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Tigi S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum

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Brand: Tigi / Type: Hair Serum / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / Contents: 250ml / Suitable for: curly hair / What it does: Repairs, Smoothes, Moisturizes, Protects

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    3 Reviews
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      25.10.2011 22:25
      Very helpful



      Worth a try

      This was given to me as part of a present which was made up of a selection of Tigi products and of the range I received this was probably one of the better products. Individually it retails for anything between £12 to £15 depending on where you buy it.

      The packaging is rather dour for a Tigi product, a plain white bottle with a rectangular shape and a simple pump action dispenser which you twist to release initially however once it is released you cannot secure it back again meaning this product is no good to take on holiday or to the gym once you have started using it.

      This product is certainly good at calming down my hair and preventing it from going frizzy, it is also meant to be appropriate for heat damaged hair as a soothing serum. It dispenses from the pump as a runny white liquid so you have to be careful you do not pump out too much at a time as it can get a bit messy. It has a rather sweet aroma, like being in a bakers or sweet shop. You can apply it to your hair whether it is wet or dry, I tend to use it on my hair when it is dry as I find the results are better and you do not need to use as much of the serum. It works OK on wet hair but I find that I need to use more and also after drying the hair can still frizz a little, I find when the hair has been dried the serum is better at controlling the frizz and getting rid of it.

      My hair smells lovely after using this product and there is a nice shine to it as well, where it excels however is in controlling the tendency of my hair to go frizzy. I'm not convinced that it lives up to all the claims it makes, my hair does not feel any more moisturised after using this but it does look a lot more under control. The only downside for me is the cost and I'm not sure it fully justifies the price tag.


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      21.02.2011 14:13
      Very helpful



      A serum from Tigi to promote moisturised and smooth hair.

      Despite my life long aversion to shopping in T J Hughes, purely because it a) smells a bit funny and b) resembles a jumble sale, I ventured in there a couple of weeks ago to buy a cheap umbrella. Somehow I actually managed to come out with not only the required umbrella but a bag full of other goodies... mainly because they were such bargains in my mind! I've always been a fan of Tigi hair products but have usually turned my nose up at the rather high price tag attached to them. However T J Hughes is one of those cheaper department stores that buys certain products in bulk and then offers them at very reasonable prices. They rarely stock the full range of brands such as Tigi but instead have a couple of different products from that range available at any one time... hence why I thought I better snap up the bargains that were there and came away with three Tigi products!

      The Tigi S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum comes in a white cuboid style bottle with a pump down side dispenser on the top - it looks very much like the type of large shampoo bottles you get in hair salons. The "S Factor" logo is imprinted in red on the front and there is also the product name and a description in black lower down on the bottle. Overall the packaging is very modern and very salon-esque looking, the pump facility means the product is easy to dispense and you don't need to worry about screwing any lids back on while your hands are covered in the serum. The only downside to the packaging is that once the pump has been activated and opened it can't be resealed by twisting it shut as you often find with some bottles, this means you can't really take it away with you in case something pressed down on it and caused it to leak in your toiletry bag or case.

      According to the manufacturers the product is designed for smoothing the hair's cuticle, protecting against environmental and heat damage and also restoring moisture and shine. In my mind that translates into a smoothing serum which will basically smooth down any frizz and encourage shine as well... there's lots of other similar products out on the market that offer these same features. The product itself is an off white liquid which was surprisingly runny, it reminded me of a shampoo in terms of its consistency. It has an absolutely delicious smell that smells like sweetened marzipan, not something you may wish to associate with your hair but it's absolutely yummy in my mind! To dispense the serum GENTLY push down on the plunger, if you push it all the way down you'll end up with way too much as I find about three pea sized amounts are perfect for my medium length, thick hair.

      The serum can be used on wet hair or dry hair, I've tried it on both and would argue that it works equally well on either. When I apply it to wet hair I apply it evenly through towel dried hair and then comb it through to ensure even application, I then proceed to blow dry and straighten my hair as normal. The finished effect is that my hair smells delicious and it also looks really smooth, my hair does have a tendancy to go quite frizzy and this product stopped that. When I apply it to dry hair I applied a much smaller amount as the first time it caused my hair to look quite greasy, you really need the smallest amount spread over your palms and then simply stroke your palms down your hair to remove any frizz. Overall I'd say this product is effective at smoothing the hair's cuticle and restoring moisture... as for increasing shine I really didn't notice any difference when using this product.

