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Superdrug Colour Radiance 10

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  • Didn't work at all
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    3 Reviews
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      30.04.2016 13:48
      Not Helpful



      • "Didn't work at all"

      I am going to have to by yet another hair dye which I dnt usually.

      I am not happy with this product I left my colour on for more than ten minutes and it didn't even change my hair colour and my grey roots are still visible I have never in my life been so disappointed


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      21.04.2013 03:56
      Very helpful



      A useful hair care product

      ~Radiant hair in just 10 minutes!~

      I have used a number of the hair colours available from the Superdrug Radiance 10 range over the past few years and found that over all the range is reliable, easy to use and kind to my hair. When I use Radiance 10 to colour my hair I find that it colours my hair in just 10 minutes and leaves it feeling soft, clean and ready to style. I initially bought 2 packs of hair dye when they were on offer in store and have continued to purchase from the range as and when there are good in store or online reductions, as I feel the Radiance 10 range is a no fuss product that works for me. When I first used these hair colours I mixed up a whole bottle of dye mix, using the items included in the kit, but I have since revised my usage as I have found that I can get away with being more sparing with a single box of hair colour for root touch ups than I first thought was possible. I would say that this product range provides good value for money if using the full contents of the box to achieve a nice even toned result when trying out a new hair colour, however when using just part of the contents each time for top up colouring, a single box of hair dye provides fantastic value for money in my opinion.

      ~Colour me beautiful ~

      Each box of Radiance 10 that I have bought has contained a 65ml tube of creme colour which you mix with 65mls of creme developer. The creme colour tube has a number printed on it that should match the shade number quoted on the box, IE: 4.0, 6.7 etc. If the number on your tube of creme colour doesn't match up, do not use it as it means that the wrong colour mix has been put into the product box. I always like to check the contents of my product box prior to purchase if I am buying in store, as I feel this ensures that the tube of creme colour is the correct one. I also make sure that all the other items I would expect to be in the box are actually there as I know that people do look inside hair colour boxes from time to time, which means that things can and do become mixed up every now and then.

      ~Condition my colour~

      Along with the creme colour tube and 1/3 full bottle of creme developer you get a nicely sized 50ml tube of after care hair conditioning balm (otherwise known as conditioner). I find that the product tube holds enough conditioner for me to use it between 3 to 4 times. This means that I can either use the conditioner from time to time to treat my hair if it becomes too dry a few weeks after colouring, or I can use some of it after having re-coloured my roots. Using the contents of the dye pack and the conditioner tube in this way means I can spot treat any root re-growth 2 to 3 times without having to open a new pack of dye and conditioner. I find that there is more than enough developer, creme colour and conditioner in one box to treat mid length hair if wanting to top up root re-growth with the same hair colour as previously used.

      ~Mixing my colour~

      The other items in the product box are the applicator comb fitting, that is easily screwed on to the treatment bottle once everything has been mixed together and the bottle lid which doubles as the applicator nozzle. These 2 items can be used as required to either comb through the hair if wanting to reach a larger area of hair at the roots, or to direct a single jet of colour mix on to a single area of hair. In my experience the single applicator head and comb can be washed out and re-used if wanted with no ill effects other than a little staining from the hair colour itself (which can still be totally removed with careful washing after use in my opinion). As I very often make one pack of dye last for 3 top up applications I tend to always have a spare set of matching items from a previous hair kit that I can use to colour my hair with. I feel this is really handy as it means I can store any fresh and unused developer in one bottle and then pour as much or as little of it as I require into the older previously used bottle in order to mix it with the creme colourant when ready to re-treat my hair.

