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Superdrug Performance Permanent

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Hair Colour

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    5 Reviews
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      16.04.2010 10:36
      Very helpful



      Great results

      I do need to dye my hair as I have grey hairs. I picked a cheap dye up from home bargains but it didn't cover my grey hair so decided to try Superdrug's own brand. They do a ten minute dye or the usual 3o minute dye and I would have chosen the ten minute except it was out of stock at the time. I choose warm chocolate brown. This Dye was on off at £3.49 at the time.

      I have had the dye for about two weeks but haven't got round to putting it on but with it been my son's third birthday this weekend I figured there will probably be photos of us both together so decided to do it as soon as my son was in bed.

      The pack does recommend a 24 hour strand test and I do not advocate ignoring this but as I don't tend to react to products I don't bother. I did have a friend's a few years ago who did have a reaction to a dye and had to have her hair shaved off so don't think it can never happen.

      I did read the instructions before I started and was delighted that it could be applied to dry hair. This for me saves time. I put Vaseline around my face so that I didn't get a dye hairline and any drips can easily be wiped off.
      I then mixed the colour developer with the colour crème and shook bottle to mix. I am very careful to check which product I am putting in as I once put in the conditioner and then realised I had wasted an entire dye pack.

      I do hate really cheap gloves in Dye kits and while these were not the cheapest version that are stuck to the instructions but are not the nicely fitting rubber looking gloves.

      The nozzle on the bottle was easy to apply. I did find that as my hair was dry it felt less likely to drip and I did think I was going to run out of Dye as it seemed to be absorbing more than my previous Dye's. I do have shoulder length hair and it seemed to be just the right amount. I did wipe my face after but there was only one small drop of dye that had run.

      I waited the full developing time of 30 minutes before rinsing and then applying Conditioner. The pack states that the conditioner gives up to six applications but I found that I used most of it in one application. I do have absorbent hair so I do tend to use a lot but even on short hair think there would only be about three applications at the most.

      I dried my hair but never really took much notice till the next morning as it was dark.

      I was delighted with the results. I found that there was no aroma and my hair felt very soft. The colour has a glossy shine to it and all my grey is gone. The colour results are very similar to those on the pack so got what I wanted I am very happy with happy with the results.
      I will definitely buy this product again although I will probably try the ten minute dye next time.


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        05.07.2009 18:22
        Very helpful



        I don't think you can get better for this price

        I love dying my hair. I hve had a lot of disasters and some great results too. This one fits into the latter category.
        I never thought I would use an own - brand, having been a loyal follower of loreal and schwarzcopf, but one day the cost of colouring my long hair (always needed 2 packs) came into play.
        At around £3, which is half the price of most other colourants, I decided to take the plunge. My choice of colour was the Black 2.0 at first.
        My hair is naturally dark brown mostly, with dark blonde bits above my temples and a few extra grey hairs thrown in for good measure (I'm only 24 though)
        I had roots showing and the previous dye was fading. The superdrug dye is runnier than others, and at first I was worried it would make the result blotchy - but in actual fact the runniness helps the dye spread more evenly. I left in on for half an hour.
        The dye had a pleasant smell as far as dyes go - not overly overpowering, and there is a nice big tube of conditioner for afterwards which smells really nice and fruity and leaves the hair lovely and soft.
        The end result was nice black hair - greys were covered, hair felt and smelled lovely. There was a subtle blue tone to this black shade, which gave more depth to the result.
        The hair colour definately wont fade inbetween root touch-ups, as I have found with others which claim to be permanent.

        I have also lightened my hair slightly and used the 3.0 darkest rich brown colour which worked better for my complexion, again this was a good colouring experience and I am very very happy with the result. The great thing bout the colour 3.0 is that it works with pale skin tones and is still great when I got a tan. It is one of those colours which creates a glossy effect - simply superb.


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        21.07.2006 17:15
        Very helpful



        Cheap and cheerful hair dye with easily achievable results.

        I blame Julia Roberts. Ever since I saw her in ‘Pretty Woman’ and she took off her blonde wig and her long hair came tumbling out and said “Red” and Richard Gere said “Better” KM decided she had to have *that* hair on her head. So she’s been dyeing it that colour since she was 19 years old. And yes it’s curly like Ms Roberts’ too - shame I don’t have her bank balance but we can’t have everything.

