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Tesco Fruit Infusions Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Infusion

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    2 Reviews
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      29.03.2009 20:32
      Very helpful



      Nice cheap alternative

      What is it?

      This is a Tesco conditioner, advertised for dry or damaged hair. This particular one is a pomegranate and wild berry type, even though I didn't know that until now! This one is aimed at people with dry and damaged hair, so it's perfect for me.
      It also comes with a shampoo.


      It is 300ml and a typical shaped hair product bottle. It has a simple design with a photo of pomegranate and wild berries to decorate it. At the top it makes it clear it is a Tesco brand, and at the bottom it tells you it's for Dry and Damaged hair.
      The back tells you the obvious directions for use, and warnings about not getting it into your eyes.
      After the ingredients it tells you if you do not like the product they are happy to replace and refund it for you. However, I'd be scared to go into my local Tesco, they ain't a happy bunch.


      It has a nice smell. It sort of reminds me of my Nan's house, it's a kind of powdery, fruity, perfumey, sweet type of smell. It's not too strong, but it is a pleasant smell.


      This is such a reasonably priced product, at 50p it is a real bargain. It is a cheap alternative to some of the really over priced hair products, and I think it works just as well as those more well known hair brands. I remember being very satisfied when I bought this.

      My opinions during and after use

      During washing my hair I remember first noticing how my hair felt soft after I rinsed it out, and this is always a great sign. Sometimes you just know if a product is going to make your hair feel soft.
      My hair tends to be knotty after I wash it so I was worried a cheap conditioner wasn't going to make it any easier. However, the brush (yes I know I should use a comb) just slipped easily through my now soft and silky hair.
      I straighten my hair regularly and so it is obviously dry and damaged, this product really gave it a bit of life back and made it feel and smell lovely. After drying and straightening my hair I noticed I didn't really get static at all which is a great bonus.
      I had a lovely sweet smell from my hair too which to be honest I wasn't really expecting with this cheap product. It didn't last until I needed to wash my hair again though.

      I highly recommend this if you are watching your wallet and still want to pamper your hair, it made it feel great, especially knowing how cheap it is.
      On the back it says: Infused with extracts of promegranate and wild berry it will help moisturise and nourish your hair leaving it feeling soft, silky and beautiful.
      I definitely feel this is a true statement.

      Contact them

      Tesco Stores Ltd.,
      Cheshunt EN8 9SL, U.K.
      0800 50 55 55, Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm.

      Shop on-line at

      I recommend this!


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      04.02.2008 15:06
      Very helpful



      As good as Herbal Essences

      The newest product which I have tried and tested is the Tesco Value Fruit Infusions shampoo and conditioner. The Fruit Infusions shampoo and conditioner reminds me of the Herbal Essences range because of the similar packaging and the fruity smells.

      The conditioner is sold in a 300ml clear plastic bottle which looks very similar to that of the matching shampoo; the only visible difference is that the conditioner looks very thick and creamy inside the bottle where as the shampoo is a clear coloured liquid. The bottle which the conditioner is packaged inside is made of clear squeezable plastic which has a flip style lid on top.

      On the front of the conditioner bottle it tells us that this conditioner best suited to dry/damaged hair types and that the conditioner had a wild berry and pomegranate fragrance. The back of the bottle tells us all the ingredients which are used to make the conditioner, and there are instructions telling us how to use the conditioner in order to achieve best results. "Gently massage into your hair and scalp leave for a minute and rinse off. For best results use the matching shampoo"

      The conditioner is a light baby pink colour and has a medium consistency, the conditioner is a lot thinner than the Herbal Essences one. When I am using the conditioner I have to use quite a lot of it inorder to detangle my hair. I have to use twice as much conditioner as I do shampoo, with this particular conditioner I have to use two blobs the size of a fifty pence piece. I leave all conditioners on my hair for three minutes before I wash them off so as they have time to soak into my hair and condition it.

      The conditioner washed off my hair very easily and quickly and made it feel really soft and silky smooth. I was quite surprised with the conditioner because it didn't leave any tangles what so ever in my hair. Quite a lot of cheap conditioners leave my hair feeling really tangled and greasy but I didn't have any of these problems with this one.

      Once my hair was dried it looked very shiny and glossy and felt silky smooth and soft. The conditioner smells gorgeous, almost as fruity as Herbal Essences does. I couldn't really detect the scent of pomegranate, what I did smell was the scent of berries. The berry fragrance is really summery and refreshing and smells good enough to eat; it smells like a blend of strawberries and raspberries. After I had washed my hair the fragrance lingered in my hair all day, giving it a light fruity feminine scent which didn't smell too artificial or overpowering.

      I used the Fruit Infusions shampoo and conditioner every day and in this time I didn't get a dry flaky itchy scalp. I only experienced one problem which was a tiny bit of frizz which was soon sorted out with the help of my GHD's.

      I think that this is a great alternative to Herbal Essences, because it smells as good and it is a lot cheaper to buy. However I like Herbal Essences Passion Flower Shampoo too much so I won't be replacing Herbal Essences with this shampoo any time soon.

      At only 49 pence for a 300ml bottle this is a real bargain, considering most shampoos cost well over £2 for a 200ml bottle.

      For more information on Tesco or any of their products their website address is www.tesco.com

      © Buttefly-Wings

      **written by me and posted on the other side too**


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