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Sunsilk Fresh & Flowing Conditioner

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Brand: Sunsilk / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2010 13:58
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      Dont Bother...It Doesnt Work.

      Since Sunday Ive been feeling a little worse for wear as Ive been suffering with the flu and I havent even been bothered to get out of bed but I often find the only thing that will make me feel better when I look and feel like crap is to make myself look better. Even if Ive got the flu washing and straightening my hair makes me feel 110% better in myself so with that in mind that is exactly what I did on Monday night. I chose this conditioner to use because it promised that my hair would look and feel fresher for longer and therefore I would have to wash ot for twice as long which I thought would be brilliant just in case I started feeling sick again. This is yet another conditioner my mom bought from town a few weeks back and I had no itention of using it until this situation cropped up and to be honest with you Im not sure Ill bother using it again its not really worth it.

      Useful Information:
      Price: 99p
      Stockists: Poundland & 99p Shop
      For: Keeping you hair fresh and flowing for longer with no need for that emergency ponytail when your hair is looking less than perfect.

      As with most Sunsilk products rather than a bottle this comes in a light green squeezy tube and I believe you can also purchase a matching shampoo although I have never used it myself the results will probably be much better should you use the two products in conjunction with each other. Vey easy to squeeze out of the tube but be careful as it comes out quite quickly and the conditioner is very runny so you may end up with it all over your shower be warned! The consistency of this is much runnier than most conditioners which is something I dont like for a start as Ive found the thicker the better when it coes to conditioners as the thicker they are the more the nourish your hair (in my experience anyway) but with it being runnier it is easier to cover your whole head evenly very quickly so I suppose it has both negatives and positives. A 10p piece worth of conditioner should cover your whole hair - I have very long hair and thats more than enough for me in this case and remember to concentrate on your tips.

      This one may actually be the nicest smelling conditioner from Sunsilk I think as it does smell really yummy. It smells exactly like the apple Alberto Balsam shampoo & conditioner and it is incredibly fruity which is very refreshing. This does stay around on your hair for a while after it has been dried and straightened but not as long as some others Ive used in the past so enjoy the scent while it lasts because that wont be very long. Other than that though this is a good conditioner. My hair is always really managable and easy to style/brush after using this and it looks and feels really silky and best of all clean so if I was reviewing this as a conditioner only then it would get 5 stars but this claims to do other amazing things as well!

      But it doesnt. I dont think my hair was fresher or cleaner for longer and just two days later (I normally wahs my hair every other day) I was reaching for a can of dry shampoo and a bobble for that emergency ponytail I was assured I wouldnt need so it doesnt do what it promises at all. As a conditioner it is very good but as for keeping your hair fresh and flowing for longer thats not true at all. Dont bother if you want cleaner hair for longer as this doesnt deliver just buy it as a normal conditioner.

      Thanks For Reading

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        25.10.2009 09:27
        Very helpful



        See review.

        As a self confessed "bargain whore" I have tried an amazing amount of toiletries, always going for what's on offer, and very rarely sticking to one particular brand, no matter how good they are!

        One of the many bargain items purchased is the product I will now review, I was hopeful that this particular product would be fantastic, this is due to a work colleague only using this brand, so when I saw it on offer I knew I had to give it a go!

        The product I will know review is - "Sunsilk - fresh and flowing hair conditioner"

        As with the other products in this range, the product comes in a stand on it's lid tube, my favourite type, this means every last drop of product can drip into the applicator end, meaning less waste.

        This particular tube is green in colour, not significant you may feel, but there are so many different types of conditioner in the range that this may help when looking for it!

        This particular one states that this conditioner will leave your hair feeling freshly washed for longer, meaning that there is less chance of having to wear your hair in "emergency ponytails", I have very short hair at the back and my hair is styled in an inverted bob style, so no chance of that!

        I never use the corresponding shampoo with the conditioner as I have a scaly scalp, so use a certain kind of shampoo to combat this problem, but due to the amount of straightening I do on my hair I have to use a pretty heavy duty conditioner before I can even get a rush through my hair!

        The conditioner when squeezed into my hand seemed to be on the thin side, I was initially worried that it would go really thin once smoothed onto my wet hair and then slide off my hair, thankfully I was wrong!

        I always apply conditioner at the beginning of a shower, then rinse it off just before I get out, this usually gives my hair a good ten minutes for the product to "do it's stuff" before removing.

        I squeeze a good amount out and smooth over my hair, followed by a comb through to the ends, this evenly distributes the product, and makes sure I have no knots in my hair.

        The scent of the product is hard to explain, needless to say it is very fresh smelling and lingers on your hair, even when dry, I do really like the scent of this one!

        Once my hair is dried my hair is silky soft and very smooth, this is a good start as I tend to leave my hair to dry naturally then straighten with my irons, my hair is so silky that I don't even have to section my hair up to straighten but can do it all in one go!

        Now the claim, does it keep your hair feeling fresher for longer.....no! Even with how nice this particular product is and smells, my hair is just as greasy the day after washing it, but in this products defence I can still wash my hair daily without this product drying my hair or making it brittle and lifeless like some products do, with daily use.

        Pricewise, when I purchased it, it was on offer for £1.00 a tube, full price these are available for around the £1,60 mark.

        For more information visit - www.sunsilk.com

        Thanks for reading x


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