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Taya Copaiba Resin Volumizing Mud

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Brand: Taya / Type: Styling Product / What it does: volumizeses,

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2012 20:29
      Very helpful



      A fantastic hair styling product



      I've had quite long for a while now, a few years in fact, so apart from hairspray I haven't really needed much in the line of hair products apart from the odd blob of mousse now and again when I've had layers cut into my hair. On a recent visit to town I decided to get my hair trimmed which turned into getting an impromptu inverted bob with lots of layers.

      As I came out of the hairdressers I popped into Boots chemist which was conveniently situated opposite to stock up on some hair care items including wax and mousse to keep my hair looking like I'd 'just stepped out of a salon'.

      Having been disappointed at not being able to recreate the funky style I'd left with, my mum came to the rescue (good old mums!) and offered me a tub of something called Taya Hair Mud which is supposed to sculpt the hair without weighing down, worth a go I suppose (especially as it was free)..

      *~*What is it?*~*

      This particular product is called 'Copaiba Resin Volumizing Mud' and is part of the Taya I Am line of products. Who is Taya I hear you ask? Well, Taya products - pronounced like 'tyre' and meaning 'I Am' in Wayuu dialect apparently - are the brainchild of Venezuelan model Patricia Velasquez who decided after years of having 'harsh chemicals' (in her own words) applied to her hair and skin, wanted something more traditional and natural which is where the Taya story begins.

      According to the official website, the hair mud is formulated with Copaiba resin which is a fibrous binding sap that naturally leaks from the bark of the Copaiba tree and when used as a key ingredient it invisibly bonds to the hair cuticle and creates natural lift.

      The key ingredients in the hair mud are the Copaiba Resin, Yerba Mate and Coconut Oil.

      Taya products are all natural combinations of nuts, plants and berries and are free of Parabens, Sulphates, and Animal products as well as not being tested on animals either. The products reinforce ancient rainforest beauty traditions so I'm told by using botanical ingredients such as:

      *Cupuacu oil

      *Durabundi nut

      *Annato plant

      *Brazilian Acai berry

      *Buriti oil

      No I haven't heard of these either but they certainly sound exciting don't they?

      The products, as you may have guessed, are all completely natural and all the ingredients used in these ancient recipes are made from sustainable resources which is good to know.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      Price wise this doesn't come cheap and one 118 ml tub can cost in the region of nearly £20! My mum bought this when it was on a buy one get free offer, but still I think it's incredibly expensive for what it actually is. Availability wise, this can be ordered from various shopping TV channels and as my mum is an ardent card maker she frequents certain shopping channels to buy her materials and this is where she was 'drawn in' by seeing Taya products for sale shortly before her craft programme. Apart from ebay I haven't come across where else these products can be purchased, though as I didn't originally buy myself anyway I haven' really tried very hard at tracking the collection down.

      The mud comes presented in a reasonable sized plastic tub which tells us on the back that it is recyclable. The tub is in quite sedate colours of forest greens (apt really) and the logo is in a swirly pale yellow font, though there is little decoration apart from this. The tub itself is made from a frosted plastic which though has an opaque look it is still possible to see the product slightly and appears to be of a brown colouring. To access the mud there is a large screw top lid which is both easy to remove and replace and tightens securely enough to avoid any of the product spilling if the tub was dropped.

      *~*What products are available?*~*

      *Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Range:
      This range features shampoos, conditioners, leave in mist, intensive repair creme, intensive repair mask and repair oil.

      *Kinwa Grain collection:
      This just features one product so far which is an instant styler

      *Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection:
      This is a very popular collection across the pond and features shampoos, conditioners, leave in mist, thickening creme and hairspray.

      *Copaiba Resin Line:
      This collection features shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and hair mud.

      *~*What does it do & how to use*~*

      The volumizing hair mud is designed for flat, lifeless and limp hair and is designed to create an overall lift whilst giving plenty of volume. To use simply place a small amount onto fingertips and rub into the palms of your hands then apply through the hair from the root to tip. Style as required.

      It is the latter, the hair mud, that I have now been using for over 2 weeks so here are my thoughts on the product..

      *~*My experience of using this so far*~*

      On removing the lid from the tub I was met with a plastic seal which was easy enough to remove via the over hanging tag at the side. Once this was removed I could see that the hair mud was actually paler than it previously appeared whilst looking at it through the packaging. The colouring is actually a pale beige with a cream hue to it whilst the appearance gives the impression this is going to be a messy and sticky product to use due to the sheen of it.

      On actually scooping a tiny amount onto the tips of my fingers as instructed, I was met with the most wonderful aroma which consisted of an earthy/ mossy tone which overlapped with a delicate coconut essence and had the most divine smell imaginable.

      On applying to my hair I noticed that the hair mud had a very thick consistency and which the texture reminded me of a face mask, though not actually a mud mask - more the feel of a Montagne Jeunesse face mask to be specific.

      The hair mask feels thick whilst on my fingertips, though once I rubbed between my palms and smoothed through my hair it felt effortlessly light and not remotely sticky as I had anticipated. I found a tiny amount perfect to start with as I was able to give my shorter new hair lift and volume without applying too much and making it look a greasy mess.


      The less is more theory is definitely the case here as it only takes a very small amount to work wonders. Once the product had been applied throughout my hair I found it so easy to lift the roots creating a more 'bed head' type of style due to the short layers that were cut into my hair. The mud doesn't feel sticky when in my hair and it never feels 'wet' so doesn't dry either, nor does it feel sticky like a wax can.

      I apply this mainly to freshly washed hair first thing in a morning and find this is when it works best on my own hair as it is normally flat after blow drying. A small amount literally lasts all day, and though doesn't comb out, it also doesn't feel uncomfortable or make my hair feel dirty and in need of washing which I think is great. I wash my hair every second day so there is never a great deal of build up but even on day 2 my hair still feels and looks great and easy styles with minimum effort.


      I really like this product and I am intrigued at trying the other products in the range, though this would really have to depend on price as I couldn't normally afford such luxury just for my hair. The hair mud may actually seem very expensive but given the fact my mum received 2 for 1 it worked out at around £9 each and given the fact that such a tiny amount is needed for each application then it does actually work out quite economical in the long run as I have used this every day for two weeks and there isn't even a dent in the tub yet so I estimate it will last at least a year (yes really). When I think how little amount of time tubs of wax last which cost in the region of £3 to £5 then this does work out the better (and cheaper) option.

      The hair mud for me is ideal as it lifts my short choppy layers whilst holding, but with complete flexibility, yet at the same time it looks very natural and not as though it's obviosuly been sculpted. It styles perfectly, doesn't feel sticky or dries in the hair, is easy to use and smells simply beautiful - not to mention is an earth friendly product made from natural botanical ingredients.

      Need I say more?

      Top marks from me 5/5.


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