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Tigi Bed Head Radiant Player Blush

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tigi / Type: Blush

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    4 Reviews
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      25.10.2011 16:01
      Very helpful



      A nice, easy to use product full of Tigi quality!

      When it comes to blusher it is a must have beauty product of mine. Being really pale skinned I feel I need a subtle hint of colour just to brighten me somewhat or I appear ghostlike. I recently actually bought this product from a local market only costing me £4.50 a pot and having used Tigi make up products in the past thought that this was a bit of a bargain really.

      The Packaging:

      The blusher comes in a very simple little round pot with a silver coloured base and then a see through plastic lid with matching silver trim to the edge of it. On the top of it we are told in black writing that it is Bed Head, Tigi and then on the base of the pot we are told the colour option we have chosen and contact details for the manufacturer are given. No weight is given and no applicator is either but it is a decent sized pot of colour.

      The Blusher Itself:

      Well this comes in 5 colour options which are Glowing, Cheeky, Shyness, Blushed and Radiant and with Blushed being discontinued as we speak and so phased out eventually. The shades vary from a pale peachy colour to a stronger pink tone and basically I reckon there is a colour that will suit everyone even though there will soon only be four colour options to choose from!

      My colour option was 'Shyness' which is a light pinky tone with no shimmer to it and no glitter. To apply it I do so over foundation and stuff and with a brush I already own. I find this to come out of the pot really easily and not too thickly at all and that it clings to a brush well and is easy to blend and build up the colour on my face with real ease. It is a fine and lightweight powder, none skin agitating and feels like it smoothens my face somewhat when its on. I can go subtle with the colour of this one, to building it up to rather strong and once in place I find it to stay put all day long till I choose to remove it which is really simple to do so with my normal make up removing routine!

      This is a fabulous quality blusher. I like the no added sheen but the fact it brightens up my skin tone in a subtle way and this gets a huge thumbs up from me.

      Google it interested online, this usually retails online at about the £7.00-£9.00 mark!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        25.10.2011 12:27
        Very helpful



        see review

        I like to spend my spare cash on make up and after having a huge clear out of my over flowing make up collection it was time to stock up on some new products. I have been trying to save money recently and have been trying to find cheaper alternatives to get better value for money.

        Needing a new blusher is looked online at discount cosmetic websites but could not find anything I liked so I looked on good old faithful amazon, ww.amazon.co.uk. I looked at the Tigi cosmetic ranges as I have a few items from Tigi already in my make up bag and know they are good quality so I bought the Tigi bed head player blusher. I paid a fraction of the retail cost for the blusher, it cost £4.99.

        The blusher came in a small rounded pot with a clear lid with a silver band around it and had the tigi logo on the lid. I liked the clear lid as I can see the blusher colour through the lid and it makes it easy to find in my make up bag.

        The colour I choose was a pale rose shade, the blusher has been designed to add a natural radiant glow all year round. Its perfect for the winter blues as it adds a lovely flushed colour to my cheeks and perks my skin up and looks radiant.

        I like to apply blusher with a kubuka make up brush which is quite a fat rounded make up blush, its perfect for applying blusher as it quickly covers cheeks and cheek bones and allows you to build up colour without applying to much blush in one go.

        The blusher was easy to use, it covered very well without feeling heavy on my cheeks. It had great staying power and lasted a good 8 hours on my cheeks without needing reapplied. I apply it very lightly during the day for a natural look but in the evening or if im going on nights out I like to apply a bronzer to my cheeks and then add this blusher last. It blends well and can look barely there but a few coats blended well looks great too. It has a nice matte look to it and also has good quality pigment colours to it that make my skin glow and look healthy.

        Its one of my favourite blushers at the moment and use it on a daily basis and have loads left in the pot and it has not broken up into crumbs which is good as I hate messy blushers. It was well priced and a lot cheaper than my usually blusher and will be buying a new one soon. It has to be thrown away after 24 months which is a good length of time.

        5 choices of shades
        Blends well and can create day and evening looks
        Cheap to buy
        Adds a healthy glow to cheeks
        Has staying power!


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        17.02.2011 14:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fair range of colours

        ~Play the Blushing game with Tigi~

        Amongst the range of Tigi hair care and make up products that I have used are these simple little pots of Tigi Player blushers which come in a number of colour options to suit your mood, your eye make up and lipstick choice and of course your skin tone. I wouldn't say that these small blusher pots offer anything extraordinary when in use, although they do compare reasonably well with other blusher products I have used and offer enough staying power to not need topping up once applied to the skin.

        The little containers that the blushers come in are small and compact as the blushers come in a range if individual shades which means that if you want a choice of blush colour you do have to budget for a fair sum of money with each purchase of a new pot of different coloured blusher. Costs can be a slight downside with these individual blusher pots, although I have found that each pot does last a considerable amount of time, making it less costly over time to buy from this range. Best advice is to shop around for the best price as this will cut down your costs per blush pot purchased by at least £2 perhaps more.

        ~Presentation and ease of use~

        Tigi have used a simple format with which to present the product that looks neat and smart with the very minimum of fuss and the main theme which runs across the range is the silver trim to the outside edges of the blusher pots with the name of the product in the centre of the lid section. This light yet bright polished silver tone is used to good effect giving a modern minimal appearance to the product which I rather like. The lid of the blusher pot is easy to take off when wanting to apply some of the blush and just as easy to fit back on when you have finished using the product to give a neat and well formed seal which keeps most everything sealed away nicely.

        The clear plastic centre piece of the lid allows you to see how much blush is left in the pot and if buying this in store rather than online it makes it easier to make the right colour choice when buying for the first time, as you can check out the shade of each blusher prior to purchase. The base of the pot is smooth enough to sit well on a flat surface when needed and the shape of the pot being circular makes it easy to pick up and grip the blusher pot when wanting to apply the product to the skin. Having dropped the lid on these pots a number of times I am happy to say that there has been no cracking of the plastic.

