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The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Hair Mask

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Brand: Body Shop / Texture: Fluid / Type: Hair Mask / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes / Quality Standard: Organic

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    5 Reviews
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      09.06.2012 12:12



      A great hair treatment from The Body Shop

      This is a great treatment for dry hair.

      I use this mask in two ways. I either use it on damp towel dried hair or smooth it onto dry hair after styling.

      The mask smells GORGEOUS. It has a lovely sweet scent to it that just smells really yummy and inviting.

      The mask is easy to apply. Applying it to damp hair is really easy. Simply rub the mask into your damp hair and leave it on your hair for a few minutes to let it fully soak in. I wrap my hair in a warm towel whilst the mask is on my hair, giving it more time to work. After rinsing the mask of my hair feels soft and super shiny. Plus the gorgeous sweet scent lingers on my hair after use. The mask doesn't leave any residue in your hair after use either, which is a bonus. You can also leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

      Applying the mask onto dry hair works a treat too. I style my hair as desired first and then I apply this afterwards. I simply dip my fingers into the pot and massage the mask onto my dry hair. The mask helps to smooth the cuticles of my hair and it also helps to mend split ends. The mask really is great for dry hair as it adds moisture to the hair, leaving it easier to manage without any "flyaway" bits. It takes away the dry "straw like" feeling that you get with dry hair.

      I would recommend this mask to people with dry and/ or coloured hair. It works a treat!


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      03.06.2010 11:17
      Very helpful
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      Worth a try!

      I colour my hair quite a bit usually highlights so my hair tends to go quite dry. I was looking for a product to help mantain the shine and moisture in my hair and came across this product on The Body Shop website.

      I usually use a conditioning treatment that you apply after you have washed your hair. However with this you damp the hair and comb through before washing the hair and leave for 15 minutes or depending on your hairs condition you can wrap your hair in a head towel and leave the product on over night. After rinse out and wash and condition as normal.

      The treatment states to restore and strenghthen dry/damaged or chemically treated hair and tp help reduce breakage, prevent damage from heat styling.

      The product contains Community trade Brazil nut, Olive and Sesame oils which add gloss.

      Wheat and brazil nut amino acides which penatrate the hair shaft to add moisture and improve manageability.

      I bought the product for £8 and this is for a 200ml tub. The treatment is quite thick so you do not need to use a lot and it comes with a strong smell of coconutty nuts! The smell actaully reminded me a bit of the sanctuary products, for those that have smelt this.

      The only problem I found was that as you apply to prewashed damp hair when trying to comb it my hair got quite tangeled as it is long and did not make my hair instantly smooth when trying to run the comb through.

      After applying the product I put my hair up and left for a few hours (i think next time Im going to try leaving it on over night as the directions state you can do). When I washed the product out of my hair I could instantly feel the softness. I then washed and conditioned my hair as normal.

      End Result: My Hair felt a lot more manageable and smoother and the dry parts of my hair that I usually notice were a lot more shiner and I could tell by just looking at it the extra moisture in my hair! The smell however I could not notice that much. I think as you wash your hair after this takes it away.

      Overall a good product which I would recommend!

      Im going to give this 4 out of 5 doo yoo stars, taking the one off as I find the product does not comb through my hair as easy as some other conditioning treatments I have previously used!


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        27.01.2010 19:40
        Very helpful
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        The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Hair Mask.

        I like to change my hair a lot. The cut, length and colour all change on a regular basis which means that very often if I dont take proper care of it, all that change leaves me with split ends and leaves my hair looking proper dry and straw like so Im always on the lookout for the latest and greatest hair care products that claim to help hair like mine. Im always just window shopping in The Bodyshop because to be honest half the time I cant actually afford to buy anything from there but when I saw this particular product on offer there I knew I wasnt going to be able to resist buying it! I love any of the "Brazil Nut" range from this shop and Im never without one of this "flavours" body butter so I thought if this smells just as nice and works half as well as the body butter does then it will be money well spent, and Im happy to say I was right in thinking that!

