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Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioner

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5 Reviews

Brand: Sunsilk / in 1 Shampoo / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: Conditioner / Further Category: 2 in 1 Shampoo

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    5 Reviews
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      22.11.2009 02:54
      Very helpful



      A very good but inexpensive quality shampoo

      Sunsilk Hair Repair Shampoo
      I am in the process of growing my hair from short punk-rock type style to, hopefully, long flowing locks. However, my hair started to feel like straw and was very dry. It's not surprising really because I had blow dried and straightened my short spiky hair every day for the last three years. I was in one of my local high street cost-cutting type stores when I saw this product and decided to try it. When lathered it goes on rich and creamy and has a pleasant and expensive fragrance. My hair felt quite smooth and tangle free after I had towel dried it. I applied my usual setting product and blow dried my hair. It turned out really soft and silky to the touch. Once I had straightened my hair with irons my hair felt like skeins of silk. I hasten to add, that I also used the matching conditioner on my hair after shampooing. Which I left on for about 5 minutes while showering then rinsed it off. The product cost me £1.99 and I feel is excellent value for money while giving a good result of a much more expensive shampoo.


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      19.12.2007 15:03
      Very helpful



      This shampoo is good as it does`nt leave your hair to soft

      I have what is supposed to be long curly hair, but it does tend to get frizzy so I decided to try Sunsilk shampoo for waves and curls, hoping to get rid off my mop off frizz..

      Brief description

      I had heard of sunsilk before but had never used it, it comes in a green 250ml bottle and it smells a bit like apples, the smell is nice and it is`nt to strong , I bought the shampoo from a local shop and all it cost was £1.00. On the front of the bottle it says for "wavy or curly hair prone to frizz" This is what caught my eye and the reason I bought it.

      Using the shampoo

      So after using the shampoo for a while (needless to say it is applied in the usual way) I was hoping for less frizz, which unfortunatelty was not the case, I still had my frizzy hair, which obviously was a bit of a disappointment, but I was still pleasently surprised with the result of the shampoo, as it did`nt leave my hair to soft, thin or fly away, it felt clean but without the thin, fly away feeling that some shampoos give.


      So all in all I am going to continue to use this shampoo, although it does`nt do the job for my frizz I am still pleased with the end result.
      I would recommend Sunsilk if you dont like the fly away feeling you get with some other shampoos.

      Thanks for reading
      I have also done this review on Ciao


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      26.10.2007 22:19
      Very helpful



      Not the best haircare brand

      Over the years I have tried many different brands of haircare products, but in about 10 different brands Sunsilk stood out as one of the better ones, but is not the best. With such choice on the market nowadays, there are some better hair products which have a better gaurantee to work than Sunsilk

      -About The Products-
      Sunsilk have a wide range of different shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, each are designed for a specific hair type. These are :

      *Fresh & Flowing
      *Voluptuous Volume
      *Silky & Straight
      *Care & Repair
      *Waves & Curls
      *Deeply Brunette
      *Lively Blonde

      So with these different types, there is sure to be one for you

      -Advantages Of The Product-
      *Comes in a squeezy bottle, so is easy to get out and you won't waste any
      *Each bottle is brightly coloured so you can tell the difference between them easily.
      *They do work well after about 3 or 4 washes
      *Available in many shops including Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets

      -Disadvantages Of The Product-
      *Doesn't work for everyone
      *Takes afew washes before you can begin to see the benefits
      *Doesn't have a shampoo especially for Red heads
      *The anti-frizz serum made my hair even frizzier and really..crunchy and dry

      -Overall Opinion-
      Ok, so this product did work for me after awhile. But
      I've found that Pantene Pro-V is better value for money than this. There are many different varieties of Sunsilk, but it's difficult if you want to improve on more than 1 aspect of your hair, e.g. give it more volume and make it silkier. Also, some of the styling products had negative effects on my hair and ended up being a waste of money. And they claim to contain 'Duo keratins', does anyone actually know what they are?!
      So you may find Sunsilk is the answer to all your hair problems, but I would say try others as i've found they work much better


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      12.04.2006 00:13



      Leaves hair feeling clean, soft, and shiny.

      Ok, well I have really thick hair, and day after day I use enormous amounts of frizz free sprays and serums, then my strengtheners. My hair by the end of the day is all split ended and dry, feeling pretty much like straw. For weeks I used different shampoos I could find in my cupboard, and conditioned thoroughly, but none of these shampoos worked. Finally I searched for a shampoo specialised in repairing damaged hair.

