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Timotei Dream Volume Conditioner

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2 Reviews
  • It smells very pleasing
  • It does not make my hair knotty
  • The volume is small and does not last for all day
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    2 Reviews
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      16.11.2014 03:12
      Very helpful


      • "It does not make my hair knotty"
      • "It smells very pleasing"


      • "The volume is small and does not last for all day"

      Timotei volume conditioner

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is conditioner that is made by Timotei. It is for people who have got fine hair so that they can create volume in their hair.


      I have used this for one bottle and I think it is a good conditioner and my hair did get a little bit of extra volume when I used it but I do not think it was enough and I have not bought it again because it is quite expensive and I would expect for it to be better than this.

      It has got a very pleasing smell that is fresh and very natural, I like the way the smell lingers on my hair for quite a long time because it smells very nice but it does not make my perfume smell bad and I do not think it is so strong that other people would not like it.

      The conditioner is creamy but it is light also and that is important if you want volume because heavy produce weigh the hair down. I like the way it is so easy to put into my hair because even though my hair is long and thick I think this conditioner is very easy to spread through it, you need to use quite alot sometimes and that makes the bottle go down very quick and I am not happy about that.

      It is easy to rinse out and does not leave a residue.

      When I dry my hair I can see from the roots that there is more volume and that effect lasts for quite a long time but not for all of the day, I can replace the volume if I brush it again but I think this makes my hair so soft and shiny that I do not care if there is not so much volume by the time I am ready to go home from work. I like that my hair does not be knotty when I wash it after I have used this conditioner and it feels smooth before I have brushed it even.


      This conditioner costs about £3 for a bottle that has got 300ml in it, I do not care about paying that small price but even though it is a very nice conditioner for me to use I do not think it does enough for me to pay that for it again and I would like instead to use the money to buy a different brand of conditioner and test that.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      16.08.2012 07:29
      Very helpful



      A good hair conditioner.

      My usual hair cleaning brand of choice is Alberto Balsam, as i always recieve a high quality product with a low price tag, though i did dump them in favour of this product due to the price they were being sold off for!

      I have to say i initially purchased this "dream volume conditioner" for one reason only, that being that they were (for some unknown reason!) being sold in my local Asda for 50p a bottle, so alongside the few bottles of this i threw into my trolley i also managed to get the matching shampoo from the range too.

      The bottle itself is a stand on it's lid design, i prefer this type as it is less of a struggle to get every drop of product out when nearing the end, the hard work is done by gravity!
      The bottle has a slight indentation around the centre of it, designed to be easier to handle in the shower with wet hands, even when your hands are as small as mine!

      This product boasts natural movement in fine and delicate hair, but with volume that lasts all day, all of this is supposidly done with a cocktail of guarana and pink grapefruit extracts.

      The product itself is used the same way as most other conditioners, a small amount is to be gently massaged through your freshly washed hair, concentrating on the drier ends first then the roots, leaving to "do it's stuff!", then rinse thoroughly and then you should have an afro even the jackson's would be proud of..............well in theory!

      The conditioner itself is actually a little thinner in consistency than i was expecting, so when squirted into my wet hand i did have a bit of loss, so was tempted to squeeze straight onto my hair!
      After smoothing through my mid back length hair (and not having to use a great deal to feel like something was happening), i was immersed in a fruity fog of scent, i love hair products that leave you feeling (and smelling!) like you have just come from the hairdressers, and this is one of those products!

      After leaving it for a few minutes to work it's magic (or at least as long as it takes to shave my legs!), i thoroughly rinsed the product out.

      Straight away i could feel the difference in my hair, it being much easier to comb through wet, and also the smooth feeling of it, i normally look a bit bog brushes' when my hair is wet, and it takes a little time to try and tease it enough to style it, i didn't have any of that to contend with!

      Once dried my hair still felt really soft and fluid, but without the static or "too soft" feeling, you know the type when you find yourself having to re-gunk up your freshly washed hair to get some sort of style that holds back into your hair.
      The scent was still present and i even got complimented on it by workmates (with one even annoyingly sniffing me everytime he came past my table, child! Lol!).

      Did it give me my dream volume though, to be honest not as you would know! I don't have really thin or fine hair, but have noticed that as i have gotten older, and with the wear and tear of colouring my hair for so mant years, my hair is nowhere near as thick and lustrious as it once was, so i did expect a bit of a boost in that direction, though in reality i did get a nice smelling and healthy looking mane of hair, which even without the added volume was a nice effect.

      Would i recomend? If buying specifically for the volume boost then no, i didn't feel there was enough of a positive effect on my hair from that aspect, but as a really good hair conditioner that can be used sparingly for really healthy and smooth looking tresses then yes, this is a well worthwhile product.

      Thanks for reading x


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