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Superdrug Heart On Your Sleeve Dry Shampoo

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Hair Shampoo / Subcategory: 2 in 1 Shampoo / Suitable for: dry hair

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    4 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 12:59
      Very helpful



      a great dry shampoo

      I love dry shampoo, I always keep a bottle of it handy in my bathroom just in case I wake up and find my hair is greasier than I had expected and I am in a rush out of the house and don't have time to wash it. I find dry shampoo is helpful in lots of different situation, like if I am staying at a friends house and don't have time in the morning to use their shower, or if I am just looking a little bit of extra volume in my hair.

      This dry shampoo is really easy to apply, you simply spray it onto your roots and through your hair and then use your fingers to blend it in. This spray comes out quite white on your hair as it seems to be very similar to talc powder, if you have dark hair, it is very important to blend it in. I usually buy the brunette dry shampoo by Superdrug, but bought this one because they were all sold out and I quite liked the scent of this one.

      What I Thought
      I was really pleased with this dry shampoo, it blended really easily into my dark brown hair and left it looking much cleaner and healthier than it did before.
      This product smells amazing, it has a lovely floral, fresh scent to it that lingers quite nicely in my hair, I think that this is the nicest smelling Superdrug Dry Shampoo available to buy right now.
      I liked that when I used this dry shampoo my hair looked really volumised, I sometimes use this to give my hair some extra oomph, even when my hair is freshly washed.
      These dry shampoos do not work miracles and eventually you do need to wash your hair, but I find them really useful for the day before you need to wash your hair when it is a little greasy, but not really that dirty looking.

      Price and Availability
      You can buy a 150ml bottle of this dry shampoo in Superdrug for £1.99, I think that this is a great price and it is much cheaper than the Batiste dry shampoo brand. Often this dry shampoo will go on offer on 3 for 2 or buy one get on free or money off offers, so it is best to keep an eye out for it. I usually stock up when I see it on offer.

      I think that this is a great product, it smells great, blends well and gives my hair an extra day between washes. Although the brunette one is better for me as it comes out brown instead of white, but it is easily blended and this product doesn't cost as much as the Batiste brand. Overall I think that this is a great product and would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        17.03.2013 19:05
        Very helpful



        Ok for a refresh if tying hair up

        I am a total fan of dry shampoo and it is a staple part of my weekly hair care routine. I wash my hair every other day but on the days in between, whilst my hair doesn't need a proper wash the roots can look a bit limp and need a bit of oooooomph, this is where my dry shampoo comes in.
        I usually buy Batiste but it has been steadily increasing in price over the last few years so following Martin Lewis advice I decide to drop a brand and try Superdrugs own 'heart on my sleeve' shampoo which costs a pound less than Batiste.

        How to use - This spray is very easy to use, you spray it on to dry hair, rub it in and then brush it through to reveal clean hair. When you spray it on it will look like you are spraying talcum powder onto your hair, I suppose this adsorbs the grease. You then need to rub it in with your fingers, finally you brush it out, make sure you give it a really good brush otherwise you will be walking round with white hair.

        What they say it does - "Helps refresh dull and lifeless hair between washes" "Will leave your hair feeling clean and smelling fresh".

        What it really does - Well I am happy that it does refresh my dull roots and left them feeling clean.. However the effect doesn't last very long at all, within a few hours my roots looking limp again and I need to repeat the process. It is ok if I have my hair in a pony tail or a bun. I also don't think the fragrance is strong enough, it has a hint of a fruity smell when you first spray it but it has gone within seconds.

        It comes in a 150ml aerosol can, with a bright pink lid, there are other fragrances available and they have different coloured tops.
        It is only available from Superdrug and costs £1.99 although it is often on special offer. I recently saw it on the buy one get 2 free deal .

        I must say I am not converted, whilst it is Ok, it is not great. I need to use it more often than I use my batiste as it needs topping up a few times a day so for me it is worth paying the £1 extra on Batiste.

        Suitable for vegans and not tested on animals


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        20.10.2012 21:36
        Very helpful



        A good budget dry shampoo for lightly greasy hair

        I am a dedicated user of dry shampoo. That isn't because I think it is a substitute for washing ny hair in the normal way with water. It is just because my scalp area goes greasy so quickly, even when my drier ends are still fresh. Without dry shampoo, I would have to wash my hair every day without fail. Although I have been using the well known dry shampoo Batiste for some time, I have recently been trying several other cheaper brands. One of these has been Superdrugs own brand version, which is available in several varieties. When the product was on a buy one get 2 free offer earlier in the year, I bought 3 different "flavours" to try, one of these being "Heart On Your Sleeve" which I am reviewing today. The standard price is £1.99 for a 150ml can.


