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Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volumising Styling Spray

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Brand: Schwarzkopf / Spray / Type: Styling Spray / Subcategory: Styling Sprays / What it does: volumizeses,

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2008 00:19
      Very helpful



      Too supersoft for moi!

      The other day I sat in my bedroom looking around me and thought enough is enough, this is getting really silly. I'm surrounded by hair care products and soon I won't be able to move!

      As it stands I haven't got favourite products on the go because I can't find anything and even forget what I own and simply have to grab whatever comes to hand to because I haven't got a clue what is good and what is bad (unless I have reviewed it of course but then I just can't find it lol). So I made my solemn vow. Buy anything but hair care stuff! I mean even if I never bought anymore hair products for the next five years I couldn't possibly use up all the stuff I own in that time and that's no joke. It's like an obsession with me and I don't know why really. I'm not vain about my hair or anything. I guess I care a bit more about it looking nice since I purchased ghds but I just think it may be that it's the easiest thing to buy and just lately I have really stumbled across some bargains! It's just a shame I don't need them!

      My hair is very fine indeed. Where the parting is at the back of my head you can see my scalp. This is something which for many years has made me feel really paranoid. It isn't balding or anything like that (it's been like this for years, since I was a kid), but because my hair is fine and particularly once styled is also straight and of course my hair is dyed jet black as well I do look like (in my opinion) that I have a bald spot. So alot of the times I do try to buy thickening products to help me feel better about this 'problem'. Whether it be a shampoo and conditioner specifically for my hair type or a bodifying product like a mousse, although I haven't tried expensive treatments I do occasionally buy things to help and I do rough dry my hair with a hairdryer and then straighten my hair with straighteners to try breath life into my hair.

      However if you, like me have fine or thinning hair you will back up the fact that you can still get frizz and 'too much' body in the rest of your hair which makes the problem areas even more noticable! This is a problem for me cos I have thin hair at my roots and a few inches down and then I have really frizzy and bouncy mid-section and then my ends go straggly and look rather limp. So while I want some volume in some areas of my hair I certainly do not want more in others!

      Frizz treatments (such as John Frieda Frizz Ease etc), can make me limp bits.. well more limp! I'm sure you get my drift but getting hair products right can be hellish and lets not talk about having greasy roots and dry everywhere else issues! So yes.... anyway I popped this in my basket in Superdrug at £3.99 a bottle as I thought it sounded like a product that would give me instant results instead of a steady build up promising me scientifically proven results over time! Sometimes you just want something to work and fast and I want to solve my issues in a spray and on demand!

      The Packaging....

      Shiny green tall 200ml bottle. It has a matching plastic pump action sprayer and a see through matching green plastic lid. On the front I'm told it's Schwarzkopf, Supersoft 'soft touch formula'. Then there is a drawing a in green (very simple scribble really) that on a strand of hair of the woman (which is squiggles) written in there 'soft touch beautifully shiny hair' is written in. Under that I'm told it's 'Volumising Styling Spray' which is Maximum Hold and finally told it's for added volume and root life. On the back I'm told a bit about the product and what it offers, directions for use are given, contact details for Schwarzkopf are given, ingredients, warning (don't spray into eyes lol), the recycle symbol is shown, size is stated and finally there is a bar-code. I do like the packaging of this though it's hard to define the shape of the bottle! It's quite flat and the bottom is oblong and then it gets wider to the top. The whole thing is very practical and everyday usage looking rather than luxurious or/and classy. More functional I guess and there is plenty of information on there to make an informed choice on this as a purchase.

      About The Product....

      Schwarzkopf, the haircare experts, have created the new Soft Touch Formula for Supersoft hairsprays and styling products that make everyday styling simple and easy.

      Touchable all-day hold
      Natural Shine
      Non sticky, brushes out easily

      Volumising root lift and styling spray.

      Flexible, hold spray ideal for blow drying and setting
      Ideal for fine, lifeless hair
      Improves manageability
      Protects hair from heat damage

      Directions For Use....

