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Sunsilk Passionately Red

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    3 Reviews
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      20.09.2010 14:05
      Very helpful



      A Good Product To Try If On Offer.

      As you can tell by my profile photo, I am not a natural red head but infact completely pillar box red. I adore this colour, unfortuantley it is soon to be reverted back to my natural dark brown, details of the funeral will follow :'( A colour such as mine is tremendously difficult to keep up with. I am quite lucky in that I manage to keep my hair fade free for a few weeks before drastically needing to re-dye. One way I maintain the effect of my hair is by using the Sunsilk Passionatley Red range.

      I wouldn't say that I am entirely satisfied with this product, but find that it is the product most effective for my hair type and colour. I do not think that there seems to be a lot contained within each tube both with the shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair once every two days as to not unnecessarily cause my hair to fade. The shampoo and conditioner do not last as long as I would like. Also, as with many products, not just Sunsilk, I find that the conditioner frustratingly runs out before the shampoo.

      The consistency of the shampoo is not as thick as I would like, and can be quite runny. So I find sometimes I use too much. However, the shampoo has a wonderful smell of cinnamon. It is the best smelling shampoo I have come across, and it is long lasting. I find my hair smells lovely for a good day after washing.

      The conditioner does seem to be a little more run of the mill, it doesn't have the cinnamon smell, so could be repackaged to fall in line with any of the other ranges. However, it is a good conditioner. It does not leave my hair feeling greasy. It leaves it with a nice shine, and my hair feels like it has had a really good clean. I tend to use a good sized dollop of this conditioner as it seems when using a small amount you do not get the desired effect.

      Even though I would not give these products top scores, I do continue to use them as they do the job that I require. There are obviously better products available but they may not be suitable for my hair. The shampoo and conditioner both lather well so you feel as though you can have a real good scrub!

      I have only ever used one tube of the leave in conditioner and found it to be a good little product. I used it whilst I was living in Greece, and felt it kept my hair lovely and fresh. One thing I would warn though, if you hair is quite thin you may not want to consider this, as the product may be too heavy for your hair and cause it to look greasy. I have quite thick hair and it took me some time to get the measurements right. If you are not used to applying leave in conditioner to your hair then I would probably steer clear of the leave in conditioner.

      I currently find this product to be very good value for money as it is available in my local pound store at buy one get one free. Making each tube a trivial 50p each. I am quite happy to spend this amount of money on the product, as like I say it works great for my hair. I find it revitalises my red tresses, and gives it a natural shine. Well, as natural as pillar box red can get. Generally, in supermarkets you are looking to pay between £1.50 and £2.00 for a 250ml tube. I do not think I would spend this on the Passionatley Red range unless it was on offer.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        26.10.2007 16:42
        Very helpful



        I'll stick to Boots Henna & Horsechestnut in future!

        I had seen this product advertised on the television and, as a natural redhead, thought it would be a great idea to try it. I had already asked my sister to buy me a selection of different toiletries for my birthday so I told her one of the things that I wanted was some Sunsilk Passionately Red.

        She bought me the conditioner (amongst lots of other things) and I decided to get the shampoo to match so that it would give the product the best chance of working. When I went into Boots the Sunsilk colour shampoos and conditioners were on offer at £1.98 each - buy one get one free or BOGOF to you! I bought a shampoo and another conditioner as I always run out of conditioner first so it makes sense to have two conditioners to one shampoo and then they will then eventually run out together.

        The dark red containers are both squat 200ml tubes and they stand on the lids so that the contents naturally run to the end where the tube will be opened for use, thus minimizing waste.

        The tubes each have a small picture of a redhead and have cream writing for ease of reading against the dark red background. They are both claim to 'revive colour vibrancy' and contain 'cinnamon natural extract' to help with this. They each have a band across the top of the tube which has the 'shampoo' or 'conditioner' labeled on it although they still look pretty much the same when you're in the shower. I usually check which is which before I get in the shower and stand them one behind the other so that I naturally pick up the shampoo first.

        Both the shampoo and conditioner are said to be 'for all tones of red, with natural, highlighted or colour-treated hair'.

        As I am now 51 years of age my natural colour, although still strong (and speckled with grey but we'll pretend the grey hairs are highlights!) is a bit dull these days so I thought that this product would be just the job to give it a bit of a boost. I didn't expect miracles but a slight improvement would have been nice.

        Both products are supposedly specially developed to 'nourish the hair and maximize its velvety vibrant shine'. According to Sunsilk it is best to use the matching shampoo and conditioner so that they work together to improve the hair.

        The shampoo itself is thick and is red in colour and reminded me of hair dye although the product doesn't actually contain any dye at all. It has a light gentle sort of fragrance and the cinnamon isn't too strong which is good for me as I am not very keen on the smell of cinnamon! I didn't need to use too much to get a really good head of lather but that may be just because our Welsh water is very soft.

        The conditioner is again a thick creamy texture but this time it is also cream in colour. The fragrance is very similar to that of the shampoo.

        The instructions for use are the same as most products of this nature. You wet your hair then massage the shampoo into your hair so that you get a good lather then rinse with clean water. When the shampoo is all rinsed out then you massage in the conditioner, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse out. It all feels very nice and as I said before it smells nice too.

        My hair feels lovely when I blow dry it and the condition is obviously good BUT there is no difference at all in the colour - not even a little bit! I waited until I had finished the shampoo and the second tube of conditioner so I had given it plenty of time to make a difference, but nothing happened to the colour!

        As the product had not fulfilled its promises I decided to write to Sunsilk at the address on the tube.
        Unilever UK
        Admail 1000
        SW1A 2XX

        Within a few days I received a letter of apology and a £5 voucher off any Unilever product and there is plenty of choice so that won't be a problem.

        So, in summary, whilst I was disappointed in the product I was very impressed with the customer service at Unilever.

        By the way I used the voucher in Tesco and I didn't even buy a Unilever product, but don’t tell anyone! LOL!


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          09.03.2006 11:26
          1 Comment



          great on my colour no coulour lose like other shampoos and great prise

          MY VIEWS
          Sunsilk passionately RED leave in cream is a rich cream to help build up the damage to your hair.
          As most of you will see I did a review on the shampoo in this range well I believe in using one product not mix and matching.
          So I got all three the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in cream
          Like the shampoo this to has a very high smell of cinnamon but this is very good as you can use it on wet or dry hair and it leaves a nice glosy look and smells just lovely
          I only use this the days between washing as I find my hair gets dry but this helps and my hair has never been shinier and softer this is a pit more than the shampoo and conditioner but you do not have to use it as often.

          place one or two walnut sized lumps on the palm of hand massage it through the hair to the ends and style as normal.
          I do it my own way though as this was not another for my think hair.
          I add a walnut shaped amount to my paddle brush and then brush it through my hair ,I do this till all my hair is done then I can straighten it.I have found that no extra striating serum is needed when using straighters or a hair dryer so no more dry ends for me or fizzled ends

          Boots £3.99
          Lloyds £2.75
          Supper save £2.50
          Wilkinson's £1.99 half price

          I have been asked bye a few people if this is just for red hair the anser is yes but thereare some for blonde and brown hair under simmeler names but in stead of red it will be blonde or brown


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