        Dry shampoo is designed to be used without water, and usually comes in either a powder or aerosol form. I usually use the sprays as they are easier and less messy to apply and the powders are rarely available now anyway. They are usually based around talc, cornstarch or similiar substances which absorb excess oil from the hair. The Superdrug product uses "zea mays starch". I have not noticed as much difference between products based on their powder ingredients as you may expect, so I didn't really mind which one is used.

        Superdrug say their shampoo will "freshen dull and lifeless hair between washes". It promises to leave my hair feeling clean and smelling pleasant. So it doesn't promise to actually replace washing your hair, which in my experience is something no dry shampoo can really do for long. It helps to make the hair look and feel better in the short term though.


        The shampoo comes in a silver spray can with a pink lid and some matching artwork of a lady in a tiara surrounded by flowers and birds. Nothing on the bottle really gives a clue as to what to expect from the scent. When I first sprayed it, I thought the perfume was weaker than the other shampoo I had tried in the range - "Head in the clouds". I had to sniff hard at my hair to pin down what the scent is. I would describe it a sweet, vaguely almond aroma, and a cherry undertone. It is nice but it isn't strong and I couldn't smell it as I moved my head around. If you like a subtler scented hair product, this would probably suit.

        I used the spray as I would any similar product. You simply spray the shampoo onto your hair from a distance of around 15cm, massage it in, and then brush it out. It is quick to use, and I think this product has the advantage over Batiste, in that it produces very little powdery residue. Most dry shampoos leave the hair looking as though someone has thrown flour over your head at first, before you brush the powder out. Obviously the less powdery coating there is on your hair in the first place, the quicker it is to get rid of. I could scarecly see any white traces when using Heart On My Sleeve, which gave me the confidence to use it when I was in a particular rush. This does make it marginally harder to see where you have already applied the spray, but I much prefer that problem to the white look! It did not leave my hair feeling sticky or weighed down at all which adds to the fresh feeling. The slight damp sensation you get when the product is first applied disappears in minutes, so your hair won't actually look wet if you want to go out quickly. Overall, I found it simple to use, but did it actually deal with my greasy hair?

        DID IT WORK?

        Having brushed the shampoo out of hair without difficulty, I was able to style it as usual. My hair felt normal to the touch, it doesn't go stiff or flat as if hairspray had been applied. In fact, my root area looked lifted and much less flat, which in itself made my hair look less greasy. I was happy that my hair looked as though I had washed it in the usual way, and it still looked considerably better at the end of the day. By the next morning, any freshening effect had disappeared. I sprayed some shampoo on to see how it would fare on greasier hair, and while it improved the look slightly, there is no way I would have felt happy going out without washing my hair with conventional shampoo. So I feel that while the shampoo is fine on slightly greasy hair, it isn't strong enough to deal with a more neglected mane. As a temporary stop gap, I am satisfied though.


        As mentioned above, I had previously used another Superdrug dry shampoo, called "Head In The Clouds". I thought that was also good on moderately greasy hair, and apart from the scent there isn't really any difference between the two. I would therefore say that if you have tried another Superdrug standard dry shampoo, and liked it, you would get on with this one. I would happily buy it again, if I had not since discovered a cheaper product that I think works even better - Hot Tin Roof dry shampoo. If the second was not available, I would buy the Superdrug product over Batiste, even if it were not slightly cheaper. This is because it is easier to brush out due to the tiny amount of white powdery residue produced. However, if you want to use the shampoo on hair that is more than slightly greasy, I think Batiste has the edge. Overall though I would recommend this, especially if you don't want a dry shampoo that is too strongly scented. The buy one get two free offer is currently back on again, so this may make a good time to try it for yourself.


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          08.02.2012 23:23
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A nice dry shampoo from Superdrug

          For a while I had periodically looked at various brands of dry shampoo in the shops and wondered whether to give it ago, some brands I looked at were a bit expensive especially if they didn't work however I spotted that Superdrug did their own brand and it was very reasonably priced, I decided to give it a go after all if it didn't work I hadn't wasted much money, and if it did it would be perfect for freshening up my hair if I didn't have time to wash it on my usual days.

          Superdrug Dry Shampoo come in a silver aerosol can similar to that of a hair spray can. All of the product information is printed directly on the back and front of the can, on the front there is the Superdrug logo which is a small star shape with he words "Dry Shampoo" written just beneath this, the fragrance of the shampoo is listed just underneath which in this case is "Heart on your sleeve" along with a short sentence about the shampoo itself. The rest of the front of the can is taken up with the picture of a woman's face wearing a tiara and surrounded by flower heads, this is all in shades of red, pink and purple. The back of the can is covered with various pieces of information about the dry shampoo including a sentence about the product, directions for use, warnings, ingredients and Superdrugs contact details, all of this information is clearly set out in sections and easy to read and follow. The can has a large transparent red plastic lid which simply pulls off to reveal the spray button on top, this again is similar to that of a hair spray can and is made from white plastic. Both the can and the plastic lid are suitable for recycling, this is shown using symbols on the back of the can.

