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Sexyhair Silky Sexyhair Control Creme

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Brand: Sexyhair / Type: Styling Cream / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2011 21:08
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      After some unsuccessful experiences with various products to control my super static and frizzy hair another Dooyoo member kindly emailed me and suggested this product. I read the review and decided to give it a try. Silky Sexy Hair is not a brand I'd heard of but a quick Google search brought up several results and I purchased a 150ml tube of the control creme for £11 including postage and packaging. £11 might seem alot for a hair product but 150ml is quite alot of cream to go at and as you only need a small amount each time lasts ages.

      The Silky Sexy Hair Control Creme is designed for thick and/or coarse hair. My hair isn't coarse but it is thick and prone to alot of static and more recently since I've grown it alot longer it has become prone to alot of frizz too. In fact if the air is even damp, never mind full on rain, my hair gets really frizzy within a very short space of time. I'd got so fed up of the static I was willing to try most products to help with this, especially during the winter when not only the weather but also wearing a scarf around my neck would set my hair off.

      When the product arrived I found it was in a nice dark purple tube with a flip top lid. The instructions are vague and just tell us to apply to damp hair and style as usual so you have to figure out for yourself how much to apply. I started with a pea sized amount and found I actually needed a grape sized amount but it's down to how much frizz you have, how much hair you have and personal requirement of how much control you want. Applying to damp hair makes it much easier for me because I'm not one of those people who spends alot of time styling my hair with various products, I literally comb it through then dry it with my head tipped forward and that's it so I didn't want anything complicated.

      The product is white and a bit thicker than conditioner and smells heavenly, it smells of cherries and I love the fragrance it leaves on my hair. Sadly it doesn't last too long on me but while it's there I often pull my hair round under my nose for a quick sniff. To use it you literally wash your hair like normal then rub whatever size blob you need in between your hands and run it through your hair. I pay particular attention to the ends of my long hair as they get really frizzy. Once that's done you just dry and it should control frizz.

      I found this very simple to apply and once I'd dried my hair I had no signs of frizz or static even when I brushed it. For me this has a limited lifespan though and I find a few hours later I have to reapply to dry hair to calm my hair down again, I don't think the idea is you should reapply but I've found it works fine on dry hair and doesn't leave any wet look crispy areas as long as you don't use too much. For reapplications I only use a pea sized amount and use it very lightly to avoid any areas getting too much. To be honest though I've never come across a product I haven't had to reapply a few times during the day but this one controls the frizz for longer and better than other products while it's working.

      Overall this cream smells lovely, is easy to use, lasts ages so isn't expensive and controls frizz very well for a few hours. I'm giving it a 4 star rating as I have to reapply during the day but otherwise I'm very happy with it so thanks to the Dooyoo member who recommended it.


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        13.05.2010 18:24
        Very helpful



        Wanna touch my sexy hair

        Sexy Hair Silky Control Creme

        My hair is naturally thick and sometimes coarse, especially when it is dry. Everytime I wash it if I dare to leave it, it goes into a frizzy wavy big mess especially now I have had it cut short. So I have to blow dry it and straighten it with my GDS's, at the moment I haven't tried hair straightners that are as good as my GDH's for taming my hair. My biggest problem I found with my hair is when I have done the hard work that is blowing drying and straightening then going outside; as soon as any humidity touches my hair or a droplet of rain goes near my hair it goes straight back to when I have washed it and left it, and don't even get me started what my hair is like when I am on holiday. It is like a child that just won't stay on the naughty step and behave.

        Because of my 21 month old daughter I have a mobile hair dresser who obviously comes to my house, I have been to the salon before and seen children in their running around and causing chaos where ever they go, parents getting flustered and the hair dresser getting annoyed as her salon is getting trashed, her customer are annoyed and she can't cut the persons hair in question, unless their after a short on one side and long on the other sort of cut. So I opted the easy way out.
        I have been with this hair dresser for about a year and never thought about a product that may be able to fix my problems before, but as you know there is a product out there so sort every little problem you can think of, so I thought my hair dresser would know. When I did ask her she said she was on a training course the other week and the product that came up tops in hair magazines and testing labs, as well as beating expensive high end brands, was called Sexy Hair Silky Control Crème. Sexy Hair isn't a brand I had heard of before and was a little wary of purchasing it but if it came tops in hair magazines and lab testing I thought I would give it a whirl.
        Sexy Hair manufactures hair products to more than 60,000 salons and stylists within the beauty industry all around the world. Sexy Hair was founded by Michael O'Rourke who had owned a successful salon chain in South Africa. At the moment they offer seven hair care lines to address any hair type problem, texture, length and lifestyle to suit you.

        I purchased it from my hairdresser for £12.00 but I found it's all over the internet and you can get it for around the same price or less. The product comes in a striking dark purple tube with a flip top lid, which the tube stands on. You will receive 150ml of product and for the price I thought it was great.
        Sexy Hair Control Crème is silk infused control crème that tames hair leaving thick/coarse hair soft and silky. Great ingredients include silk and rice proteins, that helps to reduce frizz, adding shine while smoothing down the hair cuticles. This product helps to flight humidity all day without weighing your hair down.

        The next day after washing my hair and before styling, on damp hair I squeezed a pea size amount (amounts vary depending on the length of your hair, mine is short) into the palm of my hand and rubbed both hands together, upon smelling the product it smells a lot like vanilla with a more sweet smell, which I later found out is cherry. On first smell it is very sweet and some may not like the smell, but I find it to be a feminine smell.
        The product itself is white in colour and very creamy, after rubbing your hands together it goes almost clear.
        You can find your own style of rubbing it into your hair but I find just gliding your hands through your hair, from mid length to tips works well as I have found with other products if you rub them near your scalp your hair is more likely to become greasy quicker and make your hair lank and weighed down.
        After this simply style your hair as you usually would. While I am blow drying I can feel my hair feels more smoother, and smells wonderfully as the hair dryer flicks my hair here, there and everywhere. Once I'd finished my hair looked and felt really smooth and shiny, no greasy residue and my hair moved freely like I had no product on my hair.
        The sweet smell of the product stays with you for a while and I don't know if it wearing off or me getting used to the smell but it does seem to die down after a few hours.

        Upon leaving the house in either damp, wet, hot, humid, slightly warm, windy, gale force winds and everything else our wonderful English weather likes to throw at us I was surprised my fringe was in the same place after I styled it. Normally I can see it kinking and frizzing, not this time. When I got back home and had a look in the mirror I was really surprised nothing of the English weather had interfered with my styling and my hair looked the same before I left the house, my search of the perfect product for my hair had arrived and I was never going to let go.

        I have now been using everytime I wash my hair, which is every other day for six months and because you need such a small amount of product I have absolutely loads left, it will last me another six months plus. But like I said this is all vary on the length of your hair. I am so glad I asked my hair dresser because I would have never known about this product and would properly still be searching now.
        If you have hair like mine, go out and buy it, you will not be disappointed.

        God bless my hairdresser and god bless my Sexy Hair.


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      • Product Details

        Ingredients: Rosemary Extract, Safflower Oil / Tip: Can be applied to dry or wet hair of all types to achieve great texture and style / What it does: Provides light-weight texture and thickness to hair for a modern, second day look / Gives hair fullness and enhances natural wave / Delivers a 'second-day' look / Conditions hair while it styles / Gives lightweight texture / Special

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