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Schwarzkopf Osis Matt Explosion

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Styling Sprays

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2010 23:54
      Very helpful



      If this product were a bit better value for money, I would certainly use it daily.

      I was a little surprised to learn that this product wasn't already on DooYoo, although it is relatively new. What we have is a mattifying spray in the form of an aerosol. If you can't tell from the photograph, this is not the size of a regular can of hairspray - it is only 100ml. I bought this product after achieving excellent results with another in the range (Osis+ Dust It), and was hoping for something that would last a little longer (in the can, not on the hair).

      This spray claims to create a "matt, dry look with remouldable texture and no overburdening". Since there are no directions on the can - as far as I can see, although the print is TINY - I could only guess at how to apply it, and started by lifting up a few sections of hair and spraying a light mist across them. When you first spray it, it appears to be just like ordinary hairspray but without the stickiness. It is ever so slightly damp like hairspray, but dries instantaneously. Your instinct then is to touch the hair and see what, if anything has actually happened. It is then that this product comes into its own. Just a little scrunch with your hands lifts your hair right up - and leaves it there. This is what I have been expecting all these years every time I have bought products that are supposed to create volume and lift. Pretty impressive so far.

      This product is rated 3 out of 3 by Schwarzkopf, representing "strong hold". I would have to agree that its hold is strong, yet in a sort of gentle way! It is nothing like wax, nothing like mousse, not like regular hairspray, and, in fact, not like anything I have used before. It actually does more than you expect it to. You can get significant lift without using loads of product, and it separates the strands of hair at the same time, creating depth to your style as well as making it easier to control in whatever way you choose. This is a very lightweight product and does not weigh the hair down in the slightest. In comparison to Osis+ Dust It, (which I have also reviewed), this product will brush out far more easily and does not seem to cause static. I would still say it's better to apply it near the end of your hair routine as you really don't need to do much after you've used it, except perhaps add a little hairspray if you wish.

      It seems that what we have here is really a salon-grade product and I cannot think of a better way to achieve the results that Matt Explosion achieves. The can is the perfect shape with a cone-shaped nozzle to ensure that the spray goes in the right direction. This is fortunate since you don't really want to waste any at between £7 and £11 a can! Which brings me to the only negative I can say about this product: the price. I do think it's overpriced, without a doubt. Whilst you don't need to use a lot of product at once, the can is half the size of many hair products and if you were to use it every day, it would soon go down. As a result, I tend not to use it so often. So, Schwarzkopf, if you're reading this - and if you care - a slightly larger and better value can would be perfect. If, however, one is in the mood for self-indulgence, I can highly recommend Matt Explosion and I don't think most people would be disappointed with the result.


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