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Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Nourishing Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tigi / Type: Conditioner / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Nourishes

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    3 Reviews
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      12.06.2013 21:12
      Very helpful



      A good all round conditioner to give some volume

      This review is for the Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Conditioner that is part of the Tigi Catwalk range. I previously reviewed the shampoo and use this conditioner together with the shampoo on a regular basis.

      Tigi Catwalk is a professional haircare brand designed by hairdressers. Their website states that the brand takes its inspiration from the backstage world of fashion, celebrity and beauty. It brings specialist products and techniques to let you create the latest on-trend looks with speed and ease. 

The Your Highness Collection is a range of products to give volume to hair from the roots and therefore give hair body and movement.

      The conditioner claims to give each strand of your hair weightless nourishment and shine meaning that your hair is left soft and full of body. It is best used after the shampoo from the range to give maximum benefit.

      The conditioner comes in a 250ml purple bottle, which is smaller that the shampoo bottle with silver writing on it, which looks quite glamorous and sophisticated. The bottle fits easily into a shower rack and has a twist top to open it which is really useful when in the shower as you don't end up having to take the top off (and then usually dropping it!) 

The scent of the conditioner is really lovely - a soft and floral scent with hints of lavender which is not too overpowering. The product states that it is sulphate free and contains lavender, wisteria, jasmine and violet.

      The conditioner is a white colour and is a thicker consistency than the shampoo. You only need to use a very small amount and I find that if I apply too much it leaves my hair quite greasy. The bottle instructs you to work it through the ends of your hair and where hair mostly needs moisture.

      After drying my hair it does have a nice shine to it and a bit of bounce. Like the shampoo it does not produce miracle results and I do find that my hair becomes quite flat again after a few hours, but overall I feel that this product is better at giving volume than some others that I have used so I will continue to use it.

      The price of the conditioner is between £7 - £10 (depending on where you purchase it) and it can be bought online from a number of retailers including Look Fantastic and Amazon. The bottle always lasts me a lot longer than the shampoo bottle and even with using it most days it can last about 9 months, which is good value for money. I would definitely recommend it for how nice it leaves my hair feeling even if it does not give as much volume as I would like.

      This review might also be posted on Ciao under my username Star20000


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      10.05.2013 13:43
      Very helpful



      Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Conditoner.

      The Conditioner
      = = = = = = = = =
      The product I am reviewing is by Tigi and is part of the Your Highness Volume Collection. The conditioner claims to give each strand of your hair weightless nourishment and shine meaning that your hair is left soft and full of body. The conditioner contains Lavender, Wisteria, and Jasmine & Violet which gives the conditioner a gorgeous scent and leaves your hair feeling bouncy and delicious to the touch. The conditioner comes in a tall bottle which is a dark purple colour with some black at the bottom of the bottle. This bottle is not as tall as the shampoo bottle which is in exactly the same packaging. The lid to the bottle is black as well which goes very well with the dark purple. The bottle has a smooth finish to it and on the front it states that the product is part of the Catwalk collection by Tigi. It also states that the product is from the volume collection and is an elevating conditioner to create body and movement in your hair. The bottle has a smooth finish to it gives the bottle a slight shine. On the back of the bottle is some information about the conditioner and how to prep your hair ready to use the product. There is also a Tigi top on the back of the bottle and you can also find a list of ingredients on the back. It states that this product is only sold in professional salons.

      The packaging definitely stands out from other brands and looks as though it should be sold in a salon and due to the packaging I think it also looks quite pricey as well. It's not the type of shampoo I would expect to see in Boots and if I did this would stand out against other shampoos. I have very flat hair and always long for volume in it and after doing some research on the Internet this product came up for one of the best volumising range which is why I decided to give it a go. Although I have very flat hair I was hoping that this product would give my hair some volume and bounce when used with the other products in this range. As this is a salon brand is also rather pricey I did have high hopes of this product and was expecting it to work rather well. I have coloured hair and I was hoping that the product would also enhance the colour in my hair and make it appear to look slightly brighter as well, although this specific conditioner doesn't claim to do this.
      Please note that some of the above information may sound familiar from my Tigi Your Highness Volume Shampoo which I also reviewed.

