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The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner

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Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Conditioner

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    5 Reviews
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      12.08.2012 17:59
      Very helpful



      A fantastic smelling conditioner from The Body Shop.

      When it comes to Body Shop products I seem to have tried lots recently. Partly because of in store special offers and partly because of online special offers. Last week I received a £15.00 off a £30.00 spend voucher and by paying £2.99 for delivery I was able to receive 5 £6.00 gift sets towards Christmas presents and I also received a free balance conditioner, the 60ml variety which would normally cost £2.00. In all I received £32.00 worth of items delivered promptly for just £17.99 and was very pleased!

      This conditioner is one that I have been using at the gym now for about 8 or 9 days and in this time I've used the entire 60ml bottle over 4 or 5 washes. As soon as I opened the conditioner for the first time I was impressed with the lovely fresh, clean smell and was really pleased that I had selected this one over the other conditioners that were on offer. It is difficult, like with many products, to put a particular scent to this conditioner but I would say that it is a little fruity but it isn't floral or over the top, just a lovely clean scent that works very well.

      I have not been using this conditioner with the balance shampoo but have instead been using it with a Tesco coconut shampoo (review available on this site) that I received from my neighbour and needed to use up. The shampoo is cheap and quite thin and so this conditioner has been necessary to keep my hair in tip top condition at all times.

      Because of the small bottle that I received this conditioner in I have been struggling slightly to get all of the conditioner out. What I have found the best option to do is get myself ready for my workout, stand the conditioner upside down in my locker and then when I have finished my workout and I am having a shower, or after my swim, I can then grab my shampoo and this conditioner and make sure that the conditioner is waiting when I remove the top off this. This does have a flip top lid but I have found that this conditioner comes out better if I just remove this and then shake it up and down a few times rigorously and empty it out in to the palm of my hand. The packaging is not the sort that you can squeeze and this is the only way that I can really use these conditioners in their small form. In all I have found that a lot of effort is involved just to get out conditioner, however because this was free I could overlook that but I'd be annoyed to pay two pounds for this tiny bottle only to find that it doesn't work well!

      A small handful of this conditioner does go quite a long way and it is simple to run it through my hair right down to the ends. I have found this quite reasonable and because I've been using a little more than I did with the previous conditioner I have got through this bottle a little faster, however, it has been necessary because my hair has been in quite poor condition after dyeing and stripping too.

      Overall I am really pleased with the quality of this conditioner. My greasy roots have been improved since I began using Body Shop conditioners and this one is no exception. I can go two full days without having to wash my hair now without it being lank and greasy and this is a great improvement for my hair when I've used different conditioners in the past. My hair is less oily and greasy in general now and I can get a fantastic style out of it even without using loads of products because it is smooth and manageable. My hair is also very simple to brush after using this too and in general I am really pleased with the quality of this conditioner and would happily select it as my free gift again or purchase a larger bottle when on special offer. Despite the rubbish hard plastic bottle I am going to give this 4 out of 5 stars.


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      07.06.2012 14:27
      Very helpful



      Overall, I am really quite disappointed with this product and I will not be buying it again!

      The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner

      I bought this conditioner in a body shop sale a few months ago and I bought the small mini/travel size version as I haven't really tried any of the body shop hair care (expect for the olive shampoo which is ok) and I am glad that I didn't purchase the full size.

      - Product description (from the body shop UK site)

      "Lightly conditions to reduce excess oil for hair that looks clean and fresh all day without weighing it down. Contains pracaxi oil, white nettle, and seaweed and Community Trade aloe vera. No silicones, no parabens and no colourants. For oily hair."

      - About the product

      I purchased the small 60ml or 2 us FL oz. bottle, which was just over £1 I think. There are also 200ml and 400ml bottles available to purchase on the body shop UK website. The bottle is not clear/see through like most of the body shop product which means that you cannot see how much you have left. This conditioner does not contain silicones, colourants or parabens which is fantastic! The conditioner also meets the body shops eco standards.

      - Scent

      The scent of body shop products is one of the main reasons I usually buy their products; for example, the moringa range smells divine as does the passion fruit, strawberry and brazil nut body butters. But this conditioner does not smell nice at all, in my opinion, as it smells like a mixture of plastic and a chlorinated swimming pool! The scent really does smell like chlorine in swimming pools and the plastic scent may be from the conditioner but overall it smells fairly unpleasant which is not like body shop products. Overall I would rate the scent 1/5!

