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Scott Cornwall B4 U Colour

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      09.08.2011 11:30



      Fantastic hair product for the avid hair dyer!

      I dye my hair VERY frequently, probably changing colour once a month! This is definitely the best product I have ever come across for helping remove bright colours from my hair.

      I always start with a base colour of blonde, and then use a bright hair colour. Each month when I fancy a new colour I always use a pack of Colour B4 to remove it, leaving my hair the original blonde colour enabling me to put another bright colour on!

      It contains no harsh chemicals and is extremely easy and quick to use. My hair always feels amazing after using this product, and there is no need for lots of bleaching to remove a colour!

      I have recommended this product to a lot of friends who too like to dye their hair a lot too, even normal colours! It's extremely easy to apply another colour over the top straight away which is great for those of us who do not want to wait!


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      09.04.2011 01:27
      Very helpful
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      Simple and effective product

      I've got dark hair and recently dyed it, wanting a chestnutty brown colour. Unfortunetly it went really wrong and I instead gained some reddy gingery blondey undertones that looked horrendous!

      After reading some positive reviews about Scott Cornwall's hair colour removal and seeing his website which states the product helps you 'safely rewind to your colour before', I thought it'd be my best bet in getting my hair back to normal, and purchased an extra strength one from Boots for a reasonable £12.

      I seriously can not believe how amazing this is! The product itself is very much just like dying your hair all over again. There are 3 bottles, 2 of which mix together, that you apply all over your hair, then a 'buffer', that neutralises the pH of your hair, making it so your hair is redyable virtually straight after the removal.
      The process took me an hour, with the help of my friend. If you're going to try this you'll almost certianly need a helping hand, especially if you have long hair.

      The product definetly worked, returning my hair to its usual dark brown colour as promised. I did find it dryed my hair out a little bit for a few days after use but it didn't bother me.


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        02.04.2011 18:03
        Very helpful



        Certainly a good shampoo just don't expect miriacles from it!

        I dye my hair regulary using semi-perment hair dyes. I'd really like to get back to my natural hair colour that I haven't seen in years and so when I spotted this in Superdrug costing about £3.30 a bottle I decided that it was a worth a try for that price but to be fair even as I was buying it I didn't expect very much from it!

        The Packaging:

        The bottle comes in a white and grey oblong box and on the front of the box there is a photograph of a womans head on there and we are told tha t it is Pre-Colour Clafying Treatment 'Use before every colour treatment' and that it is a Silcone-Free treatment, B4 U colour 'Bring The Salon Home', and that it clarifies hair of surface build-up Before Colouring. Other information given on the box tells us a bit about the product, there is a photograph of the man behind the product, the size is stated (which in this case is a 150ml bottle), we are told how to use it, what it is good at doing for you hair and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Inside the box you get a white phamlet and on that you are told much the same information as is given on the box plus a few warnings and the bottle inside is frosted white plastic with a flip-top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole and one the front of it, again we are told what it is and towards the back of it what it is good for on your hair and directions on how to use it are listed. Nice enough packaging however the bottle has a pretty cheap look to it but it is functional and I do feel that enough information is provided with this product.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Box:

        Most every day shampoos contain silicones or other film formers which adhere to the hair shaft to improve shine, feel and condition. However these produce a physical barrier to the hair which can inhibit dye adhesion and prevent perfect results. Most shampoos are also acididic in Ph which is not ideal.

        Helps prevent colour build-up
        Helps prevent 'patchy colour'
        Helps prevent root glow
        Helps remove temporary colours
        Can be used before home or salon colour applications

        Can Also Be Used Prior To:

        Colour correction
        Permenent Straightening
        Deep Conditioning

        And it can be used as a chlorine remover after swimming.

        Using It:

        All you do to use this is squeeze it out (which is easily done), a walnut size of the thin light yellow transparent shampoo and gently massage it into the hair and leave it on there for about 2-5 minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly, then simply repeat the process with the same amount of shampoo but rinse it straight out that time and do not condition and then you can style as usual (if not dying your hair and only trying say to get rid of polution and/or chlorine or whatever) or you can colour hair immedietly at home or in a salon.

        It has a very clean, almost light natural cirtusy aroma to it, is easy to lather up slightly and rinse and my hair feels really clean after using it. I usually use a condiioner after using any shampoo but in fairness my hair felt soft and felt fine after using the shampoo alone and I didn't miss or feel that I had left off the conditioner.

        However I found mixed results with this one. Fresh colour I had on my hair was removed and I could visibly see it draining out of my hair as I rinsed it, colours that are ingrained after years stayed firm put but my roots and underneath my hair did go rather natural in colour and I did feel this shampoo had stripped it a bit and my flatmate/bestmate did think my hair was visibile lighter for the majority of it.

        What I did think was that my hair felt really strong and less gunky after using it. My hair was left visibly 'clean' and I really do believe that this having no nasties within it is good for my hair. I don't know if it strips off/oout polution however I'm pretty sure my hair did indeed feel more 'hairy' and less grimey or weighed down.

        Also when I styled my hair it felt smoother, thicker and less frizz proned, it had a healthy sheen to it and all in all this is a gentle formulation with plenty of uses!

        Although I was disapointed that not all of the colour was removed from my hair I was really pleased at the health this shampoo seemed to promote and will not nhesitate in using this occasionally, and especially after swimming to keep my hair in good condition!

        Available in all good chemists etc.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          15.02.2011 18:49
          Very helpful



          A product that does what it promises.

          About the product:
          B4 U Colour is another product by Scott Cornwall, the summary of what it does from their website says "Scott Cornwall B4U Colour B4U Colour is a mild hair colour remover that will gently restore your to its natural glorious shade by removing all nasty barriers and silicone deposits from the hair."

          I recently used this as I was going from blonde back to a darker colour and knew I had a lot of products left in my hair. I bought this to remove all the nasties to allow my new colour to to cover well.

          From the site it states to use when:
          * You can apply B4U colour on the day of your colour of hair alteration treatment whether its straightening, perming or colour removal.
          * The effects of B4U Colour will remain in your hair until subsequent build up resumes; therefore you can use B4U Colour on the day or even before a salon or at home colour or technical service and achieve perfect results.
          * If you treat hair with B4U Colour at least once a week it will also prevent a build up occurring and illuminate the chances of residue or silicone damage.

          I used it for the first scenario.

          I bought a bottle of this from Sainsburys where it cost me around £3.99, it comes in a box as shown and inside is a 150ml bottle. This doesn't seem a lot for the price, however you don't use it that often and you don't need a lot!

          Using it:
          It states to use a walnut sized amount and lather then leave for 2 - 5 minutes. As I have long hair I needed a little more, about half as much again to cover my hair. It's a typical shampoo consistancy and is very easy to use and lather, although it lathers less than some shampoos it still does enough for you to see how it's covering.

          It has a mild smell and doesn't smell too chemically, it smells almost fruity to me in fact, it's a pleasant smell I didn't mind on my hair.

          Does it work?
          Always the most important part of a product! It left my hair feeling a little dry but I had been bleaching it blonde for months so this was hardly surprising, plus you're usually using it before other treatments. If you conditioned well afterwards I think it would leave your hair nice and soft.

          It definitely appeared to remove a lot of the build up that you get in your hair over time, which for my purposes was the main thing I needed. Definitely the best of the deep cleansing treatments I've used and something I'll be keeping in stock to use now and then.

          Overall a very effective product and a good price considering the amount and frequency of use needed - I'd definitely recommend using this before colouring your hair.

          No disadvantages with this product - it just does as it promises! Well worth the £3.99.


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