        ~The colour options~

        The five colour options that are offered are:

        Shyness ~ a hint of dusky peachy pink for a natural glow, suited to fair to medium skin tones

        Cheeky ~ a cheeky natural light tan blush, for that nearly nude look that works on bare skin

        Glowing ~ a deeper blush with a hint of bronze most suited to darker skin tones and summer skin

        Blushed ~ for a natural light glow on tanned skin that gives a light subtle tone that works well

        Radiant ~ a fresh bold pink tone with a light sparkle which gives a nice splash of colour

        Each little pot of colour containing 1.7 gms of product, which may seem like a small amount of blusher, although in use I have found it does last quite some time so I feel the amount of product compares well enough with other similar blusher products I have used. The lighter tones which include the peachy dusky pink shade 'Shyness' and paler tones work better on fairer complexions with the stronger more vibrant shades being better for darker complexions or suntanned skin.

        ~Applying the product~

        I have found that the product is best used with a nice soft blusher brush and once the excess powder has been removed from your brush, all that is needed is a light swirl across the cheeks just under the 'apple' of your cheek. This gives a more natural effect that looks as though it is meant to be there rather than over using the blush and applying a great big stripe of blusher half way down the side of your face which stands out as being as unnatural as seeing a Nu Metal fan at a Kylie concert! Although its possible to get away with the former I don't feel that the latter works at all well, as a great big sweep of full on blusher applied that way never does anyone any favours and so it should be avoided unless performing on stage as a pantomime dame.

        ~Staying power~

        Tigi promote the product saying 'Don't shy away! Stay fresh-faced all day long.' which is a statement I have taken to mean that shows this product to be a blusher that will stay put all day long. In reality I feel that this blusher product does stay on well when applied over a good quality make up including a foundation base with a light dusting of neutral or translucent powder over the top. I have used this at times on bare skin for a lightly tinted look which offers reasonable staying power and only needs the lightest of dusting of the blush product onto the skin to get a light natural and more radiant look. This of course does fade from the skin much more quickly and will need topping up later in the day.

        ~Rating and price~

        As with many of the other Tigi products you can buy prices do vary a little depending on where you buy your product and I have found that the cost of these small blusher pots can be as low as £6.99 or as high as £9. Sometimes you can pick up these small pots in store with reductions, although most often the best prices are to be found when shopping online. I feel that the price of this product is a little high when comparing it to other similar products I have used and whilst the texture of the powder is nice and the colours offered within this range are good, they don't offer anything out of the ordinary which would make them worth splashing out those extra £s on.

        As such I feel that I do like these blush products when bought at the right price and will only purchase them in future with a considerable reduction as I feel they are something I don't mind being £6 to £7 yet object to paying more for. Over all I feel that I would like to give the Tigi Player Blush products 3 stars which I feel is more than fair based on how they perform verses the price paid per item, had they been cheaper I would have given them an extra star. NB: The title here is for the Player Blush in the Radiant colour option, which makes this look like the range is called Radiant Player which is not the case, the correct name for this range is the Player Blush.


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          30.07.2010 15:05
          Very helpful



          A blusher from the hair care brand Tigi.

          I've never really been a massive fan of TK Maxx, purely because it always seems to resemble a jumble sale whenever I venture in. However recently I've been hearing some really good things about both the clothes and the cosmetics available in TK Maxx and so decided to brave the jumble sale set up and have a bit of a search in there. I came away with a bag full of clothes and cosmetics having found two dresses and some make up priced very reasonably. One product I bought was by Tigi who are most well known for their hair care products but in this instance I bought a blusher from their Bed Head make up range which was simply called Blush. The make up range is relatively new and not overly popular, I've only ever seen it in TK Maxx or online.

          The Tigi Bed Head Blush comes in a circular black compact with a clear plastic lid that flips on and off to provide access. The clear plastic lid has the brand name in a funky black font giving the product quite an expensive image. Through the clear plastic you can see the circular pallet of the blusher itself which is compacted down like many other blushers. I selected the "radiant" version of the blusher which is very much a bright girly pink, it's a little darker than a baby pink colour but sits very firmly in the pink sphere. There was also a couple of other shades available including "cheeky" which had more of a peach tint and "shyness" which had a more orange and red tint to it. There does seem to be other shades out there from looking online.

          The blusher is really easy to apply just like with any other compact blusher. I tend to sweep my blusher brush across the pallet before sweeping it gently across my cheek bones, gradually building up the colour if needed. The blusher gives a really nice pink glow to my cheeks which isn't glittery or shiny at all, it's quite a pale colour on my cheeks (probably as I've finally managed to get a natural tan this year!) so I do have to go over it to build up the colour. If I apply it in the morning I find that I tend to apply it once or twice during the day to ensure the colour doesn't fade but it does seem to be quite long lasting. There's no real scent to it, either in the pallet or on my cheeks, and I've had no unpleasant reactions to it at all since buying it.

          The Tigi hair care range is quite expensive and these prices are mirrored in their make up range as well with the blusher retailing at £9.00 according to Tigi. However I have just found it online on Look Fantastic for £7.65 and I managed to pick mine up for the bargain price of £1.99 in TK Maxx which certainly seems a lot better than £9.00. I'm not saying it's not worth £9.00 but there are cheaper alternatives on the counters in Boots for less than that which do the job just as well as this does. If you can find it priced quite cheaply then I would definitely recommend it but as it retails officially at £9.00 I'm giving this four stars as there's nothing special about it to warrant such a price! Happy blushing... at the £9.00 price tag for this!

          Thanks for reading.


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