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Schwarzkopf Vital Colors Intensive Cream Colour

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3 Reviews

Brand: Schwarzkopf / Colour / Type: Hair Cream / What it does: Vitalizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      22.12.2011 03:17
      Very helpful



      A really brill product!

      Before I get stuck into this review I must point out that I am reviewing 'Country Colors' and not Vital Colours. They are from the same brand and the girl on the front of my box looks the same woman as on the vital box we are shown at the top of this review and I'm not sure if recently this product has had a change of name or what, just so we are clear!

      I always dye my hair at home in recent years. I used to go to a salon and shell out a lot of money but to be honest I find it simple and easy to do at home and a hell of a lot cheaper and not once have I had any disasters to report doing it!

      This I spotted in my local Saver store costing a mere £1.99 a box and its similar to the colour I usually pop on my jaw length hair anyway and my roots really needed re doing as I have a horrible regrowth look and so I was out looking for a hair dye reasonably priced when I saw this one much to my delight.

      The Packaging:

      The box is a warm yellow colour and on the front of the box there is a very attractive red headed lady on there with the hair colour I wanted on my hair shown and we are told that it is 'Professional Quality Colour', Schwarzkopf Country Colours 'Tone-on-tone colourant' and that it contains macadamia oil and that it gives a colour lasting 8 weeks and gives 'Intense, shiny colours - gentle grey coverage' and that the colour I opted for was number 58, 'Grand Canon' (Copper red granat). Other information stated on the box is plentiful and we are shown a colour guide on the side of the box so we can see from what our natural colour is to what it should turn out like after using this, we are told a lot of information about the product and what to expect from it, warnings and contents are given, as well as the ingredients listed and contact details for the manufacturer are given. In the box you get all the things you need to dye your hair with (50ml of the colour in a tube, 50ml of developing lotion in a bottle, a 22.5ml size of conditioner in a tube and then you get a large instruction leaflet with again, loads if information within that and then theres a pair of good quality plastic gloves too. Nice packaging this is and of course its highly informative too which is very important with a product such as this.

      Using It:

      Using this is as easy as using any other hair colour of course. You can use this for just touching up regrowth which takes between 20 minutes and half an hour or you can, as I always do put it all over the hair for the same amount of time.

      Preparing the mix is simple and all you have to do is squeeze the colour (my colour that was a very bright red shade) into the bottle which is developer lotion and give it a really good, hard shake and then it has an applicator to the top of that and you can either squeeze it over you hair or do as I do and simply squeeze it out into my hands (with the gloves on of course! lol) and apply it that way on damp hair and as this contains shampoo ingredients you don't need to wash you hair first.

      It smells like a lot of other hair colours and not too strong and once I have applied it all through my hair I always allow it to saturate my hair for a good half an hour. It rinses out eventually, like many hair colours though s a pain, particularly I find with red shades and it does take time and I do need to really scrub my head too or I get bright red skin to match my hair and then when I've done that I apply the entire contents of the tube of thick white fruity smelling conditioner on my hair for about 2 minutes. This really does nicely hydrate my hair and lock the colour in and it rinses out with complete ease giving me really soft and strong feeling hair...and that its...I'm good to go!

      My Verdict:

      First off my colour. Lovely. Bright and intense, my hair looks really glossy and feels fabulous. Although I wash it every day and have lost colour that I can see when I wash my hair it hasn't gone a gingery tone or lost much of its vibrancy at all thankfully. My hair feels in great condition and the process hasn't dried my hair out at all and I must admit that when I was using this I didn't get too much stain on my head at all which I usually do when I use brighter and more rich colours on my barnet.

      All in all I have been really, really pleased with this product and I won't hesitate in using it again. I had product left so this is enough for shoulder length hair I reckon easily and its nice and easy to use and at £1.99 a box I got an absolute bargain.

      If you can't get it at the price I paid for mine expect to pay closer to the five pound mark in all good supermarkets and chemists etc, and even at more than I paid for it...its so worth it!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        22.04.2011 20:31
        Very helpful



        Excellent Product, Low Price!

        I have been using Schwarzkopf Vital Hair Colour - Shade: Chocolate, for the past couple of years. I started using it when my hair was coloured a darker shade of brown (not Schwarzkopf) and I wanted to lift the colour slightly, though not too much.

        In the beginning I noticed only a slight difference, due to the density of my previous colour. I did however persevere, as I liked the colour on the box, which was what I was aiming for. After colouring my hair all over, a couple of times, I began colouring the roots only, every 4-5 weeks or so (have some grey) and then combing through to the ends for the last ten minutes.

