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Timotei Vivid Colour Conditioner

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7 Reviews

Brand: Timotei / Type: Conditioner

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    7 Reviews
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      09.11.2013 16:05
      Very helpful



      A good priced conditioner that leaves my hair feeling shiny and healthy

      Timotei vivid colour conditioner.

      Price:- £1.00 from poundland - brilliant price, can't beat it.

      This 200ml bottle is a little different to the one on the picture. It has a gold flip top lid.
      New formula
      0% Parabens
      100% natural extract

      For coloured hair
      Infused with camelia

      Firstly I have to say I didn't use this after the Timotei shampoo I used it after Garnier fructise shampoo.

      After dying my hair brunette from blonde I've been trying to find a conditioner to help keep the colour and get the condition of my hair back to a healthy state, being bleach blonde for 6 years has definitely caused some damage to my hair.

      Smell:- The smell of the conditioner is a fruity delicious smell, which I really liked.

      The colour of the conditioner is baby pink. It's quite light. Pic use more than I up have with previous conditioner I didn't feel like a small amount covered a lot of hair, my hair is quite long, just past my shoulders. I left the conditioner on for a few minutes before washing it off as I usually do with every conditioner I've ever used.

      Outcome,:- my hair feels softer, looks shiny and healthier. I love this conditioner. I think it's my favourite so far I will continue to use this conditioner as long as I can always get it for such a good price as each bottle doesn't last very long. My hair also smells incredible, not a lot of conditioners keep my hair smelling good all day but this one does.

      The colour test:- My hair has lost some of the colour so for me it's not the best conditioner for protecting and keeping the colour for longer but it keeps it fresh acne shiny so for now that's good enough for me.

      I would recommend this conditioner for anyone looking to restore their hair to a healthy shiny state.


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      25.08.2013 06:40
      Very helpful



      a good conditioner, especially for that price!

      I've been using Timotei for a few years, but recently they've rejuvenated their look and their recipe and have changed. I was interested to try the new look out, so bought this from Savers for £1! It was an amazing offer and I decided to take it up as it was so cheap. I use colour protect shampoo and conditioner, and have been using very expensive brands like Aussie, and Charles Worthington up untill now. Now I buy this shampoo and conditioner every month for £2, saving us all those pennies.

      The bottle has changed since, and has a new rejuvenated look. It is now in a more ergonomically designed bottle which allows all the product to be used, as before I found that conditioner used to gather at the bottom of the bottle and would get wasted unless I took the bottle apart. Now it is in a simple squeezy bottle and has a simple click open lid.

      The conditioner is lovely and makes hair look brilliant, it smells amazing, but I have found that you have to put a lot on because it doesn't condition hair as much as it should. I've also seen that it can go lumpy if you don't shake the bottle before use. Other than that though, hair smells and feels amazing after use!

      The bottle does last longer than the shampoo as you're not using it as much, but I would still go and buy more when you start to run out, as in our household everyone just uses each others' stuff.

      Would recommend to friends, but sometimes you do have to add more conditioner. However, for the price I can't really complain.


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      15.07.2012 00:23
      Very helpful



      Great conditioner from Timotei.

      ~ Timotei Vivid Colour Conditioner ~

      Having just reviewed the Vivid Colour shampoo I am now reviewing the conditioner of the same brand.
      Like I said in my previous review I have red hair and as an idea I thought I would get hair products suited to coloured hair. Red hair fades quickly and looses a lot of shine and colour in such a quick amount of time, I just thought anything that claims to reduce this would be worth a try.

      I do think it is important to use the same brand of shampoo's and conditioners together and that is why I chose this, this aswell as it being just a quid!

      The bottle has the same colouring as the shampoo as expected. The white pearly plastic bottle stands on it's green flip top lid which is easy to open. The lid simply flips up and clicks back down into place. Under the flip top lid you will see a little hole from which the condtioner pours out.
      As the bottle stands on the lid this makes getting the last dregs out quite an easy task as all the product is there at the bottom of the bottle for you.