      - Using the product

      The first thing I notice about the conditioner, apart from the plastic/chlorine scent, is the consistency of the conditioner. The consistency is very thick, unlike any other conditioner I have used and I thought that it would be difficult to apply to my hair but when rubbed between my hands the conditioner become really runny and slightly oily feelings on my hands. Almost as soon as I apply this conditioner to my hair, my hair seems to absorb it completely leaving my hair feeling dry, tangled and not conditioned at all. So I end up using a lot of this conditioner (and I use a lot of conditioner anyway as my hair is dry at the ends and really long so it is prone to tangles) at a time to make my hair feel somewhat conditioned and smooth. I hate the way this conditioner feels in my hair as it makes my hair feel a bit waxy, slightly tangled and not conditioned at all! Rinsing this product out is the nicest part of using this conditioner and it rinses out of my hair fairly quickly and easily. Overall, using this product is not very nice - I don't like how it makes my hair feel once applied and when rinsed out and it smells horrible, in my opinion.

      - Results

      The positives results of this product are very few such as, this conditioner does not really weigh my hair down and I did find that it reduced the oily/greasy feeling my hair can get at the roots. These are the only two positives results I can think of for this product, the negatives are as follows: the scent is horrible and it does stay in my hair to an extent, my hair does not feel very conditioned at all after using this, it does not help with tangles and I have to use a lot of conditioner to make my hair feel somewhat smooth and soft. Overall I really don't like this product and the negatives far outweigh the positives and I will not be buying this again and I do not recommend it.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this in a body shop sale/offer (which is on now I think) and it was priced at just over £1 which I think is good and I like that the body shop have the travel size versions as they would obviously be great for travelling but they are also great for trying out new products as well. This conditioner is available in 60ml bottles for £1.20, 250ml bottles for £2.40 and 400ml bottles for 3.60, which I think is fantastic value.



      *Easy to use and rinse out - although it is not nice to use at all
      *Travel size bottle available and inexpensive
      *Does help with oil control to an extent


      *Not conditioning enough even when I use a lot of the conditioner
      *Does not help with tangles
      *Scent is horrible - like plastic and chlorine

      Thank you for reading my review


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        09.06.2011 08:27
        Very helpful




        This is the matching Conditioner to the Shampoo that I have recently written about. I like to use my products in matching pairs, but since Shampoo's go down quicker than Conditoners then sometimes it's a case of mix and match. Although they do say that it is better to use matching Shampoo and Conditioner i'm not really sure that this is always the thing that you have to do.

        The reason I bought this is that my friend was having a Body Shop party, I wanted to support her and buy something, so I decided to try the Shampoo and Conditioner. I had never tried their Haircare range before but am a fan of the other products from the brand.

        I got this in a 250ml bottle and this cost me £4. I know you can often get Body Shop products in 60ml bottles which will allow you to try the product at a cheaper price, but I don't know if this is available in this size.

        The Balance range is for Oily Hair which is the hair type I have. The Rainforest range is available in all different Hair types.

        The bottle looks like the picture. It looks alright. It is quite a slimline bottle which makes it stand a bit taller.

        This is quite a thick Cream and I had to squeeze the bottle a bit to get a blob of this out. Didn't have to squeeze too hard though.

        The scent of this is the Same as the Shampoo. The ingredients are Aloe Vera, Nettle and Oil from the Pracaxi Tree (whatever that is). So not a nice fruity smelling product anyway, but it smells quite fresh and natural.

        A little blob of this thick Cream covers a large enough surface of your Hair and rinses off easy enough as well. Afterwards my Hair felt nice and soft, and once dried it looked soft and shiny. This seems to keep the Oil away well and although I am only about a third of the way through the bottle I will be buying this again.

        A good product from a good brand.


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        16.02.2011 13:15
        Very helpful



        highly recommended

        I'm luck enough to have have 2 lovely daughters who love to buy different hair products which gives me the opportunity to try them out without having to traipse round the shops, often wasting time and money.

        I must have tried hundreds of different conditioners over the years but have only found a few which I really liked (2 which are no longer made in the UK) so I was not expecting a great deal from this Bodyshop product. However, I was wrong to be sceptical because it's one of the best conditioners I've ever used. So much so that I'll be buying my own from now on!

        The one in our bathroom is 400ml and costs around £6 per bottle but it is also available in 60ml (good for travelling) at around £2 plus 250ml for approximately £4. This is more than I would normally pay but as you only need to use a small amount, even on shoulder-length hair, I would view this as a good investment.