        I made sure that I was available (because of my jam packed schedule!! haha) that night because I really wanted to try this out and see if it would work so that night I decided to ahve a "me" night you know with face masks and a glass of wine and really pamper myself and give me a good excuse to try this out on my dry hair.

        The tub says for best results you should use this on damp hair so I washed and conditioned my hair like normal before I applied this mask and waited for my hair to dry a little bit before I put it on.
        The consistency of this cream is a lot like conditioner but a tiny but runnier which means it goes through your hair quite well and coats it more or less evenly straight away. I did run a comb through my hair after I put this on just to make sure every bit of hair was coated properly and I think that helped a lot so I would recommend doing it like that.

        Once you have coated all your hair with this cream you are advised to put a shower cap or something along those lines on top of your hair so the cream doesnt go everywhere but I just used a pair of old tights which I reckon was just as effective and then you simply leave this on your head for 15 minutes. I tend to leave it a little bit longer (around half an hour) because I have the opinion that the longer you leave something on the better the results.

        Getting It Off:
        After the 15 minutes (or however long you choose to leave it) you simply rinse this off with warm water exactly the same way you would when washing out shampoo or conditioner. So getting it off is pretty simple.

        The Results:
        As soon as I washed this out of my hair I could feel how soft it was and when I brushed through it there were no knots whatsoever which when you ahve quite long hair like mine really is a miracle! I noticed the gorgeous smell of this cream straight away it is exactly like the body butter of the same flavour and has a really strong but really nice scent of cocoa butter which lingered on my hair for days afterwards even after I blow dried and styled it which usually makes any scents on my hair disappear.

        If found that my hair was really soft and manageable after I had washed this out and not only did it feel and smell amazing it also looked a lot better as well. I was getting comments on how shiny and full bodied my hair looked all night after I had used this and I could even see the difference in the appearance of my hair after I had styled it like normal.

        Now I dont think this actually made a real difference in helping and healing those pesky split ends it just made them less noticeable for a few days. Then again I didnt expect this to magically heal my dry hair this is an excellent cream, but it doesnt work miracles!

        Overall Opinion:
        I will definitely be using this again and I highly recommend that everyone else tries it out as well because it does work absolute wonders for hair that lacks a bit of lustre every now and again. People who are thinking that this cream will magically help and repair all your split ends are very wrong because it wont. But for a good few days after you have used it it will make your hair appear shinier, more full bodied and really soft. Not to mention it smells pretty great as well. However if you dont like the smell of The Bodyshop's Brazil Nut Body Butter then you will not like this either because the do smell exactly the same.

        Its not a miracle cream, but it does work wonders.

        A 200ml tub of this hair mask will cost you around £8 from The Bodyshop stores and online on their website which is great value for money I reckon.

        Thanks For Reading

        x-0 Salz x-0


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          17.01.2010 12:40
          Very helpful



          Well worth buying

          The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Hair Mask.

          Description: Manufacturer: Body Shop / Type: Hair Mask / Give dry or chemically treated hair some tender-loving care with this moisture-rich potion. With Community Trade Brazil nut oil, sesame oil, and organic olive oil, plus honey to bring back softness and shine.


          I have blond hair which I regularly have highlights put through so as you can probably imagine, my hair tends to be a little dry if I don't use treatments to help it stay hydrated. I absolutely love the scent of the Body Shops Brazil nut products and use them regularly.

          It is quite hard to describe the fragrance of this product because the scent is quite distinctive to Brazil nut. If you know what that smells like then you will immediately know what I am talking about! It has undertones of cocoa butter and shea butter and a smell which is a little similar to candyfloss or burnt sugar. It is very sweet and quite a strong fragrance so might not be the best product for someone who prefers something more less heady.

