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The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

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Brand: Grapeseed Glossing Serum / Cremes / Type: Hair Serum / Subcategory: Gloss

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2012 20:26
      Very helpful



      A lovely serum to leave you with glossy, healthy looking locks

      My hair can appear dull because I straighten, dry and dye it so much. I like it to have a lot of shine and although I often using shampoos and conditioner which promise to make my locks shine, sometime it still needs a bit of extra help. And for this reason, I purchased the Grapeseed Glossing Serum by The Body Shop.

      What does the product do?
      The product has been designed in order to smooth the cuticles of the hair and to give it a glossy shine leaving it looking healthier and in a better condition. It contains a whole host of natural ingredients to help it do this job including of course, Grapeseed Oil. It has been specifically designed for dry and frizzy hair.

      How do you use the product?
      You need to dispense a very small amount of the product onto your fingertips and then smooth it through hair which has been towel dried, concentrating on the lengths and the ends, and avoiding the roots. According to The Body Shop, less is more with this product.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within a small plastic bottle which has a label on it displaying some extra information about the serum. It has a pump dispenser which you push down on in order to release the serum and there is a clear lid to stop the product from being dispensed in your handbag. The product can be bought from around £7, either from your local Body Shop or from its online website.

      Aroma and Consistency
      The product has a clear colour and it has the consistency of an oil so it does feel quite greasy on the fingers. The smell isn't altogether pleasant and it is quite fruity but with some other smell mixed in that I can't quite put my finger on but that I don't like. The smell doesn't translate to the hair and it actually becomes quite lemony on the hair.

      Application and Performance
      You only need to use the tiniest amount of this product because if you do go over the top, you're hair will just look greasy. If you have tight curly hair, I think you probably could also use this on your dry hair but I would only use it on my damp hair. The product does make your fingers feel greasy but this doesn't appear on the hair. It is easy to smooth onto the hair. One pump is more than enough on my shoulder length hair and although it is tempting to use more, you will regret this once your hair is dry. When my hair is dry, it does seem to have a nicer shine to it and it does feel rather smooth and soft. It manages to remain light on the hair so it doesn't weigh down my hair and make it look flat and lacking in volume. It was still easy to brush when I had the product on my hair and it didn't make my hair feel sticky and become tangled.

      This is a really good product that makes the hair glossy, soft and smooth without weighing the hair down or making it look greasy. As long as you use the product in moderation, it should make a nice improvement to your looks. Although the product is quite pricey you use such a very small amount of the serum each time that this bottle will last forever and should the day come where I manage to use it all then I would gladly repurchase the product. This is a lovely product from The Body Shop.


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      19.03.2010 09:27
      Very helpful



      If you see it, buy it!

      Why I chose this product?

      I was sick of seeing a work colleague with hair that looked super shiny, felt like silk and had no fly away or split ends. I like many others were super envious and very jealous. I finally plucked up the courage and asked her what her secret was .....

      What is The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum?

      This serum is specificially designed and formulated to give a super shiny gloss to your hair, leave it feeling silky soft and helping to put moisture back into the hair to prevent dry and split ends. If used on damp hair it also helps combat fly away hairs.

      How to use

      I use one squirt of the serum and rub on both of my palms of my hands. I then apply it lightly to damp hair running from just below my roots to the ends of my hair. I make sure i do not apply too much as it will look greasy rather than shiny if too much product gets clogged onto hair. It's very easy to use once you had a try. I make sure all hair is covered, then use less on the top of my head and fringe which are both most visible, therefore I want them looking shiny and soft and not greasy.

      You can also use the serum on dry hair however you must use a LOT less again as it will look greasy. This is due to damp hair being able to absorb some of the serum whereas dry hair will only be coated in the serum. I use a tiny ammount and rub on palms as usual then I lightly brush over the top of my head from use below root to the ends. This will give it a super gloss.

      I don;t use on soaking wet hair as I find it doesn't have the same effect.

      Price and location

      One 75ml bottle costs £7.00, with 10% discount to Love Your Body Members (see my review for full details). One bottle will lasts months so it is really good value and is more or less the same price as top hair salon brands like Charles Worthington or Tigi.

      What does it contain?

      Grape seed oil is very rich in essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help to protect the hair shaft from moisture loss by coating it, which also helps to smooth the hair. This is combined with Sesame Oil which adds moisture to the hair and helps condition it, making it easy to comb and adding non-greasy shine. It contains a high performance formulation with special oils which do not cause build up on the hair.

      My opinion

      I love this product. It smells slightly citrusy and very fresh, not synthetic at all. The pump action bottle makes it easy to use as I always stick with one squirt for my medium length fine hair, use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. I love the smell when it hits your hand. It is so easy to use and my hair is always super glossy, not greasy and feels like silk. It makes it easy to comb as it seems to detangle my hair and it does smell nice all day. It helps to reduce the ammount of split ends and fly away hairs too. It washes out like a dream too. It's not tested on animals and comes in a plastic bottle which can be recycled.


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