      In conclusion I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from frizzy hair as it's certainly helped solve my problems. The RRP for the Tigi S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum is £13.95 for 250ml which is quite expensive, however I've had mine for over a month now and have probably used this product about seven or eight times. Judging from when I unscrewed the lid and saw how little I'd used I would suggest that this product will last me around a year which really isn't too bad. However if you manage to pick up a bargain like me then I would recommend it, I paid just £5.95 in T J Hughes a month ago which is less than half the RRP. It's also priced at £11.90 on Look Fantastic and at £7.79 on Fragrance Mad so there are cheaper prices available. I'm giving this four stars, it looses one as it's not quite the best ever product I've come across for frizzy hair.

      Thanks for reading.


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        25.10.2009 09:47
        Very helpful



        The scent outshines the effectiveness!!

        Last Christmas I was fortunate enough to receive a gift set from the Tigi S Factor range.... The sceptical side of me thinks that it may have been a hint to 'sort' out my hair!!

        - Price and Availablity -

        Many moons ago I only saw TIGI hair products at various hair salons that I rarely frequented, all priced considerably higher than other brands that you could pick up in run of the mill supermarkets or chemists such as Boots etc.

        However since receiving this product as a gift, I've been hunting around and found the following for those of you who may want to try the product:
        The RRP is £13.30.
        Try the following websites:

        www.wantthelook.com - £9.97
        www.lookfantastic.com - £11.30
        www.jasonshankey.co.uk - currently having a sale and offering this at the reduced price of £7.98.

        - Packaging -

        As already stated, this was part of a gift set so I'm unsure as to whether or not this comes in a box when bought individually.

        The bottle is an opaque, white, 250ml 'almost' cuboid bottle. It has a push down dispenser / plunger with a small hole at the top from which the serum is dispensed. Although the size of the hole isn't too big, once opened the plunger can't be re-sealed or closed which is a tad annoying if you want to take it on your travels as if it is accidentally pushed down in your toiletry bag there's no control over how much you can waste, hence the fact that I don't pack it whenever I go away.

        - What does the manufacturer claim? -

        The back of the container doesn't give you a great deal of information in one language as it is translated from English in to 5 other languages.
        'A scientific blend of ingredients that:
        ~ smoothes the cuticle
        ~ protects against environmental and heat damage
        ~ restores moisture and shine

        The sales pitch ends with the statement.....'satisfaction guaranteed'. - My Experience -

        I have very frizzy, difficult to control hair that becomes increasingly calmer and easier on the eye and to manage the less I wash it. Having tried a number of hair products to calm it down, I was looking forward to using this.

        ~ Smell and Appearance

        I love the smell of this and it's my favourite feature of this serum. It reminds me of marzipan..... odd I know for some of you but it really doesn't leave my hair smelling of a cake!
        It is quite runny in texture and is an off white, not quite cream coloured liquid.

        ~ Effectiveness

        Despite the plunge dispenser, the serum does come out quite quickly and lots of it until you get the knack of very lightly pushing down the plunger. At the beginning, I wasted quite a bit of it as too much was on the palm of my hands. On the first occasion, I applied all of this on my hair which made my very dry hair look greasy which wasn't a good look!
        Although it states that this can be used on wet or dry hair, I have found it to be most effective when used on my hair after being blow dried and straightened. A tiny amount certainly does calm it down a little but it has to be said that it doesn't restore any shine to my hair which I don't think I've had since pre-teens!!

        - Overall -

        Now that I have worked out the small amount that is needed to calm and smooth my shoulder length frizzy hair this really is quite a welcome addition to my infrequent preening sessions. Despite the fact that it wasn't effective when I tried it on my wet hair, pre drying, it has certainly worked more effectively than other products I have used over so many years.

        Despite the high RRP of this product in comparison to other branded serums, since only a small amount is required, the 250ml bottle lasts a considerable length of time. Although I don't leave the house with hair that looks like something from an advert, it really does help calm the frizz and 'mad' look of my mop!

        - Other Tigi S Factor products -
        There are a wide range of hair care products available some of which I have listed below:
        ~ Shampoo
        ~ Conditioner
        ~ Spray Shine
        ~ Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender
        ~ Seriously Straight
        ~ Body Boosting Plumping Spray

        N.B. This review also appears on ciao.


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      • Product Details

        Straightener & Shiner / Seriously Straight is a maximum strength straightening tool to smooth and tame frizzy, uncontrollable hair / Conditioning qualities combined with heat guard help smooth the hair by sealing the cuticle for a silky soft finish with high shine / Straighten kinks and curls / Leaves hair shiny & silky / Conditions & repairs / Heat protective / Use on wet hair / Directions for use: Use on damp hair and style / For maximum benefits, apply as you blow dry each section of the hair /

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