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Sunsilk Anti Flat' Volumising Cream

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Brand: Sunsilk / Type: Styling Cream / Subcategory: Styling Products / What it does: volumizeses,

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2008 12:00
      Very helpful



      Not a good product in my opinion!

      At the moment the main problem with my hair is that it is really lacking bounce on body. Yep the volume is nill! My hair is getting really long as I'm currently growing it but while that is happening it's gone more than a little bit lank which is why in a lot of my reviews on here of late on hair care products there is a theme of me trying to get some much needed body into my hair and to try pump up the volume!

      My hair is in very bad condition to be totally honest. Overall I have a nice healthy natural shine to it but other than that it falls flat (pardon the pun!). I have greasy roots which appear far too shiny and stick to my head makin my hair appear thin. I have a very dry mid section of frizz that gives away to split straggly ends. For this reason I usually simply tip a load of styling products on my barnet, use very hot straighteners and pray alot and if that doesn't work hairspray will! Sadly though no matter how much styling I do and how much I think I've got perfection, as soon as I leave the house frizz springs into view, my broken hairs near my crown pop up everywhere and humidity make my cows lick.....curl up and my greasy bits get cross and stick to my head worse than ever. It's not a good look and ok I admit it I'm a tiny bit vain and it gets me down and I try really hard to work with what I have.

      The problem is that my hair doesn't know if it wants to be curly or straight. When I wash my hair I have a mass of ringlets but no matter what curling products I use they refuse to stay put and if I style my hair curly I just get a mass of frizz if not immediately... eventually! My hair therefore is easier to straighten as a rule but curls and frizz are my biggest threat.

      For all of the above reasons it means picking myself hair products is very hard indeed. I find creams and lotions to be ok on my dry bits of hair as they seem to hydrate the majority of it but my greasy roots don't like it. I can't use anything on my greasy hair because of course my dry bits hate that! I can't seem to win of late in the battle of having gorgeous hair and I'd almost give up my quest when I spotted this in my local Poundland store. My thought behind it is it may plump my hair out a little making the ends less straggly and give me some much needed omph because although I love having straight hair I know that I drag the life out of it at the same time with straighteners.

      The Packaging....

      Well firstly my bottle is not as on the review photograph. I am aware that this bottle is foreign as most of the information on it is in a language I don't understand but I am with the same token absolutely sure it's the same product as I nipped into Boots to look at it before asking for the link on here for it. So my bottle is a 200ml dark blue shimmery, recycleable, round shaped plastic bottle with a pump action dispenser to the top of it. On the front in Dark blue writing I'm told it's Sunsilk, Anti-Flat and that's it because as I said mine isn't an English bottle lol.

      There's lots of information on the back but it's all once again.... yes you guessed it in a foreign language but it's set out like an English bottle and I guess the top bit would tell me about the product, and directions for use are probably given. I'm then told ingredients (which I can understand), size is stated as I've told you already, contact details for Unilver are on there (the manufacturers of Sunsilk products) and finally there is a bar-code. It's a nice bottle but lacking in information so this is a true review on what I think of the product rather than what I'm led to believe lol

      Using It....

      Well as I said I did a bit of research and this product is to be used on damp, clean hair before styling. It's like a leave-in conditioner in it's approach so all I do is use this product and blow dry my hair. I found on my hair (bear in mind it is long) that two pumps of this white, not too runny liquid evenly coats my hair. As I applied it to my damp, clean and combed through hair I could feel where I had applied it to. It's very soft like as I said like a leave-in conditioner. On the fingers it feels like the after effects of using hand cream it's that silky smooth feeling. Not loads comes out of the pump and it doesn't fly and run out everywhere and of course like any product we're talking about it's all about trial and error though in application but I've found it very easy to judge the amount I need to use.

      Then onto styling. Well of course I guess you could let it dry naturally if you wanted to but then I do think with a product of this type you need a hairdryer for maximum results. Now I've used this a few times and if I roughly blow dry it my hair it's uncontrollable beyond belief! My hair becomes flyaway and frizzy. If I style with a hairdryer, slowly I can style my hair and get a bit of bounce into it and it doesn't feel greasy, sticky or heavy or anything and I can straighten it slightly with a comb or brush. However the frizz is awful using this product. It really doesn't help it out at all!

      Hair does feel a bit more like it has some life in in to be fair but I find it fluffs up my hair rather than giving it volume as such. The only positives this has is that hair does feel soft and the smell is fresh light and fragrant though I can't determine what it is for love nor money but I do think it's suitable fragrance wise for men or women. The other thing about it is that it does wash out with no fuss simply and leaves no residue.

      In Conclusion....

      I like the soft, hydrated feeling to my hair but for me this just makes my hair look frizzier than normal and I find it really hard to style my hair as it's so soft and I can't tie it up in a band as my hair is so soft the band pings out! Sure I can style it further but even with hair straighteners I struggle to achieve a decent style but hairspray does really help of course. However I have to style my hair so vigorously after using this that any life I did achieve in my hair.... vanishes. I think this product is simply not very good at all! End of! lol

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists priced around £2.99 but if you really do want to try it, it's in loads of pound type shops at the moment and I'd advise only then to give it a whirl otherwise save your pennies this isn't a miracle worker.... sadly.


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