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Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner

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Brand: Sebastian / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Pen / Contents: 250ml / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2012 08:47
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      A salon quality conditioner for colour treated hair. Leaves hair soft silky and in top condition

      My hairdresser must love when I make an appointment for a cut and colour because not only do I spend money on the actual styling and cutting of my hair, I come away with a bagful of products, I just can't help myself buying conditioner and shampoo. The range of hair care products within the salon I visit change regularly and often to promote these products my hairdresser uses these when cutting and colouring my hair. After being impressed with the results (and shamefully the scent!) of the conditioner that was used during one of my appointments I decided to purchase the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner (alongside the matching shampoo).

      ***Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner***
      The description of the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner is "Strengthening and repair conditioner Active rescue system penetrates the hair, guarding it from stress caused from past chemical treatments and heat damage, for super-strong silky-soft style. Colour safe."

      Anything that protects and boosts colour whilst keeping my hair in good condition is a preferred choice for me. My hairdresser recommended this conditioner to me as it is aimed at chemically treated hair to ensure my dark blonde hair which is bleached every six weeks giving me mid and light blonde highlights stays in good condition. One issue I have with my colour treated hair is my hair can become excessively dry and feel quite brittle. I also find my colour can look dull in between visits to the salon so I like products which help maintain and emphasise my highlights.

      My hairdresser sells the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner in the 250ml size. However you can also purchase a large 1000ml "salon" size bottle from online retailers. In the salon I go to a 250ml bottle of Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner costs £12 however if you purchase two bottles or alongside a 250ml bottle of Sebastian shampoo it works out as £10 a bottle. This is still very expensive even for salon quality conditioner considering the bottle is so small.

      You can purchase the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner from online retailers including www.feelunique.com, www.hairsupplies.com and www.hairsupermarket.co.uk . From feelunique.com a 250ml bottle costs £10.95. You can also purchase the larger 1000ml bottle from these online retailers. The price varies however costs between £19-£32 so is still not a "cheap "conditioner but better value for money when bought in larger quantities.

      The directions for use are "Remove excess water from hair. Apply through hair, concentrating on the ends. Rinse thoroughly."

      The Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner comes in a white narrow tube. The tube is a cylinder however the front of the bottle is flat so the shape is quite unusual. The top of the bottle has a flip top where you flip a section on the cap, the dispenser hole is revealed and product can be dispensed and then when you are finished using the product you can flip the dispenser shut again. The overall bottle design is very functional and plain but the white bottle with the plain silver simple font on the front makes it look very much like a salon product and it matches the shampoo from the Penetraitt range perfectly.

      My hairdresser had already used this in the salon on my hair and what was most memorable about the conditioner to me was the scent. As soon as you open the flip lid you smell a very sweet fresh fruity scent. I find this quite a pleasant but artificial scent which is a mixture of berries and perfume.
      The Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner is very thick in consistency so requires you to give the plastic tube quite a hard squeeze even when the tube is reasonably full. The conditioner is a block white colour and I find the thick consistency of the conditioner and the need to squeeze the tube quite hard is a real advantage as it means you use the product quite economically. I tend to find when I squeeze the tube only a small amount comes out therefore this minimises wastage. However when you do not have a lot of product left in the bottle you do need to squeeze quite hard as the tube shaped bottle is not so pliable.
      On my thick long hair (it is midway down my back) I only need to use a blob about the size of a 50p piece as the conditioner spreads through hair very easily. The thick conditioner when spread through hair has a very greasy type feel to it and I feel when applied to hair gives it a very soft silky type coating which makes it feel very smooth. In all honesty because the small bottle costs over £10 a bottle I find I am a lot more careful with how much product I am using whereas if I'm using a bottle of conditioner that costs £2 a bottle I am definitely less careful and apply quite liberally. Nevertheless I do think that a small amount of this product goes a long way. The 250ml bottle of shampoo lasted me for 5 weeks in total, using about 4-5 times per week. However the same size 250ml bottle of conditioner lasted probably only 4 weeks as for some reason I seem to use conditioner quicker than I use shampoo!

