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Superdrug Away with the Fairies Dry Shampoo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Hair Shampoo / Suitable for: dry hair

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 01:09
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      Very disappointed in this product

      I bought this product a while back, when I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Batiste Dry shampoo. When I saw that Super drug was now doing their own brand of dry shampoo for just 99p, I was very excited and purchased a couple of the tins!

      I do just dry shampoo quite a bit on the days when my hair is in between washes, as I hate the greasy hair look! I know that some people actually use talc powder instead of the dry shampoo tins, but I love using the tins, as they are super handy to use and brilliant for precision.

      The first thing that drew me to this particular tin of dry shampoo is the the lovely pink and purple design on the tin. The design is girly and pretty and something which I was surprised for Superdrugs' own brand.
      The amount in the tin is 150ml, which I think is slight smaller than the usually tin of Batiste dry shampoo, but for the price of this product I thought this was a good amount!


      The fragrance of this dry shampoo isn't necessarily bad, but nothing to rave about either! I most certainly was expecting a much strong and nicer scent from this product. However the worst point about this product isn't actually the scent it is the fact that it really doesn't work!

      As using all dry shampoos, I read the instruction and shook the tin well before I used it. I then began to spray the dry shampoo onto my hair. I was actually shocked my the result and left slightly angered! The dry shampoo had actually made my hair really greasy! There was no 'white powder' was is usually dispersed from dry shampoos. Instead of spraying dry shampoo into my hair, it looked as if I had sprayed some body spray onto my hair!

      I was surprised at the poor quality of this product as I have found that many of Superdrugs' own brand are of great quality! I was completely disappointed with this product and I would not recommend it to anyone! After having the terrible experience from using this product just once.. I actually threw mine in the bin... something I hardly ever do! I was very annoyed with this product after spending the money on on a purchase which included a couple of these tins...a complete waste of money in my opinion!

      From now on I'm sticking to spending the extra bit of money to buy the slight more expensive dry shampoos', which I know are of great quality!

      Thanks for reading!!!


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        17.05.2013 12:52



        Bad product - does the opposite of what it is meant to!

        I grabbed this dry shampoo from Superdrug when I was at uni and feeling the strain of my loan, hoping it would be a cheaper version of the Batiste product I normally use. I didn't expect it to be as good but just hoped it would get me though those awkward days when you just don't have time to wash your hair! While in the shop I smelt the range that Superdrug do and decided on Away With The Fairies. I wasn't particularly blown away by the smell - I just thought it was the least worst one out of them all.

        After getting the product home I smelt it again and really wasn't too happy with it - it's hard to describe the smell but it's just not at all to my taste.

        A few days later I grabbed the dry shampoo just to use a little in my fringe which was looking a little down and found that the more product I used the greaser my hair looked! Exactly the opposite of what it is meant to do. I was actually with my partner and asked him and even he could tell my hair looked a lot worse afterward plus now smelt pretty gross.

        I will NEVER purchase this product again and hope that other people read reviews of it before buying it like I did. I've seen other very negative reviews for products in the range so I'm going to stick to the Batiste from now on - it's worth the extra money.


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