        Eventually as my hair grew, the colour began to resemble that on the front of the box, therefore, when I re-touched the roots, I no longer needed to comb through to the ends every time. Occasionally I do so just to intensify the colour slightly, but not very often, as there is no need. I feel combing it through everytime, could cause colour build-up/dry ends.

        This colour does not fade much, however I tend to use colour protect shampoos/conditioners for further protection. Also at between £2.49-£2.99 in price, at my local Home Bargains/BM Stores, it's a very cheap option. I find by doing the above, one box lasts two applications as I only mix as much as I need (have mastered how to do this now by using even amounts of bottle and tube solution) which again is saving money.

        I dread to think how much regular touch-ups would cost at the hairdressers. Also when I go to my hairdresser for a cut, my colour is often commented on by various people. In addition, due to avoiding colouring the ends too much, it's in fab condition with a lovely shine. In fact my hair never shone so much when using other products in the past.

        On the whole I would recommend this product as first class!. I have tried more expensive ones in the past but none have exceeded this, both in colour, durability, conditioning qualities and price. The result, on my hair, is an even, true, chocolate brown, not too dark, as I have pale skin, and possibly due to the red pigments in my hair, there is a slight auburn cast to it. Also not forgetting the conditioner that comes with it - fantastic! I am really pleased and happy to stick with this product. Well done Schwarzkopf, a truly professional result!


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        03.09.2010 18:10
        Very helpful



        A great hair dye

        Now I have not coloured my own hair in a very long time I am lucky enough to have a friend who is a hairdresser and does it for me. Unfortunately though my friend has not been well lately and my roots had got so bad I considered going to a hairdressers until I was quoted £89 for highlights and a cut so I had to look for an alternative.

        Now the last time I coloured my own hair it went orange and green so I was very apprehensive about going down the home dye root again. Anyway after much consideration I chose Schwarzkopf Vital Colors in light brown (I know colour is spelt the American way here thats how it is on the box). I chose this dye firstly because I have been using the Schwarzkopf range of shampoo lately and secondly because the shade of brown on the box looked like a colour which I could live with and I have also noticed lately that brown hair always looks shiny as appose to my dull blonde so that was my choice made. I purchased two bottles for £2.49 each from Bodycare as my hair is quite long and I wanted to get a good coverage.

        The colour has apricot oil to nourishe and to give a intense colour result according to the box. It is a permanent colour and you are advised to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before applying the colour having never experienced any reactions to dyes I skipped this bit and opened the box.
        Inside you find instructions for use with gloves attached. A bottle for applying the colour (developer bottle) a colour creme tube and a conditioner.

        First off I put on my old toweling dressing gown so as not to ruin my clothes.

        Next up gloves on.

        Then take the lid off developer bottle then unsrew lid from creme developer and squeeze contents into developer bottle. I then shook the creme to mix up the content then did the same with my other bottle so it was all ready.

        Next up I used a hair clip to clip my hair into sections and apply dye to roots first then I squirt the creme into my hands and rub over the rest of my hair. I then let down another section of my hair and repeated the progress again until my whole head is covered in dye. I then used a baby wipe in order to remove dye left on my head and ears.

        One grumble here when I removed gloves both of my hands between my thumbs and finger were covered in dye I have scrubbed it but my nails are still a bit brown a couple of days on I can cover that with nail varnish though so no huge biggy there.

        I left the dye for 35 minutes then went to wash it off deep breathe this bit was the scary part. When washing the dye off I used my normal shampoo and then the deep conditioner that comes with the dye. I covered my hair with the conditioner and left it for 5 minutes for an extra treat.

        Next up drying...

        My hair felt really smooth and easy to brush through once I had finished I took a deep breathe and looked in the mirror.

        The results....

        My hair looks nice and shiny and brown. There are a few patches where it has not taken on the blonde but thats ok and a couple of people have commented on where have I had my hair done so it can't look that bad.

        For my first home dying experience in years I am really pleased and if I am ever in an emergency hair situation again I will be using this. Fortunately my friend is better now, always the way so I can go back to her doing my hair. The instructions suggest you use the colour every 4 weeks to cover up roots. It also provides 100% grey coverage.

        4 stars for this dye as it has left some patches and my hands are still a bit brown a couple of days on. So my tip get some other gloves the ones supplied are like petrol station gloves and I think thats why the dye goes through them, you should be ok with better quality gloves.


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