      After seeing that the shampoo was pink I expected this to be the same, which it was. It also had the same delicious fruity berry scent.
      I was impressed by the consistency of the conditioner, it is quite thick yet spreads through my hair with ease.
      It instantly made my hair feel very soft and very easy to comb through with a wide toothed comb. After rinsing it off my hair felt very silky and I was pleased with the result.

      After drying my hair, it was incredibly soft and shiny and the colour stayed very bright and vibrant. Having used it together with the shampoo numerous times now, I am pleased to say that it works. I have noticed less fade and my hair is in great condition.

      I find that I need to use a conditioner anyway due to having over processed/coloured hair, this not only helps keep my colour bright it also keeps it in tip top condition.
      The thick yet easy to spread consistency means that you don't need to use a lot of this product for it to get your hair feeling fab.
      The conditioner does not weigh your hair down and it is suitable for everyday use, the last thing I want is for my hair to look lank and flat just after washing it, and this is not a product that causes these effects.

      I bought this for £1 in Poundland but having a quick check online I can see that the usual price is in the region of £1.99 and can be bought in Superdrug, supermarkets and other retailers.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      01.02.2012 14:00
      Very helpful



      A very effective conditioner in most ways, certainly gives a good look and lovely scent to your hair

      I was drawn to trying this product because I am currently experiencing a whole new head of hair thanks to Timotei's 'Golden Highlights' shampoo. Normally I'd buy 'matching' shampoo and conditioners but due to the substitution policies of online grocery shopping, I've not yet been able to match either shampoo or conditioner across both of these Timotei 'colour care' products.

      Still, Timotei is a trusted brand and I do like the emphasis that is on the natural ingredients of their products. This one is no exception, with the blend of acacia oil, camelia extract and rooibos leaf extract, for anti-oxidant and colour care protection, presented through a thick, creamy textured, pale pink conditioner.

      Now, my hair too is all natural: it's going through the not so subtle change from auburn to grey, to the extent that my fringe now has a whole grey / silver / white section (depending on the light) and, after the success with the 'Golden Highlights' shampoo, I felt that a colour care conditioner might support the shampoo's good work in calming down the coarse greys that are naturally highlighting my barnet. In addition to this, these greys need protecting from the elements as much as salon coloured hair, as they seem very porous of pollutants, seem to frizz much more quickly in hot / dry environments and seem to have no natural shine of their own.

      So how has this conditioner performed?

      From the bottle: The camelia scent is pretty dominant, but I'd say that it comes across more fruity than anything else. I drink a lot of rooibos tea so I'm very familiar with how that smells and I have to say that I can't really spot it in the scent of the shampoo.
      During use: very user-friendly scent for the conditioning part of the hair-washing routine - lovely to use in the shower as it makes the whole bathroom smell fresh and warm - it would be great to have this scent in a shower-gel really because it's invigorating without being too overwhelming.
      After drying: subtle tones do come through after drying. I suspect this would be stronger if you were using the 'matching' shampoo too. I'm currently using the 'Golden Highlights' and there's no discernible clash between the two - my hair is scented vaguely of florals and honey, nothing overpowering and I used the word 'scented' because that's how it comes across, rather than a 'smell'!
      Easy to use bottle. A good design should not be underestimated and I'm enjoying using this one! This conditioner, just like many nowadays, stands on its lid, making the whole getting the dregs from the "bottom of the bottle" process much easier.
      However, this one has the edge over many similar types because the combination of the design and the consistency of the conditioner means that the conditioner does not start to run out as soon as you open the lid, even if you are holding it downwards, meaning no wasteful run-offs. You do have to squeeze it to get the conditioner out and I like this both for avoiding unintentional waste when opening the lid and for controlling the amount you want to use.