          This product is designed for dry or chemically treated hair, so is ideal for my hair type. It aims to hydrate and moisturises hair while bringing back shine. It comes in a 200ml white plastic tub with a screw off lid and will cost you £8. It is very thick and you don't need to use too much each time, so it lasts well even if it seems a little expensive and is worth the money in my opinion.

          To use, you simply apply to damp hair, wrap in a towel or shower cap (a good tip if you don't have a shower cap is to use a plastic bag or some cling film - just don't answer the door as you are likely to get some very strange looks!) and leave for fifteen minutes. The product goes on easily and quickly smooths into hair.

          Once the time is up, you just rinse the product off then shampoo as normal. I always find that my hair feels soft and silky after using, and very easy to manage.

          Once my hair is dried, it feels softer and very smooth. It is also very shiny and there is a noticeable difference to both the feel and the appearance. I am prone to static in my hair and this product is excellent for reducing that and making my hair look great.

          Ingredients are as follows (taken from the Body Shop website);

          Aqua (Water) (Solvent/Diluent), Sesamum indicum (Sesame Oil) (Emollient), Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Bertholletia excelsa (Brazil Nut Oil) (Emollient), Stearic Acid (Emulsifier), Lanolin (Emollient), Olea europaea (Olive Oil) (Emollient), Ceteareth-20 (Emulsifier), Amodimethicone (Hair Conditioning Agent), Glycerin (Humectant), Mel (Honey (Mel)) (Natural Additive), Parfum (Fragrance), Propylene Glycol (Humectant), Steartrimonium Methosulfate (Antistatic Agent), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Methylparaben (Preservative), Isopropyl Alcohol (Solvent), Aminomethyl Propanol (pH Adjuster), Propylparaben (Preservative), Wheat Amino Acids (Hair Conditioning Agent), Sodium Chloride (Salt) (Viscosity Modifier), Cetrimonium Chloride (Hair Conditioner), Trideceth-12 (Surfactant), Disodium EDTA (Chelating Agent), Tocopherol (Antioxidant), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

          In summary, this is an excellent product which makes my hair appear softer, smoother and shinier. It is easy to use and has a fantastic fragrance which lasts well after drying my hair, so that my hair also smells great. If you have dry or colour treated hair then this is something that you should definitely try.


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            08.08.2008 08:47
            Very helpful



            I cannot recommend this highly enough, if you have dry hair give it a go!

            My hair is like a yoyo, long, short, long, short, it is how I have always been. I am one of those people that can never make their mind up and gets easily bored, well when it come to my hair anyway. I always just think 'oh well, if I don't like it I can just grow it out.' That is a dangerous way of thinking when someone has clippers out let me tell you! Yes, I did! I had long hair, half way down my back and in a fit of boredom shaved it all off! That was a long time ago now but the point stands.

            I am currently growing my hair out of being short, it is now like a very layered chin length bob. Where I am trying to grow it I am completely against the idea of getting it cut too often as I want the length and when I get it cut I will inevitably end up losing it. I am getting to the point where I am going to have to give in to it though as the ends of my hair are very dry and are starting to look awful.

            I bought this hair mask as a birthday gift for someone but bought too much in general and changed what I am planning to give her (don't worry I am not depriving her) and decided to keep this for my poor tired looking hair.

            I have used a couple of hair masks before and some have been better than others. The last one I used (and bought several times but can no longer get) is The Strokes from Lush. I loved that mask and so didn't think I would end up being too pleased with this one.

            This comes in a nice big tub of 200ml, it has a screw top lid and the packaging is nothing special, but who cares about the exterior it is what is inside that I am interested in.

            The mask is like extremely thick cream, stiff enough to keep its shape and not wobble about when you move the tub, you can even turn it upside down and none will fall out. Cream coloured and beautifully scented. All it smells of is, as you would expect the Brazil Nuts but also of Sesame oil, as that is another of the main ingredients. The scent is not overpowering or in any way unpleasant, I actually love it!

