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TommyGuns Blueberry Ginseng & Honey Conditioner

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Brand: TommyGuns / Type: Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2012 01:30
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      A disappointing product, not worth the price.

      I'm very fussy when it comes to conditioner. I find that shampoo more or less does the job regardless of what you buy or how much it costs. Conditioner, however, tends to make much more of a difference on the overall appearance and feel of my hair so it's important for me to find a good one. I've got a few favourites and a few more that I simply will not go near but I'm always on the look out for something new to try. This TommyGuns conditioner was my latest experiment.

      I came across this product whilst browsing the 'premium beauty' section of the new Tesco Extra store built in my area. I'd never heard of the brand before (turns out TommyGuns is actually a salon in London - the type where £50 will get you little more than a blow dry) but, given this conditioner's full price was £7.50 for a 250ml bottle I thought it must be pretty decent. I naturally grabbed a bottle whilst it was on offer for a much better sounding £1.25. This conditioner can also be bought from the TommyGuns website (tommygunshaircare.com) for £5.50.

      There are a number of different scents in this range all claiming to have different effects on your hair. Blueberry, Ginseng & Honey is for 'hair that lacks confidence in volume, fullness and thickness'. I have quite thin and flat hair so I do tend to go for hair care that is supposed to add volume but the main reason I went for this particular conditioner above the rest was the scent. I was rather surprised at how lovely this conditioner smelt considering how frankly awful the others smelt. Sage, Basil and Yogurtene being the worst by far. I'm still unsure as to why anyone would want their hair to smell of packet stuffing mix but there you go.

      The conditioner comes in a bottle exactly as pictured on dooyoo. It's a wide rectangular white bottle with black flip top lid with the product information written in dark blue on the front. It's very simple looking and doesn't really indicate that it's aimed at any particular gender. The scent of the conditioner, however, is much more feminine smelling. I couldn't really detect any scents of ginseng or honey but there was a definite fruity blueberry smell which I did love.

      The conditioner itself is white in colour and quite thick in consistency. It doesn't really lather up so a lot has to be used to cover all your hair, something you don't really want to be doing with a product that's so pricey. You do, of course, have to actually get the conditioner out of the bottle before you discover this. This is a far more difficult task than it should be. Squeezing the bottle with one hand is not only a little muscle building exercise but doesn't get you anywhere. I found myself having to really forcefully squeeze the bottle with both hands catching the conditioner on my knee before trying to scrape it onto my hand and onto my head. Baring in mind this was the first time I'd used the conditioner so the bottle was full, I would say there is a serious design fault with the bottle.

      When I did manage to get the conditioner rubbed into my hair I left it for the recommended three minutes and then rinsed it off. The effects were not exactly wonderful. The scent is quite long lasting and I did enjoy having blueberry scented hair for a while but that's about as good as it gets. My hair felt very straw like and dry after using this and there was definitely no extra volume or thickness to my hair. My hair lacked the shine and softness that I expect it to gain from using a good conditioner and I didn't even make it through the day before washing my hair again with a better (and much cheaper) conditioner. If I'd have paid £7.50 for this I think I'd be extremely upset. Fortunately I didn't so I don't feel quite so bad about leaving in the cupboard under my sink probably never to be touched again. This product has definitely been added to my 'avoid' list.

      Other products in this range are pomegranate, orange flower and hemp (for all hair types), sage, basil and yogurtene (for oily hair and scalp), fig, plum and marshmallow (for frizzy hair) and jasmine, wild nettle and sweet almond (for dry hair). Each of these also has a matching shampoo for the same price.


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