      The bottle's stated effects from using this conditioner lie with the protection and nurture it gives to your hair; vibrancy to colour and softness to the touch. I don't have a problem with any of this and have indeed experienced a good element of this since using a combination of Timotei colour care hair products, so the product does really seem to live up to what it says on the bottle (although I can only comment for naturally, not salon, coloured hair).
      Although outcome is fine, I do have a little gripe with the use of the product though. I always leave conditioner on for 2 - 3 minutes and during this time most conditioners do their stuff and de-tangle as they go, so that you can just rinse and go. However, during this conditioning process, I just cannot seem to get the detangling element that I would expect from this Timotei conditioner. My hair's not excessively long (approx shoulder length and with some layers) so by the time I have shampooed I expect a conditioner to be able to detangle my hair without extra work. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have been the case here and I do have to remember to take a wide-toothed comb into the shower so that I can gently comb it though and detangle as I go - all of which takes extra time on a busy weekday morning.

      Possibly another solution would be to use more of the conditioner, but this would then reduce its cost-effectiveness. If you always comb your conditioner through anyway, this shouldn't be enough to put you off buying it, but I have to say that although it's a little niggle, it's one that would possibly make me try another conditioner for everyday use when this one runs out and buy this one just for those longer bath-time events when a deep conditioning and comb through is part of the process.

      I purchased this quite cheaply (less than £1.50 for 300ml) so on that basis, given its overall effects, it's very good value. However, if I had to use more of it to get the easy de-tangling from it, I expect I would be getting through it far more quickly and might have to re-think the true value I am getting from it. That said, I am very mindful of and grateful for the excellent design of the bottle and the waste-free aspect of the value for money that this bottle offers, so overall I'd say that it's value for money is good.


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      29.10.2011 02:18
      Very helpful



      A bargain find that I hope to come across again!

      Timotei are a long-standing hair care brand who claim that they wish to make things simple - natural products which are effective and good for consumer's hair.

      Keeping hair well-conditioned is essential to prevent it from breaking and snapping when it is brushed, along with the aesthetic effect that it will have on your hair. If you get the right conditioner then it will leave hair looking and feeling silky smooth as well as protecting it against weather damage and damage from any products that you use or heated appliances. For coloured hair it is essential that you find a shampoo and conditioner that helps to prevent colour from fading - in order to prolong the time you need between visits to the hairdresser. Timotei describe their Vivid Colour Conditioner stating:

      ~ "With 100% natural extracts from Chile, Brazil and South Africa. (Acai oil, Camelia extract & Rooibos leaf extract.)
      ~ A blend of acai oil known for its conditioning properties, Camelia extract and Rooibos leaf extract known for their anti oxydant effect.
      ~ Timotei Vivid Colour conditioner reveals the vibrancy of your colour for longer, bringing out its intensity. A recipe enriched in açai oil, camellia extract and rooibos leaf extract, with nurturing ingredients that protect your coloured hair for an amazingly soft to touch end result Long lasting color shine."

      *About Timotei
      The Timotei brand falls under the wide spanning umbrella of the Unilever group. Timotei shampoo was first launched in Sweden in the 1970s, and introduced to the UK & Ireland in 1983. Their name was derrived from
      a wild grass called Timothy grass and they made a that had never been made before. They claimed that their product was 'So mild you can wash your hair as often as you like'. This phrase was to be one of their greatest assets and a huge selling point which was key to their success. This caused them to introduce a matching conditioner in 1985. 1988 saw the introduction of a skincare range and 1990 saw the first anti-dandruff shampoo. Timotei launched an extremely successful range of shampoos and conditioners for all hair types in 2002 while they also introduces the Golden Highlights and Henna varieties of their shampoos and conditioners - specifically designed for Blonde/Brunette hair. In 2008 Timotei decided to go green and produce their products in new look bottles which were kinder to the environment and recyclable. It was in 2010 that Timotei decided to redesign their whole range in order to formulate their products with 100% natural extracts. So now they provide products which are mild and environmentally friendly.

