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Schwarzkopf Poly Color Effects Highlighter

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Hair Colour

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    3 Reviews
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      04.09.2009 21:37
      Very helpful



      A cheap way of doing you hair...

      I dye my hair purple but sometimes like to add highlights to give an interesting contrast...

      The one I use is 'Poly Color Effects Highlighter' set 3 which gives Caramel highlights, but they are a bit darker on mine due to the pigment of the purple - the pack actually says the shade may vary dependent on which colour it is added too.

      The set comes in a bright red box with a list of the contents in it - 1 bottle developer lotion, 1 sachet of lightening powder, 1 high light brush and a mixing tray with a wooden spatula.

      On the front the makers Swarzkopf promise a multi-faceted result with these permanent highlights.

      The lotion contains hydrogen peroxide so you need to do a sensitivity test on your skin 48 hours before and wear gloves when applying the mixture.

      There is a leaflet enclosed for instructions to follow but it is pretty simple, the main thing is to take care when mixing and applying and to keep out of reach of children when storing...

      Swarzkopf stress allergic reactions can occur, but I have always been fine so far.

      The idea is you can decide how many and how thick you want your highlights spread out; the brush is very small headed so it is easy to manoeuvre when dipping into the thick mixed substance of the developer lotion and the highlighting powder which is kept in a sealed foil sachet.

      You must avoid contact with the eyes both while mixing the 30ml lotion and the 15 g of powder in the supplied tray and then apply immediately, leaving to work for 20 minutes.

      The solution can be left for up to 30 minutes to process if it's difficult to take, but keep scraping a bit off your hair after 20 minutes to try and judge the shade you want.

      Don't let any drip onto your clothes and use old towels, etc as this stuff does bleach immediately.

      After the allotted time has passed rinse really thoroughly and then condition really well before styling as usual.

      Don't panic if it is too light, mine have covered up easily on the next hair dye session - but it is fun to experiment with this stuff with different looks!

      My pack cost £2.99 which is a lot less than you would pay at a hairdresser's if you have the confidence to try this.

      Five stars from me, it works and I like it :)


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      18.11.2008 22:56



      Good results, nice colour tone and easy to use

      I tied the Schwarzkopf Highlighting Kit - Set 1 Light Blonde Highlights. My hair is fairly light anyway. I usually get it highlighted professionally at the hairdressers but am tired of paying high prices for average results. The kit cost me £2.99 from the local chemist and came with gloves, developer, bleach powder, spatula and a highlighting brush. It's quite easy to use, although I had to ask my husband to do the back for me. It would have been easier with a highlighting cap, but I just needed a few highlights around my roots, fringe and the front. I left it on for 30 minutes and rinsed it off. I then used my usual shampoo and conditioner. The result was pretty good and covered my roots really well. I am quite pleased with the result and it cost me next to nothing. If I was going to do a full head I would try another brand with cap but this is ok to freshen up your hair in-between.


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      02.05.2008 12:24
      Very helpful



      highlighting kit

      My hair is naturally a dark blonde/mousy brown colour, but I dye have been dying it dark brown for a few years now. I have tried adding highlights to it before, first with a Garnier kit, and then with a L'Oreal kit, but both times I ended up with quite a mess - the Garnier kit I seem to remember ending up with a few random orange patches, and the L'Oreal didn't even change the colour of my hair!

      Lately I started noticing a few natural highlights coming through out in my hair, and I decided to try another highlighting kit to enhance them. I decided on trying Schwarzkopf Poly Color Effects Highlighter.

      There are three different sets in the range -

      Set 1 - Light Blonde
      Set 2- Golden Highlights
      Set 3- Caramel Highlights

      I bought Set 3 as it is for dark hair.


      This comes in a smallish red box with a picture of a woman who has subtle highlights in her dark hair. There is a guide on the back of the box showing what sort of result you should expect depending on your hair colour.

      ~What's in the kit?~

      In the kit you get the following

      - 1 pair of gloves
      - Instruction leaflet
      - Plastic mixing tray
      - Spatula
      - Application brush
      - 1 bottle of developer lotion
      - 1 sachet of lightening powder

      ~Using it~

      The first step is to do a skin sensitivity test to make sure you're not allergic to the product. If all is OK, then you must make up the colourant. Mixing it is fairly easy, you simply pour the developer lotion into the plastic mixing tray, add the lightening powder, then stir with the wooden spatula. Once done, you must use the lotion straight away.

      You need to use the product on dry, unwashed hair which I thought was glad about, as one of the previous kits had to be used on damp hair, and I remember finding it difficult to see where I had already applied it.

      The brush you get for application reminds me of a smaller version of a bottle brush. It is sort of wires, with spiky bristles, if you know what I mean. It was easy to apply the cream to my hair, and the instruction leaflet also gives tips on how to apply it to get the best results for you hair style.

      You need to wait 20 minutes for the colour to develop, after which it states you should apply warm water to the hair and work into a lather. I don't know if I did something wrong, but when I applied the water I didn't get any lather. You then need to wash with a mild shampoo and rinse until the water runs clear.


      Once my hair was dry, I could clearly see the results. On one side of my head I had near perfect highlights, that fitted in with my hair colour really well, and looked quite natural. On the other side, I also had a few near perfect highlights as well as two very obvious, very blonde patches near my scalp. I was having flashbacks to the Garnier kit, as virtually the same thing had happened then, except that time the patches looked orange, not blonde.

      I'm not sure if this is something I'm doing wrong. I think it could have been down to the fact that the side with the blonde patches was the side I applied the cream to first, therefore it had been on longer than the side that came out well. Saying that though, as soon as I started I set the timer for 20 minutes, so it was not on my hair longer than the maximum time.


      This kit cost £2.99 from Wilkinsons, but you can also get it for the same price from Superdrug.


      I think I'll give up trying to highlight my own hair, as I'm obviously incapable. I am now trying to decide whether or not to risk dying over the blonde bits, and in the meantime am wearing my hair back so it's less noticeable.

      Saying that though, I was impressed with the side of my hair that came out OK, but I would suggest that if you were to buy this product, you shouldn't leave it the full 20 minutes, unless you want a very intense result.


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      Set 3 Caramel highlights /

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