      So as I was in Tesco shopping I looked in the shampoo isle. I first looked for sun silk as this product always seems to have offers on, and I know my Mam is quite fond of this product as she finds the anti-itch useful for her eczema. So I looked through the products to find one which was the care and repair. So I bought this and the anti-itch as a buy one get one free offer. I later that night tried out this shampoo, and even after using it, my hair felt a lot cleaner. I dried my hair, to fine it was shiny and had a really soft touch to it.

      I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone suffering from dry hair. The other products are also useful such as the anti-itch, as if you, like my Mam, suffer from dry skin or eczema, the anti-itch really helps.


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        14.03.2006 19:25
        Very helpful



        A good all round shampoo and conditioner!

        Being the rather fickle female person that I am, I tend to chop and change my shampoos and conditioners with whatever is on special offer….but every now and again I come across one which I really like!

        The Sunsilk range is one of the few I will always come back to (especially if there is good offers on it) I popped into Boots the other day for a nosy about and to see what BOGOF's they had on this week, when I noticed a shelf saying that if I bought one of Sunsilk's products I could choose another of same value or cheaper for free! Well girls (and boys) we all like something for nothing don't we?

        So I carefully perused the different options of shampoo's and conditioners (styling products were also on this offer but I rarely use any of those) and opted for the care and repair one which suited my rather over processed hair.
        Both the shampoo and conditioner in this range were £1.99 each so I got them both for £1.99! This was for a 250ml bottle too so good value.

        The bottles are a lovely peach colour with a dark orange lid. The lid on the shampoo is on the top, and is the usual very easy to open flip top cap. Conditioners lid is on the base so makes it easier to tell which is which when in shower with water running down your face! This care and repair shampoo and conditioner claim to nourish daily damaged hair (which mines is due to my beloved GHD's) both contain duo keratins which helps to promote healthy hair.

        Ok on to the washing of my long hair!

        I pour a blob about the size of a fifty pence piece onto my hand, it's quite a thick consistency, is pale peach in colour and it looks a tiny bit sparkly which should mean my hair will reflect light more easily? It also smells quite vividly of peaches and is quite a pleasant fruity smell. There also seems to be an underlying floral note in there somewhere too but I could be mistaken. You use this shampoo in exactly the same way you would use any other liquid shampoo, ie wet your hair thoroughly, massage shampoo into scalp and work through to the ends. I always rinse and repeat this action as I like my hair to feel squeaky clean….the second wash for me I usually use a smaller amount of the shampoo though as a little really does go a long way. This is a shampoo which does give a good lather if you like that!

        I have to condition my hair every time I wash it because my hair is very thick and is prone to being very knotty! And nothing worse than your fella running his fingers through your tresses ladies and getting them stuck! Again use this like any other conditioner, Make sure shampoo is completely rinsed and pour a small fifty pence size amount onto hand (less if short hair) The conditioner is more like a cream, it's thick and white and also smells very peachy. The best thing about this conditioner is that you don't have to leave it in for ages for it to do it's work, it states on the bottle that 1 minute is enough time! And it really is! I basically apply it to the ends of my hair and up towards root but stop about an inch short of them so that I don't end up with flat hair!
        As soon as I start to rinse this conditioner out I can feel how soft my hair feels, and it seems to remove all knots almost instantly which means less fighting with my comb afterwards!

        My hair is left smelling very fresh and clean and fruity, it's not overpowering and won't detract from your perfume or anything else. But if you do let someone get close enough to smell your hair they will be pleasantly surprised.

        If your hair needs a little further attention there is also a 24/7 day care cream which is basically a leave in cream conditioner.

        For your information I have included the other shampoos conditioners in this range

        Colour and shine range - for dull and dreary hair, (red bottles/dark red lids)
        Silky and Straight - prone to kinks and frizz, (lilac bottles/purple lids)
        Anti-itch - for sensitive itchy scalps, (pearl colour bottles/beige lids)
        Anti-flat - for flat hair which lacks volume (light blue bottles/darker blue lids)
        Waves and Curls - for taming curls (light green bottles/dark green lids)
        Respect and Balance - for keeping hair in good condition (pink bottles/dark pink lids)
        Fresh for longer - for greasy hair (aqua bottles/dark aqua lids)

        There is also the colour collection which includes
        Lively blonde, (I also used this and love it)
        Passionately red
        Deeply brunette.

        These bring out the natural (or not) highlights in your hair!

        I am planning on trying the anti itch formula and the silky and straight one too, to compare them with the care and repair quite soon.

        Thanks for reading!

        Michelle x


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        Enriched with duo keratins /

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