      = = = = = = = = =
      You can purchase this from various different salons and from various places on the internet. I purchased the conditioner from www.gorgeousshop.co.uk. For a bottle of the conditioner (250ml) it is approximately £10.16 which I don't think was too bad. I actually purchase a pack which included the shampoo and conditioner for £17.82. This would normally cost £25.45 so I thought this was reasonable. You will probably find that it's cheaper to purchase the product online rather than from a salon. You can also purchase this range from www.feelunique.com.

      Other Products in the Volume Collection Range:

      * Your Highness Shampoo
      * Thickening Gel Crème
      * Root Boost Spray
      * Firm Hold Hairspray
      * Weightless Shine Spray

      Using the Conditioner
      = = = = = = = = = = =
      For best results use the Tigi Your Highness Shampoo before applying the conditioner. I had already used the shampoo as I wanted to get best results from this product. On the back of the bottle it suggests working the conditioner through mid-length to the ends of hair concentrating on most areas in need of moisture. Before applying the conditioner I squeezed any excess water out from my hair and unscrewed the lid to the conditioner. I could see that conditioner was white in colour and looked quite thick. It also had a fresh, clean scent to it as well which I found really pleasant. I washed my hair using the Shampoo in this range and squeezed any excess water out of my hair ready to apply the conditioner. I unscrewed the lid to the bottle which can be a little awkward with wet hands and I then squeezed the bottle slightly so a good amount of conditioner dispensed into the palm of my hand. The conditioner was slightly thicker than what I was sued to using, how-ever I applied it to my hair ensuring all the lengths and the ends were covered. I also used a wide toothed comb to comb the conditioner through to ensure each and every strand was coated in the conditioner. I would suggest using a 2p size amount of conditioner for your hair as a little of this goes a long way.

      The conditioner had a nice, light scent to it which was very similar to the shampoo in this range. After spending a good 2-3 mins massaging this into my hair I then got ready to rinse it out. As I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair I ran my fingers through it and I could already tell that the conditioner had, had a good effect on my hair. Normally my fingers get tangles slightly in my hair, how-ever on this occasion my fingers glided through my hair easily. After washing the conditioner out of my hair and squeezing it I then wrapped it in a towel for a few minutes to soak up any excess water. I always blow dry my hair and to ensure I got as much volume as possible I blow dried my hair with my head upside down. I find that this normally gives my hair a little more volume but it normally falls flat within a few hours. After blow drying my hair I ran a brush through it to neaten it up and ensure it was tangle free. The brush glided through my hair easily without getting caught in any tangles.

      I actually styled my hair as normal so used some hair straighteners on it slightly to straighten the ends a little. After this I then looked at the results in the mirror. My hair looked healthy and clean and it definitely had more bounce and volume in it. (I would like to add at this point that it had much more volume in it than what it did when using the shampoo alone). Not only did my hair have some volume but the colour of my hair looked bright and vibrant as well which was a bonus, especially as it was starting to look a little dull due to it needing a re-colour. My hair also felt really soft and in good condition. I did use a little hair spray on my hair as well to ensure the style stayed looking great all day; little did I know it was going to be a windy day! My hair felt bouncy all day and it also felt as though it has some extra oomph in it as well. When looking in the mirror every time I popped into the toilets I was impressed that my hair still had a decent amount of volume to it. For even better results you can also use the root boost spray on wet hair. Although I do have this product I haven't yet tried it so expect a review about this product in the next week or so. The following day my hair was looking a little flat from sleeping on it how-ever with a little hair spray sprayed into the roots the volume soon came back and I had great looking hair with some added volume again. The conditioner didn't make my hair any greasier than what other products did and I was able to leave it at least 2-3 days before needing to wash my hair.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      I did have high hopes of this product due to it being a Tigi brand and after getting reasonably good results from the shampoo in this range. Although this conditioner is a little thicker than my previous conditioner it felt as though it was doing a really job of conditioning my hair. My hair did appear much softer and more vibrant after using the shampoo which was great. The main purpose of purchasing this product was to get some volume into my fine, flat hair and I was impressed that it did actually give my hair a boost of volume which was long lasting, even throughout the day. The scent of the conditioner doesn't really last long which is a shame as I love the scent as it smells very clean and fresh. In terms of value I think the conditioner is reasonable, especially as you only need to use a little of the conditioner on each application. I expect this conditioner, along with the shampoo to last me a good few months as I only really use these products when I want more volume in my hair such as a party or night out on the town. I would definitely purchase this conditioner along with the shampoo. If you have fine hair and want a boost of volume in it then I would definitely recommend these products. For best results you do need to use the shampoo & the conditioner together and I would also recommend using other products in this range to get the best results. Despite reading 1-2 negative reviews about this product I was actually impressed with it. I guess as with all products the conditioner can affect different hair in different ways but for me this product really worked.

