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Timotei Silky Shine Orchid & Silk Shampoo

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4 Reviews

Brand: Timotei / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    4 Reviews
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      22.05.2010 17:43
      Very helpful



      will definitely buy this again & again

      I count my blessings that my hair isn't greasy/ dry/ damaged/ frizzy so I can pretty much buy any shampoo which is on offer & don't tend to be loyal to any particular brand - they DO say it's good to change your shampoo every few weeks don't they?

      I found this Timotei in one of our local pound shops so I had to give it a try - 400ml for just a quid was too good to be passed over.

      The bottle is made of thick plastic so there's no danger of it splitting (as some cheaper ones do if you drop 'em on the floor!) & flip-top lid, although stiff to open, snaps well shut so there's no danger of spillage.

      The smell is lovely & has a quite pleasant smell predominantly of the orchid - don't know what silk smells like - dooyoo? lol!

      It's not as thick as the shampoos I normally bu but that isn't to say it's at all runny - in fact I think the consistency is just right. The smell isn't overly floral & soon mellows to a very pleasant fresh smell so I'd say it's good for men as well.

      I was surprised at how little I needed & at how well it could be worked through my hair (past shoulder-length) so I'm sure it will last a good few weeks as long as my daughters don't use most of it.

      It rinses out well without having to use the litres & litres of water which is needed sometimes to get every trace out the thicker shampoos.

      I found my hair was easy to brush & comb straight after washing & it was literally squeaky clean.

      Once dry my hair felt soft & looked shiny, smelt clean & even hubby (who doesn't notice anything whatsoever) said my hair looked 'good' (translated = fantastic) & felt 'OK' (translated - soft & shiny).

      The best thing for me about this Timotei was the fact it left no residue or heaviness on my hair & it felt like it had actually removed some of the build-up of product left in my hair so it's back to 'mother nature'.

      I'm sure about the 'shiny but not sure about saying it improves strenghth - how does one measure this anyway? All I can say is that it's a great shampoo for me which does the job well, leaves it smelling nice & it looks a whole lot better.

      Having tried 100s of shampoos over the last 50 years I have to say, despite its cheap price, it's one of the best I've ever tried & I have to recommend it.


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        29.04.2010 15:12
        Very helpful



        would buy again

        I'm not brand loyal to anything and if there is the same type of product for a lot less pennies.. then I'm going to try it.

        Having done a food shop at Asda recently, I bought a few toiletries that we were beginning to run low on - no honestly we really needed some shampoo it wasn't an obsessive compulsive buy this time!

        I spotted this one by Timotei that sounded very exotic; 'Orchid & Silk' which after having a quick sniff to see if it had a pleasant smell, which it did, it found it's way into my trolley.

        Price and packaging~

        The shampoo comes in an upright standing plastic bottle which is adorned with a flip open lid on top. The bottle doesn't immediately catch your eye as the colours are very sedate really - pale green with the lid being in a slightly bolder pink. The bottle has a slight curve to it giving it a slightly rounded appearance but that's about as exciting as it gets.

        What caught my eye was the price - £1.39 for a 400ml sized bottle. It seems suitable for the whole family which was another selling point because I love my Aussie shampoo but my husband keeps using it and it's rapidly disappearing - at this price he can use as much as he likes!

        The shampoo itself~

        Well being Timotei I had high hopes for this to be a good shampoo at least. It's made by Unilever so it's an established brand, and I have used Timotei products previously in the past and have not been disappointed.

        On opening the flip top lid (which was quite easy to open - no broken fingernails in this case like some can cause) I was met with a pleasant floral aroma which was presumably the orchid.
        It wasn't overpowering it just had a delicate scent, which was nice, as I was sure hubby wouldn't mind using it.

        On squeezing the shampoo into the palm of my hands I noticed it was quite thick in consistency. I don't know why but I expected it to be more on the runny side.

        The colour is a very pale, pearly pink and is iridescent - so far so good.

        My experience of using the shampoo~

        On applying a reasonable sized 'blob' to my wet hair I found it lathered up reasonably well and felt quite moisturising whilst rubbing into my hair.

