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Superdrug Dry Shampoo Spirit of the Carnival

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Dry Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2013 20:41
      Very helpful



      Back to Bastiste!

      I am a BIG fan of dry shampoo! I started using it around 14 years ago when I went to my first festival and although I didn't think it was much cop then I started using again a few years ago and it really is one of my essential products that I cannot go without. I am a big supporter of the Batiste range but do find it quite costly so have been shopping around for cheaper versions.

      I bought two bottles of this superdrug brand dry hair shampoo for £3.00 total. They are usually £1.99 each and this is for a 150ml spray can (Batiste 200ml sell for around £2.99). I bought the Spirit of the Carnival (yellow lid) and the Heart on your Sleeve (pink lid) versions although there are 6 in total and they come with different names and different coloured lids; Away with the Fairies (purple), Breeze (blue), Head in the Clouds (orange) and Chocolate Brownie (brown). The only obvious difference seems to be is that they all have slightly different fragrances to them. Apart from the Chocolate Brownie one that is - this is specially for people with dark hair. It a shame therefore that they don't do one for people with light/blonde hair and for [people with red/auburn hair (although I have yet to see a dry shampoo for redheads).

      The can is a good size - decent enough to fit in your bag for the day - perhaps a bit too big to fit into my clutch however. I didn't see different sizes in the store or online but that isnt to say that they don't do bigger or smaller versions of the shampoo. Like all dry shampoos I've seen out there so far this shampoo comes in an aerosol can which apart from being very dangerous can also be unhealthy for the environment. I'm sure the scientists somewhere ware thinking up a way to avoid the aerosol packaging as I speak...

      The packaging is quite cheap in it's appearance and you can tell instantly it is a store brand. All of the cans are a dull silver colour and there is an outdated picture of a woman with flowers in her hair. To be honest this almost put me off the purchase but the price and the need to try something different made me soldier on.

      So for the results.....

      I followed the instructions on the back of the can. Shake can well, spray evenly around 15cm from hair and massage/brush hair as desired. (Making sure you don't get into eyes)! The instructions don't tell you how long to spray for or where to spray but I found that common sense tells you to spray to the root of the hair where the grease usually accumulates. I also tried spraying for around 30 seconds first off (as this is what I do with other products).

      Unfortunately....and packaging grumbles aside...this was the biggest let down of the product for me. In order to achieve 'clean' hair I had to use the product for around 1 minute in order to get a really good coverage. This has meant that after just 4 applications (and just over a week) I have finished the first can (spirit of the carnival). It doesnt help when the fragrance is so overpowering - I had a little cough and a splutter as I applied!

      Unlike other dry shampoos I've used it didn't leave a white residue which I thought was good but unusual. My hair condition afterwards was fine - grease free for another 24 hours (no need for reapplication)! It was a little bit drier than usual but not significantly so to make me concerned.

      Overall a product that does work but takes a long time to get there! Knowing that Bastise is so reliable and more economical I really don't think I will use this product again!


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