        So La Mack is always on the lookout for a new and cheap alternative to keep her copper locks a lovely reddish colour. She’s tried nearly every brand on the market and was fed up with forking out up to £6 every couple of months when her roots started to show through.

        Red is notorious as being the worst colour for fading fast and boy is that true! Having spent the best part of 15 years on and off with this colour, I have watched many of my favourite brands disappear off the shelves never to be seen again. However as I was perusing the aisles of Superdrug, I captured a coy looking gal peeking at me with one eye beckoning ‘come hither’ behind her perfect, straight, red hair. Aha! I grabbed the package, paid my £2.89 (bargain!) and off I went to try it out.

        * The package *

        The box I chose was shade 7/34 which is Warm Copper Gold. There are a couple of red shades to choose from (the other being far brighter for those that are brave enough). In the box there are 5 items:

        A bottle of crème developer
        Crème Colour
        Intensive Conditioner
        Rubber gloves
        All important instruction leaflet

        * Application *

        I was doing a ‘touch up’ job which basically means re-doing the roots rather than the whole head. As my hair is very dark at the top and light at the bottom, the idea is to keep the dye on the roots for the longer part of the procedure and just touching up the ends towards the end of the time to ensure an even colour. My hair is just below shoulder length and one box of the dye just about covers it but if your hair is very thick or much longer then I recommend buying two boxes.

        So …

        Make sure you put an old towel around your shoulders. To start, empty the crème colour into the crème developer bottle - then shake until the two are mixed. Remove the top of the bottle and then apply.

        You are advised to part the hair into sections but I just ensured that all the brown parts were covered. This took about 10 minutes. I did clip my hair up after so that it didn't make my towel *too* mucky!

        The smell is pretty horrendous - bleachy and nasty but that is typical of all dyes and I don’t think this is worse than any other one I’ve tried.

        * Waiting time *

        Again, dependent on which application you are doing, if it’s a full head of hair then waiting time is 30 minutes but for regrowth it’s just 20 mins.

        After my 20 minutes are up, I then distributed the rest of the mixture over the ends of the hair. I didn’t have an awful lot left - less than a quarter of the bottle - but I wasn’t concerned as it does blend in easily and as I mentioned previously, the ends were very light anyway.

        The remaining dye is then left on another 10 minutes.

        * Shower time *

        When the time is up, then starts the tedious process of washing the dye off. It always goes everywhere and I haven’t managed to perfect the art of a clean bathroom just yet (make sure you get it all up the tiles, gawwww on, you know you want to!). Once the water starts to run clear then you know you’ve reached your goal and the dye is all down the plug hole. After that the instructions recommend that you shampoo your hair.

        * After care *

        You can then apply the intensive treatment conditioner. This is just a small sachet which should be left on for 2 minutes then washes out. I must admit I don’t always use this as I usually use a leave-in conditioner. I have curly hair and any other conditioner tends to make my hair sleek and smooth which just screams horror to me as it takes the curl out of my hair.

        Anyway .. whichever conditioner you decide to go with, you can then dry your hair as normal.

        * Result *

        From start to finish (including 20 minutes drying time) took about one hour and 15 minutes. Not bad for a whole new look!

        I hadn’t realised how brassy my hair had been - the red had all but gone and I was left with golden ends. After dyeing it my hair has gone back to its even red/brown colour and I love it! Think … Grace from Will and … yes Grace!

        * What I liked *

        I think the fact that you apply this on dry hair makes things *so* much easier. I have used dyes in the past where you have to wet your hair first. Speaking of my nearly black hair when it’s wet, this is a nightmare! You can’t see where you’re putting the dye as even a red dye is very dark when it’s applied. So from the very beginning this is easy to apply and the instructions are simple and easy to understand. There aren’t pages to wade through - there are just 2 sets to look at which are first time applications or regrowth.

        Also you don’t have to be too ‘precise’ with the application. I admit I’m fairly slapdash with it and don’t tend to worry too much about whether the underneath bits are done. I find it blends in really easily with my natural hair colour and as long as you stick to the times stated, you can’t really go wrong.

        Finally the price is right. OK so this doesn’t have a groovy young gal on the front of the box. But really why do we pay extra just because of the brand name or a well known celeb advertising it? I’m sure all the colours are very similar and frankly if I’m going to save 3 pounds every couple of months then I’m not going to complain. I admit I took a chance - I didn’t like the red colour when I tried ‘Nice and Easy’ but all I did with this Superdrug colour was lift the box up and take it over to my old brand and compared the colours on the back. They were almost identical and yet one was so much cheaper!

