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Smart Colour Pure Purple

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Brand: Smart Colour / Permanent Hair Colour. / Type: Hair Colour / What it does: texturises

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    3 Reviews
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      10.10.2008 10:19



      I loved this product im dying my entire hair this colour in a month :)

      I used the smart pure purple hair colour its meant for the whole head but i chose to do chunky streaks right so heres how it went : I have dyed my hair many times so i felt no reason to do a skin sensitvity test but where im at school i had to do a strand test to check the colour wasnt to bright so i opened the sachet no .2 and poured half a tea spooon of it into the mixing tray which i have to say was quite difficult as it will leak if left open so i balanced it on the box :) then i added half a tea spoon of the tube and mixed with the scahet in the tray until it looked like a proper hair dye ( it took me a while ) i left the colour on a strand of my hair for 40 mins and then washed it and i liked the result ( a dark purple plummy colour ) so i began application and left it then washed it and dryed and straightened etc.......... then i looked at the front of my head and was amazed ! my entire fornt section of hair was purple ! everybody has complimented me on my new purple hair and i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      07.08.2008 14:18
      Very helpful



      Worth a try

      The Smart Colour range have always impressed me by managing to pre-lighten and dye my (naturally nearly black, therefore hard-to-bleach without chemically burning my scalp off) "difficult" hair various shades of lurid pink and red before, but that was with the highlight kits...
      This set, however, is an all-over colour, which claims to do a very similar thing, but in my experience didn't quite have the vibrant effect that I'd hoped! The first time I used this product- on my dyed jet black hair- it didn't really show up at all, and was a bit of an anti-climax.
      The second time I used it- on pre-bleached (thank you, Jerome Russel), slightly orangey hair (definitely fairer than black, but certainly not blonde), it had a much better effect, turning my hair a striking purple...! I loved the colour, and one packet was enough for my shoulder-length hair.

      Unfortunatey, the colour gradually washed out over a period of about three weeks- at the end of the first month my hair was a weird browny-red colour, not entirely unpleasant but certainly not purple. So it's good for a quick vibrant fix, and certainly a bargain at £3.50 from Wilkinsons (or £4.50 from Superdrug), but don't expect it to be your hair colour forever!


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        17.01.2008 16:02
        Very helpful



        If your wanting something to try that works on Dark hair then this will do the job...BUT...

        Smart Highlights (Pure Purple)

        Not having any of my usual Directions hair dye in stock and having somewhat faded pink/purple hair my other half helpfully brought home a Smart High Lights kit. The box promises good results on dark hair too which is a rare thing, normally you have to pre-'bleach' your hair to a light shade for crazy colours to stick.

        BUT it works well on darker shades of hair as it contains hydrogen peroxide (bleach, basically) to quote box: "...uses a unique professional formulation" This stuff bleaches your hair and at the same time ' deposits colour' So no pre-lightening necessary, I personally wouldn't recommend for already bleached or recently dyed hair.

        BE TOLD...

        I like to HIGHLY recommend following instructions on this stuff and actually DOING the sensitivity test and the Strand of Hair test...not that anybody would ever not do these things...but still just remember I told you so.

        Purple here we come..

        Anyhow on opening my soon-to-be-purple-haired-again kit I found various sachets, a tray and brush and the all important gloves, plus the not-so-important-to-me Highlight cap and metal hook thingy...

        The instruction leaflet provides clear and detailed instructions and to be honest I found them alot easier to read than other products I've come across.
        The leaflet gives you information and instruction on applying highlights with useful suggestions for your dye - if you're feeling particularly adventurous.....it shows you helpful pictures and tells you how to do various effects with your new colour: under-colour (dyeing the 'under-side' of your hair) Just the tips of your hair, slices or chunks. Though I stuck to my original plan of colouring all my hair.

        Right off we go, first job is to wash hair with the included sachet of Pre-Colour Shampoo, which removes any other products that may be lingering on your hair. Then you dry your hair. Mix together your 'smart colour' and 'smart activator' in your smart Tray with your smart Brush untill you end up with the usual 'paste' kind of consistency.
        If your doing highlights or something fancy then you need to put on your tint cap and pull your hair through the holes with your handy metal hook stick...if your trying one of the techniques shown on leaflet...follow their instructions and the best of luck to you...

        You leave the dye on for the correct length of time, as per smart-instructions. 10-30 minutes for light blonde to 60-90 minutes for Dark Brown. I left mine for about 40 minutes...a tad too long I think. My other half not being the 'wasteful' type saw there was enough mixture left for the top of his spikey 'do and promptly slapped it on, no pre-colour shampoo for him.

        MY Result

        After just over half hour after the stuff was starting to irritate my scalp though I tried to avoid getting too much on it. Just an itchy irritated feeling. Well I washed out the colour and checked it out....a rather light shade of purple. Methinks I left it on too long !! though it did get all my hair the same shade of colour so not a total loss. Didn't do my hair much good though, dried it out more than usual and I'd say added more damage to what was already there, plus left my scalp irritated for a while.

        Bloke's Result...

        OK so he didn't follow instructions at all, no pre-washing hair slaps on the dye leaves it for a hour and gets bright funky purple hair. Just not fair. His hair is Dark..like Black sort of dark and after an hour it was an impressive shade of purple, a great result for him .. and he didn't notice any irritation and his hair seems fine. I'm still sulking a bit over that one.

        Did it Last ?

        Doesn't claim to be a permanent colour, states on box it is a "Demi-Permanent" and can be influenced by many factors. Not sure if "'Demi-" is meant to be better than "Semi-" permanent but still. It lasted a couple of weeks less than that before started to fade, lasted longer on my Other Half who washes his hair alot less than yours truly.

        Recommend ?

        Yes and no. I wouldn't recommend if your hair is already damaged or prone to damage (bleach) Or if recently dyed. DO the strand and sensitivity tests so you know how long for ideal colour and if this stuff will irritate your scalp. Smart Colour highlights are not very clever with your hair, it bleaches it so it may well cause damage.

        If your wanting something to try that works on Dark hair then this will do the job but not last that long. I'd say you may be better off doing as I do - bleach - then let hair recover a while before adding your chosen new unusual colour. BUT if you are going to use this then keep some dye handy for when it fades, as at least your hair is an even light (faded) shade for applying your colour to. I will be sticking with Directions

        Thanks for reading,
        Manda. :o)

        you can find me elsewhere under same name.


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      • Product Details

        Pure purple permanent colour is a striking contrasting purple which adds tone and texture to any hair /

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