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Schwarzkopf Supersoft Firm Hold Hairspray

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Sprays / Type: Hair Spray / What it does: Firms,

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2009 16:37
      Very helpful



      3 out of 5

      Schwarzkopf's Supersoft Hairspray

      Schwarzkopf Professional has been going strong for 111 years and are one of the leading companies in the hairdressing market and offer a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair colours. It is also the manufacturer of some of my favourite products, my mum's and my nan's!

      Their slogan - You and us......... together - a passion for hair is not the most well known - not like L'oreal's 'because your worth it!'

      Imagine having gorgeous glossy hair just like models on the TV with their unachievable styles that just make me depressed :0( I too could have an entourage to help with me my hair, the best extensions etc - I simply cannot afford it!

      I have always longed to be able to style my thick straight hair into flowing curls that bounce around and stay put all day. Instead I spend on average 45 painstaking minutes curling tiny sections only to have them fall out 15 - 20 minutes later. The ONLY way curls will stay in is if I go to sleep with my hair wet in bendy rollers - the result - orphan Annie curls that I end up washing out! I could never find a happy medium....... until now.

      ~ The Product ~
      What first attracted me to Schwarzkopf's Supersoft Hairspray was the price. At just 99p for a 250ml can this seemed a bargain and a lot cheaper than other leading brands. It is not widely available and seems quite difficult to get hold of. I picked this up in my local Savers store but it is the only shop that I have found it in recently, Boots, Superdrug or Tesco do not stock it. I chose the firm hold but they had a range of 5.

      The packaging is very dated with a lavender background for the container and the Super Soft logo and headers in darker purple text. Having said that it is very distinctive and easy to pick out on the shelf. As with most hairsprays the can is fairly large and will last you a while if used in moderation unless you like your hair like cardboard in which case may only last you a couple of weeks. It states that the product can be brushed out and your hair restyled like brands three or four times the price. The smell is delicate and not overpowering.

      I prefer my hairspray to offer even coverage and feel as if I do not have it on at all but still offer the hold I need. I know, I don't ask for much! But for my curls I needed something drastic. Before curling my hair I sprayed each section of hair until it was slightly damp. When I had released the hair from the tongs I was greeted with a perfect curl. It was however rock hard. I continued until all of my hair was curled and finished the 'do' with a final spritz all over the curls. The result was amazing. I had finally achieved the look I have always been after. After 30 minutes the curls had not dropped an inch. After a whole day the curls were much looser but still looked nice and natural. The next day there was still a slight curl to my hair.

      Seeing as the can said that you are able to brush the product out I thought I would do this before washing my hair. It was almost impossible to get a brush or comb through my hair. It took what seemed an age to brush the product out and my hair felt very sticky. I gave my hair a good wash with clarifying shampoo twice and followed with lots of conditioner. After drying my hair it still felt as if there was residue from the hairspray and left my hair feeling dry, gunky, thick and really unmanageable. The next time I washed my hair the same thing continued. I would say it took a good five washes for my hair to return to normal. A bit of a nightmare just to have my curls for just a day.

      ~ Summary ~

      Supersoft (or Superhard) Hairspray did almost everything it said it would. I will definately use this again but not on a regular basis. When my partner used it on his short hair he was forever picking large white blobs out of his hair that resembled dried lumps of PVA glue! It is not easily available and the pricetag is pretty hefty on the internet.


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