      I find that a single tube of creme colour is enough to make up 3 good sized root re-growth treatments when mixed with a 1/3 of a bottle of developer. I am able to measure out roughly 1/3 of the creme colour tube and add it to 1/3 of the developer then mix both parts within the simple plastic bottle you get with each kit. I always make sure that the applicator lid is safely in place before giving the mix a good shake so that the dye has a nice even texture and tone to it that ensures any colouring results will be nice and even. If using the kit for a first time application of colour rather than as a root re-growth treatment, I always use up the entire contents of a box made up as directed, so as to make sure that all areas of my hair have a nice even coverage of the hair dye mixture. This method always gives the best results when using a new shade of hair colour from this range in my experience. My adapted method ensures that any root re-growth treatments are a success if I am simply topping up my hair colour with the same one I have previously used.

      ~Clever girls wear gloves~

      An important part of any hair dye kit has to be a decent pair of protective gloves that cover the hands fully, so as to prevent them from becoming stained when applying the dye product to the hair once mixed. The gloves that come with these kits are quite large and would fit someone with much larger hands than most women might have so they can feel a little baggy. In my opinion these gloves could be worn by a man who wanted to colour his hair and use one of these dye kits as the gloves really are a rather roomy fit. The material used to make up the gloves is quite thin, although in my experience they are not so thin that they rip or tear easily. I find that as with the other parts of the hair dye kit these gloves can be washed, dried and re-used if wanted, meaning that all the elements required in order to re-treat my hair at the roots are there should I want to use them.

      ~Colouring my hair safely~

      The last part of the kit that comes in each box is the instruction leaflet, which should be read thoroughly before using the kit in my opinion. Reactions to hair dyes can and do happen and care should always be taken when colouring ones hair at home, especially when using a new product on the hair. I find that the instructions given on the leaflet are clear and easy to read and understand as I certainly didn't have any problems reading through them when I first used these dye kits. There are a number of reminders and warnings about using the hair dye as well as helpful tips and instructions for use, which I feel are very useful. This range of hair colours are designed so that they only require a very short time on the hair in order to give really good results and this is made very clear in the instruction leaflet, which should ensure that timing errors are avoided. These dye kits should be used with care as they can and do stain the skin, as well as staining clothing and towels, which is why wearing gloves and applying the product with care is important. At times you can and do end up with hair colour on your skin around the area of the head you are applying it to, although I find that it can be quickly cleaned off with a make up wipe or damp cotton wool ball. It is important to wipe away any excess colour or staining to the skin asap in my experience, as this ensures that any colour residue can be safely removed without having to rub the skin.

      ~10 minute make over!~

      The Radiance 10 range is meant to be a quick colour product that works on the hair in just 10 minutes to give nice even tones all over the hair. In my experience this is the case almost 99% of the time. I have very rarely had any poor colour results from this range of hair dyes, although I do find that some of the darker shades can end up being a little darker than required if you accidently leave the product on your hair for longer than the 10 minutes it should be in place. I haven't had any major problems when using these dye kits as I have always followed the 10 minute timing given as closely as I can. I find that by applying the product to my hair as quickly, safely and evenly as I can and then waiting 10 minutes before rinsing the dye as directed I get good results with no adverse effects.

      I find that the components of the hair dye kit are well made and easy to handle. I feel they work as they should if used with care, ensuring that they help to give me the best results I can get. I like the way that this range only require a short treatment time once on the hair as I find that hair condition is maintained and any potential damage is minimized. I find that the texture of the hair dye once mixed is thick enough to ensure that it doesn't drip everywhere when I am using it to colour my hair with. The mixture can be slightly diluted with a small amount of fresh tap water if it appears too thick to evenly cover the hair in my experience as long as the mixture is going to be used there and then. I find that a single pack of dye is enough to colour medium length hair from scratch. For root touch ups each pack can last 2 to 3 uses if wanted in my experience.

      I find that the dye mix has a fairly pleasing scent to it when I compare it with other hair colours I have used. There is a chemical smell that is to be expected when using these sorts of products in my opinion, although the smell is not overly strong. There is some extra fragrance added to the product that ensures it smells a little more pleasing and easy on the nose once mixed and ready for use in my opinion, although this fragranced effect is also not overly strong. I find that the dye can be washed off quite easily with warm water, although you do need to massage the mixture into the hair whilst rinsing it out so as to ensure that any remaining hair colour is washed away. Once the hair has been washed you simply apply some of the conditioner from the pack and allow that to stay on the hair for at least 2 minutes after application. The conditioner can then be rinsed away leaving hair feeling soft and nicely fragranced in my experience.