        The shampoo was easy enough to rinse out and after using my regular conditioner and drying my hair I was very pleased with the results.

        Would I recommend this?~

        On styling my hair once dry I was impressed with how soft and clean it felt. It was easy to comb and even after using a different scented conditioner I could still detect the subtle aroma of orchid which was nice.
        This is probably not a shampoo I would normally choose as I know what works for my hair and what doesn't, but as I stated at the beginning I am far from brand loyal and I'm very glad I picked this to try.

        I will buy this again as it did leave my hair (and hubby's) nice and clean, soft and smelling lovely so it gets the thumbs up there. I would definitely recommend this to be tried at least at the price it is sold for (at Asda at least) as only a small amount is required each time so the bottle lasts for quite a while, making it purse friendly which is always a plus.


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          01.04.2010 23:42
          Very helpful



          A nice shampoo.

          Lever Bros was founded in 1890 with its first product Sunlight Soap that helped to change people's attitude towards hygiene in Victorian Britain. In the 1930's a few other forward thinking company's joined forces and became Unilever.
          Unilever is committed to being a sustainable company and has been at the forefront of hygiene for many years. In the 1920's they launched a clean hands campaign to encourage children to wash hands before meals. The company does have National Hand Washing Day still, and a Brush Day and Night campaign with the World Dental Federation. In the 1990's they started using sustainable agriculture. In 2009 they joined the Heart Age Campaign and the Woodland Trust.
          There are many household brands produced by Unilever ranging from Hellmann's Mayonnaise to Dove under arm deodorant.
          The company is pretty sketchy on animal testing only saying that a vast majority of there products do not use animal testing and they are committed to finding alternative approaches to safe testing.

          The shampoo is in a nice minty coloured green bottle with a pink flip up lid. There is a large picture of a pink orchid on the front and a small picture of silk. The packaging does seem to be aimed at women so not sure if it is a women only product. The brand name is clear and the hair type (normal or dull) it is aimed at is also clear.
          On the back of the bottle there is a description of the product and what it can do for your hair, but no lather rinse repeat instructions, in Spanish and Greek. The ingredients list is long and full of scary sounding ingredients. There is also a do not eat warning. The contact details are easily visible,
          The bottle is recyclable.

          The contents of the bottle are a pearlescent pink colour and smell really nice and flowery and fresh. The shampoo is very rich I only use a fifty pence size blob for my mid length hair. The shampoo foams up easily and rises away leaving no residue. When combined with the matching Conditioner my hair is left feeling smooth soft and clean. The perfume is very long lasting and Mr H does comment on the smell of my hair. I use this shampoo most days in the shower and my hair has continued to be manageable and dries up well naturally or under the hair dryer.

          I am very happy with this shampoo and will buy it again. The large 400ml bottles are very good value being around £2. The company in itself does seem very committed to improving itself and the world around it.
          I would recommend this to a friend and I do believe that Mr H has also been using it in the shower so it's not just for the girls.



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          04.03.2010 01:45
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A disappointing addition to the Timotei range

          Review of Timotei Silky Shine Orchid and Silk Proteins shampoo.

          I spied this product range on a special offer when out shopping recently and being a sucker for special offers, treated myself to a bottle. Timotei is a brand that I have used regularly over the years so I was interested to see whether this version would live up to my previous experiences with the product.

          The Product

          Timotei Silky Shine Orchid and Silk is a fairly mild shampoo formulated for normal or dull hair. The strap line on the product reads 'Timotei - unleash the beauty of nature'.

          The manufacturer states that the shampoo is enriched with 100% natural Silk proteins, made from silk powder and naturally derived Orchid extract, which has caring and softening benefits. Natural silk proteins are said to enhance the moisturising and smoothing properties of the shampoo. Timotei Silky Shine is designed to protect and revive shininess of normal or dull hair, nourishing it to leave it shiny and silky soft.
          Now, I have bog standard normal hair, it is long and quite thick, with a natural wave. It is not coluored or chemically treated in anyway. I find my hair can look a little dull sometimes, so it was with this in mind, the Timotei Silky Shine variety was my chosen selection.