      Spray into towel-dried hair and style as desired. For added root lift, spray directly onto roots. Can also be used to create tousled styles if applied to dry hair and scrunched.

      My Experience....

      Well I've used it on damp hair and on damp and dry hair (as a combination) and on completely dry hair as I've owned it for a while now and it is incredibly easy to use in any way you want to use it.

      It squirts out evenly if you spray at arms length over your hair and then on damp hair I comb/brush it through. Now I can tip my hair upside down and rough blow dry it to create some oomph or style my hair with a brush or tease with my fingers into style type of thing. The results are all pretty much the same for me.... not great!

      Firstly the smell is pure odd and it doesn't wear off over time either. It holds it's smell for a few hours. I guess the smell is fruity with a gone off smell to it. It reminds me of wee but that must be my thinking however I don't like it. It's that simple! It's strange as hell!

      So after shaking it well I spray it as I said and a few decent sprays is what it needs to dampen hair but not saturate it. It doesn't feel like you could add too much of this product though cos although you can feel a tiny bit of a drying out feeling to the hair that's pretty much it. Then I comb/brush through again which is easy with no dragging and I tip my head over and frantically blow-dry it on a low heat (to help prevent frizz).

      When hair is dry yes I get a bit of volume and with minimum effort which is impressive. Sure hair looks a bit thicker but it doesn't actually feel it to the touch and the problem.... cos there has got to be one? Well it makes your hair frizzy. Well it does mine any way, and I mean frizzy! It's hard to achieve a style because of this and bear in mind it's not a straightening product though probably wouldn't work so well on curly hair either due to the frizz factor (if you suffer with lots and dry hair) but I can make my hair go straight.....

      So I'm left with a bit of body to my hair, alot of frizz and a strange smell although on a positive note I do have a really nice healthy shine to my hair and hair is looking rather together although a messy together so what's a girl to do? Use hair straighteners of course!

      The nice thing about this product is that it's meant to be heat protecting so I don't have to worry about my ghds however any body I created gets killed under the heat of my plates. Simple as that really. Frizz is gone as well though so there's another positive and any dry bits of hair return to normal as well and get into shape and style.

      Sure I got a sleek style but I have a feeling that as usual that's more thanks to my ghd's that can perform miricles than this spray and working with the smell and my straighteners wasn't the nicest of experiences for me. So hair turned out the way I would expect it to (part from the smell!).

      So ok I killed the body in favour of getting a hair do I could be seen out in public with so I decided to use the spray on dry hair particularly around my crown where my parting looks thin that I was complaining about earlier in this review. So I spray some of this in. Popped in a huge roller. Forgot about it for twenty minutes and then when I remembered I removed it. The roller came out easily and neatly and yes I had unsticky body to that piece of hair and a nice bounce. I gently combed it into my style and yes it worked in a really natural and simple way. So I went outside. It was cold outside and bang the body vanished once again, it just caved in. Does this method work? Yes for about an hour and probably longer if you didn't move and didn't switch humiditys lol.

      Final Thoughts.....

      My hair is too fine to take any notice of this product on a grand scale. It just has no grip to it and if using decent heated appliances then it's not going to work. I can see it working if you have naturally curly hair however and would think that this is a marvel because it coats the hair in a light film and you can see on damp/wet hair that hair does become more defined and this isn't a heavy, sticky spray in any way shape or form. I would say you need quite robust curls and ones not too prone to frizz but I can see this working for you ladies. I prefer this spray more on dry hair for me and if I'm going to tong or use curlers on my hair I would give this a go but the smell is a major turn off and I know I would need to use other products in conjunction to this, particularly hairspray or wax!

      It washes out simply as well and it's all very straightforward but would I recommend it? No because it's all too straightforward. The results are not 'wow that's impressive' and any results you do get hot foot it off if possible and as soon as possible. There are better products out there!


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      For added volume and root lift /

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