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Sebastian Volupt Conditioner

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2 Reviews
  • Keeps hair shiny and healthy
  • Need to be careful that you do not use too much
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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2014 21:54
      Very helpful


      • "Keeps hair shiny and healthy"


      • "Need to be careful that you do not use too much"

      Does not give enough volume

      This conditioner is part of the Sebastian Volupt range that I have also reviewed the shampoo for. As I have very fine hair that I wash every day I need a conditioner that will give volume but be gentle and not contain any harsh chemicals. I decided to try out the Sebastian Volupt range after reading positive reviews about it on the internet.

      The conditioner is specifically developed to boost your hair's volume without weighing it down and it is advertised as smoothing down frizz and flyaways, whilst providing maximum volume for a sleek yet naturally thicker, bigger look.

      The conditioner comes in a white rectangular bottle with the Sebastian Volupt logo on it. Like the shampoo there is a flip lid which makes it easy to squeeze the conditioner out while in the shower without having to fiddle with taking a lid off. You can buy the conditioner in 250ml or 1000 ml bottles and I bought the 250ml version.

      On squeezing out the conditioner it has quite a thick white consistency and I have found that you only need to use the tiniest amount on my hair or it makes my hair too greasy. It has a fresh and floral smell which is also used in other Sebastian products and which is quite pleasant. It smoothes onto my hair well and feels soft and gentle. You do have to rinse it out well or too much product can be left in your hair.

      I think that the conditioner works well when used with the shampoo. However I must admit that I have not seen a marked difference in my hair's volume and it certainly does not look a lot bigger as the product advertises. It does leave my hair feeling quite smooth and it does not get too flyaway but sadly I am still looking for a conditioner that will give me the volume I want.


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      29.01.2012 08:41
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A conditioner that leaves hair soft, silky and clean with lots of volume!

      My mum visits the same hairdresser as I do and after hearing me rave about the Sebastian Professional range she decided to try the products for herself and asked my hairdresser about the range. Remembering that I had criticised the lack of volume when styling my hair after using the Sebastian Penetraitt products she decided to treat me to a bottle of Sebastian Volupt Conditioner (and shampoo!).

      ***Sebastian Volupt Conditioner***
      The description on the bottle of this conditioner is "a volume boosting conditioner that will allow you to create hair that has tones of great volume. With its revolutionary cushioning particles your hair will be touchably soft and full of long lasting volume!"

      I tend to buy products specifically aimed at colour treated hair because my highlighted blonde hair is very dry and the colour tends to fade quite quickly. The Sebastian range of products is suitable for colour treated hair and from the product description appeared to be perfect for keeping my hair soft however the Volupt conditioner is a product aimed at creating volume in hair specifically. My hair is by no means flat volume wise but I do like to create styles with lots of volume especially for more special occasions. Because of the length of my hair this can be difficult as weight of my long hair sometimes means I need to use lots of styling products or need a product that gives my hair more volume. This is why my mum thought that the Sebastian Volupt Conditioner would be suitable for my hair and bought this as a treat for me.

      My hairdresser sells the Sebastian Volupt Conditioner in the 250ml size. However you can also purchase a large 1000ml "salon" size bottle from online retailers. In the salon I go to a 250ml bottle of Sebastian Volupt Conditioner costs £12 however if you purchase two bottles or alongside another 250ml bottle of Sebastian hair products it works out as £10 a bottle (a two for £20 deal). This is still very expensive even for salon quality conditioner considering the bottle is so small.

      You can purchase the Sebastian Volupt Conditioner from online retailers including www.feelunique.com, www.hairsupplies.com and www.hairsupermarket.co.uk . From feelunique.com a 250ml bottle costs £10.95. You can also purchase the larger 1000ml bottle from these online retailers. The price varies however costs between £19-£32 so is still not a "cheap" conditioner.

      The directions for use on the bottle are "Apply Volupt Conditioner through the ends of the hair after shampooing, concentrating on the ends. For best results use alongside the Volupt shampoo".

      The Sebastian Volupt conditioner comes in a narrow white tube type bottle. The bottle is a cylinder however the front of the bottle is flat so the shape is quite unusual. The top of the bottle has a flip top where you flip a section on the cap, the dispenser hole is revealed and product can be dispensed and then when you are finished using the product you can flip the dispenser shut again. The overall bottle design is very functional and plain but the white bottle with the plain silver simple font on the front with the brand name and the word VOLUPT makes it look very much like a salon product. The Sebastian Volupt Conditioner bottle looks almost identical to other bottles of conditioner from the Sebastian range with both the colour and shape of the bottle. The only distinction between the conditioner products is the name of the product is written on the front of the bottle (i.e. VOLUPT).

      The Sebastian Volupt Conditioner also smells and looks identical to other conditioners and shampoos from the Sebastian range. Prior to using the VOLUPT conditioner I had used the Penetraitt shampoo and conditioner and I would not be able to tell the difference between the two products based upon the scent and the look of the products. As soon as you open the flip lid with the Sebastian Volupt Conditioner you smell a very sweet fresh fruity scent. I find this quite a pleasant but artificial scent which is a mixture of berries and perfume.