        There are 3 types of conditioner in this Rainforest range -
        - Radiance (for those with coloured hair)
        - Balance (for greasy hair)
        - Shine (which is the one I'm writing about).

        The bottle, although just plastic with a flip-open lid, is very attractive and all the green leaves decorating it certainly make it stand out from other shamppos and conditioners.

        What caught my eye straightaway was the information on the side which told me there are NO silicones, No colourants and NO parabens - hurray! Reading more of the information on the label I'm also informed that the packaging is biodegradable and the company is (still) against animal testing.

        The conditioner contains pracaxi oil, cameline seed and Community Trade olive oil and smells really lovely. It is a little hard to describe but is very fresh, uplifting and reminds me of the seaside. For this reason I think this conditioner is suitable for both men and women because it does not smell flloral or 'girly'.

        I was surprised how full the bottle is (no half measures here!) so you definitely get your moneysworth. The conditioner itself is a white but light creamy consistency which is not too thick nor is it runny.

        The directions for use are given on the bottle - basically all I do is wash my hair, rinse off the shampoo, then add a little conditioner, rub in gently, rinse thoroughly then towel dry.

        I noticed that the gorgeous smell lingered for some time and that my hair felt soft, fresh and clean. I have to say that I'm lucky enough to have shiny hair anyway so I cannot really comment on the shine aspect, but my hair did feel much lighter and, best of all, left no film or coating.


        - although more expensive that many conditioners I'd really recommend trying this one.
        - the smell is lovely.
        - easy to use yet easy to rinse out.
        - hair feels and looks good.
        - does not leave a film on the hair.
        - no 'nasties' in the ingrediets.
        - biodegradable packaging.
        - highly recommended!


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          28.08.2010 18:15
          Very helpful



          I love this new range!

          I recently wrote a review about the new Body Shop Shampoo and now I have come back to tell you about the matching conditioner.

          The New Range

          The new range consists of three sets of shampoos and conditioners; Rainforest Shine is for those with dry hair, Rainforest Radiance for ladies with coloured hair and Rainforest Balance if your hair tends to be greasy. I chose Rainforest Balance as my hair does tend to be a bit greasy.

          The Price

          The current prices are £2 for 60ml, £4 for 250ml and £6 for 400ml but at the moment they are on offer - buy one get a second half price - so I got 400ml of shampoo and conditioner which cost me £9 for the two bottles.

          As it happened I had got to the point on my Body Shop Love Your Body Card where I had £10 to spend in store so I effectively got these for free!

          The Packaging

          The conditioner comes in a plastic tube shaped bottle with a basic flip top lid. Now this is something that I like about The Body Shop - they don't use any unnecessary packaging and of course since it is plastic it is recycleable too!

          The label has the Body Shop logo and the following words:

          'Rainforest Balance Conditioner for oily hair with pracaxi oil, white nettle, seaweed and Community Trade aloe vera. No silicones, no colourants, no parabens'.

          On the back of the label there is a full list of ingredients and some information about the general principles of the Body Shop.

          The Conditioner

          I already knew that the shampoo smelled lovely so I flipped the lid and sniffed the conditioner. It smells quite similar to the shampoo having a light fragrance which is very natural and it reminded me of the sea. I guessed this was due to the mixture of the seaweed and nettle. Although it is an unusual fragrance I have to say that I really like it.

          The conditioner itself is thick, white and creamy in consistency. I only have short hair so I didn't need to use too much of it in order to cover my hair.

          The Use

          I wash my hair when I am taking a shower and I start by shampooing my hair and rinsing it, then I massage in the conditioner and leave it whilst I shower the rest of my body. I then rinse out the conditioner.

          The Rainforest Balance rinsed out quickly, easily and thoroughly leaving my hair feeling nice and clean.

          The Result

          As I said earlier my hair is only short but it is thick and strong so it can be difficult to style but when I came to blow dry it after using this new shampoo and conditioner I found that whilst it was really nice and soft it was still easy to style.

          When I had finished drying it the healthy shine was obvious and it lasted until I washed it again. Often when I wash my hair it feels lovely for a day and then starts to feel as though it needs washing again straight away but not with this range.

          In Conclusion

          I only needed to use a small amount to get excellent results so I am guessing that the bottle of conditioner will last for a while so it is well worth the money.

          What you have here is a new shampoo and conditioner range that has much less in the way of chemicals than the usual ones and yet it still works a treat.

          I have to say that I love it and I will certainly be buying it again!


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