      The scent when lathering into hair is gorgeous and this is a very fresh and fruity scent and very much like what you would expect from a salon quality product because of the very perfumed type scent. It is the same scent as the shampoo from the Penetraitt range therefore the scent is just emphasised.
      The conditioner despite feeling quite greasy in its consistency is very easy to rinse out of hair. After rinsing out my wet hair had quite a slippery and very smooth feel to it. It felt like the conditioner had left a shiny coating on my hair but this was not sticky or a greasy type residue that often occurs with many conditioners.

      When I used this product I used alongside the matching shampoo from the Penetraitt range to emphasise the results.

      When blow-drying my hair I could notice the lovely sweet perfumed scent in my hair and it really was like being at the salon as the scent is so strong but not in an overpowering or sickly way.

      My main problem with being blonde is definitely the condition of my hair. I find my hair is a lot drier and the texture is quite coarse and straw like when at its worst. The individual hairs not only feel rough but I feel they have quite a rough frizzy appearance. Colour wise my hair is a dark blonde with mid blonde highlights which are bright for the first few weeks however in between salon visits if I do not care for my colour I find the colour looks quite dull lacks shine.

      After using the Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner I could really notice a difference in the appearance of my hair, even after the first wash. This conditioner had been used in the salon when I had my hair cut and my hair looked fantastic then but I mostly thought that was due to the way my hairdresser had styled and blow-dried my hair. However my hair had a real brightness to it and not only did it look lovely and clean it had a very healthy shine but a real brightness to it. I continued using this conditioner as an everyday product and I was expecting my hair to start looking dull in the way it usually starts to between visits to the salon but I was really impressed with just how bright and vibrant my highlights looked. The base colour of my hair a dark blonde/ light brown colour looked richer and you could really pick up the light and mid blonde highlights when the light reflected on my hair as my highlights looked more defined. Mr Lools who isn't the most observant of people actually commented and asked me if I had "changed the colour of my hair" therefore I take it that my hair was quite noticeably different even though my hairdresser had used the same colour shades on my hair. The colour did start to fade slightly after around a month but by the time I visited my hairdresser 6 weeks following my previous visit I would not have described my colour to look at all dull like it usually does.

      Not only was the colour of my hair boosted I was really impressed at the improved condition of my hair. My usually quite dry and course hair felt a lot softer and silkier and the ends of my hair were smooth and did not have any frizz which they sometimes suffer. My hair looked very shiny and stayed shiny without getting overly greasy. The conditioner created a very noticeable shine which reflected light very easy but when I touched my hair it did not have a greasy coating or residue like many conditioner leave on hair when they give this much shine and such a smooth appearance to the ends of the hair.

      The Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner leaves my hair very shiny and in a great condition and gives my hair volume in a healthy natural way but I do feel for more special occasions when I want to create big styles the conditioner is not the best for helping me to do this. My hair in no way looks flat but I do find it difficult to blow-dry my hair and create a lot of volume at the roots because of the smoothing effects. There are other products from the Sebastian range which are for styles with volume which I find I tend to use on these occasions. The Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner is definitely more for those who want to lock in colour and protect the colour of their hair rather than create big bouncy styles.

      I use a number of products from the Sebastian hair care range and I would definitely recommend this to be the best for everyday use in order to protect and boost colour, give hair a real healthy shine and protect it from damage. The Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner leaves my hair csmelling gorgeous and my hair colour and condition stay in top condition in between visits to the salon. After using this conditioner continuously for four weeks I definitely noticed my colour stayed a lot brighter for longer and the overall condition of my usual dry bleached hair was improved leaving me with soft silky colour treated hair.
      I do feel that although my hair is left with a healthy shine and volume it is not the best conditioner from the Sebastian range for creating lots of volume and big styles although there are other products from the Sebastian range that do this. Therefore for those with very flat hair I would maybe not recommend this is the best suited conditioner from the range.

      My main criticism of this product is without doubt the price. It is a fantastic conditioner however buying from a salon costs around £12 for a small 250ml bottle which will last between 4-5 weeks. Even shopping around and making the most of multi-buy deals I haven't been able to get the product for less than £10 a bottle which means it is a conditioner that unfortunately I can't justify using as a daily product.
      Top product just not at a top price!!


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    • Product Details

      Strengthening and repair conditioner / Best for chemically treated hair / How to use:Remove excess water from hair / Concentrate application at the ends / Rinse thoroughly /

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