      *What attracted me
      My hair is in particularly bad condition at the moment and I have been getting particularly concerned about it because it is becoming more and more obvious amongst my facebook photos (how very egotistic, I know!). For this reason I have decided to go a bit wild with my hair care and try out a wide variety of conditioners in the hope of finding something that helps my poor hair to recover. When doing my weekly shop in Tesco I had a look at the conditioners because I realised late at night that I had run out and really wanted to give my hair an overnight condition. I was browsing through them and my eyes became quickly drawn to an offer right at the bottom stating "buy one get TWO free". To top this off I noticed that the Timotei range that this was referring to was also on price drop. I have never seen this before and I jumped at the chance - taking the only 3 remaining bottles which happened to be the colour enhancing range.

      The price for Timotei seems to be around the same mark and it seems to be on offer in the few outlets that it is actually available. I am assuming that this is in order to encourage more people to use the product and then the prices will be going back up again. I have listed the price for a 300ml bottle from the outlets that I feel will be most useful and accessible to those wishing to purchase it:

      ~ Tesco (currently on price drop/3 for 1) - £1.97
      ~ CO-OP (currently on price drop) - £1
      ~ ASDA - £1
      ~ Waitrose (currently buy 1 get 1 free) - £2.03

      Though Timotei was previously a widely available before and was sold in both chemists and supermarkets alike but now I can only seem to find it online in supermarkets and so I am assuming that they have now limited their distribution. This doesn't pose as too much of a problem in my eyes as it is often easier to purchase hair care/body care along with your weekly shop.

      The design of this bottle is not an asset to the product; but at the same time it is as functional as it could be and therefore doesn't pose as any disadvantage. It is a simple bottle which stands upright the shelf and dispenses the product from a hole at the bottom which has a lid over it. The bottle is quite bland - white slightly pearled plastic with the plastic for the lid in a deep green shade. I understand that this is in keeping with the product (simple and inspired by plants) so this is not where the problem lies. It is instead a minor flaw in which the plastic thick and you cannot see through it - meaning that you are left to guess how much conditioner is left simply by shaking it or guessing. This is only a minor flaw and so I would only deduct about 0.5 of a star for this.

      The Timotei shampoo has a great smell when you consider that it is made entirely from natural extracts. You can smell the cherry (though I am not sure where the cotton would come into this) It is a very classic berry smell which is mixed with something slightly more resembling of musky vanilla. The smell may not be particularly strong but it does not smell too heavy or perfumed and therefore leaves your hair smelling lovely and fresh. I have washed my hair this morning with the conditioner (not the corresponding shampoo) and I can still smell the scent faintly but pleasantly from my hair. I would imagine that if you used the matching shampoo then the smell would be even more apparent.

      Though the conditioner does not have a particularly thick consistency this does prove to be somewhat advantageous. It is not so thin or watery that it slides from your hands however it is thin enough that it coats your hair thoroughly and is easy to massage along the full length of your hair without loosing half of it down the plug hole. As the conditioner is a daily conditioner, which in the words of Timotei is "so mild that you can use it everyday", I think that it is important that it is not so thick that it leaves hair feeling heavy and weighted down with product. The consistency of the conditioner means that it is easy to wash out and this allows for better blow-drying and styling as the hair becomes more manageable.

      The conditioner is simple to use - as the Timotei products promise. I personally wash my hair twice to ensure that it is really clean and make sure to give it a thorough rinse. This ensures that my hair is then wet enough that the conditioner will massage in properly. I personally use quite a large amount of conditioner (roughly an apple sized blob) as I have long hair and it is particularly damaged. I then massage this into my hair thoroughly and leave it for 2-3 minutes to ensure that my hair gets a thorough treatment. Once I have left the conditioner on I use a shower comb in order to detangle my hair and then rinse the conditioner. I sometimes repeat this if I feel that my hair is still tangled or it does not feel particularly soft. The conditioner does not take as long to rinse out as some others that I have used before and only takes a minute maximum to ensure that all traces of the conditioner are removed from my hair.