        * Overall *

        There are around 21 shades from light to dark to try in this range - seven in the blonde range alone. The back of the box will tell you which shade you will get when used on your natural hair colour.

        I am fairly pale and find that the Warm Copper Gold really lifts my colour and suits my complexion. I’m happy that I have found a cheap and cheerful colour that I really like. I’m always pleased with the result from this product and will continue to use it.

        I have to award it five stars. It’s quick and easy to apply and a new colour is very easy to achieve in a short time without spending a fortune. What more can you ask for?!

        * Points to consider *

        A strand test is recommended before application.

        Do not use anywhere near your eyes so don’t try dyeing your eyebrows/eyelashes or *ahem* any other body hair! (Eh?!).

        Always ensure any unused product is disposed of by diluting with water and pouring down the drain.

        Keep out of reach of kiddies.

        This dye contains Resorcinol, lanolin and hydrogen peroxide and has been tested under salon conditions. For a full list of ingredients please check underneath the box before purchasing.

        For more advice:

        Write to:

        Customer Relations Department
        Superdrug Stores plc
        Admail 838
        CR9 4WZ

        Thanks for reading!


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          13.03.2003 19:36
          Very helpful



          I have seasonal hair! It changes colour every few months just like the leaves on the trees (although it never goes green ? well very rarely anyway!) But unlike the leaves Mother Nature has very little to do with my seasonal variations! I tend to go with baby blonde in the summer when the sun gives me a helping hand, but recently I?ve been having slightly more sophisticated ?Buffy Blonde? highlights. I?ve been having them done in a salon, but since I?ve been a student this has seemed like unnecessary excess. So I decided, I?d do my own highlights. After all it looks easy enough when my hairdresser does it. And thus my tale of woe begins? I had a few hair dye disasters when I was younger, so I was understandably quite apprehensive about doing my own hair. The lady in Superdrug reliably informed me that formulations have improved drastically in recent years. Home hair dye is apparently now easy and hassle free. I purchased Superdrug?s own brand product ?Performance Permanent Colour? Highlights. The woman on the box had hair exactly the same colour as mine when I?ve just been to the hairdressers. Not that I?m so naïve as to think that the photo?s on hair dye boxes are accurate, but I thought with highlights it would be fine because its not as drastic as all over colour?How wrong I was!! I was quite impressed with the contents of the box. Superdrug own brand products are at the lower end of the pricing scale (£3.99 which was the cheapest kit available) and I therefore expected the bare basics, but I was pleasantly surprised. The box contains powder highlighter and developer and a mixing tray, a conditioning sachet, gloves, hat, and brush. The instruction leaflet that accompanies it is clear and comprehensive. The hat is really good quality made of thick plastic with ties for fastening it under the chin. (And as such could double up as a rain hat in an emergency).It is full of tiny holes for pulling through strands
          of hair for colouring. It looks totally ridiculous; so don?t expect to retain even a shed of dignity during this procedure. The gloves are also good quality. They are big and long, but didn?t slip about and I didn?t get any rogue dye on my arms. You get a little hook thing in the kit, like a crochet hook which I assumed was for pulling the hair through the holes in the hat, but it could have been to help pass the time in an arts and crafts sort of way whilst the dye was doing its job. Not being the world?s greatest crocheter I chose to use it for pulling my hair through the hat. It?s a job that takes the hairdresser no time at all, but it took me two hours!! Yes, two hours! It was so difficult to get the hang of. It isn?t painful, just fiddly and you end up looking like some sort of mad professor! The powder and developer mix up easily and when it was ready it has the consistency of grout mixed with butter cream (not that I have ever mixed grout with butter cream, I can?t imagine any scenario when I would have the need to either!) It contains peroxide but doesn?t have a really strong smell and unlike some other peroxide based products I?ve used it didn?t make my eyes stream. But remember it will strip the colour from towels, clothes and carpets so care should be taken when applying it. You apply it with a little brush and wait? Waiting time depends on how long your initial stand text indicated to leave the mixture on. I left it for the maximum time of 50 minutes. It didn?t feel at all uncomfortable. Then I came to wash it off? And I was stripy!! Very alarming! For some reason it was black and orange stripes!! I have no idea where the black bits came from; it hadn?t got any to start with! My hair also felt really dry and brittle. I had a few moments of panic trying to untangle it thinking it was going to snap off. But the conditioning sachet was brilliant and my hair felt really soft after I?d applie
          d it. But still the problem that I looked like I was advertising Frosties! A few tears later and common sense kicked in!! I had plenty of the original mixture left so I started again and reapplied and this time it was fine. Buffy eat your heart out!! This was a good product for the money although given the choice I wouldn?t put myself through the trauma again. Hairdressing is blatantly not my forte and I know when to quit!!


