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Tesco Camomile & Lemon Shampoo

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2012 23:08
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      A good value shampoo

      Like most people I am always trying to reduce our weekly grocery bill and am willing to try new products in a bid to do so, most of which supermarket own brand or value ranges with many mixed results. A few weeks ago, when looking for shampoo, I noticed this Tesco own brand camomile and lemon shampoo priced at a very reasonable 92p for a 300ml bottle. I do not know whether this is a new product from Tesco or simply new packaging but I had never noticed this shampoo on the shelf before, and with an interest in the product and the price I knew it was worth trying.

      The bottle that this shampoo comes in is tall and slimline, more so than other shampoos on the shelf. As you can see from the picture at the top of the screen, the bottle is clear and since it is 'camomile and lemon' there is an yellow tinge to the shampoo which you can clearly see through the bottle. Below the printed name of the product, it states that this shampoo includes 'natural camomile and lemon extracts' and claims to rejuvenate and cleanse blonde hair. Now, I do not have blonde hair, I am brunette through and through, with the exception of some light blonde highlights, but to be totally truthful I didn't actually notice that it was for blonde hair, and didn't even realise until I looked at the bottle again before writing this review, so in other words, don't be put off if you don't have blonde hair, as you can use it regardless of hair colour.

      I was surprised when I used this shampoo, that there wasn't a huge scent off it, either as I washed my hair or afterwards. I had thought with the lemon that the scent would be quite strong, but not so, which may be good or bad news depending on whether you like scented shampoo. I find this shampoo is easy to get into a good lather on the hair, and easily washed out. I have no problem running a brush through my hair when wet after washing with this shampoo, which is always a positive sign in my eyes.

      Although it does nothing for volume, which is desperately need with my hair, I cannot fault it in that regards as it doesn;t make such claims. It claims to cleanse, which is does well, and rejuvenate, which I think it does, in that it leaves my hair feeling and looking to good condition. Even after using it in the morning, my hair still feels silky soft at night.

      For 92p I feel this is a very good value shampoo. I think the packaging makes the product look good on your shelf, and makes it look more like a premium brand than a supermarket own, and we all know that everyone is swayed by packaging, whether they like it or not. For 92p you get a shampoo that cleans you hair well, and leaves it soft and silky, and for that price, I don't think you can expect any more.


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