            It contains Brazil nut oil, Sesame oil, organic Olive oil and honey. This is for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair so is perfect for my frazzled ends.

            The directions on the tub are to apply it to damp hair and leave for fifteen minutes or if you can even overnight, and say to wrap it in a towel or cap. I wet my hair over the bath with the showerhead and towelled it dry, then applied the mask in front of a mirror so I could see what I was doing.

            Applying it was easy, I just kept scooping out blobs using my finger tips and smoothed it down the lengths of my hair and especially the dry ends that I wanted so desperately to help. As the mask comes into contact with wet hair it smoothes in easily and must mix with the water making it far thinner. You don't need too much of this to cover the lengths and ends, a similar amount to when using a regular conditioner.

            From what I used on my chin length, thick hair I would expect to get about ten to twelve uses from this pot so am pleased with it from that point of view, that said if I had longer hair I would have used a bit more so would expect someone with shoulder length, average thickness hair to probably get about eight or nine uses per tub.

            I left this mask on for about three hours while getting on with things around the house. I kept a towel on my head and even from under that towel the scent was constantly noticeable.

            I rinsed this out over the bath again, I rinsed well and then shampooed as stated in the instructions, actually I shampooed twice, I like to know my hair is properly clean and as this mask contains oils if you do not wash it out well you will find that your hair feels greasy. The instructions actually say to shampoo and condition as normal, I didn't use a conditioner, as I wanted to see the results of just using this.

            I towelled dried and brushed it straight away, yes I know, you shouldn't brush wet hair! There were basically NO knots! I was astounded by how silky it felt, the difference was unbelievable. Usually after washing and towel drying my hair it resembles something similar to a birds nest and brushing it is not a nice experience, not this time!

            I left my hair to dry naturally as I was in no hurry, I prefer to avoid heat styling as much as possible as I know my GHD habit is not good for the ends and so keep it to a minimum, good job I work from home so don't have to get done up for work.

            Once my hair was dry I could see and feel just how much of a difference this product had really made. My hair was more shiny than usual, which in turn made it look less dry and far healthier. As for how it felt, it was gorgeous, like silk! I couldn't stop touching it!

            All day I had a slight hint of that nutty scent following me round. The scent lingered even after washing it all out!

            The next day my hair still felt amazing and the results lasted.

            The only real negative I have is this, the length of time between shampoos after using this is shorter because my hair looks greasier more quickly, to have softer healthier looking hair this is a sacrifice I am willing to make!

            Even after washing my hair for a second time without using this again I still noticed a difference. Although it isn't quite as soft it is still better than before.

            This is expensive when you think about cheaper products that are on the market but the results are absolutely amazing and well worth every penny! At £8.00 it is far from cheap and so I am sure that will instantly put some people off but give it a try but check that you like the scent first!

            I can definitely see me using this about once a week or so to keep my hair feeling and looking better. The results surpassed any expectations I may have had which is always a good thing! I am now glad that Lush has stopped making The Strokes as I have found a better hair mask and wouldn't have even looked at this if my old favourite was still available!

            This would be ideal for anyone with frizzy hair too.

            The Body Shop also do another hair mask, Poppy Seed Reviving Hair Mask. This is the same size and price and is for lacklustre hair and is used more as a conditioner rather than a mask from what the instructions on the website say.

            The Body Shop is involved with many charities and foundations, information on these can be found through links on their website. None of their products are tested on animals. They also run their own version of fair trade, which they call community trade, they pay fair prices to farmers of the ingredients they buy. Details of their community trade programme can also be found on their website.

            The website is very user friendly and means not only can you buy online (good P&P charges and fast delivery) but you can also find out more about their products and find out where your local store is situated.


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        • Product Details

          Give dry or chemically treated hair some tender-loving care with this moisture-rich potion / With Community Trade brazil nut oil, sesame oil, and organic olive oil, plus honey to bring back softness and shine /

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