results without the cost of £60.00 going to the hair dressers to have it done.

      The colour lasts well; I've found that reds tend to fade quicker than others colours but very pleased how well the colour stays vibrant. The smell isn't overpowering, some colours in the past have made my eyes water because of the strong smell but this one is rather pleasant.

      One thing that always bugs me when it comes to buying hair colours is that there is NEVER enough conditioner! When reading the instruction leaflet for this colour it tells me that the conditioner can last for up to two applications, when the small tube of conditioner doesn't even cover half my hair!

      My second dislike is the gloves, and what poor quality gloves they are! They come up very big, which can make the application a little tricky so I'm going to minus one star for the gloves and not enough conditioner!

      I would recommend this range to the colourers out there, it's cheap but effective, last well and leaves hair looking healthy.

      Safety warning: This product can cause an allergic reaction, which in rare instances can be severe. So it's wise to carry out a patch test before hand! One thing I found out by reading the instructions that I didn't know is that tattoos can increase your risk of a reaction. (I have 4 tattoos but no reaction here)

      If you would like more information, this can be found at there website.

      4 out of 5 stars form me!


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