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Terax Original Crema Ultra Moisturising Daily Conditioner

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Brand: Terax / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Hair type: all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2009 11:19
      Very helpful



      Are you a hair abuser? This is the product for you!

      Given the amount of beauty products I own, you'd think I'd be someone who takes excellent care of my hair, with regular trims every 6 weeks, no excessive heat styling and using lots of high end hair care products. Sadly, I'm ashamed to admit that this would be a complete misconception: I haven't had my hair cut in nearly a year, I blast it with the straighteners every day, and it's lucky to get an intensive condition every now and again. As you can imagine, my very long and very thick hair is not in good condition, in fact it would be better described as very damaged.

      Terax's Crema is a well regarded conditioner, for all hair types, but especially suitable for very damaged hair and it claims to heal and restore split ends, breakage, dryness associated with chemical treatments and environmental damage (wind, sun, chlorine and sea salt deposits), as well as combat static electricity. Well, it's a fact that nothing is able to heal split ends, but if this product can help improve the way they look, then it's a winner with me! I received a free sample of this recently and was really very impressed with quite how well it worked on my hair.

      It is packaged in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid and comes in 3 sizes - a mini 60ml, 200ml, or 500ml. I like packaging like this for hair products as you can stand them in the shower, it's easy to squeeze out the amount you want and they tend to be easy to open with wet fingers.

      The conditioner is a white lotion, quite thick and feels lovely and silky if you rub your fingers together. Apparently it is scented with rice flower, shea, bergamot and juniper. Personally I couldn't smell any of these, to me it has a quite chemically smell and it's not actually very pleasant at all. To use, you can use as a normal conditioner - after shampooing, squeeze out any excess water and smooth the lotion through the hair and leave for a couple of minutes, or for an intensive treatment you can leave it on for up to 15 minutes before rinsing out. You do need to be careful to rinse this thoroughly as conditioners of this intensity can easily remain on the hair, leaving a film which could make it feel greasy.

      The effect this has on my hair is fabulous. A lot of conditioners seem to achieve a sleek effect on the hair by leaving a kind of coating on it, but this really seems to nourish it and after using it my normally frizzy, difficult to manage hair is shiny, smooth, tangle free and easy to style. It has a sheen to it that makes it look really healthy and the split ends, while obviously not repaired, are certainly less noticeable as my whole head of hair appears far less 'out of place' than normal., no flyaway hairs, no static, just smooth and sleek. My usual problem with conditioners that actually manage to have this effect on my hair is that they mean that my hair will become greasy much more quickly, but I was impressed that this didn't leave my scalp oily or weigh down my hair at all, and I had to wash it 2 days later, just as normal. I also found that despite being such an intensive conditioner, I can use it every time I wash my hair without any adverse effect. The only other product I've found that leaves my hair feeling as healthy and shiny as this is Kerastase's Masque Intense, which I can't use regularly or it weighs my hair down, it's a once in a while treat.
      Like most hair products that actually work, this isn't cheap - £7.50 for the 60ml sample, £15.50 for 200ml, or £33.50 for 500ml. Although this is expensive, it's comparable with other conditioners that I've actually been impressed with, but certainly worth investing in the small size to see if it works for you before shelling out for the larger one. I'm not sure I'll be shelling out myself for a while yet - however much I like it, I just don't see my hair as a massive priority, but if I have a spare bit a cash bobbing around it's certainly on the top of my list and may even save me a trip to the hairdressers for another few months!

      For me, this is a great conditioner, the only downside with it is the smell which I really don't like. Come on Terax, get your act together and scent it with something lovely and its perfect!


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      For All Hair Types

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