          Appearance and Packaging

          Timotei Silky Shine is presented in a recyclable plastic bottle containing 400ml of shampoo. It is not a particularly eye catching package design, as being a delicate shade of Eau de nil green, it tends to get lost amid the brighter, bolder bottles on the supermarket shelf.

          The bottle bears a circular picture of a pink orchid and a smaller image of what I presume to be white silk material. The product name is also located on the front of the bottle and instructions ofr use, ingredients, manufacturer information and warnings are printed on the reverse. These details are replicated in three languages, English, Spanish and Greek.

          The bottle has an attractive shape, slightly tapering towards the pink flip up lid. The bottle is slim and it fits easily into your hand, making it simple to use in the shower, even when you have wet hands.

          The Shampoo

          The shampoo is a thick, creamy consistancy, it is white in colour and smells absolutely divine! The fragrance has light floral top notes with an almost musky under note. The fragrance is definitely a 'girly' one, I think most men would run a mile rather than use this!
          What I particularly liked about the fragrance of this shampoo was the lasting scent it left on my hair. After washing my hair in the morning, I could still detect the scent in the evening.

          As with all shampoos, Timotei Silky Shine works best when massaged into wet hair and rinsed with fresh clean warm water. The manufacturer recommends following with the matching conditioner in the range, however I did not use this and so this review is solely about the shampoo.
          I live in a very hard water area of the United Kingdom and consequently shampoos, shower gels and other similar products do have their work cut out to produce a decent lather! A 50p sized blob of Timotei Silky Shine performed very well and produced just the right amount of lather to clean my (not too dirty!) hair. The product seemed to rinse out well too and as mentioned earlier in this review left my hair nicely scented, it was also soft, shiny and very manageable.

          So far so good!
          Now for the down side! I tend to wash my hair every three days. I have normal hair, it does not get oily or greasy usually, however, the day after using this shampoo, my hair looked decidedly lank. It felt heavy and greasy and although shiny, it just didn't look clean. To be honest, I wondered whether I had rinsed my hair adequately, I always wash it in the shower and don't normally have any problems with rinsing, but the next time I washed my hair, I took extra care over the rinsing process.

          Sadly, the result was the same, lank, heavy feeling hair after only a day.
          This was a great shame in my opinion as in all other areas, Timotei Silky Shine was an excellent product. Of course, it could be that it simply does not suit my hair, but overall, I was less than pleased with the results of this shampoo.

          Ingredients, Manufacturer and Warnings

          I will not pad out my review with a list of ingredients as I do not think that anyone wants to read it and to be honest, I cannot pronounce half the ingredients, let alone describe what they are!

          The bottle carries the following warnings:-
          As with all shampoo products care should be taken not to get Timotei in your eyes, if it should do so, rinse immediately with clean water.
          Keep shampoo out of reach of children.
          Do not eat(!).

          Timotei is produced by Unilever. The company are known in the UK for many well loved brands such as Dove, Cif, Persil, Sunsilk, Signal, Vosene, Lux and Surf to name but a few.
          The company have a corporate website which can be viewed at:-

          Unilever's head office in the UK is located at:-
          Unilever UK, Unilever House, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7GR.

          Availability and Price

          Timotei Silky Shine Orchid and Silk is widely available from the shampoo and hair care sections most major supermarkets and other High Street stores. Mine was purchased from Asda on a 2 for £2 offer (valid until 31/12/10), the regular price is in the region of £1.37 at Asda. It is worth shopping around if you wish to try this shampoo, as an example, Sainsbury's supermarkets are currently selling the product at a whopping £2.29, almost a pound dearer.

          My Thoughts and Conclusion

          A great smelling shampoo and easy to use, but the product simply was not for me. I expect my hair to remain fresh for longer than a day after shampooing, but with Timotei Silky Shine Orchid and Silk, my hair needed daily washing. I appreciate that many people do wash their hair daily, I do not find this necessary for my hair type as a rule.
          With this in mind I am awarding this shampoo 3* as it would be perfectly adequate for daily use, but the lank and greasy effect I experienced after one day, meant that the product did not meet up to my expectations.

          Thank you for reading.
          ©brittle1906 March 2010

          N.B. My reviews may appear on other review sites, under the same user name.


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