      The Volupt Conditioner is very thick in consistency meaning you need to give the bottle quite a hard squeeze to get the product out even when the tube is reasonably full. The conditioner is a block white colour and I find the thick consistency of the conditioner and the need to squeeze the tube quite hard is a real advantage as it means you use the product quite economically. I tend to find when I squeeze the tube only a small amount comes out therefore this minimises wastage. However once you get past about half way in the bottle you do need to squeeze with some force to get the product out, which with wet hands can be a pain.

      On my thick long hair (it is midway down my back) I only need to use a blob about the size of a 50p piece as the conditioner spreads through hair very easily. When spread into hair the Volupt conditioner has a very slippery and greasy texture and leaves hair feeling coated and smooth. The 250ml bottle of conditioner has been used about 8-10 times now and feels around half full. If using daily I would imagine on my thick long hair this conditioner would last around 4 weeks providing it is not used too liberally.

      The scent when spreading into the ends of the hair is gorgeous and this is a very fresh and fruity scent and very much like what you would expect from a salon quality product because of the very perfumed type scent.

      Out of the 10 times I have used the Volupt Conditioner I probably have used it alongside the Volupt shampoo most times. There probably have been only two occasions when I have not used the conditioner with the matching shampoo. On these two occasions I feel that the volume created in my hair is a lot less than if I had used the two complimenting products together. I do feel however out of the Volupt conditioner and the Volupt shampoo, it is in fact the shampoo that is most effective for creating volume rather than the conditioner. Therefore by not using this Volupt conditioner you do not notice much difference whereas if you do not use the shampoo alongside this conditioner you will notice the biggest difference.

      I had previously been using the Penetraitt products from the Sebastian range. I had been really impressed with the results of these products in terms of leaving my hair soft, silky and in an excellent condition and the colour protection that they offered but I had noticed that in terms of volume I was finding it quite difficult to create a lot of volume or volume that lasted when I had used these products.

      With the Volupt conditioner I felt after the first use my hair was left in as good of a condition as it had been when using the Penetraitt products but it also felt a lot bouncier and when blow-drying had noticeable volume. This volume lasted all day and I felt I did not have to use as many styling products on my hair to hold this volume on my long hair as my hair had a real natural bounce to it as well as looking very soft, silky and healthy. I also found that styles held better in my hair after using the Volupt conditioner. I have found myself using the Volupt range for when I am going out or more special occasions. I tend to style my hair for these types of occasions and I feel the Volupt products allow these styles to be held well. I find when creating curls with GHD stylers my hair stays in these curls for a lot longer than when I have used other styling products and the curls have a real smoothness to them rather than the curls looking frizzy or dropping out quickly.

      My hair had a real brightness to it and after using the Volupt Conditioner I thought my highlights looked vibrant and reflected light meaning there was definition between the different colours in my hair (various light to mid blonde highlights). My hair also looked very healthy and shiny and felt very soft. After the first use I felt the ends of my hair looked and felt very smooth.

      My main problem with being blonde is definitely the condition of my hair. I find my hair is a lot drier and the texture is quite coarse and straw like when at its worst therefore most products do not offer enough moisture and I tend to find I need to use "deep repair" type products. After 1 or 2 uses I did seem to think the Volupt conditioner had enough moisturising properties to keep my demanding hair from feeling straw like. However after using around 3-4 times in a row I did find that the ends of my hair felt slightly dry again. This was only very slight and I still feel the Volupt conditioner had more smoothing properties than most of the conditioners I have used, however it does not offer the same level of protection as the Pentraitt products from the Sebastian range and other conditioners I deem as suitable for everyday use on my demanding hair. For those with greasy or normal hair types the Volupt conditioner is probably a perfect balance between offering protection and volume, whereas for those that have dry hair it is not the best product to use as an everyday conditioner.

      From my experience of products from the Sebastian hair care range, Volupt Conditioner is a great product but for my dry colour treated hair it is not a product that I feel is suitable to use daily in the same way I can use some of the other shampoos and conditioners. The Sebastian Volupt Conditioner left my hair feeling soft and silky and left my hair with lots of volume but I do not feel with prolonged use it offered enough protection and moisture to dry colour treated hair. To use as a conditioner prior to special occasions and when I want to create styles it was perfect and I felt the styles I created, in particular curls (using GHDs) were held for longer in hair after using the Volupt Conditioner.

      I do think however that as a stand-alone conditioner the Sebastian Volupt Conditioner does not create a lot of volume when used with other products; it works best with the matching Sebastian Volupt Shampoo. I used the Volupt shampoo on many occasions with other conditioners and achieved a lot of volume in my hair. But in all honesty when I used a different shampoo but this Volupt Conditioner the amount of volume created in my hair was slightly disappointing.

      Because of this I tend to find that I use this shampoo on my hair prior to a special occasion or when I am going out rather than for everyday use. That way I benefit from bouncy styles and soft shiny hair but use shampoo and conditioner that gives my hair greater moisture for everyday use.

      The price of the Volupt Conditioner is off putting and a big downfall to this conditioner. It is a good conditioner however buying from a salon costs around £12 for a small 250ml bottle which will last between 4-6 weeks. Even shopping around and making the most of multi-buy deals I haven't been able to get the product for less than £10 a bottle.

      Big hair just at a big price!


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    • Product Details

      Volume Boosting ConditionerHow it works:Shields-in volume without adding weight to the hair, leaving hair extra voluminous and soft to the touch / Use with volupt shampoo for incredible hair-raising delight / Color safe / How to use:Distribute throught the hair, concentrating at the ends / Rinse thoroughly /

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