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            26.07.2001 20:16
            Very helpful



            I have a few grey hairs and like to hide that fact about myself! Of coarse its no secret now that I have revealed this about myself but I know you all can keep a secret:) In the past I have had some rather unpleasant experiences with hair dyes but I have found a very good hair colour at a very reasonable price. I discovered this when shopping for bargains and thought I check out Superdrug to see if they had anything worth buying. I saw Superdrug’s own make hair colour and it was only £3.99. Now I think that’s a bargain as some hair colours can cost £6.00 and over, which I think is extortion. So I selected my colour choice (Dark Brown) and headed for the checkout to pay for it. Rather pleased with the price but would it work! There was a good selection though, from light blonde right through to black. I'm sure you would be able to find one to suit suit you whatever your choice may be! The packaging is pretty basic, sort of a silver grey box with a picture of a model on it. Nothing startling but for that price who cares,lol. Hmmm it’s only cheap if it works so I put it to the test. THE BOX CONTAINED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50ml PERFORMANCE CRÈME DEVELOPER: 50ml PERFORMANCE CRÈME COLOUR: 1 SACHET OF AFTER COLOUR MOISTURISING SHAMPOO: 1 PAIR OF GLOVES: 1 CAPE (NOT LIKE BATMANS) INSTUCTION LEAFLET Right so on with the task at hand, reading the instruction leaflet I have a choice of whether to go for a full head application or a regrowth application. As I already have dyed hair I wished to go for the latter. This is recommended for: HAIR THAT IS ALREADY COLOURED. So off I go to the bathroom, I’ve squirted the crème colour into the crème developer and shaken thoroughly. Remove the little cap on the application bottle and have already combed my hair through so it won’t be painful to push the application nozzle through it, the instr
            uctions inform me that I should put it onto dry hair and that’s exactly what I do. APPLICATION ~~~~~~~~~~ Parting my hair into sections as I go I get as much onto my roots as possible and try not to get to much onto my face and ears like I usually do. If you put a little vaseline onto your forhead and around your ears it does help remove any colour that may stray. This smells quite foul like most hair dyes and I try not to get down wind of it as it really does make me feel queazy. The instruction’s say leave for 20 minutes and then add the rest of the colour to your hair, then comb through – if you’ve ever dyed your hair before you will know how difficult it is to comb hair with hair colour on it, but I trudged on and managed to get the stuff worked into my hair. I then left that for a further 10 mins. It didn't drip at all, which is always a bonus! RINSING AND FINISHING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the development time has finished rinse well or until water runs clear. Usually I find most hair colours tell you to apply a little water and massage the hair to help work the colour off your scalp but Superdrugs does not say this and so I didn’t bother. Apply the after colour moisturising shampoo and work into a lather – rinse thoroughly and dry and style your hair as normal. I found this shampoo really rich and got a really good lather on it, I massaged it in for about a minute but it didn’t say to do this in the instructions at all!! I forgot to mention that the gloves provided should be used when handling the hair colour, unless you fancy a nice pair of stained hands, ewww. I didn’t bother with the cape though as I tend to find they float all over and stick to the colour on your head and they end up really getting on my nerves. I just wear old clothes and if some colour does get on them then I stick them in the bin afterwards or keep th
            em for next touch up day:) MY VERDICT ~~~~~~~~ The colour result was very pleasing, very natural looking and not to dark like some brands – I like dark brown hair and when I buy a hair colour that’s what I expect, I don't expect to have black hair like I have experienced with a few hair colours. This delivered the goods for me and left my hair shiny and healthy looking. Of coarse it does contain Hydrogen Peroxide and has a tendency to dry out any-ones hair but if you condition regularly it won’t be a problem. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to all who need a little touch up in there grey area!! If I have left out any details then leave a comment and let me know and thanks for reading:))


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            Superdrug Performance Permanent hair colour, colours and conditions your hair with superb shine /

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