      (review also on ciao)


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        25.01.2011 21:37
        Very helpful



        One to avoid

        A few weeks back I wrote about TIGI's your highness shampoo. I thought it was probably about time that I got round to reviewing the matching conditioner too.

        The 'Your Highness' products are a selection of products which come from TIGI's Catwalk range. As well as the shampoo and conditioner the range also includes a root boost spray, a thickening gel crème, a firm hold hair spray and a weightless shine spray. All products are designed to give volume to the hair, and this was the reason I purchased the shampoo and conditioner - I wanted to give a boost to my limp hair.

        As far as I can tell this product only comes in a 250ml or 750ml size. I have the larger 750ml size (which I think is really intended for salons) as I bought this in a duo with the shampoo. The smaller bottle is a deep purple, whilst the larger one is predominantly black with purple and white accents. The larger bottles also feature a pump to dispense the product which I find is quite useful and means that I don't dispense too much product at once. On the downside however, I do find that the pump can get clogged up quite easily which is annoying.

        The conditioner contains lavender, violet, wisteria and jasmine - the same ingredients found in the shampoo. Whilst I found the scent of the shampoo to be quite gentle, the conditioner seems to have a much more intense floral scent to it, which smells predominantly like lavender, yet with a fairly creamy base.

        The conditioner is white in colour and fairly thick. Despite the consistency I find it easy to run through the hair after shampooing. I apply this to the lengths of my hair, concentrating on the end and avoid my roots altogether, as I find that applying conditioner too close to the roots of my hair makes it greasy. The smell is pleasant enough, and although it doesn't say on the bottle that the conditioner needs to be left on the hair, depending on how much of a rush I'm in, I will sometimes leave it on for a minute or two.

        As with the majority of conditioners, as soon as I rinse, I can feel that my hair (which is thick and just past shoulder length at the moment), feels smoother and detangled.

        The problem that I have with the conditioner is simply the way it makes my hair feel after using it. I find that it makes my hair feel very heavy and weighed down and to a certain extent it actually feels sticky. I normally wash my hair every other day, but the feeling this conditioner leaves me with makes me want to wash it daily, as it almost feels like I have a product build up in my hair.

        When it comes to actually styling my hair, I find that it is still easy to style, but I don't really find that my hair looks to have any more volume than it did to start with. I have tried this with both the matching shampoo and other brands such as Head and Shoulders and Lush, and always find the same thing, which is really disappointing.

        This product is available in salons or online. It's not the cheapest product ever, and the 250ml bottle currently costs £8.50 and the 750ml bottle is £12.95 from www.cheapsmells.com, which is a site I use regularly. To be perfectly honest, for these prices I would expect something of a much better quality.

        On the whole I'm really disappointed with this product. I have now finished my bottle of matching shampoo, but the conditioner still feels around half full, because I always seem to pick up another brand instead of this one. I don't like the way that this leaves my hair feeling and it doesn't seem to add any volume either, which considering how expensive it is, is a total let down. Not one I would recommend and not one I will be buying again.


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      • Product Details

        TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Nourishing Conditioner creates fullness and shine. Lavender, Wisteria, Jasmine and Violet hug each strand of hair with weightless nourishment and shine. Hair is left soft, full of body and delicious to the touch; the perfect canvas to achieve remarkable volume.

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