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Sunsilk Easy Straightening Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Sunsilk / Type: Hair Cream / What it does: Smoothes, Protects

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    3 Reviews
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      26.03.2009 13:50
      Very helpful



      a super hair-straightening cream

      I have quite long hair which I wash everyday & straighten most days even though I understand that both of these rituals aren't always advised by hair professionals. But, like most people, I feel if my hair looks & feels nice then I feel good.

      I've never been disappointed with Sunsilk products so snapped up this Easy Straightening Cream when I saw it in one of the pound shops - 150ml tube seemed too good to miss!

      The tube itself is purple & lilac - very stylish & it's flip-open cap means it's easy to use & dispense the 'hazlenut' size you're advised to use. I actually found that you actually need less than this for a full head of hair.

      The full instructions on how to use the cream are given on the reverse of the tube along with cautions & ingredients. Basically what I do is squeeze a little into my hands, rub them together & 'rake' it gently through just-brushed hair. It's advised that you don't put too much around the roots - sensible advise because when you blow dry or straighten the hair the cream is dispersed evenly.

      The cream is white & smells good & my daughter & I have achieved poker-straight hair with very little effort. It also makes the hair feel soft & look shiny without leaving a film on it.

      The effect lasts all day (if you don't go out without a brolley!) & I feel that you get that 'just been to the hairdresser' feeling without having spent the £.

      It claims to reduce frizz in hair & although neither of us have frizz I have several friends who use this Sunsilk product & they've all (but one) noticed a real difference.

      - good for the price as you only need a little each time you use it.
      - makes the hair straight (when used with heat) soft & shiny.
      - recommended.


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        16.03.2008 18:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        not what i was expecting from a sun silk product they are usually so good

        I brought this sun silk from poundland in november to help with streightening out the frizz that was left from my perm i had in the summer.

        To use this cream all you do is put a small blob onto your hand, only about 50p sized and rub it through your hair before using a streightning iron.

        This streightening cream is designed to help streighten your hair, protect your hair from the heated streighteners and to stop the frizz.

        It does this very well, it streightened my hair lovely and there was no frizz but it made my hair look very dull and limp.

        I tried using less of the product to stop my hair feeling that way as i assumed i had used too much but it still felt the same, very tacks as if i hadnt washed the conditioner out and had no shine at all.

        The other thing i found with this was if i went out after it had rained and it was still damp out my hair would still frizz, i wasnt impressed with this at all.


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          14.07.2006 17:10
          Very helpful



          A cheap, effective product which really works, even on long and wavy hair.


          Sunsilk Iron Effect Easy Straightening Cream is basically a straightening product, although it can also be used for just sorting out frizz if you don't want poker-straight hair. My hair is waist-length, in good condition, wavy but prone to a bit of frizz, especially if the weather's damp. I'm low maintenance and certainly don't spend hours doing my hair every day - how boring! I don't even usually bother blow-drying, but it was a special occasion and so I thought I'd give Sunsilk Easy Straightening Cream a go to sort out the little fuzzy bits.

          WHAT IT IS

          It's a basic, bog-standard straightening cream - it pretty much does what it says on the tin. It's a 150ml tube of thick, shiny white cream which you spread through your hair and then blow-dry to activate. The packaging is simple; purple and mauve, with "Sunsilk" in large writing at the top, and a flip-top to open. It smells fairly neutral, quite clean and fresh without being too floral or antiseptic.

          HOW TO USE

          It recommends a hazelnut-sized blob of cream for shoulder-length hair; two blobs of the same size for longer hair. I'm always worried about putting too much on, so I erred on the side of caution and used one blob about the size of a 50p piece - this was plenty for my waist-length hair. As the tube is quite large and you only use a little at a time, I think it's pretty good value for money even if you use some every day.

          You have to be careful about how you apply it, though. The tube has a very clear, ominous warning not to "concentrate all the product at the roots"! Like all styling products, this will give you a greasy mop of hair if you don't spread it out quite thinly and make sure that you don't get loads of it on your head. The best way to make sure it's distributed evenly is to first brush your hair, rub the cream all over your hands (as if you were going to put suncream on) and then "rake" your fingers lightly through the length of your hair, starting about 2cm from the roots. I also make sure I get more of it underneath and towards the ends of my hair, because these are the bits that get the most frizzy.

          As with many other straightening creams, it won't work unless you blow-dry your hair. Apparently heat activates it - not entirely sure how, mind you! You can either use the brush as you blow-dry to straighten it more, or just dry it and brush it afterwards. It's not too arduous a task and if, like me, you can't be bothered, just spread it on, dry, brush and go. The whole straightening process took me about 5-10 minutes, which I wouldn't do every day but isn't bad at all occasionally.


          The first time I used it I didn't want poker-straight hair, so I didn't use the brush to straighten it as it dried; consequently my hair dried smoother but not dead-straight. It wasn't exactly sleek, but the frizz had noticeably gone and I received a lot of compliments and remarks about how straight my hair was. The second time I used this, I used the brush as well, and although my hair didn't go perfectly straight, nearly all the kinks and curls were gone, my hair looked really silky and shiny and was easy to manage.

          One thing I can't bear is helmet-like hair, and when your hair is as long as mine, having it all solid, crispy and straw-like is even worse. Sunsilk Iron Effect didn't solidify my hair, and thankfully it wasn't greasy either. In fact, it did move naturally and didn't feel weighed-down with product. I think you have to be careful about how you apply this and how much you use, but if you're sparing and use the "raking" technique, it should be fine. There are also good, clear instructions on the tube, which makes it easy to use.


          "Helps you turn your frizz and kinks into smooth and sleek hair with a lot less effort."

          "Perfectly straight, shiny hair that moves naturally."

          Well, the frizz and kinks were gone, and my hair was straighter, manageable and soft even to the point of being silky! Totally smooth and sleek is probably out of my range, but on someone with shorter and less wavy hair, I think this would give you properly "ironed-looking" hair. My hair definitely moved naturally and wasn't at all crispy or straw-like.


          150ml will set you back £2.49, which works out as £1.99 per 100g. It's easy to find and is stocked in most chemists, supermarkets and shops which sell hair products. Try Boots, Superdrug, Wilkos, Sainsburys, Tesco etc.


          Check out www.sunsilk.co.uk for more details.


          A great product which worked impressively even on my long, wavy hair. It's also cheap for a styling product and because you use it so sparingly, one tube should last for quite a while, making this excellent value for money. Highly reccommended.


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        • Product Details

          Take the struggle out of creating perfectly straight hair / Sunsilk Easy Straightening Cream helps you turn your frizz and kinks into smooth and sleek hair with a lot less effort / It helps protect your hair against the damage caused by heat and blow-drying, too / What else could you ask for?

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