      ~Final results!~

      In my opinion these hair colour kits generally give good results if used with care and attention. I find that some of the colours can end up being a little darker than they should be if they are left on the hair for longer than 10 minutes. If I do leave the product on for a little longer by accident, I find that my hair will come up darker than expected, although it won't end up feeling too dry or damaged in any way. Once everything has been washed off I find that my hair generally feels soft and clean with a pleasant fragranced effect. I find that results are most often really good with these hair colours giving a nice even coverage from the roots to the tips of the hair. I find that when using these hair dyes to treat root re-growth results are just as good, as long as I have only applied the dye mix to the areas of my hair that require topping up with colour.

      ~Price/ product rating~

      The cost of a box of Radiance 10 does vary from time to time depending on in store offers and deals, although the standard price is now around £5. Sometimes you can buy these kits on a buy one get one free basis, a 2 for £x amount basis or with £2 off each kit. When the range had an update of its product box the colours in the range were reduced in price to £2.49 but also had a buy one get one free offer applied to them, making them super cheap to buy, so it is worth keeping an eye out for super deals like this. In my opinion these hair colours work well and are well worth trying even at full price as colour results are rather good in my opinion. The main bonus with these kits is that the colouring process takes just 10 minutes once the dye is applied to the hair. I feel that the Radiance 10 range of hair colours I have tried have been easy to use and have given me nice even looking results, which is why I rate Radiance 10 as a 4 star hair colour.


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        19.07.2011 03:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fantastic hair dye from Superdrug.

        === The Product ===

        This is a box containing all the items you will need in order to dye your head hair a different shade. The shade that I used was 'Warm Chocolate Brown 6.7'. There are various shades in the collection and the result that you will get after using the hair dye will vary depending on your current hair shade. This is a permanent hair dye.

        === Contents of box ===

        Creme colour (65ml)
        Creme developer (65ml)
        After dye conditioner (50ml)
        Applicator comb
        Applicator nozzle
        Protective gloves

        All items are supplied sealed and in a cardboard box which is recyclable. The gloves come within a bag and the other items are all sealed for safety and so you know that they have not been tampered with before use.

        === How to use it ===

        The first thing that needs to be done before using this product fully is to conduct a skin test. This consists of using a very small amount of the dye 48 hours before using the product fully. This should be done each and every single time that the dye is used as an allergic reaction can be suffered at any time and can be very extreme if you've covered your roots or your full head of hair in hair dye. This is very important and must be carried out to ensure that you take care of your health before using this chemical laden product.

        I always use the gloves provided with this kit, they come in a small bag and take just a few seconds to place on. The gloves are a little big but I do not worry about them slipping down or tearing when in use.

        To begin dyeing hair just mix the creme colour and creme developer together in the bottle the developer comes in. The small cap must be removed, this helps to ensure that there is no build up of fumes and potentially explosion of the plastic bottle when in use. It's very simple to squeeze the contents of the colour in to the bottle but it does take a fair few seconds to ensure that all the colour is mixed in. Quite a few firm shakes will ensure that everything is mixed together simply and then you can apply the nozzle or comb and this is ready to apply.

        Depending on whether you are covering up your roots or you are dyeing your whole head of hair will decide whether you should use the applicator comb or nozzle. I believe that the comb should be used for dyeing your hair and the nozzle should be used for touching up your roots, however, on the two occasions that I used this hair dye I just used the nozzle and applied this direct to my hair before massaging it through while wearing the gloves provided.