          The Shampoo
          Basically Superdrug's Dry Shampoo is designed to freshen up your hair between washes, so if you do not get a chance to wash your hair on the day you usually would by using Dry Shampoo your hair it will look clean and fresh for an extra day. No water is needed with this product and the back of the packaging states that it will brighten up dull lifeless hair. The Dry Shampoo is lightly fragranced to help keep your hair smelling fresh as well, the fragrance I decided to try was Heart on Your Sleeve, I had no idea what this was going to smell like but I decided it sounded ok. After using the product the only way I can describe the fragrance is a sweet musk fragrance, when I first spray the product on my hair to start with it just smelt like a regular hair spray, however after a few seconds the sweet musk fragrance developed, this was very subtle and not strong at all. To be honest I wasn't too worried about the smell of the product or whether it smelt at all, for me the main thing was that it freshened up my hair between washes.

          Directions for Use
          Using Superdrugs Dry Shampoo was very easy, I did have a quick read of the instructions on the back of the can, but it was a very easy product to apply, the directions stated that you should shake the can well before use and spray evenly onto your hair holding the can about 15cm away from it. Once applied massage the product into your hair and brush into your normal style. I found applying the Dry Shampoo very quick and easy, it didn't take me more than a few minutes and I was able to quickly do this before straightening my hair before work, it really wasn't time consuming at all.

          The warnings are also listed on the back of the can, and are quite standard for this type of product, the warnings include
          *Avoid contact with eyes
          *Extremely flammable
          *Pressurised can - keep away from sun light to high temperatures
          *Do no spray onto a naked flame
          *Keep away from children
          *If an adverse skin reaction occurs stop use immediately
          *Do not breath in
          *Use in well ventilated areas
          *There is also a separate warning about solvent abuse killing.

          Price & Availability
          Obviously my can of Dry Shampoo came from Superdrug and is one of their own range products. The 150ml can cost me just £1.75, personally I feel this is very good value for money, I find I only need a small amount of the product at a time meaning that it works out as reasonably long lasting, obviously this depends on how often you use the spray, I do not use mine regularly, mainly just when I do not get a chance to wash my hair and need it to be looking clean and fresh. I would say that this is certainly worth the money I paid for it.

          My Opinion
          When I first tried my Dry Shampoo I wasn't really sure what to expect, I had never tried a product like this before and I was really hoping that it was going to work. I sprayed the shampoo onto my hair and it went on just like a hairspray, the nozzle distributed the spray evenly over my hair, I was pleased to see that it didn't make my hair too wet, I was a bit concerned about this as if it did it meant doing my hair would take twice as long, however I was pleased to see this was not the case. I massaged the product into my hair as instructed and styled as usual, I was pleased to see that the whole process only took a few minutes so it didn't really add any time onto my routine before work at all which was extremely handy.
          Once I had finished I was pleased with how my hair looked, my hair hadn't been greasy or dirty, it just needed a bit of a wash and looked a bit dull, however after using the dry shampoo on it, it certainly looked brighter and much fresher, before I used the product I could tell that my hair was due a wash however after applying the dry shampoo it looked fine and not like it needed a wash at all. I was extremely pleased to discover that the product really did work, it lived up to its promise of freshening my hair between washes.

          The fragrance "Heat on Your Sleeve" was quite nice too, it had a sweet musk smell to it, however this was very subtle, it was enough just to give my hair that fresh washed smell but it was not over powering, it did not smell like I had sprayed it with something to keep it smelling fresh. I was pleased to discover that the product was also light on my hair, it did not weigh it down at all, nor was it sticky. Once applied it left my hair looking very natural.
          I have used Superdrug's Dry Shampoo on several occasions now and every time I have been pleased with the effects of it. Personally I would say that this product is mainly suitable for hair which just needs a quick freshen up, I do not think that it would work if your hair is really greasy, obviously this is not designed to actually wash your hair but it is just enough to keep it looking bright and fresh, I would certainly recommend Superdrugs Dry Shampoo, it really did do what it said it would in that it brightened and freshened my hair between washes and I also quite like the fragrance of it. This is a reasonably priced product and one I shall continue to keep to hand. it is just enough to keep your hair looking good, however it is not an alternative to washing it, this is certainly a product I will use in the future.


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