      The conditioner makes two claims - that it will provide you with conditioned hair and to help to maintain your artificially coloured hair. Firstly focussing on the conditioning aspect of the product: this is where the conditioner performs particularly well for me. My hair was considerably softer after two uses however it should be noted that for one of those uses I used it as a deep conditioner over night. So far this has been the best performance from a conditioner that I have used recently and I am really impressed with the results - especially for such a cheap conditioner. It terms of the second claim - I have my hair dip dyed by I didn't see must of a difference to my colour. I have yet to find a shampoo or conditioner that does perform particularly well when it comes to enhancing your colour so I guess if my colour doesn't look any duller then it is doing its job.

      I have been really impressed with the effects that this conditioner has provided me with. I have to say that I wasn't particularly optimistic but I thought that the offer was too good to miss out on. I now wish that there had been more bottles so that I could try the whole range. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Timotei products in the future because I think that they provide great results for a fraction of the price that many high-end manufacturers are charging.

      Love Colleen


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      06.05.2011 16:48
      Very helpful



      An average conditioner

      Whenever I purchase a new shampoo I will almost always certainly purchase the matching conditioner. I like fragrances on my head to all in blend in after-all! This I picked up in my local Poundland store along with Vivid Colour Shampoo and of course it cost me a pound!

      The Packaging:

      Mainly white coloured plastic bottle with a dark green flip top lid to the bottom of it, it this holds 300ml of the product. On the front of the bottle we are told that it is Timotei 'Beauty Recipes from Around The World', Vivid Colour, Coloured Hair Conditioner and that it is a 100% natural extract blend and that it is 'A blend of Acai Oil known for its conditioning properties, Camelia extract and Roobibos leaf extract known for their anti-oxidant properties'. Other information listed on the back of the bottle includes being told a bit about the product and a list of the ingredients used are given, the size is of course stated and contact details for Unilever are given (the manufacturer of the product). Nice enough bottle, easy to squeeze and I like the fact that the flip-top opening is at the bottom of the bottle for ease of handling and getting the product out of.

      The Conditioner Itself:

      Well the conditioner itself is an off white and very light pinkish colour and it squeezes out of the bottle rather easily and it has a lovely fresh and somewhat naturally sweet aroma of well blended but none distinctive flowers and berry fruits to it.

      Although I have rather long hair I don't need very much of this per application at all and I simply take a blob and massage it gently through damp/wet hair after it is shampooed. It feels slightly greasy but because of this it does spread easily and all I do is leave it about a minute on a daily basis before rinsing it out (or longer if sat in the bath!). It rinses out easily and leaves my hair looking and feeling smooth and the fragrance lingers on my hair for a good couple of hours.

      Although I wouldn't say this is a product that makes my hair gleam, shine or revive my colour in any way it does leave hair easy to manage and with a natural sheen to it. The conditioner doesn't weigh the hair down at all and hair is manageable but really this is just a normal day to day conditioner and although I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid it I wouldn't at the same time go out of my way to buy it again in the future either lol

      Available in all good chemists and supermarkets etc.


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      17.03.2011 23:24
      Very helpful



      A very nice hair conditioner

      As you may have seen from a previous review I have recently changed my regular shampoo and conditioner due to not suiting my newly highlighted hair. The brand I have switched to is Timotei Vivid Colour, as well as switching to the shampoo in this range I also decided to switch to using the Timotei Vivid Colour conditioner as well, I decided to switch both the shampoo and conditioner I was using to Timotei as I was unsure as to which of the products I was using was not suiting my hair.