        This is very simply to apply, I can do this myself no problem and I'm quite new to the world of hair dye! It takes me around 4 minutes to apply this hair dye and I then leave it for 10 minutes as advised. Once the 10 minutes is up then I rinse my hair with warm running water until the water is clear. I keep the gloves on throughout so I can scrub at the roots of my hair down to the tips to ensure that everything is removed.

        Once I have finished dyeing my hair, I will then use the conditioning balm on it and I find that I can use this for 3 or 4 applications from the tube provided and this allows me to cover my hair fully with the conditioner, leave it for a few minutes and rinse clean. This is very simple to use and the tube has a screw top cap so it stays fresh and doesn't dry out when I'm not using it.

        === The price & where to purchase from ===

        This can be purchased from Superdrug stores, in more than 10 different colours, for £4.99 and I purchased two of the 6.7 shade for £7.00 on a recent in store promotion in May 2011.

        === Does it work? ===

        Yes! My hair was quite a dull brown colour before and after using this hair dye, both the first time and second time, it could definitely be described, by myself, as warm chocolate brown. The colour that my hair changed to was exactly what was advertised on the packaging for my original shade of hair colour and the results were exactly what I was expecting.

        === Overall opinion ===

        I have loved this hair dye from the moment that I used it. When picking this hair dye in store I was originally drawn in by the 2 for £7.00 special offer because this seemed to be much more reasonable than some of the 'branded' products available, also, I liked the idea of only leaving the hair dye on for 10 minutes.

        It's very simple to get this hair dye prepared for use and even though I am a relative novice to dyeing my hair, having only done it a few times in the past, I had no difficulty in understanding the instructions and preparing myself for using this dye. I did use an old towel, as suggested, and I'm glad as I spilt a small amount of hair dye on the towel when dyeing my hair.

        Once I had finished dyeing my hair I find that there was some staining around the edge of my hairline and just past where the gloves had protected my hands, wrists and forearms. After a quick chat with my Mum she advised me to rub an old tea bag along the affected areas and this worked very well at ensuring the marks were removed. While my head and skin was a little red for a few minutes after use it wasn't anything permanent and had settled back down before I retired to bed that night.

        I found that my hair had a much more glossy, healthy look to it after using this dye. A few people did notice the subtle difference in colour and I was feeling very confident about the colour of my hair on our wedding day and I believe this confidence was reflected back in our wedding photographs. The difference between this colour and my natural colour isn't much really but it's enough to make my hair look more shiny, glossy and like it has different tones throughout it which gives it a much more natural, healthy look than my natural hair colour ever had. I am sure that the conditioning balm was contributing to this as I used it for about 3 or 4 uses after dyeing my hair and this built the condition and feel of my hair back up to where I am used to it being.

        The first time that I used this dye I was almost overcome by the very strong smell and the second time I used this product I did wear some stick on eye protectors, like you get when tanning on a sunbed, and didn't place these on until after I had rubbed the dye through my hair. This was easy enough to do as long as I ensured the dye was rubbed in thoroughly and covering all the areas I wanted it to and then I set an egg timer for 10 minutes so I knew when to rinse out the hair dye.

        On the second time of using this hair dye I was going to use the comb nozzle but found that after just a few strands it would become tangled in my knotty hair and as I did brush my hair as thoroughly as I could manage before dyeing it I just ended up not bothering to use this and this part went in the bin barely used. If you were touching up just your roots and gave your hair a very thorough brushing before using it then I'm sure it would work quite well at ensuring all your roots were touched up.

        I have been very pleased with the quality of this and while I have been redyeing my hair every four weeks or so and this is a permanent colour I can't really notice any colour change growth now it's been almost 7 weeks since I last dyed my hair. My hair looks like it has a lovely sheen to it and this is the main thing that is going to bring me back to using this hair dye, and others, again. I was very surprised by how simple it is to dye your hair having had visions of plastic shower caps on my hair and hideous tools to pull my hair around. I have found this product a breeze to use and the price of just £5 is quite reasonable for me, I feel, to change my hair colour and gain a huge amount of confidence, particularly just before my wedding day.


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