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Schwarzkopf Shimmer Wax

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Type: Styling Wax / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    2 Reviews
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      27.02.2011 12:03
      Very helpful



      Get that choppy look with a shiimery silky shine!

      Until recentely I had lifeless looking hair..... Not anymore. Since using shimmer wax my hair has become very easy to manage and styling is effortless!

      The pot of wax:
      Comes in a bright pink and silver pot. Information clearly states; 'Schwarzkopf Pro styling silky shine shimmer wax strong hold' the wax has a light floral scent to it and shimmers just as it states on the pot!

      Directions of use:
      Use about as a pea size amount of wax onto dry hair working through to the ends.

      Myself using it:
      I have short choppy hair that can be quite wild at times lol! I recieved this as a gift from my best mate.
      The wax isn't greasy if you aonly use a small amount it really does go along way and lasts for ages.
      The wax gives a nice shimmer effect to your hair and adds texture and gives a really cool choppy look!
      I would highly recommend this product to anyone with choppy hair to achieve a spikey look!


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      12.10.2008 16:24
      Very helpful




      I don't know about you but when I think of hair wax it fills me with horror. Maybe them thoughts come from when I was young at school and my Mother bought me a rubbish pot of stuff on the cheap that was huge, greasy and lasted me for years! However when I spotted this on a recent shopping trip when I was deliberately stocking up on new hair care products this little silver and shocking pink pot seemed to say buy me!

      Now I did have to stop and think about this purchase really hard as I don't like to waste my money after all. I can see the point in buying this if you have a short hair do or a style that is choppy and needs defining etc but for me well I have long (just below shoulder length hair) with no real style as I'm just growing it at the moment. However on the pot it says 'Silky Shine Shimmer Wax With Strong Hold' and then suddenly I could justify buying it!

      Who doesn't want some shimmer shine? Also control sounded good to a finished style instead of hair spray and I thought this may be a quick solution to my frizz (which I get alot of).

      The Packaging....

      50ml recyclable plastic pot with a screw on/off lid. The lid is shocking pink with a picture of a rather gorgeous woman in black and white with gorgeous hair! The bottom of the pot is light metallic silver and on there I'm told it's Schwarzkopf, Professional Quality, Pro Styling. Then I'm told it's Silky Shine, Shimmer Wax which is strong hold. I'm then told what to expect from using it, how to use it, ingredients, contact details for Schwarzopf and the recycle symbol is on there as well. On the base of the pot there is a white sticky label on there with a dark blue bar-code and the size is stated (as I've listed already). A very nice girly pot indeed with all the information you could possibly require on it.

      What To Expect From The Product....

      Gives intense shine with strong hold.
      Adds definition and texture to finished styles.

      Directions For Use...

      Apply evenly onto dry hair. Use fingertips to give definition to individual strands of hair.

      Me Using It....

      Well it's all extremely simple to use thankfully! Whatever style you have! All you do is style your hair as you want it and use which ever products you want to, to get that style. I use this instead of hairspray to finish my hair off as I find the hold it gives my hair is more than enough but you'd use this before hairspray or finishing spray if desired.

      Make sure hair is completely dry and ready and then take as much of the hardish white pearl like (shimmery pink over the white) wax. Now the amount is hit and miss and how much you need is not only dependent on how much hair you have but whether you simply want to coat all of your hair gently for control and gloss or whether you just want to define bits of it to give definition.

      I use it both ways. I either get a small amount of wax and gently rub it in my hands first then just evenly and gently distribute over my chosen and finished style or I rub a really small amount between my fingers and simply define bits of my hair.

      What this wax is great for is everything it promises me on the tub it delivers. It gives brilliant, unsticky control. Although it's wax and mega strong it remains feeling unheavy and ungooey and gives my hair a natural appearance. It's fabulous that if you've managed to get rid of frizz through normal styling that this over the normally frizzy areas really stops it making a reappearance. I have a huge cows lick of a fringe and this makes it really behave for hours and hours!

      It's great in humidity too. It works well in hot and cold conditions although I wouldn't want to particularly get it wet as oil and water don't mix of course!

      The smell is lovely as well and it stays on hair fresh and light till you wash it out (Which is incredibly easy to do with a decent shampoo and conditioner). The smell is just quite sweet and maybe there is a hint of floral in there but it isn't offensive and although a little floral and the lid of the pot being pink with a woman's head on it I still think a guy could use this if desired although no doubt this wax is aimed with women in mind.

      The shine is phenomenal! Really amazing on my dark locks it truly is. Now use too much your going to get greasy, lank hair that goes without saying really and like any product of this type it's a bit of trial and error with it but once you get use to it, it's a really good little product. When using this product my hair gets admiring glances and comments. The shine isn't fake it just looks so glossy and healthy.

      In Conclusion...

      I love this product and it was one I was concerned about using but I really love it. Hard working and long lasting on the head and in the pot you only need a tiny amount of it. It fulfills every one of it's promises and does it gently. This isn't a hard unworkable wax, it's just incredibly easy to use. It comes out of the tub easy, spreads in the hands easy and leaves no clumpy bits on your barnet. It turns from wax to liquid so all I say is just be careful with it.

      My hair is so controlled but as I said so natural and if you touch your hair with this on it, it just feels silky smooth and if a man wants to run his fingers through your hair he will neither break his fingers or get covered in grease.

      This for me is a top frizz buster. It obviously must weigh the hair down a little but fizz really is banished for the duration this is on the head and as I said feels natural. The shine is gorgeous and well there's nothing more I can say!

      Recommended from me I love it!

      Can be found in Boot's £3.99 and do look on line etc.


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