      Timotei Vivid Colour conditioner comes in an upside down version of the shampoo bottle, rather than the green plastic lid being on the top of the bottle with the conditioner it forms the bottom of the bottle allowing it stand up. The bottle itself is made from white plastic and has a totally clear label giving the effect of the information being printed directly onto the bottle. Towards the bottom of the label is a picture of a large red flower with 3 blackcurrants sat next to it giving the impression that this conditioner will have a fruity fragrance to it. In the centre of the label in large green letters is written the word "Timotei" with the words "Vivid Colour" written just below this in a bright pink. This particular conditioner is for coloured hair and this is written just underneath the brand name in small green letters, this does not really stand out compared to the other detail on the label. Right at the top of the label is a small pink and silver globe with a green leaf sticking out of it, written around this it says "with 100% natural extracts from Chilli, Brazil and South Africa, right underneath the picture of the globe is a paragraph about the ingredients used in this particular conditioner stating "a blend of acal oil know for its conditioning properties, Camellia extract and Tooibos leaf extract know for their anti-oxidant effect" all of this information is written in a bright pink writing. All of the information on the front of the bottle is either in a bright pink or green colour which really is quite eye catching and makes it stand out on the shop shelf. The label on the back of the bottle (again totally clear) is covered in small green writing which consists of a paragraph about the conditioner, directions for use, the ingredients and the companies information, all of the writing is very easy to read and follow and is also written in a second language as well as English.

      The Conditioner
      The conditioner itself is white in colour, although sometimes it appears to have a very pale pink tint to it, it has quite a thick consistency to it meaning it does not run straight through your fingers when squeezed into your hands. The fragrance of the Timotei Vivid Colour conditioner is exactly the same as the shampoo, it has a delicate fruity smell to it which leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh. This particular conditioner is designed to keep your hair colour looking bright and vibrant with the Acai Oil, Camellia Extract and Rooibos Leaf extract protecting your hair leaving it feeling soft and with a healthy shine.

      Directions of Use
      The directions of use a quite vague although we all know how to use hair conditioner, the back if the bottle advises that you apply the conditioner to wet hair after shampooing (although it does not state how much to use) and rinse for instant detangling of your hair leaving it more manageable. For extra conditioning you can leave the conditioner on yourhair for 1 minute before rinsing for deep condition.

      When I first used my Timotei Vivid Colour conditioner it was a few days after having my hair highlighted so I knew that my hair was going to be dry and need quite a lot of conditioning, so after using the Timotei Vivid Colour shampoo I squeezed quite a large amount of the conditioner into my hands and massaged it into my hair making sure I covered it from root to tip, I always have to use a lot of conditioner whenever I wash my hair as it is long and rather thick. As I applied the conditioner to my hair the fruity fragrance of it was lovely, I left the conditioner on my hair for a minute as suggested as I thought it could do with a bit of extra conditioning, and then rinsed it off. The conditioner easily and quickly rinsed out of my hair leaving behind no greasy residue, after my hair was fully rinsed I could still smell the lovely fragrance of the conditioner on my hair and this continued after drying it. Once I had dried my hair it felt extremely soft and in no way dry or damaged from the bleach, my hair also had a healthy shine to it leaving my highlights looking vibrant, not greasy as my previous shampoo and conditioner had. My hair looked generally healthier which I was pleased about considering what I had put it through recently on top of the fact that it is straightened on a daily basis.

      I brought my bottle of Timotei Vivid Conditioner from my local Superdrug (along with the shampoo) and it cost just 99p for a 300ml bottle which personally I feel is a real bargain, this particular conditioner can also be purchased from most supermarkets, although the price may vary slightly depending on where you buy it from. Personally I cannot really comment on whether the conditioner is long lasting as I always go through conditioner very quickly no matter what the brand is due to the amount I have to use as previously mentioned, a bottle this size usually lasts me 3 or 4 washes, but obviously the amount of time the bottle lasts depends on both your hair length. thickness and the amount of conditioner you use. However at 99p for a bottle I can afford to use a lot of conditioner at a time.

      Overall I would definitely recommend this product, it does what it says on the bottle. It leaves my hair smelling clean and fresh, it also keeps my hair in excellent condition feeling soft from root to tip despite having bleach highlights. Not only does Timotei Vivid Colour conditioner protect your hair and keep it healthy it is also sold at the bargain price of just 99p. I would recommend this conditioner to anyone with coloured hair.


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